Mario van Os

Mario van Os

Senior Test Manager E2E, Projectmanager Datamigration, Agile Coach, QA Director, ICT Manager

Eindhoven Area, Netherlands
Information Technology and Services

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Mario van Os's Overview

  • Senior Testmanager Datamigratie at Obvion
  • Quality Assurance Director Test Competence Center at Rechtspraak / spir-it
  • Agile Coach E2E Quality at Tele2

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Mario van Os' Summary

** Zie ook mijn Nederlands profiel **

I am a senior manager/consultant, with hands-on experience in Project Management and Test Management. I have extensive experience – for more than 15 years - in managing different sizes of projects and programs with multiple internal and external partners in an international and politically sensitive environment. I have great knowledge and experience with SEPA compliance regulations and the possible impact on business operations and financial processes.

I have a master’s degree in informatics (mathematics & computer science). I am pro-active, result- and goal-driven, striving for solutions and achieving results. I am independent and a self-starter. Pragmatic in situations where pragmatism is required, handling complex situations with ease. I have analytic abilities. Effective negotiator and strong communicative and presentation skills.

My passion lies in delivering qualitative good information to organizations with which a maximum contribution to the business objectives could be reached. From my knowledge and experience in the area of Project, Programme, Quality, Test and Risk management, I developed my own pragmatic approach for managing large Programmes. This approach MQiP (Managing Quality and Business Risks in Programmes) is focusing on assuring the quality within programmes and projects and controlling the risks on a Business level. The approach is based on MSP, Prince2 en M_o_R. More information can be found on

I constantly improve my knowledge, by following training and seminars, including TMap®, Quality Management, Prince2, MSP, Change management, ITIL, CMMi (SEI training, Scampi A/B), Scrum, Lean and Six Sigma, Financial Training Programme.

Specialismen: Programme Management, Project Management, Portfolio management, Cluster Project Management, Quality Management, Testmanagement, CMM, CMMI, Risk Management, MSP, Prince2, Consulting, Process Improvement, Change Management, SEPA, Agile/Scrum.

Mario van Os' Experience

Educational Institution; 5001-10,000 employees; Research industry

August 2014Present (2 months) Wageningen

Owner / Senior Testmanager / QA Programme Manager

MvanOs - MQiP

Self-Employed; Myself Only; Management Consulting industry

April 2009Present (5 years 6 months) Sint-Oedenrode, The Netherlands

MvanOs is an independent management and consulting firm that helps organisations to improve their results with ICT. This means that support is given to organisations in order to achieve better results with their business processes by fully exploiting the possibilities of ICT.
MvanOs has extensive experience in managing and advising on large complex programs, with multidisciplinary teams in an international environment, both on managerial and operational level.

My passion lies in delivering qualitative good information to organizations with which a maximum contribution to the business objectives could be reached. From my knowledge and experience in the area of Project, Programme, Quality, Test and Risk management, I developed my own pragmatic approach for managing large Programmes. This approach MQiP (Managing Quality and Business Risks in Programmes) is focusing on assuring the quality within programmes and projects and controlling the risks on a Business level. The approach is based on MSP, Prince2 en M_o_R. More information can be found on

Z-teams; teams of independent professionals


Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Banking industry

October 2012Present (2 years) The Netherlands

Z-teams are a team of independent professionals operating together for better solutions. Combining the best of motivated professionals, their individual knowledge and skills, working together in specialised teams.
Within the S€PA project group we have developed a SEPA Scan, which protects companies from any payment problems arising from the introduction of the new European payment system. Adjusting the payment processes to SEPA standards requires substantive knowledge of the financial processes and good organizational skills. We have experience with SEPA implementations and delivered services adapted to every organization.



Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

April 2009Present (5 years 6 months) Netherlands

AXYZ-it is a network organisation, consisting of renowned and active specialist companies, combining the best of them in a total solution. Companies with many years of experience in business and ICT development, Universities and Governmental organizations leads to an unique virtual organization that will contribute to better information systems.

Senior Testmanager Datamigratie


Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Financial Services industry

October 2013May 2014 (8 months) Heerlen / Eindhoven

At a controlled manner testing the migration of the complete mortgage administration of Obvion from their current platform to a complete new platform for Obvion at Rabobank (consisting of Force, SAP, PEGA and DWH).

