Patrick P. Stafford

Professional freelance writer, screenwriter, copywriter, editor, journalist, website writer, songwriter & speechwriter

Greater Los Angeles Area
Writing and Editing
  1. Creative Admin
  1. USMC
  1. University of California, Los Angeles
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I am a professional freelance writer and here to offer my diverse professional writing/editing services to businesses and individuals of every kind across the planet. If you're willing to pay a reasonable, cheerful, fair fee, I'm willing to provide you written content of superlative value and supreme quality.

For I see that a lot of people in my network have little or no content or substance in their LinkedIn profiles. I say this as an observation and analysis and mean no insult to anyone. However, one of my jobs is writing dynamic, compelling, and incisive material, especially for people with whom I am networked. So if you'd like to have a superlative profile written for you--and at a reasonable price--drop me a note and let's chat. And let me write you a LinkedIn profile that makes people take notice and exclaim, "WHOA!" and "YEAH!"

You can look up my full name online to verify my freelance writing skills, experience, and expertise as well as confirm my integrity and reputation. I can also email you any of the following:

Genre CV Query
List of client testimonials
List of client references
Cute pics of me when I was a genie!

List of 20 film/stage script log lines available upon request, and numerous samples of copywriting, scriptwriting, journalism and genre writing are available. You need only ask...and your request is my command!

Specialties: Marketing & social networking, copywriting, blogging, ghostwriting, screenplay/stage writing, book editing, doc/business editing, journalism, writing coach services; speechwriting, songwriting; and tutor in fiction writing, business writing, poetry, English literature.

My friendly, fun services also include article writing, SEO writing, all kinds of letter writing as well as commercial/sales film, radio and bio/resume writing, dating profiles, and elegant, personalized poetry. As a freelance writer, I am here to save you. Really!


Freelance Writer, Book Editor/Ghostwriter, and Musicologist/Songwriter

Creative Admin
– Present (7 years)Los Angeles and the world!

The Summary herein above explains it all. For I am too kind to subject you to unnecessary redundancy! On the other hand, is there a time when redundancy is ever necessary?

Film, Stage and Radio Writer, Journalist, Editor, Poet and Copywriter/Marketing Consultant

Creative Admin
– Present (20 years 7 months)

I am a published author and poet, and have extensive experience writing, copywriting and editing for various magazines and national publications including newspapers, local businesses and websites. And, as shown from my credits, I believe I possess a wide range of wordsmithing skills that consists of feature and editorial writing for health, exercise, music, cuisine, fashion, dating/relationship, business, lifestyle, entertainment, history, travel, philosophy, real estate, humor, fiction and news departments, as well as writing for film, stage and radio.

Competence and integrity are the two most important qualities in a person and in hiring the right person. These two qualities--along with experience, maturity and sagacity--are what I bring to every job and client. And of course, a charming personality and wry sense of humor!

Writing Coach and English Tutor

Creative Admin
– Present (34 years)The whole nation!

As your writing coach I can help you find your creative, artistic and/or writing mojo--be it of a literary or musical kind. You need motivation and inspiration and an occasional pep talk, I'm here for you.

As a tutor my specialties are English grammar and composition, business writing, fiction writing, script and stage writing, and poetry and English Lit. Want to learn how to write a dramatic play or a sonnet? Or proper business correspondence? Or a college paper or legal document? Why pay $10,000 for a six-month college course what I can teach you in several weeks for far less?

There's nothing you cannot learn if you have passion, inspiration and conviction working for you!

USMC (Jarhead Corps!)

(7 years 7 months)All over the planet I got to travel and serve!

Semper Fi!

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Professional copywriter and public relations/marketing consultant


Created website and wrote all ad copy for it; created fundraising letter and other collateral for school; and provided public relations, and marketing and fundraising advice and assistance.

Professional writer, editor, marketing consultant and public relations expert

Pan Asia Human Rights Foundation in Taipai, Taiwan
Human Rights

Created and wrote entire website, fundraising letters, ads, numerous blogs and other collateral; and provided extensive marketing and organizational advice,assistance and campaigning over the course of the last four years.

