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Michael Coté

Research Director, Infrastructure Software at 451 Research

Austin, Texas
Information Technology and Services
  1. Dell,
  2. RedMonk,
  3. BMC Software
  1. The University of Texas at Austin
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The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin


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I've worked in the technology industry for many years first as a developer, then as a industry analyst with RedMonk, in strategy at Dell, and now on infrastructure software at 451 Research.

More formal, but still short:

Coté is the Research Director of the infrastructure software practice at 451 Research. Just beofe that, he worked on cloud strategy at Dell, previously he worked in corporate strategy where he helped form the Dell software group. He also helped run the internal incubation program at Dell along with whatever other random fun task fell in his lap. Previous to Dell, Coté worked at the highly regarded industry analyst firm RedMonk and before that did real work writing software for various companies large and small in Austin, Texas. He blogs at and updates the world on the type of sandwich his cat just ate in Twitter @cote.

Specialties: strategy, enterprise software, systems management, application development, collaborative software,
social software, Web 2.0, open source, community, consumer technology, RIA, cloud computing


Research Director, Infrastructure Software

451 Research
– Present (1 year 2 months)Austin, Texas Area

Michael Coté heads up the Infrastructure Software practice at 451 Research, focusing on everything from the hypervisor to the application layer. In addition to covering application development, systems management, VDI, cloud management and platforms, he also closely follows the business of software -- including product management and marketing; strategy and M&A; and the tectonic moves of vendors and communities in the technology world.

See my recently published reports listed on my 451 bio:

Director of Software and Cloud Strategy

(4 months)Round Rock, Texas

I oversee portfolio strategy for Dell Software and Dell's cross-company cloud strategy.

Director of Cloud Strategy and Special Programs

(8 months)Round Rock, TX

I work on Dell's cloud strategy and do other odd-jobs.

Corporate Development Sr. Consultant

(1 year 3 months)Round Rock, Texas

I worked in corporate strategy. I focused on software.

Also, I help run an internal incubation program and play around with the developer-centric group, the Web|Tech vertical team.

Industry Analyst

(5 years 6 months)

At RedMonk, I looked at new and emerging technologies and practices and helped our clients apply those trends and the ecosystem dynamics around them to their core strategy. I primarily covered software, specializing in open source, IT management, cloud computing, Web 2.0, software development, collaborative, the web, and social, collaborative software. Additionally, I did a tremendous amount of "punditry," videos, podcasts, and other coverage of the tech work.

I was RedMonk's IT Management Lead and produced our videos and podcasts.

Technobabble 2.0, a popular blog about analyst relations, ranked Coté’s blog #8 in its ranking of “Top 100 analyst blogs”. He was recently named the 3rd most regarded analyst in the U.S. and 5th globally by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations.

Senior Product Developer

BMC Software
(3 years 11 months)

I was part of part of a hand-picked team that's creating the next generation of systems management software, BMC Performance Manager Portal, from the success of PATROL Express and PATROL. See for more.

Previously, I helped create and grow BMC's popular, light-weight systems management application, PATROL Express.

I spent my time mentoring others; working with our ever growing customer base; creating and maintaining requirements, functional, and architectural documents; specifying and improving our development process; working with other groups, running plenty of skunk-works projects (blogs, wikis, Google mini's, brown bags, etc.); and, of course, coding.

I was certified as a Scrum Master while at BMC and practiced Agile software development daily.

JAAS in Action (Unpublished)

Manning Publications
(1 year 1 month)

I wrote a book on JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service). In the end, Manning decided not to publish it. So, that means you can read the book for free at .


The Cobalt Group, Inc.
(6 months)

I worked on one of Cobalt's most widely deployed products, Lead Manager, a full customer life cycle CRM system for auto-dealers. I first worked on finishing the stalled development of the reporting component of Lead Manager, developing a J2EE based web application that seamlessly integrated with the rest of the hosted system. Before leaving Cobalt, I worked with the product's architect to specify and designing next version of Lead Manager.

During my "spare time" I focused on improving the collaboration between development, QA, marketing, and others by installing, maintaining, and evangelising collaborative tools, in particular the internal Cobalt wiki that's still in use today.

