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    Marketing and Advertising, Writing and Editing, Staffing and Recruiting
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About this job

Job description




We'll Guarantee our program to our team members, and offer complete support through the process.

Our Team is Committed to Success!

Position Available for:

  • Online Data-Entry Clerk,
  • Global Data Operator,
  • Web Research Assistant,
  • Content Article Typist,
  • General Audio Transcriber,
  • Credit Card Application Processor,
  • Product Evaluator and Auditor,
  • Marketing Typist,
  • Virtual Home Secretarial,
  • Web Proofreader and Editor,
  • Phone Transcribe Operators,
  • Clinical Researcher,
  • Field Merchandiser,
  • Social Media Job

Who is This Job is Available To?


Anyone who has a computer, keyboard, mouse, and Internet connection.

Anyone who has ambition, can follow directions, and doesn't quit.

Anyone who can type simple text with NO time limits or deadlines.

Anyone who believes in our company and this opportunity.

We are one of the pioneers of this program, and now is the time to become a member of our team, before it is too late.

We present this opportuntity to several countries around the world

Earning: $42,457.81 in ONE Month



About this company

Career Supports

Welcome to Career Supports

Career Supports is build up with the objective of identifying outstanding professionals. We believe this nature of talent identification is a skill, an art that is perfected over time. 

We provide staffing solutions across a wide variety of industry verticals.

Our team is composed of intelligent high-level people who understand the high-level placement needs of top firms, and our candidates reflect our eye for talented, hard-working, and thoughtful people.

In addition to our direct service work, we analyze, assess, and develop best practices to inform our work, as well as that of other practitioners, researchers, and policy makers. 

With the service and dedication of approximately 10,000 satisfied recruited staff, our performance-driven culture, and our proven track record of success, we've built a strong reputation as an industry leader. 

We are not content to simply meet their expectations—we are committed to exceeding them every single day. 

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Finance, Data Processing, Workforce development, Work and family supports, Social Media Expert


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This is a preview of the Social Media Job job at Career Supports. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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