- Prepare Master Test Plan and Test Plans for the different workflows within Migration.
- Develop the test roadmap for the Data Migration.
- Responsible for all tests performed necessary for the Migration, including the interfaces, process testing and chain testing.
- Leading a team with several test analysts and testers from the business.
- Reporting about the Test Conversion, including follow-up advice

Quality Assurance Director Test Competence Center

Rechtspraak / spir-it

October 2013January 2014 (4 months) Utrecht

The QA Director implements the services of the Test Competence Centre in the area of Agile and Quality Assurance. The QA director takes responsibility for guiding the transition so that the TCC is able to facilitate the scrum teams with knowledge, skills, tools and testing environments.

- Prepare Test plans for the projects that are active within the TCC.
- Coordinate with all involved units, scrum teams and responsible management.
- In response to an SOA Assessment examine the possibilities of Baseline Performance Testing
- Research and conduct a Proof of Concept with Oracle ATS and HP LoadRunner
- Set up Test plans and report on test projects within the organization
- Advice on Performance Testing

Agile Coach E2E Quality


Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; TEL2-B; Telecommunications industry

May 2013October 2013 (6 months) Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Establish a Vision and Strategy on E2E Quality in an Agile Software Development Environment.
The goal is to improve the quality of the business chains and perform effective E2E chain tests. Setting up test infrastructure and integrate testing and test environments on the Customer-to-Customer Chain.
Coach the (test) employees in the Agile Scrum Teams, Change Teams and Management.

Structured testing can be perfectly integrated in agile development. The Vision document describes the integration of testing in the Agile Software Development Environments (ASDE). Testing in Agile cannot be seen as a separate activity but needs to be integrated in the entire process. Within Tele2 Netherlands the end-to-end testing is incorporated into each sprint. My task is to implement and integrate end-to-end quality (including E2E testing) in the ASDE of Tele2 Netherlands.


Zselic-Soft Kft

July 2011October 2013 (2 years 4 months) Almamellék, Baranya, Hungary

Our Application Development Outsourcing Services are designed to meet the most complex requirements in terms of application concepts, software architecture and specifications. Our goal is to deliver you a package of functionalities that will help your organization optimize performance, following the shortest path from concept to deployment.

Leveraging on our presence (West and Eastern Europe), people and processes, we are able to sustain large scale projects with high degrees of complexity, delivered under an optimum blend of onsite/ offsite and near shore resources.

I operate from The Netherlands to make sure that the requirements and the implementation of our application meet the high expectations of our customers. With the headquarters in Hungary we are able to work cost effective and with great quality. We are very excited about this new way of working and like to share our experiences and knowledge in this area. Magyarország (Hungary) has always been very inventive and educated. Remember Rubik’s cube and the world's first institute of technology that was founded in Hungary. Therefor this Dutch-Hungarian combination offers you flexibility, efficiency and effective development of your software and the advantage of our great experience and knowledge in online techniques.

Senior Project & Chain Test Manager


Public Company; 201-500 employees; Publishing industry

March 2013September 2013 (7 months) The Netherlands

Senior Programme Manager

ING Nederland

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; Banking industry

January 2012October 2012 (10 months) Amsterdam / Arnhem, Netherlands

The program realizes the further integration of all customers of the Organization, without losing services for this customer. The project migrates and integrates all systems of two merging companies (Postbank and ING bank). The applications also need to be made SEPA proof.

I was responsible for all activities that are carried out for the programme. Purpose of tasks is to verify compliance with the requirements and obtain insight into potential risks by taking the information system in production.
Included in my tasks were:
- Responsible for the integrated planning of several projects
- Responsible for setting up the organisation, implementation and acceptance of the E2E chain test on the entire chain of applications and domains within the organization.
- Monitoring consistency of all quality measures and testing activities
- Provisioning test environments and organize bila-and chain testing
- Tuning quality activities with release changes
- Make bilateral and quality agreements with all departments to be able to test the chain of systems
- Support in the implementation of the custom firmware

Senior Program Manager


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; Banking industry

December 2010December 2011 (1 year 1 month) Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Senior Program Manager for the Solution Delivery department at the Centre of Excellence Testing Services (CoE TS).

