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Evgenios Skitsanos

CEO at Skitsanos Inc.

Bucharest, Romania
Information Technology and Services
  1. Skitsanos Automotive,
  2. Skitsanos,
  3. vzaar limited
  1. Vigilo Solutions,
  2. Tilson Technology Management,
  3. Techways SA
  1. University of Maryland College Park
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Skitsanos Automotive

Skitsanos Automotive

Co Founder

– Present

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Co Founder

Skitsanos Automotive
– Present (5 months)Bucharest, Romania

Wide range of technology skills and previous experience in automotive and vehicle diagnostics fields lead me to a creation of a new company, - Skitsanos Automotive. We intend to provide our customers with the best In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) platform and inter-vehicle communication available for low and mid range budget vehicles. As a result of few years research and development work Vehicom platform will run on a piece of hardware that we are going to produce as well as being functional on wide range of other aftermarket Android based IVI systems.

I’m responsible for architecting, developing and implementing custom software and hardware components of Vehicom, business development aspects of the company and operations.


– Present (18 years 4 months)

Running software development and hardware design services for small and mid size enterprises in Europe and United States.

We build Kanapes IDE, the only Integrated Development Environment for the Apache CouchDB available today, web based project management tool, various software development kits and libraries for developers that are using Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, Node.js, ActionScript 3/Apache Flex.

Our LoggerDaisy, is a nice gadget dedicated to various logistics and transport companies, allows you to setup a network of humidity, temperature, air pressure, gas, smoke and other various sensors for real time environment logging, it also allows you to log g-force and rapid 3D position change, so you can track if product was dropped or smashed.

vzaar API Head of Support

vzaar limited
– Present (5 years 1 month)

Helping people in everything related to vzaar API.

Since 2009 I was busy developing new and maintaining existing API libraries for vzaar video hosting platform, personally having my hands on PHP, Java, ActionScript 3 and C# API libraries and hundreds of third-party web and mobile applications made with these libraries.


Vigilo Solutions
(1 year 9 months)

Defining architecture and technologies to use in order to build transactional Transport Order Processing framework with multi-lingual support, skinnable user interface, per-user personalization and many other features. Managing development team allocated in multiple countries.

Key Partner

Tilson Technology Management
(1 year 3 months)

Software development and application architecture, project management, SiteAdmin CMS integration and modules development. Incredibly knowledgeable in sophisticated XML driven data manipulation. Since 2002, i implemented my own highly flexible content management system, SiteAdmin CMS, which has become a content-rendering platform for all of Tilson's .NET-based web sites and applications.


Techways SA
(6 months)

Developing web application for online hotel, car, and flight reservation. Project Management, Team Leading

ActionScript Developer

Seesmic, Inc.
(4 months)

ActionScript programming for Seesmic stand alone client and web based application.

CEO, Software and Webware applications developer

S.C. Web Atarim S.R.L.
(4 years)

* GIS and Object Tracking. Developing “Moving Targets Information Services System” for tracking position of all kinds of objects like vehicles, containers, persons, pets. Backbase AJAX and Microsoft VirtualEarth driven GUI for redering maps and reporting.
* Developing and maintaining search engine solution (Crawler, Indexer, Search Engine client web application) Implemented with .Net 2.0, SQL Server 2005, AJAX, RSS.
* Human Resources Management.
* Project Management.
* Customers support.
* Web site design and development.
* Software and Webware applications development and implementation.

Lead Developer

VocalNet Communication
(1 year)

Call shop application development for Communications Oxygen, telecom company in Italy

Lead RIA Developer

Black Design
(1 year)

Defining architecture for 'Perfect Forms' application, initially as Backbase powered, then as Flex application.

Senior Project Manager, Developer

arachnoWare Inc., United States
(3 years 7 months)

* Developing web based multi-platform desktop workspace “Skitsanos Grafeio” based on Backbase AJAX framework and Microsoft .NET platform.
* PMWare ( development, graphic user interface design, project management.
* WDK6 Development, - Webware Development Kit for .NET and J2EE that runs on IIS/ASP.NET and Apace/Tomcat and other JSP environments.
* Developed document crawling and indexing client/server solution with file system monitor as system-tray application.
* XML/XSLT applications development under VB/VB.NET, RealBasic, BLOC.
* XML DB Servers management (Berkeley DB XML, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle XDB).
* Business Development.
* Middle level J2EE related application development

Software and Webware applications developer

ITS Efficiency., Romania
(8 months)

* Project Management.
* IT accounting application development and implementation
* Document indexing and crawling client/server application development (.Net 2.0/SQL 2005)
* Web site design and development.
* Other Software and Webware applications development and implementation.

