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Michiel Trimpe

Technical Founder at Interactly

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Information Technology and Services
  1. KLM,
  2. TomTom,
  3. Backbase
  1. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
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Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

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I am a driven, creative, all-round developer and lead with good communication skills and a strong focus on long-term business value.

As a software developer I combine
• the ability to quickly learn new languages, frameworks and applications,
• deep knowledge of the inner workings of Spring, Hibernate and Maven,
• experience with most of the major frameworks and application servers and
• solid JavaScript/Backbone/jQuery and ActionScript/Flex front-end experience
allowing me to cover all aspects of Java & Web application development.

As a consultant I help companies with
• maintaining & improving enterprise and system architecture,
• creating, executing & defending iterative, user-driven project planning,
• development of production code, PoCs and cross-company libraries and
• providing assistance from low-level debugging to high-level architecture

* Java / J2EE, JavaScript & Flex/ActionScript-expert practitioner
* Agile-believer, Scrum-practitioner, Standup-zealot, MVP-evangelist and User Story-dogmatist
* Hibernate, SQL, Spring, Spring MVC, Maven-stack guru
* Frontend afficionado, jQuery go-to-guy & Backbone builder
* Red5, Jetspeed, Google Maps, jBPM, Hippo CMS & Portal, BackBase Portal-veteran
* Old-time PERL/PHP/Delphi/VB(A)-guy
* Clojure enthusiast & Scala dabbler


Technical Founder

– Present (2 years 1 month)Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Interactly is an online platform offering asynchronous scripted virtual interaction, also known as video questionnaires or e-screening.

As the technical founder and sole developer I was responsible for strategy, development and deployment of the system, including customisation and bug-fixing of the Red5 media server, developing a Flex-based interviewing application, creating a jQuery form enhancement plugin, developing the website and admin interface and eventually refactoring the application into an HTML5-ready version with Backbone.js and a minimal Flash based video recording shim interacting securely with a Wowza media server.

Senior Developer

(6 months)Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

TL;DR Introduced functional programming for complex domain logic and implemented full coverage regression testing from production logs to mitigate risks of complex refactoring.

KLM works a lot with industry-standard, but very unwieldy, 3rd-party JAXB objects which represent flight reservations which caused problems with regards to extracting business meaning from these complex objects.

To enable doing this in a more compact, reusable and readable way I was asked to evaluate and introduce functional programming approaches compatible with JDK6 for which we settled on LambdaJ and I refactored a core component into fully functional style for future reference.

To mitigate the risk of refactoring code dealing with often unknown inputs I went on te create tooling which reconstruct requests from production logs through analyzing JAX-WS Spring application contexts to enable full coverage regression testing.

Apart from that I also assisted somewhat on the frontend with the architecture of a new Backbone implementation.

Solution Architect & Lead

(3 years 1 month)Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

TL;DR Played a key part in development of TomTom's new secure content provisioning platform as a developer, scrum master, tech lead and went on to lead development of the provisioning API for Automotive partners as a solution architect and finally product owner netting well over €1mln additional revenue in the process.

As developer & tech lead for part of TomTom's next generation Nav3 platform I was responsible for delivering various parts of the content provisioning chain such as Device Authentication, DRM verification and finally integrating with actual TomTom devices in scope of the Latest Map Guarantee functionality.

After release of the Nav3 platform I initiated and delivered a number of infrastructure improvements such as a content release management tool, Open-TSDB based performance measurement tool and a Selenium driven TomTom device simulator.

Eventually I became solution architect for the Renault R-Link project and proposed, quoted and designed the APIs to expose TomTom's sales & provisioning infrastructure to automotive partners while securing €1+ mln additional revenue during negotiations.

I subsequently lead development of the solution's key component, a purely RESTful API for declaratively managing content installed on devices, which simultaneously replaced undocumented, custom provisioning logic previously distributed across several systems.

During that time I also guided development of the R-Link Toolbox for securely handling SD card based content provisioning, communicated progress of the overall solution to Renault, handled intakes of RFCs and when needed assisted with project management activities at the solution level.

Senior Java Developer

(6 months)Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

TL;DR Joined to help put finishing touches on BackBase Portal 5 and ended up doing a last-minute rewrite of the portal core to achieve performance requirements and implementing the solution at their pilot client just in time for launch.

I joined Backbase as part of their R&D team in the last half year of development of Backbase Portal version 5.

After a few months I identified an architectural design problem which caused the max out at 60 req/s with top-of-the-line databases as the bottleneck rather than delivering the 200+ req/s needed by the client.

By leveraging the ongoing switch to a command pattern based approach I was able to rewrite the portal core in two weeks to use a simple key-value session store and keep sessions up to date by lazily applying commands when sessions were revived, bringing the performance up to a horizontally scalable 200+ req/s per application server.

Afterwards I was asked to help implement the portal at the pilot customer, Ziggo, where I integrated and hardened the portal and set up SSO integration until the new Ziggo portal was finally launched to great acclaim in late 2009.

Java Software Developer

ANWB Online
(1 year 4 months)The Hague Area, Netherlands

TL;DR Developed and integrated a high-performance Google Maps overlay library, extensively customized the core of Hippo's Jetspeed-based Portal and delivered several infrastructure components.

I started at ANWB by developing an extensible library to dynamically retrieve geographical information from web services as the user navigated maps, which had to enable a performant displayed 100s of points and lines on Google Maps on single core pentiums running IE6.