My main responsibilities are
- Program Management
- Portfolio Management
- Cluster Projecten Management

The vision of the CoE TS is to implement a common standard for testing within ING Bank to reduce risk and cost for test efforts by providing repeatable, traceable and reusable services that are professional, leading edge, transparent and continuously improving.


Q Society

January 2008December 2011 (4 years) Nederland

De Q Society is a network for people interested in Quality en Test Management.
The Society for Quality Professionals in ICT, shortly Q Society, is founded in 2005.

The Society for Quality Professionals in ICT believes that the quality of ICT activities and their results, despite much effort and good intentions, is often still insufficient. We want more urgency and growing awareness among contractors, customers and practitioners to work together on quality. Our focus is the emotion and the feeling about quality and not the instrumental aspect of quality and processes. There are more than sufficient methods and techniques, process improvement models and quality systems. But that is still not enough to make a successful ICT project. As Q-society we are committed to make a change!

Adviseur/Wetenschappelijk onderzoeker

Eindhoven University of Technology

Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Research industry

September 2009January 2011 (1 year 5 months) Eindhoven Area, Netherlands

Participation in KennisWerkersRegeling MSQ: "Measurement of Quality and Size of Dependable Systems"

In this project we intend to develop a novel approach in sizing. The approach should address two main shortcomings: namely, heterogeneity of programming languages and data formats, and presence of abstract behaviour representations.
The proposed research on measurement of quality and properties of quality as well as quality metrics is a joint effort and follow-up on the results reached by both the academic and industrial partners. Research issues include metrics and measurement of embedded software against standards like IEC 61508 and MISRA 2004.



Partnership; 11-50 employees; Research industry

September 2009January 2011 (1 year 5 months) Eindhoven Area, Netherlands

LaQuSo, Laboratory for Quality Software, is the leading research institute on verification and validation of software systems. It is a joint activity of Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Consultant, Senior Quality Manager

Mprise Enterprise Development B.V.

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

October 2009December 2010 (1 year 3 months)

My former company the Awareness Groep has been incorporated into the Mprise Group.
Together with Mprise, INQA en LaQuSo we coörporated in the scientific research programm for the Eindhoven University of Technology.

DEMO Professional, Business analist


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; Banking industry

September 2010October 2010 (2 months) Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Constructing a DEMO construction model of the organization and write an improvement plan.
This deparment is crucial for the ING organization. It needs to improve their business processes to become more efficient en effective.

• DEMO® construction model of the Department
• Insight in the processes
• Improvement plan

Senior QA Manager / Senior Consultant / Sales and Portfolio manager

Awareness Groep

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

December 2007July 2009 (1 year 8 months) Netherlands

The portfolio team is responsible for a successful portfolio that is suited to the needs of the market (future) and the ambition and potential of the A-group.

As an employee responsible for the marketing, sales and portfolio activities of the A-group. On the basis of the strategy and market vision of the company I was responsible for the service development. In addition, Coordinator for the implementation of Test-M®. This is a new testing, based on TMap® and Testframe, with the aim of setting up the testing process in an efficient and professional manner in which the desired quality is secured within the organization.

Programme QA Manager

Rabobank ICT

Privately Held; 10,001+ employees; Banking industry

20052008 (3 years) Eindhoven

As programme quality manager responsible for the quality of the programme, sup-porting and consulting the programme director en controlling all test projects.
The programme is a large business change project, in which all projects of the Busi-ness Directorate have been collected on the cutting edge "Finance" and ICT. The program has a third party vendor in India (off-shore development), which works with a standardized (factory) process (according to CMMi level 5).