Fundraising manager, professional writer/editor, and marketing consultant

Alliance Vision Education Centre in Nairobi, Kenya

Provided numerous writing, marketing, tutoring, fundraising and social networking services to this school on a continuous basis.

Opportunities Patrick P. is looking for:

Causes Patrick P. cares about:

  • Human Rights
  • Politics
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Civil Rights and Social Action
  • Arts and Culture
  • Animal Welfare
  • Health
  • Education

Organizations Patrick P. supports:

  • Big Brothers of America, MADD, Libertarian Party, Ayn Rand Institute and beautiful supermodel poets!



Various publications, magazines, clients and customers!

Correspondence Letter of complaint Yuri Tulchinsky 2009
Business Executive Summary James Carroll 2009
Professional Resume/Cover letter Rachael Y. Marks 2009
Book Editing 160-pg how-to book RK Hendrick, Esquire 2009
Copywriting Entire website Inn At Magic Mountain 2010
Copywriting Entire website Ted's Cleaning Service 2010
Scriptwriting Jacob's Chair Ghost Rider Productions 2010
Copywriting Press release Protection For Men 2010
Copywriting 15-page brochure Jauntee Travel Service 2010
Novel Writing Co-author/ghostwriter The Funk Sonatra Project 2010
Correspondence Statement of Interest Naira Sarkisyan 2010
Songwriting "Moments" With songstress OFIR 2010
Copywriting Ongoing websites Superbalife Intern'l, LLC 2010
Blogging Blog Master 2010
Copywriting Sales ads & letters First Choice Accounting 2010
Speechwriting Maid Of Honor Speech For Mika & Ian 2010
Copywriting Entire website Bottle & Bean Bistro 2010
Letterwriting Love letter For M.J. 2010
Business Upscale job letter For Harold 2010
Scriptwriting Radio scripts Political candidate 2010
Ghostwriting Memoirs novel Katherine Young 2011
Speechwriting 3 best man speeches Various U.S. locations 2011
Editing Film script Douglas Kitzman 2011
Editing Children's novel Patricia Gannon 2011
Copywriting Press kit/misc. North Carolina attorney 2011
Scriptwriting 2-minute commercial Laurentiu Todie 2011
Editing Business Plan Film Director/Producer 2011
Editing Feature film script Film Director/Producer 2011
Ghostwriting High Speed Rail Published 2012
Bio Writing 2 Linkedin profiles Accountant & Bus. Exec 2012
True Story Voices Chicken Soup For The Soul 2012
Copywriting Websites, etc. 20 clients 2013
Ghostwriting HIV book Oregon client/In progress 2013
All Writing Ongoing work Nancy Bolts Ad Agency 2013


March 2014

Six dynamic marketing tips to help every business and entrepreneur market his product or service to quick if not instant success!


LAST BUS UNTIL TOMORROW (Moralistic/Family Drama - Completed Screenplay)

Ailing 65-year-old Pittsburgh coal miner Benny finds happiness and friendship during the last, few weeks of his life when he takes in an eight-year-old Black child who runs away from feuding parents and bleak social conditions at home. Benny quickly discovers who saves whom when the child rescues him from threatening loan sharks, an evil landlord, a greedy employer, alcohol and sheer monotony.

DESPERATE SIEGE (Action/Adventure Romance Drama - Completed Screenplay)

On the small Middle-Eastern island nation of Tamar, in the Persian Gulf, lone Marine Lieutenant George Helm singlehandedly defends an American consulate against an overwhelming number of pro-Iraqi terrorists. With over ninety minutes of non-stop action, this is a story about the ultimate action/adventure hero who, with only a few weapons and an undaunted sense of humor, takes on the worst group of evil antagonists since the original Die Hard.

DESERT WARRIORS (Action/Adventure Romance Drama - Completed Screenplay)

U.S. Marine pilot Susan Earhart and SAS Captain John Stonehedge lead a team of commandos across the Iraqi desert in two highly action-packed missions during the 1991 Persian Gulf War or recent Iraqi War. The elite fighting skills of Green Berets, U.S. Marines, French Foreign Legionnaires and SAS soldiers are showcased in this upbeat story interwoven with humor, romance and an ending guaranteed to please the appetites of any action/adventure aficionado.


