Nathan Shedroff

San Francisco, California (San Francisco Bay Area)

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Nathan Shedroff's Overview

  • Experience Strategist at Consultant
  • Founder at Deluxe Business Software
  • Explorer (Advisor) at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
  • Founder and Chief Creative Officer at vivid studios
  • Senior Designer at TheUnderstandingBusiness
  • Intern at Interform

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Nathan Shedroff's Summary

Nathan is a seasoned, professional strategist and serial entrepreneur as well as a pioneer in the fields of experience design, interaction design, and information design. Currently, he's creating new tools and models for new ventures and "total value" (beyond just economic and functional value). He speaks and teaches internationally, and has authored many books (below).

Nathan is the chair of the groundbreaking Design MBA programs in design strategy at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. These programs prepare the next generation of innovation leaders for a world that is profitable, sustainable, ethical, and truly meaningful. The programs unite the perspectives of systems thinking, design and integrative thinking, business models, sustainability, and generative leadership into a holistic strategic framework.

Before academia, he was a pioneer in multi- and online media. He worked with Richard Saul Wurman at TheUnderstandingBusiness and co-founded vivid studios, a pioneering interactive media company and one of the first Web services firms on the planet. vivid's hallmark was helping to establish and validate the field of information architecture by training an entire generation of designers in the newly emerging web industry.

Nathan can help you with:
• Business Models and Strategy
• Customer Experience and Meaning Strategy
• Sustainability Evaluation and Strategy
• Innovative Educational Models
• Radical Science Fiction Interfaces

Nathan Shedroff's Experience

Associate Professor and Program Chair, Design MBA Programs

California College of the Arts

June 2007Present (7 years 4 months) San Francisco Bay Area

Board Member


June 2010Present (4 years 4 months) Seattle, WA

Board Member


April 2014Present (6 months)

Experience Strategist


June 2000Present (14 years 4 months)

Board Member


June 2011July 2014 (3 years 2 months)

20062009 (3 years)

California College of the Arts

Senior Lecturer

January 2000June 2008 (8 years 6 months) San Francisco Bay Area


Deluxe Business Software

May 2002February 2005 (2 years 10 months)

20002005 (5 years)

Founder and Chief Creative Officer

vivid studios

January 1990July 2000 (10 years 7 months)

Senior Designer


June 1988April 1991 (2 years 11 months)



19861986 (less than a year)

Nathan Shedroff's Skills & Expertise

  1. Interaction Design
  2. User Experience
  3. User Interface Design
  4. Design Strategy
  5. Experience Design
  6. Design Thinking
  7. Information Design
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Strategy
  10. User-centered Design
  11. Visual Design
  12. Start-ups
  13. Rapid Prototyping
  14. Publishing
  15. User Experience Design
  16. Concept Development
  17. Digital Strategy
  18. User Research
  19. Creative Direction
  20. Science Fiction
  21. Brand Development
  22. Mobile Devices
  23. Industrial Design
  24. Web Design
  25. Ethnography
  26. User Interface
  27. Interface Design
  28. Product Design
  29. Graphic Design
  30. Corporate Branding
  31. Visual Communication
  32. Research Design
  33. Corporate Identity
  34. Content Strategy
  35. Branding & Identity
  36. Strategic Design
  37. Usability
  38. Concept Design
  39. Design Management
  40. Usability Testing
  41. Human Computer Interaction
  42. Education Strategy
  43. Teaching
  44. Educational Innovation
  45. Sustainability
  46. Systems Thinking
  47. Brand Architecture
  48. Information Architecture
  49. Typography
  50. Storyboarding

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Nathan Shedroff's Education

Presidio Graduate School

MBA, Sustainable Management


At the time, this was the only accredited degree in sustainable business. It was somewhat accidental that I earned an MBA degree at all but it was a fantastic experience and an inspiring education.

Activities and Societies: Co-founder, Dictionary of Sustainability Designer, Drive Neutral

Art Center College of Design

BS, Industrial Design - Transportation Design

September 1984June 1989

University of California, Berkeley

Environmental Design, Japanese


Nathan Shedroff's Publications

  • Future Screens are Mostly Blue

    • 99% Invisible
    • November 20, 2013
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff, Roman Mars, Chris Noessel
  • Make It So

    • Rosenfeld Media
    • September 2012

    Many designers enjoy the interfaces seen in science fiction films and television shows. Freed from the rigorous constraints of designing for real users, sci-fi production designers develop blue-sky interfaces that are inspiring, humorous, and even instructive. By carefully studying these "outsider" user interfaces, designers can derive lessons that make their real-world designs more cutting edge and successful.