My main tasks include:
• Responsible for monitoring and control of the program's quality.
• Developing the business programme and describe the programme structure
• Supporting the programme director and advising and reporting to the Steering Committee and management team on quality, risk, test, progress and budget.
• Monitoring the quality of processes and procedures, including configuration management, requirements management, issue management, change and release management.
• Creation of risk management and monitoring the management measures and giving control and guidance to the project managers in the programme.
• Responsible for the establishment and management of the Programme Office, which is designed to focus on the control of the programme and register and report on the progress in the realization of the benefits, with a dashboard.
• Draw up vision document for the governance of the business organization.
• Outsourcing of development, construction and testing

Docent - Trainer


Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Financial Services industry

October 2007December 2007 (3 months) Utrecht Area, Netherlands

Developing and taking care of the training "New Business Risk Management" at Equens NewBiz.

Senior Quality Consultant

Sogeti Nederland B.V.

Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

December 1986December 2007 (21 years 1 month)

Senior Quality Consultant


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; CAP.PA; Information Technology and Services industry

December 1986December 2007 (21 years 1 month)

Quality Manager

IQUIP Informatica BV

Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

December 1986December 2007 (21 years 1 month)

Senior Quality Consultant

Sogeti / Software Control

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; CAP.PA; Information Technology and Services industry

19932007 (14 years)


Sogeti Netherlands bv

Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

19862007 (21 years)

Consultant Operational Risk Management


Privately Held; 10,001+ employees; Banking industry

August 2005December 2005 (5 months) Utrecht/Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Within the Risk Committee, a special taskforce of the Management Team, it is decid-ed to determine the desired ‘risk appetite’, based on the ROB Risk chart for finance.
Due to my great knowledge and experience within a large bank organization I was asked to conduct a series of special assignments for the Operation Risk Management rules, which included the ROB Statement (Regeling Organisatie en Beheer), the “In Control Statement”, BISII and Basel Compliancy.
By performing a bottom-up Risk assessment and risk appraisals the risks of the ROB lists were updated. On behalf of the Board the In Control Statement is written.

Programme Assurance / Quality Manager / Test Manager

Rabobank Nederland

Privately Held; 10,001+ employees; Banking industry

March 2004September 2005 (1 year 7 months) Eindhoven Area, Netherlands

Responsible for the Quality and Test Policy of the department and managing and supporting all ICT projects in testing, quality and risks.

As a manager I had the responsibility to assure the cooperation between the departments information management, product management, product specialists, system management and the other ICT departments.

The Risk Assessment and implementation of the Improvement plan lead to CMMi level 2 for this organization.

Senior Test Manager

IAK Verzekeringen B.V.

Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Insurance industry

May 2005July 2005 (3 months) Eindhoven Area, Netherlands

Developing and implementing the Master test plan for an important project within an insurance company.
The purpose of the project is to implement changes in de application landscape supporting the organization change. Within the company the need for structured testing has raised.
The delivered Master Test Plan is the basis for structured testing within the organization. The Master Test Plan includes strategical choices for testing and supports the test execution. Furthermore I have supported the organization in coordinating all test activities and coaching the testers en project managers.

Test Management, TMap, Implementing Test approach, End-to-End Testing, Quality Management, Quality Radar, Risk Management, Consulting

Requirements Manager

ING Nederland

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; Banking industry

February 2005May 2005 (4 months) Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Development of the Requirement Management Process based on Requirements Lifecycle Management (RLcM).
Requirements Management, Requirements Engineering, RLcM, Concultancy

Quality Assurance Officer


Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Oil & Energy industry

20052005 (less than a year) Arnhem, The Netherlands

As a senior quality assurance officer contributed to the development of programme management, by monitoring the quality of programmes and projects. Consulting on the technical and financial aspects, processes of service providers and assets.

Chairman working group, Board Member, Senior Quality Consultant

Stichting SPIder

20022005 (3 years)

Foundation SPIder is the Dutch network organization for Software Process Improvement. De working group "Integrale SPI Strategieën" focuses on the integration of quality models in system development and the interfaces with other areas. It emphasis on the effectiveness and efficiency that an improvement management model could have.