What if wars were waged over creativity instead of oil or land or material possession? What if entire nations fought and slaughtered each other not in the name of love or God or religion, but for the right to think and create? Or control those who do? Imagine a world where such activity is a curse to tyrants and dictators everywhere. Imagine a world where creativity is to be stifled or harbored or outright destroyed! And if there is an entity (or deity!) who controls the source or power of creativity, imagine a universe where that as well as the exercise of creativity is deemed more threatening than even freedom of speech or worship, or life itself.

In THE FUNK SONATRA PROJECT--a science fiction tale epic in scope and richly original in imagination--you will experience a politically incorrect but accurately-possible vision of what the not-so-distant future holds for Planet Earth and for individuals whose passion and vocation is one of creativity. Likewise, you will read a provocative tale rife with suspense, mystery and intrigue, concerning other individuals whose passion and sole purpose is to control, destroy or utterly prevent freedom of creativity.

THE FUNK SONATRA PROJECT is a story ahead of its time but perhaps only mere days behind a futuristic world where the most sacrasanct of all freedoms is about to undergo a terrible destruction and reconstruction to make Nazi book-burning and communist intelligentia executions but a slap on the wrist in comparison. However, while reading THE FUNK SONATRA PROJECT you will find yourself undergoing a reconstruction all your own, and one that will not only fill you with fear and suspenseful longing, but also with wonder and amazement at the power of creativity and the glorious beauty of every inviolate mind from which such power emanates.

SCHOOL OF THIEVES (Action/Romantic Crime Drama - Completed Treatment & Pilot Webisode)

The greatest thief and second-story man in the business escapes from prison and returns to Los Angeles to commit the crime of the century. With his former associates dead or retired and unable to find anyone who shares his special skills, he opens up a School of Thieves and immediately begins training a slew of new young, would-be burglars. From among his students he selects the five best who later join him in his daring plan. In the meantime, he strives to win back the heart of an old flame who has married his police lieutenant half-brother, and strives to avoid recapture from his half-brother and others who are hot on his trail. He is a busy man. But so is his half-brother, who has his own hands full working on keeping his wife, as well as his job--by preventing the crime of the century from being committed.

GENERAL DE LAFOE (Pilot Outline/Treatment for Television, Military Series)

A Marine sergeant stationed at the recruiting depot in Los Angeles, California, unhappily quits the service after enduring three years of low morale and unjust, unprofessional treatment at the hands of his recruiting commanders. But he has the last laugh on his former military superiors when, as a civilian living in San Francisco, he singlehandedly rescues the President of the United States and Commandant of the Marine Corps (along with other prominent dignitaries) from terrorists. In the process, he secures a generalship in the Marine Corps as reward for his efforts and subsequently returns to the Los Angeles recruitment station as its commanding officer.

BEST HERO IN TOWN (Action Romance, Urban Melodrama - Completed Treatment)

Things are looking bad in Anderson, California. Racial tensions are high, unemployment is skyrocketing, crime is increasing, and the citizens of this small suburban metropolis are preparing to burn down city hall. One adolescent, though, African American George Washington Taylor, is a singular individual and citizen extraordinaire, with spunk and brave ideas to spare. He has taken it upon himself to reunite his troubled community and fix just about every problem plaguing it. In the process, he will save lives, vanquish villains, thwart financial ruin, restore civic pride and even win the heart of the most beautiful girl in town--and without so much as breaking a sweat!

THE BARTENDER (Action/Adventure/Suspense Drama - Completed Treatment)

This is a high-tech, non-stop action adventure story concerning the travails of ex-CIA Navy Seal John Gage who, while laying low and working evenings as a bartender in a plush Beverly Hills nightclub, becomes reluctantly embroiled in a nefarious plot engineered by numerous foreign agents to obtain secret plans for a laser particle gun that would render modern weapons obsolete. From the harried streets of L.A. to the arid sands of the Mojave Desert, John Gage pursues and is pursued by enemy agents, a nuclear scientist and a beautiful love interest as he encounters extreme peril from every quarter in non-stop action and mounting suspense.

