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Rob Sanders

Principal Consultant at RXP Services Limited

Canberra, Australia
Information Technology and Services
  1. CGI,
  2. Clean Energy Regulator,
  3. Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
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Rob is a proven IT professional with more than 16 years of real-world experience across a diverse cross-section of technical and business environments.

Combining experience with core qualities of excellent communications skills, deep technical knowledge and considerable adaptability, Rob takes an open and pragmatic approach to engagements and has demonstrated that he can quickly instil trust and confidence with both clients and peers.

Recent years have seen Rob engaged in supporting sales and business development endeavours through opportunity qualification, bid response development and pre-sales engagements.
Rob has demonstrated his leadership and management abilities over the past decade, leading teams that have in some cases spanned the globe.

A strong background in Solution Architecture ensures that Rob is able to communicate at all levels with customers and colleagues. His customer-first approach to proposals and engagements ensures that Rob is rapidly embraced by customers as a ‘trusted advisor’.

Rob has proven that he is able to successfully balance the demands of the customer with the commercial realities of consulting. Over the past decade, Rob has contributed to Enterprise Architecture programs in Government (State and Federal), Financial, Telecommunications and Retail Services. Rob is recognised for delivering strong leadership and expertise that builds relationships and trust with customers, peers and clients, helping to drive project and commercial success.

Rob is a trusted and respected professional, recognised by his colleagues, clients and management alike. He is focused on attaining results by delivering real value to clients.


Principal Consultant

RXP Services Limited
– Present (6 months)Canberra, Australia

I joined RXP Services in mid-May 2014 as a member of the Applications Development practice in the Canberra office. My initial project was to deep dive into a Microsoft Azure based development project which was in the early stages of development.

Since that time, I've also completed architecture work for another client, which involved a specific focus on infrastructure capabilities and system migration.

Key Accountabilities:

- Autonomously manage a team of junior to senior level consultants,

- Design and develop high quality solutions, including product selection and assessment against architectural requirements,

- Evaluate a customer's business needs, contributing to strategic planning of information systems and software,

- Planning and coordinating resources necessary in conjunction with relevant Practice Lead to complete product implementation and assisting in preparation of major sales proposals,

- Provide direction on matters of solution-based interpretation and issues during the conduct of solution development projects,

- Establish and maintain relationships with clients as a source of professional advice about solutions and options,

- Identify and complete tasks with minimal supervision and provide oversight and guidance to all level consultants,

- Adapt and apply existing techniques and methodologies to new uses,

- Building and recognising potential follow-on business opportunities,

- Operating as an active lead of a project team and the wider company and practice community,

Senior Consultant

(2 years 7 months)Canberra, Australia

From October 2013 onwards, I had been an active leader in augmenting the organisation and management of the CGI office in the Canberra region.

As a member of the local leadership team, I directed and utilized local and interstate staff resources whilst managing a number of pre-sales engagements for local and interstate opportunities. Made redundant 21st of May, now available for immediate start elsewhere.


• Opportunity lead – I had been the designated opportunity lead on a number of strategic bid
and tender responses in the past five months, which involves careful planning and
co-ordination of multiple stakeholders,

• Bid response – In addition to the opportunities I’dd lead, I’d been heavily involved in over a
dozen other work responses, all of which have been focused on Microsoft technology,

• Pre-Sales Solutions - My role had required me to develop a number of different approaches to
forecast and estimate the complexity and effort cost for half a dozen bid responses, taking
into account resource types, rates and project risks and assumptions,

• Professional Development – In March I participated in a four day technical course run by
Enterprise Architects on the TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Framework culminating with recently
passing the TOGAF exam. I’ve also spent several weeks improving my skills particularly my
understanding of Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio 2013 and writing numerous technical articles
about improvements to data access techniques using the Entity Framework as well as usage
of OAuth and the WebAPI,

• Building cloud-based solutions – Over the past few months I’ve written and published a
number of solutions into the Microsoft Azure cloud


• Achieved TOGAF 9 certification
• Profiled the entire Australian Business Unit to create a comprehensive view of our local
programming and technology capabilities

Solutions Architect

Clean Energy Regulator
(8 months)CGI Canberra

I was engaged as the Principal Architect for the Client Interaction and Case Management (CICM) project within the Clean Energy Regulator (CER). The CICM engagement continued previous CGI engagements and saw me directly responsible for design and delivery of the Client Portal, Enterprise Service Bus and CRM projects and a team of up to 20 engineers, testers and business analysts.

During this time, I had overall responsibility for the design, implementation and delivery of technical solutions from CGI for deployment to the CER’s Business Platform – a suite of Microsoft products which were procured to produce a robust platform for the CER’s various business units.


