Paul Wakfer

Paul Wakfer

Founder and Managing Partner at

Ontario, Canada
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Paul Wakfer's Overview

  • Founder and Managing Partner at Live120Plus
  • Creator & Chief Theoretician at Self-Sovereign Individual Project
  • Consultant at MoreLife
  • Forums Creator/Moderator at Life Extension
  • Founder and Proprietor at Cryospan Inc
  • Cofounder/administrator at 21st Century Medicine
  • Intensive Self Study
  • Intensive Self-Study
  • Control Data Institute

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Paul Wakfer's Summary

NOTE: I do not accept linkages with those who will not maintain a public profile, including a picture, and linkedin does not allow me to respond to linkage requests without an expensive upgrade. If you wish to contact me, do so via paul(at) or paul(at)
My legal name is David Paul Wakfer but ever since my mother decided that she did not like the nickname Dave, I have been called by Paul (effectively ever since birth).

General Experiences and Goals

I have had a multitude of experiences in many diverse areas.
In youth I was a builder and fixer of all types of machines and building trades
Instructor and then professor of mathematics and physics courses
Built still-owned cottage in a private park, including all plumbing and wiring
Put undergraduate calculus on closed circuit TV, demo shown internationally
Contributor to a cable TV series of scholarly programs
Teacher of computer hardware for Software developers
President of the Libertarian Party of Canada and election candidate
Accounting program developer and programmer
Procurer, Installer and maintainer of local area networked small computer business hardware and software
Cofounder and first administrator of 21st Century Medicine 1993 -
Creator/operator of a cryopreservation storage facility from 1993 to 1998.
Creator and moderator 1997 - 2002 of the Life Extension Foundation Forums - http:/ covering all health, supplement, nutritional and anti-aging matters.
2002 - forever: developing and promoting life enhancement promoting social philosophy.
2012 - forever: Managing Partner of - All inclusive actions to exceed the age of 120 without serious physical or mental dysfunction.

Specialties: Excellent knowledge of all health, supplement, nutrition cryonics and life extension matters.
Practical aspects of gaining more Lifetime Happiness, more Freedom of Action and Liberty.

Paul Wakfer's Experience

Founder and Managing Partner


Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Health, Wellness and Fitness industry

March 2012Present (2 years 8 months) Internet

The mission of Live120Plus is to research and make into practical regimens all possible currently known actions which may enable a person to live in excellent health and function to greater than the age of 120. Clearly, this is both a gigantic and never complete effort for which we need dedicated and enthusiastic scientific literature researchers/writers, a website developer with strong tabular database experience and also investors to enable these team members some reasonable income until Live120Plus becomes profitable. The organization of the necessary content and its written form, as well as the arrangements for salary and investment of team members and investors, is on a private wiki to which parties sincerely interested in taking part may gain inspection access. When sufficiently complete to attract clients the wiki content will be transfered to the site.

Creator & Chief Theoretician

Self-Sovereign Individual Project

2003Present (11 years) Internet

Critique of all past and current political systems.

Presentation of the foundations and operation of a total replacement of the State and all its trappings with a self-ordered cooperatively organized social system without rulers or institutions in which all members have total individual liberty and maximal possible freedom.



January 2001Present (13 years 10 months) Internet

Through exchange of value to mutual benefit, MoreLife tried to provide information and to coordinate resources to advance the quality and quantity of rational human life. The MoreLife website and Yahoo group are currently being only being sporadically updated because the exchange of value towards their creators has been insufficient.

Forums Creator/Moderator

Life Extension

Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Alternative Medicine industry

May 1997January 2002 (4 years 9 months) Internet

Created, organized and moderated with major commenting the Life Extension Foundation Forums. Also represented LEF on Internet newsgroups.

Founder and Proprietor

Cryospan Inc

October 1993August 1998 (4 years 11 months) Ranco Cucamonga, CA, USA

Cryospan provided Long-term care in liquid nitrogen of cyropreserved whole humans, human remains and companion animals. I did fundamental analysis of heat transfer in cryogenic dewars and achieved substantial boil-off reduction. My design changes are now used by Alcor without public attribution of their source.


21st Century Medicine

March 1993August 1994 (1 year 6 months) Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA

One of 3 cofounders. Supplied some initial funding. Located and helped outfit the original facility including necessary municipal zoning permissions
Set up initial accounting and administration. Assisted with the research.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

University of Toronto

Educational Institution; 10,001+ employees; Higher Education industry

August 1964July 1970 (6 years)

Taught undergraduate mathematics to science and engineering students, developed and taught a calculus course on closed circuit TV and managed problem solving labs for its audience.

