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Ataul Mukit

Software Solution Artist

Computer Software
  1. Rational Technologies Ltd.,
  2. Enosis Ltd.,
  3. Unitas Group of Companies Ltd.
  1. Enosis Solutions,
  2. Structured Data Systems Ltd.,
  3. Techno Vista Limited
  1. North South University

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Rational Technologies Ltd.

Rational Technologies Ltd.

Chief Technology Officer

– Present

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Over 10 years of Software Development experience where I had the pleasure of carrying out the following roles and tasks:

Chief Architect of a fully web-based, plugin-free communication and real-time collaboration platform.

Lead Developer of a Frame Work Based Application system used by leading motor car companies for Virtual Enviroment Creation and Car Crash Simulation -
Provide Architechtural Guidelines for development and enhancement of the Frame Work.

Lead Developer of GUI modules of a Computer Aided Industrial Design System -
Design complete architecture of GUI modules using the Model-View-Controller concept.
Implement Factory Design Pattern for object manipulation operations module including zoom, pan, rotate, rubber-band select, etc.
Implement Command and Memento Design Patterns to allow undo and redo features to operations.

Lead Developer of a p2p voice communication and instant messaging application -
Design and implement core application modules such as contact list maintenance, HTTP communication, etc.
Design and implement p2p network communication modules.
Design and implement voice communication module.

Lead Developer of a handheld mapping tool for Pocket PC -
Implement map viewing module for loading and displaying maps from raw shape files.
Develop map operations module including zoom, pan, map feature information, layer control, etc.
Implement GPS device integration module.
Implement Pocket PC application that uses an XML to generate a data capturing form and Microsoft Access database.

Lead Developer of image skew detection module -
Develop algorithm to identify text and graphics within an image.
Implement canny edge detection, image projection profiling.
and image histogram generation.

Lead Developer of a transportation information system -
Design application system and database.
Implement data capturing, analysis, and reporting modules.
Implement GIS module using Autodesk MapGuide.

Specialties:Specializing in problem solving within short period of time through nonconventional techniques and approach to programming. Capable of displaying great mastery and artistry in writing clean codes and relevant articles. Uncanny ability of modelling problems into theoretical dimensions giving easy, practical and effective solutions. Apparent lack of academic knowledge in software design, made up for by innate skill and vast work experience with high class programmers and software designers.


Chief Technology Officer

Rational Technologies Ltd.
– Present (2 years 7 months)

Introducing the first Software Development Platform for companies as well as freelance developers, unearthing and channeling every bit of talent available to output high quality Software, Rational Technologies, with it's own development team along with collaboration from the network of companies in its repertoire - covers a vast ground of technology matched by very few companies in Bangladesh. Working with creative and progressive thinkers have been an experience beyond my expectations.

Founding Member

Enosis Ltd.
– Present (12 years)

A little known legend who can write MSOffice and (if required) Windows from scratch all by himself if given the time and opportunity - opened the door to a whole new world of programming to me and meeting him in person is a feat a few can show in resume~.


Unitas Group of Companies Ltd.
– Present (4 years 10 months)Navana Tower, 19th floor, 45 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 1

Technical Lead

Enosis Solutions
(2 years)

The cricket team here used to be one of the best in business headed by 5 excellent fast bowlers.

Software Engineer

Structured Data Systems Ltd.
(11 months)

Had the lucky break of being acquainted with probably one of the best software developers this country had ever produced. The food of Jingling was superb back then.


Techno Vista Limited
(2 months)

People (developers) around me were awesome. During my time of working there Twin Tower crashed and I managed to escape!!



Lokkhi ( is an intelligent communication website for the Bangladeshi Community where anybody can video/textchat, share documents and multimedia files, sketch, edit or browse–all in real time with multiple users. There is no need to download a software or install a plugin or signup to a website or ask other for their id and add them to connect. As long as a set of users connect to a common platform identified by a unique name, they are ready to communicate and collaborate.

Team members:

Fast Pay Gateway

Design exclusive gateway for Fast Cash (a local prepaid debit card) on the internet so that in near future it will be possible to buy/sell products directly from facebook product pages as well as e-commerce sites using this card.


Xilabus is a training and knowledge sharing portal.

It is fully web-based and doesn't require any plugin or software downloads.
The video conferencing module uses web-rtc for browser based visual and audio communications

Below is more information and insight on the project -

What is Xilabus?
Xilabus is an online service for knowledge providers which acts as a means of communication between a trainer and a trainee, teacher and a student, knowledge provider and a pupil.

Is it free?
Communicating on the system is free for 30-minutes
Extended communications for more intensive exchanges require a low-fee monthly membership.

The vision of team Xilabus is to become internationally recognized for creating and offering highly appreciated online learning services.

The mission of team Xilabus is to provide innovative knowledge networking online services, through the development of creative, cost-effective and customer-led solutions.

Values: Inspire the User, Breathe Utopia, Think Hard Work Smarter, Deliver Don't Delay, Innovation is Leadership, Cultivate Emotional Excellence

Team members:

Visual Environment(Link)

Visual-Environment is a flexible and open engineering framework within a common platform, addressing multiple simulation domains. It encompasses the entire Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) process from interfacing with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to model set-up and post-processing all using a single core compute model.

Team members:


  • C/C++ STL
  • MFC
  • C#
  • Client Communication
  • Client Relationship...
  • Programming
  • Design Patterns
  • CRM
  • Algorithms
  • Software Design
  • Databases
  • XML
  • MVC


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