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The Vice President of Data Science will play a critical role in architecting, building and continually advancing RAPP’s ability to analyze data effectively and take decisive action on behalf of clients in response to such analysis. The Vice President of Data Science will serve as a core senior team member with a role defined by the evolving needs of the organization, including:

• Identify, scope, propose, and manage the analysis and interpretation of clients' internal and external data to support marketing and business decision-making.
• Combine disparate data sets (customer database, marketing behavior, social data, qualitative research data, macro-economic data, etc.) to expose brand realities, market opportunities, and potential marketing strategies.
• Write POV documents for clients regarding recent trends and developments in marketing analytics, big data and data science
• Define state of the art approaches to assess and model customer profiles, customer segmentation, and customer behaviors
• Inform business rules development for dynamic communications strategies through effective correlation of customer segmentation, behavioral patterns and trigger events
• Establish adaptive systems for refreshing models and business rules behind dynamic communications
• Partner with Experience Analytics to inform tagging, tracking, data capture and measurement plans for marketing communications
• Provide specific marketing analysis and recommendations that support business decisions.
• Provide statistical and sampling consulting for agency marketing and strategic planning personnel.
• On-Site lead for strategic data analytics aspect of business for clients.
• Design and recommend appropriate analytic methodology and approach; apply new/evolving mathematical science methods to marketing challenges.
• Perform statistical data analysis and modeling.
• Statistical conclusions/recommendations and actionable insights.

The position will specifically require expertise in the following areas:

• Complete comfort with unstructured data and APIs.
• Proficiency in statistics, model building and algorithm construction.
• Expertise in machine language/machine learning.
• A deep understanding of and experience with social analytics and listening tools.
• Demonstrated ability to Lead Data Strategy
• The ideal candidate will have familiarity with Cognos and/or other OLAP solutions.
• Knowledge of CMS systems and related Technology expertise would be extremely helpful.
• Comfort in the field of Dynamic Data Visualization preferred.

Equally important to our search is the desire to find a person not only able but eager to contribute profoundly to the strategic direction of RAPP. Deep collaboration and meaningful participation in brainstorming sessions are a must.

Above all, we expect our Vice President of Data Science to become an integral part of the leadership of RAPP and ultimately play a key role in building, managing and mentoring a growing engineering and analytics team.


• Bachelor’s degree
• Advanced Degree desired

• Corporate office environment and may include travel

Desired Skills and Experience

• Established track record of successfully managing client businesses
• 8-12+ years industry experience
• Advertising/marketing agency experience a must
• Proven ability to lead teams
• History of drawing appropriate conclusions from data

• Familiar with communications and diverse marketing principles
• Knows how to work toward solutions that incorporate various individuals’ ideas
• Understands importance of actively engaging everyone in decision-making
• Grasps importance of showing commitment and energy around others
• Recognizes the importance of getting personally involved and making things happen
• Knows how to cope adequately in stressful situations
• Understand how to present ideas and opinions clearly and persuasively

About this company

WHO WE ARE We are RAPP. We deliver comprehensive customer-centric marketing solutions to create a better brand experience.  We solve age-old problems of customer acquisition, retention and optimization in new, innovative ways. Our methods are simple. We start with data. From data we glean insight. That insight ignites our creative solutions. Simple:  Data ignites creativity. Our people are at the top of their game. You are expected to be a leader; to demonstrate passion in all that you do. Be an entrepreneur, a partner and a driver of growth.

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