(7 months) was a B2C hosted web application helped consumers search for, and companies manage, customer service information. As the co-founder and sole developer, I designed, tested, and
supported the web application from scratch using JSP, Struts and Servlets, Castor, plenty of XML, and many other web development software libraries and packages. I also used this project to experiment with Agile methodologies, and have used the lessons learned ever since.

During this time I visited with several VC's and other investors, talking informally and formally with them about our company and attempting to raise cash. As the product matured, my partner and I began forming partnerships and collaborating with other companies.

Profesional Services Programmer

Liaison Technologies, Inc
(7 months)

As a Professional Services programmer at Liaison, I developed many small custom projects to integrate Liaison's data mining software with client's software. Each projects involved heavy transformation and management of content formatted in XML, database storage and retrieval, web page scraping and other data acquisition, and design-fast, fail-safe products for off-site customers.

Java was the primary language used, and projects often required integration with third-party software. I interacted extensively with customers through the life of projects, and found that thinning the middle-layer that often exists between programmer and customer always resulted in less design/requirements confusion and painful re-coding, while at the same time delivered what the customer wanted and would pay more money for.


Coral Technologies, Inc.
(8 months)

We developed a distributed computing environment in a pure Java using several Java technologies extensively such as JMS, JSP, Servlets, and other technologies such as XML, HTML/CSS, CORBA, and Unix development utilities. All the development was done on Linux.

As one of the first employees I was immersed in Object Oriented design and development and responsible for architecting, implementing, and integration testing all parts of the system. My responsibility was to take my parts of the product through their full life cycle. In this role I worked extensively with all parts of the company and was forced to be extremely self-motivated and self-managed. Because of the lack of a System Administrator, my Unix knowledge from past jobs and personal experience was called on regularly to maintain and configure various
maintenance and network resources.

Founding Programmer

FundsXpress Financial Network
(5 years 2 months)

FundsXpress ( created, and now maintains, one of
the first on-line banking system, secure e-finance solutions for
banks, credit unions, and savings & loan instirution. As one of the
first 5 employees I played a role in architecting, designing,
developing, and maintaining all parts of the Object Oriented
system. The software was developed and deployed on Unix and Linux


  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Software
  • Open Source
  • Web 2.0
  • Application Development
  • Systems Management
  • Software Development
  • RIA
  • Strategy
  • Agile Methodologies
  • XML
  • REST
  • Scrum
  • Big Data
  • Management
  • Java
  • SaaS
  • Unix
  • Business Strategy
  • Integration
  • JSP
  • Software Engineering
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Linux
  • Analyst Relations
  • Web Applications
  • Tomfoolery
  • Start-ups
  • Web Development
  • Servlets
  • Walking
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • CRM
  • SDLC
  • Distributed Systems
  • Rhetoric
  • Asking Questions
  • Demand Generation
  • SOA
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Software Defined Talk Podcast(Link)

As the name would imply, the intention is to be a (mostly) weekly gnashing over what’s happing in the changing software world, at the infrastructure layer that the three of us focus on.

Team members:

Under Development Podcast(Link)

A bi-weekly podcast about software development, architecture, and wizened knowledge thereof.

Team members:

Column at The Register(Link)

A somewhat monthly column at The Channel Register on the tech world hijinks.

Back of the Envelope Podcast(Link)

– Present

Co-host of an online podcast dealing with the intersection of emerging technologies and Wall Street financing. Deals with large cap tech companies, general investment mechanics, and valuation assessments of emerging trends in the IT space.

Team members:


The University of Texas at Austin

Liberal Arts, Philosophy

My background in philosophy and English (which I almost majored in) has been worth the time and effort 100's of times over in my software career. I'm able to empathetically understand, analyze, and work with people be it in person, over the phone, or through documents. While I was at school, I worked at FundsXpress, and in that way, received a dual "degree" in Philosophy and real-world programming.

Honors & Awards

Texas Social Media Award, 2009.

Ranked 3rd most regarded analyst in the U.S. and 5th globally by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations.

Ranked #8 of top 100 analyst blogs by Technobabble2

R&D Innovation Award (BMC Software, Inc.).

Peer Award (BMC Software, Inc.).

Star Award (BMC Software, Inc.).

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