• Chairman of the working group.
• Describe the practices of quality models, together with other professionals from diverse industries, like partners from technique (ASML, ASMI, Philips), finance (Achmea, Fortis, Rabobank), transport (NS), telecom (KPN) en maintenance (Pink Roccade).
• Investigate the practical use of quality models, like CMMi, EFQM, Cobit, ITIL, ASL, BiSL, Six Sigma and ISO 9001/9126

CMMi Lead-Assessor


Privately Held; 5001-10,000 employees; Insurance industry

February 2004November 2004 (10 months)

As lead-assessor I performed a CMMi assessments for the Interpolis organisation. The purpose was to get a clear view on the maturity of the software and system development processes, with the use of the CMMi model (staged v.1.1). An improvement plan is made with advises to reach CMMi level 3.
The report is presented to the ICT Board and evaluated afterwards.

CMMi Lead Assessor

De Lage Landen

Privately Held; 5001-10,000 employees; Financial Services industry

January 2004March 2004 (3 months) Eindhoven Area, Netherlands

CMMi Assessments as CMMi Lead Assessor

Programma kwaliteitsmanager


Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Government Administration industry

20022003 (1 year)

Binnen een zeer omvangrijk programma verantwoordelijk voor de invulling van het kwaliteitsmanagement aspect. De doelstelling van het programma is het reduceren van het aantal systeemcomplexen door het migreren van systemen van diverse organisatie onderdelen naar één doelsysteem. Naar aanleiding van een opdracht van de hoofddirectie is het programma ingericht en vormgegeven, mede op basis van Prince2 en MSP. Ik heb binnen dit programma het Quality Assurance traject ingericht. Ik ondersteunde hierbij de programmamanager, door inzicht te geven in de kwaliteitsaspecten van het programma. Met name de aspecten Risicobeheersing, product- en proceskwaliteit en beheersmaatregelen waren hierbij van belang.

Daarnaast was ik verantwoordelijk voor het programmabureau, dat de volgende doelstellingen had:
- Kwaliteitsborging en meting t.b.v. de projecten binnen programma;
- Vaststellen van referentiekaders en acceptatiecriteria voor de te beoordelen producten uit de productmatrix;
- Bewaken en beheren van de standaarden en kwaliteit binnen de projecten;
- Preventief, mogelijke risico's signaleren zodat risicobeperkende maatregelen genomen kunnen worden;
- Het pro-actief ondersteunen van projectmedewerkers.

Ik verzorgde daarnaast de contacten met aanbieders van kwaliteits- en testactiviteiten en heb de opdracht-aansturing verzorgd van enkele zware (project-)audits.
Mede door mijn sturing op Kwaliteit is de eerste fase van het project binnen de gestelde tijd, binnen het budget en met de afgesproken kwaliteit opgeleverd en tevens is een basis gelegd voor de vervolgfasen van het project.

Metaplan Moderator

Trias / VGZ Zorgverzekering

March 2002April 2002 (2 months) Gorinchem, The Netherlands

Run metaplan®-sessions

Programme QA Manager

ABP / USZO (now APG / UWV)

September 1998February 2002 (3 years 6 months) Heerlen, The Netherlands

Senior Quality/Test Programme Manager for both the Millenium (Year2000) and Euro Implementation Programmes.
I was responsible for the Process Quality of the Programme Portfolio, managing a group of Quality Officers and direct contact for the system owners.

Quality Manager


Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

1980January 2002 (22 years)

Quality and Test Manager for the Delivery Factory


Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

19981999 (1 year) Culemborg, The Netherlands

Quality and Test Manager for the Delivery Factory for several client, among them are KPN, Fortis ASR and Vodafone.

Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Government Administration industry

19941998 (4 years) Apeldoorn Area, Netherlands

Project Manager


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; KPN; Telecommunications industry

January 1994June 1994 (6 months) The Hague Area, Netherlands

Technical project manager within an infrastructural project
Responsible for the development of a system for the registration of the technical composition for the mobile telephone traffic.

• Developing the basic design for the definition study,
• Investigating the technical infrastructure
• As a technical project manager coordinating the project activities

Technical Project Manager


Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Research industry

19931993 (less than a year) Leidschendam, The Netherlands

As a Project Manager responsible for the design, build, test and deployment of a business intelligence system for the benefit of a public authority.

Informatie Manager / Projectcoördinator

De Goudse

Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Insurance industry

19901992 (2 years) Gouda, The Netherlands

My tasks includes:
- Advising on automation posibilities;
- Complete coordination of the project;
- Responsible for the project and executing the main parts;
- Responsible for the projectteam, 10-20 employees (users, business, analysts and programmers);
- Training and coördinating users for the acceptance test;
- Performing the global business requirements and detailed design.

