Vanessa P. Wallis

Vanessa P. Wallis

Mobile Social R&D Enthusiast, Advocate of Awesome

San Francisco, California (San Francisco Bay Area)
Computer Software

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Vanessa P. Wallis's Overview

  • Software Engineer, Maker of Awesome at ShopRunner
  • Application Software Engineer at Kapsch TrafficCom
  • Graduate Research Assistant at UC San Diego

472 connections


Vanessa P. Wallis' Summary

What I bring to a Customer-facing and Technical role: There are two things that bring me absolute joy and happiness in this world: (1) learning about anything and everything, particularly about technology and people; and (2) sharing information with others through educating/teaching, passing along information that I think might be useful, and helping them with their own investigations. I have a technical background but I am blessed with the ability to explain topics to others after getting a feel for their background and personality through listening to their stories. In fact, it is my own introspective skills and ability to "step outside myself" to envision others' possible experiences and conclusions of a situation that provide such affordances.

I have been learning a smattering of JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js, HTML/CSS, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails (RoR). See and profile links above for progress.

Specialties: C, C++, Java, Android SDK, SQL, Python, Django
JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
FreeBSD, Linux, Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
Arduino, Wireless Sensor Ntwks, TinyOS, nesC
MATLAB, LabVIEW, TMS320C6701 DSP, Intel XScale PXA27x
Cisco IOS, TCP/IP Networking, configuration of Cisco routers and switches
Exceptional problem-solving skills
Excellent organizational and communication skills
Dedication to continued learning and sharing of information

Vanessa P. Wallis' Experience


Pariveda Solutions

Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

November 2013Present (1 year) San Francisco Bay Area

Research, Discover, Design, Develop.

Software Engineer, Maker of Awesome


Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Internet industry

July 2012March 2013 (9 months) San Mateo, CA

• Impact: Balanced the addition of online receipt-capture for new, trending online retailers and SR partner merchants. Members received novelty of breadth in online receipts in their global purchase history (Customer Experience), while the company equally benefited by that information gain to analyze user behavior in purchase frequency, item popularity, and merchant-spread.

• Exclusive responsibility for backend instruction sets to extract textual patterns, with regular expressions, for the ShopRunner Central (SRC) online receipt-tracking and organization membership product. Python and Django, regexes, MySQL queries.

• Wrote Django command scripts to interface with MySQL backend to pull collected member data to analyze purchase history at various retail partner merchants and non-partner merchants.

Application Software Engineer

Kapsch TrafficCom

August 2011October 2011 (3 months) Carlsbad, CA

• Self-directed learning of Android SDK with test-driven development practices
• Wrote and debugged test classes, activities where appropriate to research nuances relevant to Kapsch’s Android application
• Assisted team with development of demo app for October 2011 Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress (ITS-WC) in Orlando, FL for company’s WAVE 5.9 automotive technologies for commercial operators and tolling systems.
- Fulfilled three-month contract.

Graduate Research Assistant

UC San Diego

Educational Institution; 10,001+ employees; Higher Education industry

October 2007March 2011 (3 years 6 months) La Jolla, CA

· Research in various Ubiquitous Computing and Human Computer Interaction areas
- Physical Computing and Wearable Electronics: prototyping with Arduino Duemilanove and
LilyPad Arduino platforms
- Participatory Sensing platforms and applications

Research Intern

AT&T Labs

June 2007August 2007 (3 months) Florham Park, NJ

· Designed and implemented an opportunistic directed gossip protocol for wireless sensor networks, to track or locate mobile objects:
- Disconnected stationary network
- Dual-purpose mobile network to track objects and carry information.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

The University of Texas at Austin

Educational Institution; 10,001+ employees; Higher Education industry

June 2006May 2007 (1 year) Austin, TX

• Prepared for large-scale social interaction experiment, Fall 2006:
- Designed protocol improvements for peer-tracking and interaction storage,
- Conducted antenna characterization experiments for range attenuation,
- Developed proof-of-concept statistical analysis tool in LabVIEW.

• For Fall 2006 large-scale social interaction experiment:
- Conducted antenna characterization experiments with enclosures,
- Developed protocol and algorithm modifications,
- Deployed wireless sensor network motes to student volunteers.
• Conducted second social interaction experiment, Spring 2007.