• Enterprise and Solution Architecture – I developed and delivered both high level and detailed
enterprise and solution design artifacts, well over 500 pages of documentation
• Capability Development – Part of the enterprise architecture involved the articulation and
design of various key business capabilities stemming from the need to reuse common
business processes and data definitions
• Client Engagement – My role required me to co-ordinate between stakeholders from across
the enterprise, often having to broker compromise between business units.


• Successfully promoted a number of new releases into Production between March and
September 2013
• Successfully integrated the core line-of-business application – the single Dynamics CRM
• Developed a thorough set of architectural documents including the baseline technology


Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V, SQL Server 2008 R2, SharePoint 2010, Dynamics CRM 2011, BizTalk Server 2010, .NET Framework 4.5, Forefront Identity Manager, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Quick Address Search (QAS)

Technical Delivery Manager

Clean Energy Regulator
(6 months)CGI Canberra

The Clean Energy Regulator underwent a significant restructure in mid-2013. As a result, several new branches were established. I was brought back into the Regulator as a project manager to successfully drive the CER Client Portal project.

This required me to restructure the team and the processes used to develop and manage a fairly complex technical solution. My responsibilities included risk management, the project technical roadmap, interactions and compliance with systems testing and change management and stakeholder engagement.


• Project scoping and project plan – In order to get the project back on track, my initial work
involved establishing a baseline for the current project, and then determining a structured and
detailed path to achieving a successful launch date for the Client Portal
• Risk management - My role also required an ability to detect and manage project risk, given
the high visibility of the nature of the project. I conducted regular risk reviews in order to stay
ahead of projected issues
• Co-ordination of change management – One of the challenges in advancing the project
stemmed from having a very busy environment with multiple parallel projects. I was
instrumental in the co-ordination of releases and the management of critical technical
• Stakeholder engagement – I liaised with organizational stakeholders to ensure that the
project’s goals and requirements satisfied business drivers. This was at times a very
demanding duty to perform, and required extensive communication skills both in terms of
presentations and technical and non-technical discussions.


• Delivered the first major features to the Enterprise Integration Platform and a complex array of
brokerage applications
• Successfully launched the first publicly interactive website for the Regulator – the Client

Solutions Architect

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
(9 months)CGI Canberra

My first engagement as a CGI consultant was with the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE). Initially, my role as a Solutions Architect saw me developing and documenting major components of the Business Platform – a series of Microsoft Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products – to underpin the initial establishment of core business capabilities.

I was assigned as the Solutions Architect for the Client Portal project, which also encompassed the design and development of the Department’s enterprise integration platform. Over the course of six months, I established a series of robust design patterns which made use of the capabilities of the COTS products present already in the design of the Business Platform.

Activities and Project Highlights

• High level and detailed design documentation

• Implementation and review – as the lead architect for the Client Portal and Integration teams,
I was responsible for evaluating the technical solutions and ensuring that they complied with
the design and business requirements

• Documenting the platform – I also produced a number of documents establishing the
capabilities of the Business Platform. These documents were heavily referenced by other
projects to establish common capabilities and patterns


• Authored detailed design documentation which was formally reviewed and endorsed by the
appropriate design authority

• Assisted the infrastructure team in establishing the fully capability of the Business Platform in

• Established enterprise-wide functionality in Production with the deployment of Address
Validation, Reference Number Generation and document management services


Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V, SQL Server 2008 R2, SharePoint 2010, Dynamics CRM 2011, BizTalk Server 2010, .NET Framework 4.5, Forefront Identity Manager, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Quick Address Search (QAS)

Solutions Architect

(8 months)Sydney, Australia

As the Solution Architect at Ticketek I was responsible for many aspects of the direction of the Technology division. I reported directly to the Chief Technology Officer and was responsible for the technical design and lifecycle of all systems in the Enterprise most of which were primarily on the Microsoft platform.

On a day-to-day basis, I needed to be across up to ten or more different ongoing projects providing architectural guidance and leadership as well as designing and building the foundation of a new fully integrated development environment.

Activities and Project Highlights

• Solution design and review – As the principal architect, I had the responsibility of reviewing all
technical design work within the company. This required me to run many design workshops,
and to review and approve all design work for each project

• Mentoring and skilling: As the most senior technical role, part of my duties extended to
mentoring and coaching some of the less experienced developers and testers and ensuring
that their skillset and experience expanded to meet project and business need

• Documentation of existing systems – Ticketek has a vast array of different projects, products
and services but many of those were lightly documented. As Solution Architect, I wrote or
re-wrote a large amount of documentation to better clarify how each application or service
functioned and how they could be used in more dynamic environments

• Sponsored and established Team Foundation Server – an initiative born from the need to
consolidate the various disparate source control and work item management solutions within
the IT division saw me plan and execute the adoption of TFS 2010 for the entire division.