Responsible for the succes and implementation of the project, including the Projectplan, Implementation plan and Test Plan.
The project concerns a premium calculation system for pension and other life insurance policies in a PC networking environment, written in the C programming language. After acceptance the system was distributed to all insurance intermediaries, that did business with the relevant insurance company. The program is mainly used for calculating offers for pension and complete retirement plans for individuals and companies.

Mario van Os' Projects

Mario van Os' Publications

  • Risico-analyse en risicomanagement

    • Journal of Software Research
    • 1990
    Authors: Mario van Os, Henk Schimmel
  • Risico-Analyse: Voorwaarde voor succesvol Projectmanagement

    • Informatie Management
    • 1991
    Authors: Mario van Os
  • Quality Radar: Getting Grip on Customer Ex-pectations

    • Software & Internet Quality Week Europe
    • 2002

    Achieving Customer Satisfaction by getting grip on expectations of customer by identifying and valuing the implicit quality aspects and specifying them in concrete terms. This improves building and testing of the information system required by the customer. The Quality Radar is a tool and an approach that supports the part quality aspects of the overall opportunity-based approach Quality Tailor-Made (QTM).

  • Overzicht SPI modellen

    • SPIder Plenary Session
    • 2005
    Authors: Mario van Os

    Werken met modellen, wat doe je ermee en waarvoor zijn ze toepasbaar in een organisatie. De SPIder werkgroep Integrale SPI-Strategieën is met deze vraagstelling aan de slag gegaan.

  • Integrale SPI-strategieën - Het modellenboek

    • Stichting SPIder
    • November 2005
    Authors: Mario van Os, Annita Krol, Bart Uelen, Hans Smorenberg, Harry Steures, Henk Drent, Maarten Haasnoot, Maarten Wijsman, Machteld Meijer

    Werken met modellen, wat doe je ermee en waarvoor zijn ze toepasbaar in een organisatie. De SPIder werkgroep Integrale SPI-Strategieën is met deze vraagstelling aan de slag gegaan. Het resultaat ligt voor u; een modellenboekje
    met daarin de volgende onderwerpen:
    - Een vergelijkingsmatrix van modellen; hieruit kan afgelezen worden welk model voor welk toepassingsgebied geschikt is.
    - Beschrijving van modellen.
    Wij hopen met dit modellenboekje een bijdrage te leveren aan het verbeteren van inzicht in modellen. Modellen groeien in de loop der tijd op basis van ervaringen die ermee opgedaan wordt. Wij doen een beroep op de lezers van dit boekje: wij vragen u om uw ervaringen met ons te delen opdat dit boekje mee kan groeien. Contactpersoon is

  • Werken met Modellen; het modellenboek

    • Stichting SPIder Jubileum uitgave – Capita Selecta
    • 2007
    Authors: Mario van Os
  • Minimum effort, Maximum results

    • VVSS - The European symposium on Verification and Validation of Software Systems
    • June 11, 2009
    Authors: Mario van Os

    A part the development process, from analysis to certification, is the testing process. Test-M is the answer to the ever growing costs of this expensive process. Testing has become a goal on his own, rather than being just one of the quality measures to be taken. Testing could become more efficient and cheaper without losing quality by making testing specific, taking quality measures were needed without the unnecessary generic waste: “Minimum effort, Maximum results”.
    In many organisations structured testing seems to be the approach to determine the quality of IT-solutions. However many of the defects found by testers are introduced earlier in the development process and you would like to prevent these defects or at least discover them earlier. With just testing, focussing on the quality of the end products, you don't get a grip on your project. To control your projects you also need to pay attention to the quality of the intermediate deliverables and the development process itself. A result-driven approach, based upon experiences in the areas of structured testing and quality assurance, will support all stakeholders of a project to control both product quality and process quality. Getting grip on these quality aspects will assure project success: on time, within budget and the expected product quality.
    Testing is necessary and will also be necessary in the future. Testing or Product quality will however focus more and more on preventing errors rather than only recording these errors.

