Principal Research Architect - Multimedia

Huawei - Santa Clara, CA

Posted 849 days ago
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As a company, we are committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive solutions and services. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population. Huawei's vision is to enrich life through communication.



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FutureWei is actively pursuing new opportunities in multimedia systems and technologies, enabling platforms, services and devices to bring new experiences to end users. For our young team in Santa Clara we are looking for a senior principal architect who will conduct research and develop system and software architectures and solutions for new generation multimedia systems, in one or more areas:

  • Collaborative and interactive media
  • AV capture and rendering
  • 3D capture, coding and rendering
  • Media coding and transcoding
  • Media communication
  • Computer vision and augmented & virtual reality
  • Media analysis and understanding
  • Media indexing and searching
  • Subjective and objective media quality
  • User interface design and user experience
  • (Mobile) Multimedia systems
  • Cloud-centric media processing

  • You will be an important member of the advanced media technology research team and will be a key thought leader for all research and development work under your supervision. You will participate in a network of architects to share ideas, practices, and experiences and work closely with product management and development teams to define the next generation of multimedia, communications, advertising, cloud, and data systems. You are responsible for providing leadership and technical direction to a dynamic corporate research division.

    Key responsibilities include:

  • Providing consulting services to relevant FutureWei business units and at the corporate level.
  • Presenting opportunities with cost/benefit analysis to upper management.
  • Evangelizing technologies, solutions, and best practices developed with the organization.
  • Developing division-wide technical perspectives, standards, solutions, and strategies that resolve significant product or organizational pain-points.
  • Performing requirements analysis and specification.
  • Performing system, product and interface specification and documentation.
  • Interacting with external customers.
  • Performing and reporting technology trend analysis .
  • Creation of new solution/system/software architectures, prototyping and designs.
  • Creation of relevant Intellectual Property.
  • Active participation in the academic community.
  • Mentoring of junior members of the team.

  • Job Requirements
  • Proven 12+ year research and advanced development track record in multimedia systems and technology.
  • Working experience in well-known industry company is preferred.
  • Minimum of 8 years of experience in system/software architecture.
  • Demonstrated leadership in multimedia technologies.
  • Excellent project leader skills.
  • Proven experience in working advanced technology research, developing scalable, reliable and robust telecom/enterprise grade systems.
  • Excellent understanding of networks and protocols, such as TCP/IP and HTTP/XML.
  • Excellent understanding of current and emerging services/application on various content delivery networks, including location-based services.
  • Demonstrated ability to create new software and system architectures and interfaces providing innovative solutions for customer requirements.
  • Demonstrated ability to think outside the box and innovate.
  • Extensive experience developing complex software with some combination of C/C++, JAVA, HTML/XML, Perl, Python, PHP, etc.
  • Excellent project leadership skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills.

  • Education
  • At least MS in CS/EE or equivalent experience. Ph.D. is strongly preferred.

  • Why work for us?

    - Recognized on World's Most Innovative Companies List - 3 consecutive years by Fast Company Magazine
    - Unprecedented growth - Double digit % growth in revenues every year since 2006
    - Our contract sales reached $32.4 billion USD in 2012, a year on year increase of 11+%
    - We invest in engineering and innovation - 62,000+ of our 140,000 global employees work in R&D
    - We filed 36,344 patent applications in 2011 – globally ranked #3 for International Patent Submissions
    - We are the global No. 2 telecom solution provider serving 45 of the world's top 50 operators
    - We have invested $246 Million USD in global community involvement programs
    - We support green energy - Lowered CO2 emissions by 13,000 tons via Huawei’s green packaging solutions
    - We are a member of 130 standard bodies
    - We are a global leader providing LTE infrastructure and commercialization - ranked No. 1 worldwide with 50%+ market share (Nov-2011)

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    This is a preview of the Principal Research Architect - Multimedia job at Huawei. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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