Technologies and Methodologies

Microsoft .NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Internet Information Services (IIS) 7, Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010

Chief Technology Officer

Shenbun Ltd
(1 year 2 months)

From November 2009 onwards I was involved in a business partnership venture based in HangZhou, China. As Architect and Chief Technology Officer my role involved complete management of all IT operations including infrastructure, procurement, development, quality assurance and all IT staff - 3 programmers and 3 QA engineers.

Principal development was undertaken using the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, Entity Framework v4, SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Communication Services (WCF), WinForms and

Activities and Highlights

• Design and development of a complex series of services and applications – including three
master solutions, encompassing a variety of WinForms apps, websites (ASP.NET WebForms
and MVC), Windows Services and a complex SQL Server based data schema
• Integration with over 12 different external APIs – part of the business required realtime
integration into a large number of external services all using rather unique API
• Management of over 10,000 domains – as the initiative involved the co-ordination of Internet
traffic and domains, a large portfolio of domains had to be managed on a day-to-day basis
• Business intelligence – the design and establishment of a large set of utilities used to
determine investments and returns
• Procurement and build of all critical hardware infrastructure – including workstations, servers
and remote VPN solutions


• Synchronization of hundreds of thousands of rows of data, organised into SQL Server 2008
• Establishment of proper disaster recovery planning, to reduce the risk to business continuance
• Organised and managed the complete design of the office including the construction, wiring
and installation of a secure server room

Technologies and Methodologies

Microsoft .NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Internet Information Services (IIS) 7, Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010

Data Architect (Contract)

Artis Group
(11 months)

In December 2008 I joined a small team of approximately twelve people, to deliver a complete bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) solution for Optus and Woolworths for the Woolworths Everyday Mobile phone service.

Working remotely from Queensland, my principal responsibility was the design, implementation and maintenance of the solution’s data architecture and data model which was implemented against SQL Server 2008 using .NET Framework 4.0, LINQ-to-SQL and Windows Communication Foundation.

Activities and Project Highlights

• Designing and documenting the entire data architecture – My initial and ongoing responsibility was to design and own the data schema and solution

• Ownership of the data domain model and data access approaches – as the Data Architect, I had complete responsibility for the design, implementation and consistency of the data tier from the solution to the establishment of test data, to integration into the physical network test environment, which included schema change management

• Data schema/data management – I established the data access approach, and owned and maintained the data schema definition, including all tasks relating to data storage and maintenance. This included controlling the use of T-SQL scripts, project artefacts (including source control) and the deployment and testing environments

• Extract, transform and load - part of my role required the design, implementation and maintenance of all ETL activities, which involved the use of utilities and SQL Server Integration Services


• Deployment of the solution into Production
• Successfully transitioned all data maintenance and archiving tools to Optus
• Handed over all project deliverables to Optus upon successful completion of the project

Principal Consultant

Readify Pty Ltd
(10 months)

My role in Queensland was as the regional principal technical consultant responsible for all aspects of technical estimation and effort forecasting, security, design and architectural analysis, as well as co-ordination and mentoring of all the other consultants in the Queensland region.

The role also required participation in extended pre-sales activities such as delivering cost estimates and attending pre-engagement meetings with prospective clients. As a principal consultant, I was client facing in all engagements, and acted as the principal technology authority for the region.

Activities and Project Highlights

• Business analysis and strategic roadmaps – I was engaged several times to analyse and deliver technical roadmaps and recommendations to help businesses obtain a better return from their existing applications and infrastructure
• Solution design – a number of clients engaged my services to help their existing teams develop and deliver exceptional solution designs
• Leadership – as the principal consultant in the region, I was responsible for co-ordination and development of all consultants in Queensland, as well as supporting interstate consultants
• Troubleshooting – several engagements consisted of me assisting businesses to troubleshoot and solve complex issues in their environments
• Technical training – I helped to deliver technical courses run by Readify out of Cliifton’s in the Brisbane CBD


• Delivered a number of IT strategy papers for medium and large businesses
• Rewrote and delivered a new deployment system for a small start-up company
• Successfully resolved a huge performance issue with a large scale BizTalk solution
• Speaker at Microsoft TechEd 2008 and numerous other events

Technologies and Methodologies

Microsoft .NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Internet Information Services (IIS) 7, Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2008, MSBuild, Team Build, BizTalk Server 2006

Senior Development Consultant

(1 year 1 month)

Reporting to the Managing Director, I am primarily responsible for the training, mentoring and deployment of Devtest's development resources.

My role also comprises client engagement, technical architecture and project review as well as management duties including the refinement and implementation of core development practices within the company and helping to plan the strategic vision for Devtest in Australia and elsewhere.

