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The Beaumont Group - Brussels Area, Belgium

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The General Manager’s role is to lead the strategic and operational development of the federation and deliver value for money support and services to the members and associates in the Belgian construction industry. Key to achieving is to ensure the federation is highly respected across the industry and has the credibility and influencing power with all those that it needs to engage with on behalf of its members. The purpose is to increase the activities of the federation and influence the legislation thru the needed lobby activities. There is also a need to coordinate the implementation of European legislation on a local level.


The General Manager reports into the Board of Directors of the interest group/federation.  


Main Responsibilities/key elements of the job:


The job is extremely varied and flexible, responsibilities are both strategic as tactical/operational and hands on. Amongst the most important elements of the job are:


-          Daily operational and financial management of the federation and develop relevant commercial opportunities.

-          Working closely together with members and potential members:

  • Understanding the issues that provide challenges and opportunities for the members of the federation;
  • Ensure that the members receive the support and services they expect from the federation in a timely and cost effective manner;
  • Providing effective support to the Board of Directors and support the President in all aspects of his role;
  • Identify and engage with potential new members with a view to extend the number of national industry and sector association members.

-          Being member of the Board of European Federation

-          Ensure that the federation maximises its impact on those the industry seeks to influence

  • Establish clear, well supported messages on what the industry wants to see from the different Belgian regional governments and others that have an influence on the industry or can support in reaching the objectives;
  • Engage with politicians and decision takers to ensure the industry viewpoints are taken into account. Arrange meetings, lunches, and other events on order to engage with all needed officials;
  • Understand well the European legislation; coordinate different work tasks related to European product regulation and manage the implementation of European legislation on a local Belgian level;
  • Represent the industry on a wide range of organisations, groups and other bodies to deal with issues that the industry wants to influence;
  • Working with other organisations in the construction industry (eg ORI, NAV Confederaties Bouw, …) and other representative bodies to ensure that they support the key messages from the industry in their own representations;
  • Create consensus among all stakeholders to increase the overall influencing power.

-          Promoting the construction products industry:

  • Be seen as a high profile figurehead for the construction products industry, promote the value of the industry and it importance on a Belgian and European economy;
  • Speaking at external events and engage in media opportunities;
  • Represent the federation at a range of events that will raise the profile of the industry;
  • Drive all kinds of internal and external communication activities (marketing campaigns, events, public relations, public affairs, etc.).


Desired Skills and Experience

  • Educated to Master degree
  • Technical background and affinity with technical products is a plus
  • Valuable experience gained in the construction sector is an asset – knowledge of the Belgian construction business and its major stakeholders is a plus
  • Tri lingual Dutch, French and English
  • Experienced in working with European and Belgian authorities in this specific sector, or at least having insights and understanding the role of representative bodies
  • Experience with activities related to internal and external communication
  • Strong networking and advocacy skills (ability to create alliance in the needed political environments, ability to create a strong network with the Flemish, Brussels and Walloon authorities, …)
  • Strong communication and influencing skills
  • Diplomatic skills with focus on a consensus model
  • God front person, but knowing one represents members
  • Competent performer in public
  • Diplomatic, articulate, personable, customer-focused, visible, writes well and good ambassador

About this company

The Beaumont Group

The Beaumont Group is a global search firm with strong roots in the European, American and Asian markets.

Our client is a Belgian federation active in the construction sector.

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