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    Mid-Senior level
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    Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
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About this job

Job description

Job Summary:

Research, analyze, and report trends in the laser, LED, and photonics markets

The Sr. Analyst is responsible for organizing the collection of primary and secondary data for conducting market research in selected areas of the laser, LED, and photonics industries. Familiarity with photonics industry will be highly desirable. The candidate needs to be self-motivated and independent researcher. The position requires analyzing market data to develop an overall picture of the market: market trends, supplier market shares, and market breakout by application segments and geographic regions. The market research with five year market forecast is published in industry reports and presented to private clients and at industry events. 


• Collect market intelligence and conduct advanced quantitative and qualitative analyses of market trends
• Conduct interviews with industry experts regarding sensitive information
• Complete and present market reports for publication and private clients. 
• Draft and negotiate proposals and provide custom consulting to private clients. 
• Help identify and recruit speakers for company and industry events
• Author articles and quotes for traditional and digital media
• Stay current on technological advances and industry trends
• Support other office and company activities (e.g., planning, promotion, etc.)

Desired Skills and Experience

Essential Qualifications:

• 3-5 yrs experience in the technology industry
• Bachelor’s Degree in physical science, engineering, economics, or business
• Strong writing skills. Specifically, drafting extended reports, articles, blogs, and presentations on complex topics in a clear and concise prose. 
• Strong oral communication skills. Specificially, ability to interview experts by phone or in person, including cold calls, and to make presentations to clients, conference audiences, and video interviews. 
• Ability to compile extensive Excel spreadsheets and commit to industry forecasts of units, prices, and revenues across multiple market segments and geographic regions, and to estimates of supplier market shares.
• Must possess strong analytical skills and independent critical thinking to identify key concepts from a multitude of diverging viewpoints and conflicting information, make assumptions about market trends, and create an argument to support an original point of view. 
• Ability to be resourceful when it comes to discovering “difficult to find” information

Non-Essential Qualifications:

• Expertise in the subject area is highly desired but not essential.
• Ability to attract clients and customers for reports.
• Understanding of new media, such as search engine optimization, blogs, Facebook, etc.
• MBA or other graduate-level degree relevant to the position (e.g., economics, mathematics, engineering) 

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Since 1910, PennWell has embraced a mission of transforming diverse information into practical business intelligence for strategic markets worldwide. Whether you seek new knowledge - or new customers - PennWell delivers key resources and audiences for your business success in today's global market. PennWell was a pioneer in the emerging oil industry with Oil & Gas Journal magazine, founded in 1902. Today PennWell publishes 45 business-to-business magazines, 100+ newsletters, conducts over 60 conferences and exhibitions on six continents, and has an extensive offering of books, maps, directories and database services. PennWell operates in a variety of industries including: Oil and Natual Gas, Electric Power, Renewable Energy,Water and Waste, Electronics and Semiconductors, Firefighting / EMS, Dental, Lasers / Optoelectronics, and more.

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This is a preview of the Sr. Analyst job at PennWell. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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