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Leila Samii

Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing and Analytics at Aurora University

Greater Chicago Area
Higher Education
  1. Aurora University,
  2. Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education,
  3. Harvard University Extension School
  1. Harvard University Extension School,
  2. Southern New Hampshire University,
  3. Child Advocacy Center of Hillsborough County
  1. Southern New Hampshire University
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Aurora University

Aurora University

Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing and Analytics

– Present

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My professional experience has been in educating academics and professionals in digital marketing and social media marketing. On the academic side, I have a range of experience in teaching, research, and course development in digital marketing, international business, marketing, social media and information technology. I have taught both face to face and online in synchronous and asynchronous formats. On the professional side, I have consulted in small and medium sized firms creating and advising their social media strategies and campaigns. Further, I have worked with SMEs to bridge the gap between their marketing strategies with digital marketing strategies through analytics.

In my classroom, I have a student oriented class with a facilitator and delegator teaching style. The students have the ability to use their creativity in the classroom, while completing the objectives at hand. My classes leverage social media for research while publishing the student's personal brand to reflect their expertise on a subject matter. In all of my classes I bring in relevant current events at the beginning of each class, the appropriate theory for the module and case analysis. Each class is run specific to the learning outcomes developed by the institution.

My research focus is primarily on global social media marketing. My doctorate in International Business with a specialization in marketing and my passion for digital and social media marketing has created a dynamic approach to social media research.


Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing and Analytics

Aurora University
– Present (4 months)Aurora, Il

The Masters of Digital Marketing and Analytics at Aurora University is designed to prepare individuals for success in the big data environment. The courses are designed to create a link between marketing and digital through analytics. I will be assuming the role for course development and implementation in courses such as, but not limited to, Customer Experience Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Management and Metrics, and Advanced Analytics. The classes are heavily based on analytics and students will finish the program and be proficient in a number of software tools (i.e. IBM Digital Analytics Cloud, SocialBro, Hootsuite, MailChimp).

Digital Marketing PDP Adjunct Lecturer

Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education
– Present (6 months)Cambridge, MA

The Introduction to Digital Marketing professional development seminar is a 2-day intensive program that provides professionals with the tools needed for implementing a successful digital marketing strategy. The seminar focuses on SEO, content marketing and social media to create a successful Customer Experience and heavily relies on analytics. This program attracts people from all over the world that are looking for an introduction to digital marketing.

Adjunct Faculty

Harvard University Extension School
– Present (1 year 3 months)

Teaching a for credit class in Social Media and Analytics which focuses on social media and the importance of using analytics to maximize marketing efforts. The fundamentals of social media are discussed through lecture and case analysis. By the end of the class, students create a complete social media strategy through listening tool and analytical software.

Taught a for credit, international business course in an online synchronous model (web conference). The main focus of the class was to communicate theories and strategies to manage risks when doing business oversees. This class connected people from all over the world to create a platform for learning, discussion and case analysis.

Teaching Assistant

Harvard University Extension School
(2 years)Cambridge, MA

Face to Face- International Financial and Business Environment (Both Summer School and HES)
Online- Strategic Management

Adjunct Faculty

Southern New Hampshire University
(4 years 1 month)Manchester, New Hampshire

Assisted in the academic planning of Intro to Social Media, Social Media Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing Campaign at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Courses taught on campus/ undergraduate: Introduction to International Business, Social Media Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing Campaign, Introduction to Information Technology, Database Management at graduate level on campus International Marketing Strategies, Social Media, Social Media Marketing Strategies and Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Member of the Marketing Committee

Child Advocacy Center of Hillsborough County
(10 months)New Hampshire

Based on a nationally recognized model, New Hampshire’s Child Advocacy Centers are community partnerships dedicated to pursuing the truth in child abuse cases and coordinating social services for child victims. By bringing together our State’s law enforcement, county attorneys, protective services, victim advocacy agencies and health professionals, New Hampshire’s child advocacy centers provide safe, child friendly locations for interviewing child victims, coordinating the investigative team and providing ongoing help for the victim’s recovery.

As a member of the marketing committee, I help with the social media strategy and the social media side of the creative for the state wide campaign #BeatTheOdds.

Board Member

World Affairs Council of New Hampshire
(2 years 1 month)Manchester, NH

The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire is the state’s only non-profit, non-partisan organization devoted solely to fostering learning, discussion and citizen involvement in world affairs by providing programs for the public, hosting international visitors and enriching global education in our schools. The Council is also the only Granite State member of the World Affairs Councils of America and the National Council for International Visitors.