After that I performed a number of small tasks, such as development of an infrastructure monitoring framework, setting up Hippo CMS integration with Google Search Appliances and development of an Extract Transform Load (ETL) framework for the local task scheduling system in the form of a Spring micro-DSL.

Subsequently I performed extensive customised the core of the Hippo's Jetspeed-based Portal and it's internal processing pipeline to enable a seamless integration with Hippo CMS due to a tight deadline and lack of availability of Hippo consultants.

The last three months at ANWB I spent integrating the previously developed Google Maps library into it's first real project, the Wandelen en Fietsen Portal, where it's used to display all scenic walking/biking routes and points of interests in the Netherlands.

Freelance Developer

(1 year 3 months)Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

After my experience at TomTom I proceeded to do a number of small to medium size freelance projects.

For Pijlhove ICT I produced a system design and initial development framework for GrowthAnalyser 4 and maintained Konica Minolta's PowerPack and CleanPlanet websites and the MMS2P MMS to postcard application.

For Redefine I developed an online kitchentop webshop where customers can construct and order custom kitchen-tops online, along with a graphical visualization of their order, at cut-rate prices.

For Oxfam Novib I developed the Java backend and Flash frontend for the "Blogsfam" project; a donation widget and supporting website with payment integration, which became a Webby nominee and won an ADCN award.

Java Software Developer

(7 months)

Solo-development of a self-auditing webapp for managing a database with mobile phone and network settings and their test results in combination with TomTom devices. (Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Wicket, SpringMVC, JSP)

Java Software Developer

Pijlhove ICT
(4 months)

Assisted in the final stages of completing business backend application for an international reverse logistics provider ( (AppFuse, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSP, Canoo, JUnit, Ant)


(10 months)Brno, Czech Republic

In April 2005 I relocated to Brno, Czech Republic to start my own business. From August 2005 to July 2006 I developed the business plan and system design for a global marketplace that could completely revolutionize the real estate industry.

Together with two interns we developed a workflow-based system that had the potential of become a low-cost platform on which real estate transactions all over the world could be carried out in a simple, straightforward manner.

With this approach traditional brokerage services would be reduced to their essence, automating away all other tasks which would eventually allow people to effortlessly locate and acquire real-estate and which would allow real-estate agents to focus purely on providing their knowledge of the market.

Eventually the project was abandoned due to lack of funding for the overly ambitious scope.

Freelance Student Developer

Juvex Web Development
(4 years 1 month)Eindhoven

In university, being known as the guy who could code, the occasional odd job came my way.

My first job was to create an online exchange for surplus construction workers (i.e. borrow an idle electrician from your competitor) in the dot-com-boom.

Later I built a data-harvester for the first mobile-phone direct marketing campaign in the Netherlands.

My biggest project was developing an Access application for KLM to manage the trainings for all their airplane maintenance engineers which was quite interesting given all the combinations of airplane types, engine types, skill levels and everything else involved.

Customer Service Representative & Software Developer

UPC Netherlands
(1 year 5 months)Eindhoven

Joined as support employee #14 for the first cable ISP in the Netherlands, offering phone support for people installing a network card for the first time while the technology and infrastructure for the service was rapidly expanded in place.

During my time there I wrote a Customer Support System in Perl & MySQL on my own initiative which was adopted by the 20+ employees and grew to support 150+ FTEs.

I eventually rewrote the application in Delphi / Oracle according to company guidelines after every computer on the working floor, including the server and its on-site backup, was stolen.

Access Developer

(2 months)'s-Hertogenbosch

Got hired by my father again to prove his theory that a new pricing strategy would be disastrous. After applying the strategy to several years of historical data and predicting that the new strategy would result in missing several tens of millions of Euros per year the new pricing strategy was cancelled. (Microsoft Access)

Web Designer and Programmer

(3 months)'s-Hertogenbosch

At age 14, my father had hiss boss hire me to build an intranet for the Sales department and set up mail-merge to pre-fill all their process related forms from the CRM database. (HTML, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, Visual Basic for Applications)

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Opportunities Michiel is looking for:

Causes Michiel cares about:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Civil Rights and Social Action
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Human Rights
  • Science and Technology

Organizations Michiel supports:



Team members:


Team members:


Independent Coursework

  • Using Even More Of Your Brain For A Change (Richard Bandler)
  • Persuasion Engineering (Richard Bandler)
  • Advanced Spring Framework Training (Xebia)
  • Advanced Scala Training (TypeSafe)


Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Industrial Engineering and Maintenance Science

Four courses remaining for Bachelor.

Activities and Societies: Eindhovens Student Corps, Dispuut Pael, Industria

Universiteit van Tilburg

Management and Organizational Science

Attempted a dual study combined with Technical University Eindhoven.
Abandon the effort due to organization problems adding a minimum of two years in order to complete both educations.

Christiaan Huygens College

Susquehanna Township High School

At age 16 I spent one year at Susquehanne Township highschool; the cause of both my fluency in English and my undeniably American accent.


  1. Dutch

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. English

    Full professional proficiency
  3. French

    Limited working proficiency
  4. German

    Elementary proficiency


  • Java
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Lean Startup
  • Maven
  • SQL
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Scala
  • REST
  • Perl
  • Architecture
  • Red5
  • Scrum
  • Flex
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • HTML
  • ActionScript
  • Clojure
  • Spring Security
  • Backbone.js
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