XBRL Developer

Business Assurance Professionals, Romania
(5 months)

* Sarbanes-Oxley Act Reporting Framework development,
* Product Suite Architecture development
* IFRS and US GAAP electronic form filling engine rogramming;
* XBRL Manager, include web based GUI for XBRL generation.
* XBRL repositories with multiple taxonomies
* XBRL API development for .NET and J2EE platforms
* J2EE Object model development with MainSoft .NET/J2EE
* DB Modeling support on Oracle RDBMS/XDB, Berkeley DB XML (Oracle XDB 9i and 10g)
* Code/Unit Testing.
* Error correction, maintenance
* Software Packaging and Deployment

Senior Developer

Bingo Entertainment, Ltd., Cyprus
(2 years 3 months)

* Software and Webware applications development,
* Windows Server administration,
* Web site design, SEO and maintenance high-traffic web sites.

Webware Developer

Nivo IMT, Romania
(9 months)

* Investor Relationship Management (IRM) Webware development and implementation.
* Support and maintenance for IRM.
* Routine programming tasks for Nivo Help Desk.
* Consulting in different technical, online sales and product marketing aspects.

Project Manager, Embedded Software Developer

Black Box Solutions, Ltd., Cyprus
(1 year 1 month)

* Developing high-level Webware and software products for handling serial communications and TCP/IP data transactions.
* Made server solution, which can be used as a web hosting platform with ASP, Perl, PHP and BSP (100% VBA compatible scripting engine).
* Custom web server development with scripting language support.
* Vehicle Server development (
* Vehicle Explorer Software (
* Made XML/Database driven content management system.
* Project management.

Software Developer, Israel
(1 year)

* Development & implementation of content management engine and hosting controller for Windows based servers.
* Payment processing gateway development.

Honors & Awards

WebIt 2014 IoT Hackathon winner


Our team worked on Sensobot - sensor enabled gear for a drone. This is IoT Hackathon project implemented at WebIt Congress 2014. for a project fan page..

Additional Honors & Awards

"Berkeley DB XML Innovations 2003" Contest Award

Volunteer Experience & Causes


Startup Weekend Brasov
Science and Technology


Startup Weekend Mures
Science and Technology


Startup Weekend Iasi
Science and Technology


Startup Weekend Timisoara
Science and Technology


Startup Weekend Timisoara
Science and Technology

Opportunities Evgenios is looking for:

Causes Evgenios cares about:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Children
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Services

Organizations Evgenios supports:

  • Skitsanos Automotive
  • Smart Carriers Services


Scientific Research Work Board


Research work in Computer Human Interraction field, sociology and human behaviorism.



Best In-Vehicle Infotainment System available for low and mid range budget vehicles that are not equipped with OEM IVI appliance. As a result of few years research and development work Vehicom software platform will run on our own piece of hardware.

Team members:

Kanapes IDE(Link)

– Present

KanapesIDE is most complete development environment for CouchDB

Skitsanos PMWare successor, web based general purpose project management tool, available as as well as PaaS framework.

.NET CouchDB API(Link)

– Present

Our .NET CouchDB API (WDK.API.CouchDB) library is most complete implementation of CouchDB API for Microsoft .NET Framework perfectly works with stand-alone CouchDB installations and services like Cloudant (


– Present

JsonBridge you allows you to call server side methods on client side via REST API and returns your results in JSON format.


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Romanian

    Professional working proficiency
  3. Bulgarian

    Elementary proficiency
  4. Russian

    Professional working proficiency


University of Maryland College Park

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies

University of Virginia

Business Strategy

Canterbury University

Master in Computer Science, Master

American Management and Business Administration Institute

MBA, eCommerce

Drafting School

Associate Degree, Architecture

Diploma in Engineering Drafting and Architecture

Activities and Societies: Typography Board


  • Small Business...
  • Software Project...
  • Project Implementation
  • CouchDB
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • ActionScript
  • Flex
  • Visual Basic
  • Architecture
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Sketching
  • SketchUp
  • XML
  • .NET
  • Software Development
  • Web Applications
  • CMS
  • API
  • Application Development
  • Web Development
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • AJAX
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience
  • Business Planning
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Startup Consulting
  • User Interface
  • VB.NET
  • Web Design
  • Web 2.0
  • XSLT
  • JSON
  • Business Management
  • New Business Development
  • Start-up Operations
  • Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Analysis
  • Mobile Applications
  • APIs
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Perl
  • Business Development
  • Start-ups
  • Oracle
  • See 35+  See less

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