ASIAN DARKNESS (100 Collected Poems of America's Tragic Conflict In Southeast Asia)

The subject of the Vietnam War, euphemistically and erroneously termed "conflict," has over the years generated only a few poetic efforts. Most of these were of modest content, sparse themes and mild commercial success. In contrast, "Asian Darkness" is not intended as a minor war anthology or a debate upon the United States' seemingly ill-advised involvement in South Vietnam. This writer's humble effort is to confront, and passionately record and expose in verse, the myriad of issues and disparate events that dominated the American landscape and psyche during our nation's most turbulent years.

If there is a thesis or overall theme to "Asian Darkness," it is simply that war is hell, there is no substitute for victory, and that those who gave in part or whole "the last full measure of devotion" should not ever be forgotten. Nor should have American G.I.'s and other combatants when returning stateside suffered the abuse and dishonor they received from fellow citizens and the ever-pontificating Fourth Estate!

Somewhere amidst all the fear, violence, hate, horror, cruelty, despair, grief, guilt, pain and death are some momentary glimpses--both real and surreal--of courage, camaraderie, love, beauty, kindness, hope, joy, honor, human excellence, and even humor. But in the realm of human nature and emotions at their indelible best and depraved worst there appears still to be neither a balance nor a resolution to this "best forgotten war." Nor for that matter to any other "noble conflict endured for the cause of freedom." There are only bitter memories, terrible losses and the lingering ravages of the best within all of us gone terribly wrong. And which were vanquished at a price too high to ever be accorded a proper homage here or elsewhere, in verse or in prose. For those who served, fought or died, I salute you! and offer you this poetic gift.


The purpose of this poetry is to evoke profound emotion for and passionate reflection of a person whose unique strength of character, aura of charm and beauty, and acts of kindness and remarkable charity defined her--even before her tragic death--as an individual of rarefied qualities and extraordinary stature.

While perfection is an illusion and every icon must have its critics and detractors, the literary goal herein is not to study and personify one's saintly failings nor to arouse controversy and insight into the lesser side of a martyr's character to achieve a lurid or sensational interest in the life and times of a famous princess. I leave such deplorable aims to the likes of paparazzi and other opportunists who thrive on the misfortunes of royalty and delight in exposing the all-too-human defects of private citizens made famous.

These are fifty tone poems, each a rhapsodic song or a brief, symphonic movement--in major chords--encapsulating a sentiment, an event, a salient moment or experience, and often times the partial ambience or distinct consciousness of millions who weighed, felt and suffered the sudden loss of someone most likely too rare and good for this world.

And there is something to be said for the potency of repetition and appliance of loquacity. To be thorough and incisive, to leave no stone unturned, no attribute unexplored, no idea unexpressed--fulfills a cathartic need that is so ultimate and powerful we cannot force it from our hearts nor feel satiated in the mere confines of memory. An eulogy may serve to drench our souls in remembrance and bring closure to our deepest griefs. But a tribute must appease our most inconsolable urgency to memorialize for all time the symbol of our highest esteem...and, at least in our minds, to comfort the recipient with irrepressible love.

SPACE CADETS (Pilot Episode for TV Sitcom - Completed Treatment)

The intergalactic police misfits are tripping and falling over each other to save the galaxy from the destruction and deprivation caused by a shortage of nectarines form the Citrus System. This, and other horrific cataclysmic problems, will plague our inept heroes as they roll and tumble through space each episode to save the galaxy from evildoers as well as from themselves!

HONGKONG TOKYO (Pilot Episode for TV Sitcom - Completed Treatment)

A Chinese employment agency bordering Chinatown in Little Tokyo has as its employer a Black ex-Vietnam vet who only speaks English and Vietnamese, plus five Chinese employees who only speak broken English and Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese. Add to this episodes in which the employment agency is visited by residents of Little Tokyo who only speak Japanese--and you have an ongoing story filled with crazy ramifications and hilarious situations.

