Max Kaehn

Max Kaehn

Software Architect and General Purpose Hacker

San Francisco Bay Area
Computer Software

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Max Kaehn's Overview

  • Senior Software Engineer at Google
  • Computer Scientist at CoVia
  • Applications Engineer at, Inc.
  • Member of Technical Staff at Mpath Interactive (later HearMe)
  • Software Author at Verity, Inc.
  • University of California at Santa Barbara College of Creative Studies
  • University of California at Berkeley College of Engineering

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Max Kaehn's Summary

Experienced software engineer focusing on software architecture. Can work on any platform; prefer Linux or Solaris, plenty of experience in abstracting the differences between Win32 and Unix. Strong background in WWW technologies. Interested in innovative early-stage startups where I can make a strong contribution to the software infrastructure and corporate culture.


C++, object-oriented design, cross-platform development (especially between Win32 and many varieties of Unix), world wide web, documentation, learning new technologies on short notice

Max Kaehn's Experience

Senior Software Engineer


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; GOOG; Internet industry

March 2014Present (7 months) Mountain View, CA

Senior Software Engineer

Electric Cloud, Inc.

Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Computer Software industry

August 2004March 2014 (9 years 8 months) Sunnyvale, CA

Dealt with complexities of Windows ACLs, permissions, user authentication, window stations, and desktops. Added file system filter driver functionality to a Windows file system driver and greatly increased driver compatibility with NTFS and FAT32 behaviors; did some work in the Linux file system driver. Dealt with conflicts caused in the field by third party drivers. Created and maintained unit tests for bugs fixed and features added. Created integration code for source control systems including ClearCase, Perforce, CVS, and Subversion. Solved problems with Cygwin internals and contributed code and developer documentation to the Cygwin project. Added ClearCase integration by interfacing with the unsupported API shipped with the Linux installer. Added support for Unicode filesystems and Ant to the ElectricAccelerator product. Extended GWT uibinder to lay out widgets created in-house. Trained in Class B Scrum. Created Java client for our REST API (command line and bean) and integrated it with JavaScript triggers via Apache Bean Scripting Framework in PTC Integrity. Extended ssh-based remote install tool to use PowerShell on Windows. Maintained and extended in-house continuous integration suite.

Lead Software Engineer

Electronics for Imaging, Inc.

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; EFII; Computer Software industry

October 2002August 2004 (1 year 11 months)

Designed, implemented, and documented cross-platform C++ abstraction layer to hide differences between Win32 and Linux. Wrote a C++ wrapper for undocumented memory management API and used it as a framework for Doxygen documentation. Created a flexible multithreaded rule-based filter pipeline for processing data streams. Maintained and extended the build system (written in GNU make), and converted several large legacy projects to the current build system.

Senior Staff Engineer

Pico Communications

August 2000April 2002 (1 year 9 months)

Wrote code to manage Bluetooth-to-IP gateways and providing content for WAP and HTTP clients, including a “man in the middle” TCP redirector to send a client’s first outgoing HTTP connection to a page specified by the owner of the access point and a sample Apache Tomcat module to generate a link to the client’s original destination. Set up CVS source control system, created scripts to perform automated nightly builds for VxWorks Tornado. Wrote RADIUS and TACACS+ clients and Cisco Discovery Protocol broadcaster for VxWorks. Created SNMP MIB to manage Bluetooth access point and implemented it using WindNet SNMP. Created HTTP and TELNET servers for configuring access point. Created cross-platform (Win32/Linux) raw socket library for Java using JNI and embedded it in a signed applet (with automated library installation) using a Swing GUI.

Computer Scientist


Privately Held; Myself Only; Computer Software industry

July 1998July 2000 (2 years 1 month)

Built web server plugin tools for content management, using an API abstraction layer (including a C++ streambuf implementation) to hide the difference between NSAPI, ISAPI, and Apache. Projects included HTML and PDF searching and hit highlighting, a Class 2 WebDAV implementation, interfacing with Windows NT, NIS+, and LDAP authentication protocols, wiring an XML parser into the product, writing C++ modules to extend server-side JavaScript functionality, and using undocumented XDR routines to cache compiled JavaScript. Responsibilities included generating architectural specifications, writing documentation, acting as technical liaison to our own consulting staff and technical personnel at partner companies, administering two Solaris systems, arranging all code to run under both Solaris and NT, and creating cross-platform libraries of utility classes.

Applications Engineer, Inc.

February 1997July 1998 (1 year 6 months)

Built tools using NSAPI to serve stock quote information over the web. Created a great deal of documentation to help new hires orient themselves. Created a client/server interface to an Oracle database, laying the groundwork for caching frequently updated information. Served as project lead coordinating marketing and engineering to design and construct a client/server system integrating Java applets in customer web browsers and a C++ server infrastructure on site. Inherited the news system when the previous responsible engineer left, handling the issues of bringing twenty heterogeneous sources of news articles into a central database; documented unexplained code, produced a comprehensive diagram of information flow and system usage in the news system, wrote tools to simplify recovery from errors, improved error reporting and reliability, and created a variety of solutions to pre-existing problems.

Member of Technical Staff

Mpath Interactive (later HearMe)

February 1996February 1997 (1 year 1 month)

Built installers that upgrade existing games to Mplayer compatibility and walk novice users through the process of upgrading their Windows 95 system to connect to the Internet. Designed flexible UNIX-based multithreaded server stress-testing software to simulate massive user loads and track down inconsistent operation. Created HTML documentation for internal libraries that was later used as reference material for new development partners.

Software Author

Verity, Inc.

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; AU.L; Computer Software industry

July 1994February 1996 (1 year 8 months)

Designed cross-platform graphical front ends to Verity's search engine. Created Motif applications running on four different breeds of UNIX, including hybrid make environment (using GNU make) and source control scripts (in csh and perl). Led project (coordinating Mac and Windows specialists) creating C++ application frameworks for cross-platform use on UNIX, Macintosh, and Windows 95/NT; utilized said frameworks in building a cross-platform Web browser-based search application. Documented internal tools and acted as liaison to Documentation for projects I participated in.

Max Kaehn's Courses

  • Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science

    University of California at Berkeley College of Engineering

    • Data Structures and Algorithms (60C)

Max Kaehn's Skills & Expertise

  1. C++
  2. Linux
  3. Cross-platform Development
  4. Distributed Systems
  5. Software Development
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Software Documentation
  8. Agile Methodologies
  9. Object Oriented Design
  10. Cloud Computing
  11. Perl
  12. Java
  13. Unix
  14. JavaScript
  15. XML
  16. Solaris
  17. Databases
  18. Apache

Max Kaehn's Education

University of California at Santa Barbara College of Creative Studies

BS, Physics

September 1989April 1993

Activities and Societies: Men's Chorus, Shadow Society

University of California at Berkeley College of Engineering

Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science

June 1988August 1989

Studied lower-division curricula in math, physics, and computer science while attending high school.

Max Kaehn's Additional Information


nanotechnology, memetics, the future, "smart mobs", trust networks, software architecture, open source, history, science fact, science fiction, forteana, electronic music, maine coon cats, nonlinear thought, historical costume and dancing, games, anthropology, sociology, psychology, linguistics

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