Matt Berkus

Attorney at Law at Berkus Law Office

Greater Denver Area
Law Practice
  1. Berkus Law Office,
  2. Reliant Tax Relief, Inc.,
  3. Bankruptcy Beagle
  1. Custer Roberson, LLP,
  2. Methner & Associates,
  3. Joe Sabah
  1. Brigham Young University—J. Reuben Clark Law School
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A decade of legal experience; but in the last 4 years, Matt has consulted with at least 1500 individuals and businesses (it takes the average bankruptcy attorney 15-20 years to meet that many prospects). That experience has made Matt an expert in marketing message and content, sales, and client engagement.

In addition, Matt has gained substantial experience in business process improvement for law firms from his own trial and error in growing his firm and learning from the top firms for which he has worked.

He now provides that marketing and business expertise to bankruptcy firms and attorneys as either a pure consultant or as Of Counsel.

Matt maintains an active practice at his 2 companies, Reliant Tax Relief, Inc., providing businesses and individuals relief from tax debt focusing on payroll tax debts and defending IRS Trust Fund Penalty cases, and Berkus Law Office providing bankruptcy debt relief and student loan relief.

Finally, he provides consulting to bankruptcy attorneys regarding tax debt issues and student loans related to bankruptcy.

Specialities: 1. Negotiating with the IRS to resolve complex tax debt problems

2. Bankruptcy tax discharge analysis, issue spotting, and finding a comprehensive solution for the debtors financial challenges.

3. Student loan debt relief.

4. Increasing profitability and cash flow of flat or fixed fee professional services.

5. Selling intangible professional services to reluctant buyers.

6. Marketing professional services in a consumer market.


Attorney at Law

Berkus Law Office
– Present (2 years)Greater Denver Area

Berkus Law Office believes in a "Better Life Through Debt Relief." We help individuals, families, professionals and small business achieve their financial goals and a successful life by solving their debt challenges.

Debt relief is not a one size fits all proposition. Berkus Law Office strives to find the right solution to our clients' situation. Often times that solution is bankruptcy, but sometimes other options must be considered. Also, the best option is dependant on the debt; bankruptcy is usually not an option for student loans and there may be other options for dealing with IRS tax debt. We review and implement the debt relief option that is in our client's best interests.

If you go to a bankruptcy attorney, she is going to recommend bankruptcy; if you go to a debt settlement firm (scam artists), they are going to recommend debt settlement; if you go to a tax representation firm, they are likely to recommend an offer in compromise. Reason being, that is the only things those companies do. Berkus Law Office is different. We have the expertise and experience to offer nearly any debt solution available.

In short, we are debt problem solvers and we help our clients achieve a Better Life Through Debt Relief.

We solve problems related to the following:

1. Personal and Business credit cards
2. Personal and Business lines of credit
3. Mortgages/Foreclosures.
4. IRS and State Income Tax
5. Student Loans, government and private.
6. Employment tax
7. And everything in between, both unsecured and secured debt.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Reliant Tax Relief, Inc.
– Present (2 years 5 months)Greater Denver Area

Exclusive and personal service for payroll tax debt and Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Defense. Reliant Tax exclusively focuses on resolving IRS Payroll Tax Debt for businesses and defending company principals and other individuals against the assessment of the IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.

Make no mistake, the IRS will shut you down. Don't "assume" the IRS has a profit motive (i.e. that some payment is better than none). Reliant Tax Relief is here to save your business, your livelihood, and keep you from criminal prosecution (yes, failure to pay IRS Payroll taxes can lead to criminal indictment).

Protect your home, retirement accounts, and other assets from the IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. Many company principals and incidental owners and employees are assessed the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty for the company's failure to pay IRS Payroll Tax Debt. Reliant Tax Relief is here to defend you, and if need be, reverse an improper assessment.

Reliant Tax Relief: Expertise When it Really Matters.