  • Design Strategy in Action (editor)

    • MBA in Design Strategy
    • November 15, 2011
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff

    I edited the essays in this book about what we teach in the MBA in Design Strategy programs, why it's important, and how it's different from other approaches.

  • Design is the Problem

    • Rosenfeld Media
    • March 2009
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff

    Design makes a tremendous impact on the produced world in terms of usability, resources, understanding, and priorities. What we produce, how we serve customers and other stakeholders, and even how we understand how the world works is all affected by the design of models and solutions. Designers have an unprecedented opportunity to use their skills to make meaningful, sustainable change in the world—if they know how to focus their skills, time, and agendas. In Design Is the Problem: The Future of Design Must be Sustainable, Nathan Shedroff examines how the endemic culture of design often creates unsustainable solutions, and shows how designers can bake sustainability into their design processes in order to produce more sustainable solutions.

  • Experience Design 1.1

    • Experience Design Books
    • 2009
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff

    Experience Design 1.1 is the update to the seminal book Experience Design 1, published in 2001. This update expands the text in the descriptive chapters and adds may new online and offline examples. Practiced by many people around the world, experience design is as much an approach and ethic, as it is a field of work. Experience Design 1.1 It is a way is not only a way of designing online experience (such as websites), as but more importantly, it is a way of approaching all design, including products, services, environments, and events.

  • Experience Design 1 Cards

    • Experience Design Books
    • 2009
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff

    These cards are design tools matched to the concepts in Experience Design 1.1. They help designers address experience issues when developing products, services, and events.

  • Dictionary of Sustainable Management

    • Presidio Graduate School
    • 2009
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff

    The Dictionary of Sustainable Management is an evolving dictionary for business leaders and students of sustainability and business-related terms. It is a project of the Presidio School of Management. The purpose of this effort is to help people better understand how sustainability concepts are creating new understandings in the worlds of business, government, and society.

    The 2009 printed edition includes over 300 terms and definitions and 12 images.

    I co-wrote, designed, illustrated, and produced this book.

  • Making Meaning

    • New Riders
    • 2005

    In a market economy characterized by commoditized products and global competition, how do companies gain deep and lasting loyalty from their customers?

    The key is in providing meaningful customer experiences.

    Writing in the tradition of Louis Cheskin, one of the founding fathers of market research, the authors of Making Meaning observe, define, and describe the meaningful customer experience. By consciously evoking certain deeply valued meanings through their products, services, and multidimensional customer experiences, they argue, companies can create more value and achieve lasting strategic advantages over their competitors.

  • Design Research (chapter)

    • MIT Press
    • 2003

    I wrote one of the chapters in this excellent, visionary book on Design Research.

  • Catalog of Tomorrow (contributor)

    • Que
    • 2002
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff

    I wrote two chapters in this book about the future.

  • Experience Design 1

    • New Riders
    • 2001
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff

    Experience Design 1 is a book about today's intersection of disciplines, such as: interaction design, information design, visual design, and more related methodologies are just parts of the whole.

    Practiced by many people around the world, experience design is as much an approach and ethic, as it is a field of work. Experience Design 1 It is a way is not only a way of designing online experience (such as websites), as but more importantly, it is a way of approaching all design, including products, services, environments, and events.

  • Understanding Computers

    • Sybex
    • 1993
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff, Ken Fromm, J. Sterling Hutto

    Understanding Computers is designed to open the door to current computer technology for today's reader. It has been revised to include up-to-the-minute information, is the first computer book to apply the technology of informaation design to the topic of computers. The result is a book that easily leadsthe reader to a basic understanding of the capabilities of computers. More at:

  • Demystifying Multimedia/Multimedia Demystified

    • Apple/Random House
    • January 1, 1993
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff, Ken Fromm, randy haykin, chris okon, mark beaulieu, J. Sterling Hutto

    This was one of the first books to explain process, technology, and users for developers in the days of early multimedia. It was developed at the request of Apple Computers, Inc. for their Multimedia Developers Program. More at:

  • Danny Goodman's Macintosh Handbook System 7.0 (designer)

    • Random House
    • March 13, 1992
    Authors: Nathan Shedroff

    I designed and produced all of the illustrations and page layouts for this book. The production was fairly complex since each "chapter" was self-contained, either on one page or a spread.

Nathan Shedroff's Projects

  • Reveal Sustainability Labeling

    • May 2006 to Present
    Team Members: Nathan Shedroff

    This was an investigation and proposal to develop a meaningful Type-3 labeling system that easily allowed people to compare and purchase products and services that better met their social values. It also provided a standardized way for companies and NGOs to safely share and validate information with a revenue model to support it indefinitely. it's currently inactive but you can see an example of the Phase 2 label at the URL above. Happy to discuss this with anyone interested.

Nathan Shedroff's Additional Information

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