Clients Included:
Microsoft - Solutions Development Centre (Tasman Project), DataCastle, ChatAlert, HauteSecure and Body Bronze

Associate Consultant

(1 year 11 months)

Custom Information Technology solutions. Currently 18 months at Microsoft SDC in North Ryde as Development Lead. Full software development lifecycle, planning, implementation, testing and release. Microsoft Technology Specialist (10+ Years).

Clients Included:
Microsoft - Solutions Development Centre, Ticketek, 2006 Commonwealth Games (official web site), Queensland Departments of Child Safety and Youth Justice

Software Development Manager (Canada)

Laplink Software
(1 year)

My role involved roughly 80% Management (Specifications, Project Management, Release Planning), 20% Hands on development work (.Net Framework, MySQL).

Principal product, ShareDirect, was an infrastructure supported peer-to-peer file synchronization solution aimed at the same target audience as Microsoft's Groove.

The main user interface was written directly into the Windows shell (Windows Explorer) and required a mix of C# (.Net Framework 1.1) and C++ (Visual C++) for the shell extensions.

Senior Developer

LEF Interactive / Sharman Networks
(2 years 1 month)

Senior Software Engineer working on popular file sharing software Kazaa Media Desktop. Written in Visual C++ using MFC, this role required careful planning and delivery of software updates, complex distribution scenarios and an even more complex change management discipline.

Senior Engineer

(1 year 7 months)

Senior Engineer working in the Anti Virus field. Main duties involved reverse engineering of binary file formats for extraction of high level macro code (scripts etc) for code engine analysis. All work written in Visual C++ or Visual Basic 6 (test harnesses and COM testing).

Other duties involved source control administration, network administration and liaising with the Microsoft sponsored Macro Virus Initiative program with other anti virus vendors.

Senior Internet Engineer

(9 months)

Senior Engineer working on medium and large scale website development projects. Main sites included the now defunct and

Principal technologies (which were cutting edge at the time) included XML data islands, DHTML, ASP, COM/DCOM and custom workflow.

Latter half of the year 2000 was spent in a more traditional technical consultancy role during which I was sent to Singapore for two weeks to provide on site technical support during a trade show demonstration roll out.


Spike Networks
(8 months)

Software Engineer responsible for the design, testing and delivery of a number of high volume web sites and extranet applications primarily using ASP, COM (MSVC++) and Microsoft SQL Server.

Clients Included:
Toyota, Southcorp


TOGAF Enterprise Architecture 9.1

The Open Group
– Present



– Present

MVP Technical Blogger at -

The Open Group Architecture Forum

– Present

Also sat a 4-day TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 & 2 training course via Enterprise Architects


CICM - Clean Energy Regulator(Link)

Large engagement with the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency which became the Office of the Clean Energy Regulator. Several initiatives over this time period, including establishment of the Business Platform, implementation of the Enterprise Integration Platform, Client Portal, Internal Portal and CRMS systems. Technologies: SharePoint 2010, MSCRM 2011, SQL Server 2008 R2, BizTalk Server 2010, WCF/.NET 4.0 & Windows Server 2008 R2

Team members:

RS Photography(Link)

– Present

This is a website fully hosted in the Azure cloud. It was written with .NET 4.5, WCF and the latest version of the Entity Framework. This project enabled me to gain a better understanding of the power of the Microsoft Azure platform.


The Sanders Technology Digest App(Link)

Sanders Technology
April 2013

This App allows Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 users to browse and search technical articles on the Sanders Technology website. Provides handy full screen articles and interaction with the Windows Metro dashboard.

The official Aussie Wine Guy App(Link)

Sanders Technology
April 2013

This is an App for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 users, and allows easy browsing and review of wine and wine related articles on the Aussie Wine Guy website.


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Simplified Mandarin (Chinese)

    Limited working proficiency
  3. German

    Limited working proficiency


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • C#
  • .NET
  • WCF
  • Software Development
  • TFS
  • Agile Methodologies
  • T-SQL
  • WinForms
  • Cloud Computing
  • LINQ
  • Solution Architecture
  • ASP
  • Entity Framework
  • XML
  • C++
  • Project Management
  • BizTalk
  • SQL
  • Active Directory
  • Integration
  • SSRS
  • SDLC
  • Databases
  • SSIS
  • Networking
  • Service Oriented...
  • Identity Federation
  • Technical Presentations
  • Project Estimation
  • Web Services
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • MySQL
  • WPF
  • SQL Server
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Senior Consultant
  • Network Administrator
  • Windows Communication...
  • Visual Studio
  • Architectures
  • OOP
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • SOA
  • ETL
  • Software Engineering
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