A member of the communication committee to help execute goals developed through the strategy.


(5 months)

I manage the Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. Further, I request colleges around the country to include the MyApartmentMap link on their website.

Social Media Marketing Manager

(11 months)

Managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts for SoSoJuicy, ran promotions for various DVD and movie releases through each page.

Personal Assistant

The Drama Continues
(1 year 9 months)

Clerical tasks, organization of company files, relationship management, and Quicken.


NHITA- New Hampshire International Trade Association
(1 year)

Organized various meetings with CEO’s and Vice President’s of companies throughout New Hampshire and assisted in membership drive for the organization.


Google Analytics

– Present


Google Inc - Risks in International Growth

Team members:


Southern New Hampshire University

  • International Marketing Seminar
  • International Business Strategy Seminar
  • Quantitative Analysis (Regressions/EViews)


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Higher Education
  • Culture
  • Prezi
  • Content Management
  • Research
  • SPSS
  • PowerPoint
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Networking
  • Social strategy
  • Organization
  • High Analytical Skills
  • Volunteer Management
  • SharePoint
  • Webmaster Services
  • Strategy
  • Event Planning
  • Teaching
  • Access
  • Omniture
  • Leadership
  • Data Analysis
  • Critical Thinking
  • Nonprofits
  • University Teaching
  • Fundraising
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Grant Writing
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The Social Media Marketing Literature Coalesces In 2013

The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines
January 2014

Country Characteristics for a Successful Social Media Strategy: A Cluster Analysis Approach

Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit- paper session
October 2013

Global social media has challenged marketers to change their strategic approach (Piskorski, 2011). Global social media represents many cultures that encode messages differently due to their perception and social norms. To understand and overcome challenges within global social media strategies there is a need for social media to be analyzed globally. This paper conducts cluster analysis based on country factors including culture, technology, population, social media usage and target audience. It was found that 4 clusters were the optimal clusters. Interestingly, countries that clustered together were the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden and Australia in cluster 1. Cluster 2 included France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain, while China and the US were each on their own. The clusters can be used to localize promotional strategies of social media for each culture.

Dynamic Factors for Marketing with Social Media(Link)

Academy of International Business- New England Chapter- paper session
October 2010

Traditional marketing practices are becoming less prominent being replaced by contemporary marketing practices such as e-Marketing. The various mediums in which people communicate is evolving with Web2.0 relying on user generated content to create a sense of community on social media sites. Though the common social media site in developed countries is Facebook this is not the case in some of the BRIC countries for various reasons. Comparing the US and Brazil as examples this research aims to illustrate the factors involved in a dynamic model of social media for marketing practices.


The Mating Game: The Extension of the Umwelt in the 21st Centrury(Link)

Relating to Environments: A New Look at the Umwelt

An examination of ways in which media alters a person's Umwelt, particularly aspects related to social status, body image, and mental health. While humans have faced specific selection pressures related to psychological phenomena thousands of years ago, the current environment offers challenges not present in the ancient environment. Thus, our Umwelten face changes based on current problems as well as past.


Psychopathic- like traits, the behavioral inhibition system, the behavioral activation system, and anxiety(Link)

American Psychology and Law Society- paper session
March 2009

Gray's (1981) neurobehavioral motivation model explains the BAS activates during reward cues and the BIS inhibited behaviors responding to cues of punishment. Lykken (1995) postulated primary psychopathy is linked to nominal BIS, a lack of anxiety, and average BAS, while secondary psychopathy is connected to elevated BAS and anxiety, and normal BIS. The current study extended downward into a juvenile sample, correlations between the BIS/BAS scale (Carver & White, 1994), the STAI (Speilberger et al., 1970) measuring anxiety, and the YPI (Andershed et al., 2002) measuring psychopathic-like traits. Investigated further was the BIS mediating the relationships between anxiety and psychopathic-like traits.



  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Farsi

    Full professional proficiency


Southern New Hampshire University

Ph. D., International Business

My Ph. D. is in International Business with a focus in Marketing. My dissertation focused on "The Disruption of Social Media: Branding in a Cultural Context". The dissertation examined social media, cross cultural factors and brand image to define theoretical concepts. The methodology was heavily statistical based with a qualitative component to analyze global social media at a deeper level.

Southern New Hampshire University

Master of Science (MS), International Business

Merrimack high school

General Studies

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