Internet Application Developer, Engineering Career Assistance Center

The University of Texas at Austin

Educational Institution; 10,001+ employees; Higher Education industry

February 2003November 2005 (2 years 10 months) Austin, TX

• Design and develop database-powered internet applications.
• Manage and maintain online resume system available to engineering students.
• Enhanced corporate search options and updated search to reflect more accurate results.
• Created online database system for Co-op Engineering Program:
- Provided support for the administration, corporate, and student users,
- Adapted forums application permitting unique identification,
- Secured forums for authenticity assurance of users.

RF Intern


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; TMUS; Telecommunications industry

May 2005August 2005 (4 months) Austin, TX

• Drive-tested cell sites for network troubleshooting and frequency channel analysis.
• Assisted RF Engineers with cell site hardware shakedown procedure and analysis of actual performance data and frequency reuse for network retune.

Websphere Portal Development Intern


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; IBM; Information Technology and Services industry

June 2004August 2004 (3 months)

• Developed portlet prototypes to display Crystal Enterprise reports and dashboard product scorecards which provided convenient access to business health and trend information.
• Held responsibility for installation and maintenance of team development machines.

Vanessa P. Wallis' Languages

  • German

Vanessa P. Wallis' Honors and Awards

  • 1st Place, Internetworking Competition

    VICA Texas State Skills Competition
    • April 2002

    Competed at Regional and State Levels, achieved 1st Place in each, went on to the National Competition, Summer 2002. Was a first-year student in the 2-Year Cisco Networking Academy Program at Mansfield High School, Mansfield, TX. "networking design, general networking knowledge and hands-on evaluations." (

  • Fellow, AT&T Labs Fellowship Program (ALFP)

    AT&T Labs
    • March 2007

    Prestigious Three-Year Fellowship for PhD programs

Vanessa P. Wallis' Organizations

  • Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing

    • October 2008 to October 2008
  • CRA-W Grad Cohort for Women Program

    • February 2008 to March 2010
  • IEEE

    • September 2002 to Present
  • IEEE Communications Society

    • September 2002 to Present
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

    • October 2008 to Present
  • Leadershape-Texas

    • May 2005 to May 2005

    The Leadershape, Inc. Vision: "A just, caring, and thriving world where we all lead with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible." More Info:

Vanessa P. Wallis' Courses

  • BS, Electrical Engineering

    The University of Texas at Austin

    • Honors Senior Design Project (EE 464H)
    • Network Engineering Lab (EE 372L)
    • Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Lab (EE 345S)
    • Digital Image & Video Processing (EE 371R)
    • Intro to Digital Communications (EE 360K)
    • Algorithms (EE 360C)
    • Computer Networks (CS 356)
    • Discrete Mathematics (M 325K)
    • Drawing for Non-Art Majors (ART 320K)
  • Masters of Science, Computer Science and Engineering

    University of California, San Diego

    • Intro to Embedded Computing (CSE 237A)
    • Teaching Methods in Computer Science (CSE 599)
    • Operating Systems (CSE 221)
    • Wireless Embedded & Networked Systems (ECE 267)
    • Computer Communication Networks (CSE 222A)
    • Algorithms & Analysis (CSE 202)
    • Principles of Wireless Networks (ECE 257B)
    • Principles of Computer Architecture (CSE 240A)
    • Ubiquitous Computing (CSE 218)
    • Low Power VLSI Design (CSE 241A)
    • VLSI Digital System Algorithms & Architectures (ECE 260A)
    • Digital Signal Processing I (ECE 251A)

Vanessa P. Wallis' Projects

  • Intro to Embedded Computing, Spring 2010, Course Project (2 people)

    • March 2010 to May 2010
    Team Members: Vanessa P. Wallis

    Using Intel’s ARM- based Xscale PXA27x processor (Mainboard), install Linux on platform; develop a utility to minimize device energy consumption while maintaining acceptably smooth framerates of a given media load running on native mplayer application; utility periodically reads Linux /proc interface to determine real-time CPU utilization, uses information to dynamically adjust the processor frequency and voltage settings (DVFS power-management utility). A lower power state may increase the CPU usage but decreases the total energy consumption. Second part of project consists of porting utility to a kernel module.

