Physical Vapor Deposition Development Engineer

Saint-Gobain Solar Gard - San Diego

Posted 868 days ago
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    Mid-Senior level
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    Research, Engineering, Manufacturing
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    Glass, Ceramics & Concrete, Renewables & Environment
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About this job

Job description

Is it time for a career change? How about working for a global company with a diverse workforce manufacturing “green” products which reduce energy consumption and can also save lives? Are you a guru in physical vapor deposition?  That’s a mouthful! If you answered “yes,” you will want to check out this cool job opening.

We’re looking for a highly motivated, driven and dynamic individual with a passion for designing, evaluating and developing novel physical, chemical or other vapor deposition processes for thin film coatings. A few of the job responsibilities include optimizing economic roll to roll (RTR) novel materials or multi-layer of materials, scaling up novel processes for multi-layer coatings via physical or chemical methods and designing new mechanical processes integrating multiple process steps in manufacturing. Additional responsibilities include evaluating prototype processes and modifying designs based on engineering analysis, interacting with equipment and system suppliers for integration into the final system design and communicating with material and product engineers on a daily basis to ensure material designs are compatible with new process equipment options.

Desired Skills and Experience

We’re going to give preference to those local San Diego applicants with a MS in materials engineering, thin films engineering or advanced mechanical engineering with a least two years of experience. We’re looking for someone who has worked on new innovative processes on new materials and is a strong analytical thinker and problem solver.

Getting started is quite easy, you will need Ref. Code:  CP8079 when you apply online through our company website.

About this company

Saint-Gobain Solar Gard

Saint-Gobain is a leading worldwide producer of abrasives, building materials, high-performance plastics, insulation, flat glass, glass containers, piping, reinforcements and industrial ceramics. With more than 1,000 subsidiaries in 57 countries, Saint-Gobain is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of building materials, and a leader in the production of high performance materials and glass containers. Founded in 1665 and headquartered in Paris, Saint-Gobain had worldwide sales of approximately $60 billion and employs approximately 200,000 people. In the U.S. and Canada, Saint-Gobain employs over 22,000 people, and has approximately 200 manufacturing locations. Its total U.S. and Canada sales are $8 billion

Performance Plastics is a world-wide activity within the Innovative Materials Sector of Saint-Gobain with revenue of more than $1B.. It has approximately 4,500 employees in 43 locations and is present in 16 countries. Our business value is derived by processing high-performance polymer resins into products with unique properties that our customers value. We serve a broad range of markets including construction, automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and energy.

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This is a preview of the Physical Vapor Deposition Development Engineer job at Saint-Gobain Solar Gard. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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