  • Testen: mag het een uurtje minder zijn?

    • Computable
    • February 24, 2009

    Testen is na 15 jaar nog steeds 'hot'. Bedrijven investeren veel geld in het goed getest krijgen van software. Falende software betekent financiële schade, maar vaak ook imagoschade. Het belang van goed testen wordt dan ook door iedereen erkend. Carlo van Driel en Mario van Os van de A-groep vinden echter dat het testen een stuk efficiënter en daarmee goedkoper kan worden uitgevoerd zonder daarbij de gewenste kwaliteit te verliezen.

  • Managing Quality and Business Risks in Programmes

    • AXYZ-it Summerevents
    • 2009
    Authors: Mario van Os

    Kwaliteitszorg in projecten is in de meeste organisaties georganiseerd. Ook de hulpmiddelen om de kwaliteit binnen een project te beheersen en inzichtelijk te maken (denk aan risicomanagement, procesinrichting, audits, reviews, etc.) zijn redelijk bekend.
    Steeds vaker komen organisaties tot de conclusie dat binnen programmamanagement, overkoepelend aan de kwaliteitrol binnen projecten, een specifieke aanpak voor Kwaliteitsmanagement nodig is.
    Een belangrijk verschil van programma’s ten opzichte van een project is immers de focus op het realiseren van doelstellingen. Programmamanagement geeft structuur en richting aan het doorvoeren van veranderingen om de doelstellingen te realiseren. Uitgangspunt is dat de beperkte beschikbare middelen zo worden ingezet dat datgene wat de projecten of activiteiten binnen het programma opleveren een maximale bijdrage levert aan de verwezenlijking van de bedrijfsdoelstellingen.
    De aanpak richt zich op de zekerheid dat de te ontwikkelen producten voldoen aan de kwaliteitseisen en dat op effectieve en efficiënte wijze grip op projecten wordt verkregen. Door de programmamanager inzicht te geven in de kwaliteitsaspecten van het programma en de onderliggende projecten, waarbij tijdig wordt gerapporteerd over de kwaliteit van de beoordeelde (tussen)producten, inzicht wordt gegeven in de risico's die het programma kunnen beïnvloeden en het effect van gekozen maatregelen, kan tijdig worden ingegrepen en bijgestuurd indien nodig.
    Hierdoor wordt de zekerheid verkregen dat de doelen zoals genoemd in het business plan (Business Case) worden bereikt.

  • SPInoveren, inSPIreren en tranSPIreren

    • SPIder Conferentie
    • October 6, 2009
    Authors: Mario van Os

    Mario van Os is Senior Quality Consultant in zijn eigen bedrijf M vanOs MQiP en bestuurslid van de Society for Quality Professionals in ICT (Q Society). Hij is afgestudeerd aan de Technische Universiteit te Eindhoven in de richting Informatiesystemen binnen de afdeling Wiskunde & Informatica en heeft daarna meerdere opleidingen gevolgd op het gebied van ICT en Management en is o.a. Prince2 gecertificeerd. In 1990 is zijn eerste publicatie over Risicomanagement verschenen in het Journal of Software Research. Mario is gespecialiseerd op het gebied van Kwaliteitsmanagement, Risicomanagement, Verandermanagement, Reviews en Inspecties, Procesverbetering (CMMi en QTM) en Procesinrichting. Vanuit zijn ervaring bij meerdere grote programma’s, met name bij financiële instellingen, is deze pragmatische aanpak voor Kwaliteitsmanagement in Programma’s ontwikkeld.

  • Sleutels tot Succes

    • Q Society
    • December 1, 2009
    Authors: Mario van Os

    De Society for Quality Professionals in ICT (Q Society) heeft op 1 december haar 8e conferentie gehouden over kwaliteit in IT. Het thema van deze najaarsconferentie was “Sleutels tot Succes”. De Q Society is een initiatief van Mprise, AXYZ, KZA, LaQuSo, ps_testware, Qualityhouse, Sogeti, Stichting SPIder, Themis Consultancy en Valori.