  • Operating Systems, Winter 2009, Course Project (2 people)

    • January 2009 to March 2009
    Team Members: Vanessa P. Wallis

    Develop a set of test programs in C to measure and characterize Linux operating system performance in relation to its underlying hardware (AMD AthlonXP 2400+ with 11-stage pipeline).

  • Wireless Embedded & Networked Systems, Fall 2008, Course Project (on own)

    • October 2008 to December 2008
    Team Members: Vanessa P. Wallis

    Moteiv TelosB motes, using nesC on TinyOS 2.0; develop and test a master/slave communication protocol where the master deployed-mote decides which mote (master/slave) should send report messages back to beaconing base-station mote, using calculated RSSI values.

  • Computer Communication Networks, Spring 2008, 2 Projects

    • January 2008 to March 2008
    Team Members: Vanessa P. Wallis

    Web Server Project (2 people): Develop and perform service measurements of multi-threaded web server written from scratch in C/C++, to accommodate HTTP 1.0 and 1.1; TCP/IP network and socket programming; stress- tested web server program by developing a multi-threaded client program to simulate simultaneous clients attempting to connect at once.

    Course Project (3 people): Literature review on feasibility of using fiber connections (for large throughput) between commodity switches within a very large data center organized as a fat tree.

  • Ubiquitous Computing, Fall 2007, Course Project (4 people)

    • October 2007 to December 2007
    Team Members: Vanessa P. Wallis

    User study via Facebook to determine if a combined social/academic-integrated notification system could be useful for a “Campus of the Future” setting, with the directed research question to see if knowledge of friends’ attendance to campus events would influence users’ decisions to attend.

  • A Wireless Sensor Network for the Study of Social Interactions, Honors Senior Design Project, Spring 2006

    • January 2006 to December 2006
    Team Members: Vanessa P. Wallis

    Constructed a prototype wireless sensor network of Crossbow MICAz motes that communicate via basic beacon protocols. Utilized data collection and database techniques to capture messages received by the motes for social interaction analysis.

Vanessa P. Wallis' Skills & Expertise

  1. Linux
  2. Awesomeness
  3. Python
  4. Algorithms
  5. Empathy
  6. Mindfulness
  7. Self-awareness
  8. Authenticity
  9. Openness
  10. Mindfulness Meditation
  11. Compassion
  12. High Fives
  13. Django
  14. C
  15. C++
  16. MySQL
  17. SQL
  18. Java
  19. Ruby on Rails
  20. Ruby
  21. Arduino
  22. Android SDK
  23. Android Development
  24. FreeBSD
  25. Mac OS X
  26. PHP
  27. JavaScript
  28. jQuery
  29. Backbone.js
  30. Git
  31. Distributed Systems
  32. Android
  33. Software Engineering
  34. Computer Science
  35. Embedded Systems
  36. Unix
  37. XML
  38. Apache
  39. Mobile Applications
  40. Software Development
  41. HTML
  42. HTML 5
  43. CSS3
  44. MVC
  45. TinyOS
  46. nesC
  47. Cisco IOS
  48. Oil Painting
  49. Oil Pastel
  50. Pencil

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Vanessa P. Wallis' Education

University of California, San Diego

Masters of Science, Computer Science and Engineering


**Note: Left CSE PhD Program -- MS Pending
Related Graduate Courses: Intro to Embedded Computing, Low Power VLSI Design, Teaching Methods in Computer Science, Operating Systems, Wireless Embedded & Networked Systems, Computer Communication Networks, Algorithms & Analysis, VLSI Digital System Algorithms & Architectures, Digital Signal Processing I, Principles of Wireless Networks, Principles of Computer Architecture, Ubiquitous Computing

The University of Texas at Austin

BS, Electrical Engineering


Related Undergraduate Courses: Honors Senior Design Project, Network Engineering Lab, Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Lab, Digital Image & Video Processing, Digital Communications, Computer Networks, Probability & Random Processes, Technical Communication, Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, Algorithms, Drawing for Non-art Majors

Activities and Societies: IEEE, IEEE Communication Society

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