FAST TRAINS -- America's High Speed Future (Kindle & Paperback Book)(Link)

Across the globe, people are traveling by high-speed trains at 186 miles per hour and higher. They are escaping the woes of long automobile commutes, gridlocked traffic, and the indignities of post-9/11 air travel. They are experiencing the convenience, comfort, amenities, and service not available to automobile and air travelers.

This unique book seeks to galvanize public interest in high-speed rail by bringing to life the vast economic, environmental, and lifestyle benefits of having a world-class high-speed rail system throughout America. In addition, the creation of literally hundreds of thousands of jobs across numerous industries can become an immediate reality when high speed rail begins construction on American soil.

In readable, congenial, fact-filled, educational, and highly informative ways, this book introduces narratives that dynamically compare the experience of people traveling by available means in the United States with the experience of people taking fast trains in countries with established high-speed rail systems.

Fast Trains – America’s High Speed Future passionately and convincingly argues that the time for fast trains in America is now! Our nation needs high-speed rail. It needs it urgently, and there is no time to delay!

Team members:

DEVIL ON THE ROPES (One-Act Stage Comedy - Completed Stage Play)

The devil, Thadius Lativis, disguised as a fight promoter, convinces light-heavyweight contender The Smasher Hertle to throw his championship fight with Michael The Spike Murphy in the third round. Unbeknownst to Lativis or Hertle, another fight promoter has convinced The Spike to throw the bout in the second round! All bets are off when the Devil is tossed on the ropes and beaten at this own game by an angel disguised as the other fight promoter.

AT THE CORNER BAR (One-Act Stage Drama - Completed Stage Play)

A group of former military companions and high school friends attend a reunion party at Lannie's Corner bar. During the party each of them offers salutations and a personal history of his relationship with the foremost member of their group--the main antagonist--who, before the story is done, meets his just deserts at everyone's hands a la Julius Caesar.


  • Copywriting
  • Copy Editing
  • Website Copy
  • Advertising Copy
  • SEO copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Feature Writing
  • Speech Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Poetry
  • Editing
  • Web Editing
  • Playwriting
  • Magazine Articles
  • Feature Articles
  • Tutoring
  • Ghostwriting
  • novel writing
  • writing coach
  • musicologist
  • bio/profile writing
  • Social Networking
  • Online Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Songwriting
  • dating/relationship...
  • Online Advertising
  • Press Releases
  • Web Content
  • Editorial
  • Novels
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Storytelling
  • Journalism
  • Public Speaking
  • Freelance Writing
  • Entertainment
  • Film
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Books
  • SEO
  • Short Stories
  • Published Author
  • Music
  • Book Coaching
  • See 35+  See less


University of California, Los Angeles

English, Journalism and Writing

Activities and Societies: Worked and wrote for college paper, The Daily Bruin, participated in campus chess club and public speaking, and majored in English composition, journalism and the humanities.

Additional Info

  1. Interests

    • Writing,
    • reading,
    • good music,
    • old films,
    • martial arts,
    • exercise,
    • dating,
    • romance,
    • philosophy,
    • poetry,
    • and the endless pursuit of truth,
    • beauty,
    • and enlightenment!
  2. Personal Details

  3. Advice for Contacting Patrick P.

Honors & Awards

Contest Winner:
Poetry Haunting Ways Jacobyte Books 2000
Poetry Procession In The... Poem Train/Cafe Poetica 2003
Poetry Tomorrow Poetry e-Motions 2004
Poetry When The Muse... The Writer's Room Mag 2004

Contest Co-Winner/2nd Place:
Essay Traffic in L.A. Los Angeles RTD 1991
Poetry Dual Roles Tradition Magazine 1992
Poetry Celestial Love Wanton Words 2003
Poetry Destiny Peace River Poetry 2011

Winner Play-Reading Contest:
Stage Play Devil On The Ropes Altered State Theatre 1991

Poet and Writer Marquis Who's Who In The World 2005-07
Poet and Writer Marquis Who's Who In The West 2011
Poet/Writer Marquis Who's Who In America 2012
Prose Writer Chicken Soup For The Soul 2012

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