Python Engineers: Backend and Scaling for Turntable - Greater New York City Area

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About this job

Job description has some ground-floor career opportunities for a team of engineers in NYC. We're interested in people who have expereince (battle scars) designing, building and supporting high-performance, high-available, web-scale applications. Our front-end is almost all JavaScript/JQuery and the backend is written in Python and uses MongoDB, Memcache, CherryPy, Tornado servers, and a good mix of Python libraries. If you're qualified and interested in working in a true start-up, then we definitely want to hear from you - or a friend you may know!


Thanks, everyone!  :) / play music together


Desired Skills and Experience


what you'll be doing:

  • Designing the most fun and addictive music site on the planet!
  • Building systems which apply web-scale architectures and design patterns; Highly Available, Reliable, High Performance, Scalable, and Secure
  • Creating and managing processes with the aim of simplifying concurrent programming and using asynchronous event-driven approaches
  • Coding middle-tier and back-end logic and features, while collaborating with product designer and front-end developers

attitude and experience you'll need:

  • An engineer who thrives in an agile, fast-paced and dynamic start-up environment
  • Sound understanding of OO programming principles and design patterns
  • Experienced Python engineer with knowledge of server applications such as Tornado and frameworks such as Django or Pylons
  • Achiving high performance through non-blocking i/o design and distributed memory caching systems such as Memcached
  • Using PyMongo drivers for db connectivity
  • A problem solver who will figure it out because failure is not an option


what you'll be doing:

  • Design and implement Turntable's hardware, distributed systems and network topologies for the rapid growth of concurrent users
  • The environment must scale to allow Turntable to add users, servers and services while decreasing costs.
  • Ensuring services within the infrastructure fail over reliably to an alternate service with no disruption to the user.
  • Install hardware, provision bandwidth, and automate processes to bring new systems online
  • Implement a world class monitoring and alerting systems


attitude and experience you'll need:

  • Experience with NoSQL Architectures
  • Setting up auto-scaling on EC2 with experience using ELB and knowledge of AWS
  • Knowledge of MongoDB or similar document stores e.g. CouchDB, Jackrabbit, Redis
  • Linux guru, e.g. ubuntu or similar
  • Awesome programmer with the ability identify bottlenecks in application code


About this company is a social music service made in New York City. It's addictive so don't use it if you want to get any work done. See what they're saying about us!






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This is a preview of the Python Engineers: Backend and Scaling for Turntable job at To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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