Paul Wakfer's Publications

  • Social Meta-Needs: A New Basis for Optimal Interaction

    • Internet
    • February 13, 2004

    Evidence from a variety of science and social disciplines is integrated to create a new approach to the basis and determination of the optimal methods of Social InterActions within Society. A new concept is defined and developed: Social Meta-Needs - those properties of the Environment of InterActions within Society common to all Members, which facilitate the highest possible attainment of Lifetime Happiness by each. It is argued that the Social Meta-Needs require that the only reasonable justice ethic is the complete restoration of a Victim to the State of Happiness in which he would have been if the Violation had not occurred, with the amount and type of Restitution Required being determined solely by the Victim. The limitations and the practical implementation of such an ethic are also discussed. Full and complete Social Preferencing, effectively extending market preferencing to all aspects of human interaction, is shown to constitute the essential means to achieve the Social Meta-Needs.

Paul Wakfer's Projects

Paul Wakfer's Skills & Expertise

  1. Science
  2. Research
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Teaching
  5. Technical Writing
  6. Analysis
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Programming
  9. Editing
  10. Non-profits
  11. Strategic Planning
  12. Product Development
  13. User Interface Design
  14. Healthcare
  15. Government
  16. Social Media
  17. Physics
  18. Strategy
  19. Astrophysics
  20. Management
  21. Troubleshooting
  22. Program Management
  23. Research Design
  24. Nonprofits
  25. Lifesciences
  26. Qualitative Research
  27. Logical Thinker
  28. Entrepreneurship
  29. Critical Thinking
  30. Intellectual Freedom
  31. Project Management
  32. Liberty
  33. Risk Assessment
  34. Evaluations
  35. Program Evaluation

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Paul Wakfer's Education

Intensive Self Study

Research Analyst, Biochemistry, Physiology, Nutrition, Life extension (all never ending)

19902021 (expected)

I did home study up to at least an MS level in the fields listed above. Re Life extension sciences I am at the PhD level.

Activities and Societies: Attended A4M and SENS meetings

Intensive Self-Study

No degree available, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Social, Economic and Political philosophy

19612021 (expected)

I did extensive reading and analysis in the above fields to the PhD level.

Activities and Societies: Libertarian Left, Voluntaryists

Control Data Institute

diploma only, Computer hardware and software


Wrote an operating system trace program that attracted the attention of Control Data management in the US. They would have bought the program from me and made use of it, except that the particular computer on which it operated (used at the school I attended) had never been a big seller and was being phased out.

Activities and Societies: Estranged from wife and family, I immersed myself in the availability of learning both the computer hardware and the software, including the operating system.

McMaster University

PhD (incomplete), Mathematical Logic, Foundations and Philosophy


During first year was still a full-time professor at U of Toronto.
During second two years was financed by Canada Council Fellowships

Activities and Societies: Attended many colloquia

Nathaniel Branden Institute

no degree available, Philosophy


This was a taped lecture course, with submitted questions and answers, taken when I was serving in the Air Force in St Jean Quebec.

Activities and Societies: Reading all things related to Any Rand's Objectivism

New York University

PhD (incomplete), Mathematical Physics


Newly married, with a student Visa on leave from ROTP required service. Degree aborted when required to return to service.

Activities and Societies: Studying and attending colloquia at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

University of Toronto

MA, Applied Mathematics


Given one year leave from required Air Force service, to persue graduate studies.

Activities and Societies: Engineering Physics rep for Electrical option.

University of Toronto

BASc, Engineering Physics, Electronics option


Grade: Highest Honors

Attended University under the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) which was a mistake since I did so well that I was offerred sufficient scholarships and summer research employment to pay my own way without the necessity of 3 years required Air Force service afterwards

Activities and Societies: Always in top 5 of an honors engineering class of 100+, 4th year class rep Scholarships two years

Paul Wakfer's Additional Information


Life Extension, Anti-aging, Health, Exercise, High Energy Dancing, Optimally Increasing Lifetime Happiness, Freedom Enhancing Social Philosophy, Rationalism, Eliminating Government, Teaching others how to gain more Freedom

Groups and Associations:

American Aging Association (AGE) -, Rational Review -,

Honors and Awards:

Canadian Association of Physicists Prize: 1959
Canada Council Fellowship: 1970-1972

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