Mario van Os' Courses

  • Independent Coursework

    • ITIL® Version 3 – Foundation Examination EXIN
    • DEMO Professional (Enterprise Ontology)
    • Training Persoonlijk Meesterschap (Dimensity)
    • Training Teamskills
    • Fundamentals of Operational Risk Management (IPMA)
    • MSP - Managing Succesful Programs Foundation
    • SEI Introduction to the CMMi (Staged & Continu-ous)
    • CMMi Lead Assessor and Lead Evaluator Train-ing
    • SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Training
    • CMMi Guidance Programmes and Courses
    • Advanced Requirements Specification
    • Prince2 Foundation examen
    • Prince2 Practitioner examen
    • Kwaliteitsmanagement (Management Studiecentrum bevat o.a. Lean, Six Sigma, EFQM, TQM)
    • Risk Management
    • Journalistiek Schrijven
    • Business Stories (Ruck & Van der Heijde Communicatie)
    • Succesvol Presenteren
    • Effectiever Communiceren
    • Software Engineering Research Cen-tre (SERC) - Requirements Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Metaplan® moderatoren
    • Metaplan® gevorderde moderator
    • Introduction to Cool:Gen (Fasttrack for Manage-ment)
    • Introduction to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
    • Didactische Vaardigheden
    • Docententraining
    • Leergang Kwaliteitsmanagement
    • Assurantiebemiddeling B (Stichting Examens Assurantiebedrijf)
    • Quality Management Approach (QMAP®)
    • Projectkwaliteit op maat (PKOM)
    • Proces verbeteren (SPINE)
    • RADAR (Risicobeheersing)
    • Risico's en maatregelen interne controle
    • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
    • Fagan (inspectiemethode software-ontwikkeling)
    • Intregale Functiepuntanalyse (IFPA)
    • Ondernemingsplan (Open Universiteit)
    • Leergang Adviesvaardigheden voor Informatici (Van Rees Adviesbureau voor informa-tiekunde)
    • Training “Projectmanagement met Prince2®”.
    • Testmanagement volgens TMap®

Mario van Os' Languages

  • English

    (Full professional proficiency)
  • Dutch

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • German

    (Professional working proficiency)
  • Hungarian

    (Elementary proficiency)

Mario van Os' Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Experience

    • Recensent

      November 2010 present (3 years 11 months)

      Progwereld ( is by far the largest Dutch-language website dealing with progressive rock and related subjects. We got our eminent position by publishing fair, sincere, reliable reviews, written by expert volunteers. Furthermore, we offer an excellent news section, numerous specials, great competitions, and a proper online prog hit parade! Together, these activities attract the interest of over 3000 prog fans per day. Progwereld is always innovative, trying to think of new ways to inform and amuse the Dutch prog fan.

Mario van Os' Skills & Expertise

  1. ITIL
  2. PRINCE2
  3. Quality Management
  4. Process Management
  5. Change Management
  6. Program Management
  7. Process Improvement
  8. Testing
  9. Business Analysis
  10. Test Management
  11. CMMI
  12. Quality Assurance
  13. TMAP
  14. Agile Methodologies
  15. Governance
  16. Software Development
  17. Software Project Management
  18. Project Portfolio Management
  19. CMM
  20. People Management
  21. Consultants
  22. Integration
  23. Requirements Analysis
  24. Business Intelligence
  25. Offshoring
  26. Outsourcing Management
  27. Risk Management
  28. Portfolio Management
  29. Scrum
  30. Consultancy
  31. ISTQB
  32. SEPA
  33. IT Service Management
  34. Managed Services
  35. Agile Testing
  36. Data Migration
  37. Outsourcing
  38. Business Process

View All (38) Skills View Fewer Skills

Mario van Os' Education

Technical University Eindhoven

Ir., Mathematics, Informatics

September 1980November 1986

Zwijsen College, Veghel


Mario van Os' Additional Information


Business Risico's en Kwaliteitsmanagement in Programma's, Programme Management, Project Management, Outsouring, Nearshoring, Test Management, Quality Management

Groups and Associations:

Q-Society, SPIder, IPMA-NL, PMI, Prince User Group Nederland (PUG)

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  • career opportunities
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  • new ventures
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