For Bankruptcy Attorneys: Bankruptcy can be an integral part of the tax resolution process. Reliant Tax Relief provides consulting on IRS Payroll Tax Issues as well as Income Tax Discharge Analysis.


Bankruptcy Beagle
– Present (2 years 3 months)Greater Denver Area

Expertise marketing specialist for bankruptcy attorneys and firms.

Bankruptcy attorneys end your marketing struggles; Bankruptcy Beagle is your companion in establishing you as an expert bankruptcy attorney in your district. No, we are not talking about some costly, time consuming certification that no prospective client cares about anyway; we will take your already exceptional knowledge, package it, and provide 3rd party validation.

If you want better results from your marketing (higher fees, more clients ready, willing and able to buy), success starts right here. Our marketing system WILL work for your solo or small bankruptcy firm.

Vice President - Operations

Custer Roberson, LLP
(10 months)Greater Denver Area

Lead and manage the Operations Department's attorneys and paralegals in delivering chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies to consumer and small business clients.

Implement and manage systems and processes utilizing Critical Chain concepts to maximize the effectiveness of firm resources while providing top quality representation to bankruptcy clients.

Provide guidance and leadership through management of the department's metrics and measurements.

Develop and implement training for attorneys and paralegals that enhance their professional development and allow them to achieve high results geared to their individual Key Performance Indicators.


Methner & Associates
(2 years 9 months)Greater Denver Area

• Initial point of contact for prospective clients, devise strategy for prospective clients financial resolution, develop rapport and trust, provide customer service through phone appointments to answer questions and reassure prospective clients of the soundness of the resolution strategy.

• Strategize and consult with firm attorneys to develop solutions for clients across all aspects of the firm’s services including IRS debt resolution, bankruptcy, and debt settlement.

• Authored over 380 articles on debt resolution for firm website.

We were in same class

Joe Sabah
(less than a year)


Omni Financial
(6 months)Greater Denver Area

At any given time, manage a case load of 80-100 clients from throughout the U.S. with severe tax problems. Negotiate tax resolutions with IRS revenue officers and appeals officers including payment plans, offers in compromise, lien/levy release, trust fund recovery penalty defense, and business reorganization.

Enhance company revenue by continually adding value to clients and building trust through frequent and open communication with clients.

Owner - Managing Attorney

Berkus Law Office, Chtd.
(4 years 3 months)Las Vegas, Nevada Area

Represent clients in the areas of bankruptcy, debt settlement, divorce, business litigation, and business transactions. My practice also represented creditors in bankruptcy proceedings including objections to discharge, chapter 13 feasibility objections, and chapter 11 avoidance defense.

Adjunct Professor - Philosophy Dept.

University of Nevada Las Vegas
(5 years)Las Vegas, Nevada Area

• Develop and teach multiple sections of Critical Thinking to classes of approximately 40 students.

o The Critical Thinking course introduces students to the principles of deductive reasoning while also covering common methods of inductive reasoning and logical fallacies. The course stresses the interaction of language components, reducing arguments to their component parts, and analyzing the argument for logical strength and persuasiveness.

• Counsel Students as needed regarding course progress.

Associate Attorney

Van & Ralphs, Chtd.
(1 year 6 months)

Primarily practiced in the areas of construction litigation, construction defect defense, construction contracts, business transactions. At Van & Ralphs conducted discovery, draft motions, and conduct oral arguments at hearings. Also represented firm clients in criminal matters, general contract and business litigation, divorce, and bankruptcy.

Adjunct Professor - Philosophy

Utah Valley University
(1 year 4 months)Orem, Utah

• Develop and teach multiple section of Ethics and Values, a mid level ethics course to classes of approximately 30 students

o Ethics and Values is an interdisciplinary course introducing students to normative and applied ethics through both primary and secondary texts. The course covers the classical normative theories and applies those theories to contemporary ethical dilemmas.
o Students were primarily evaluated through their submission of written work and persuasive papers.

• Counsel Students as needed regarding course progress.


  • Sales
  • Business Process...
  • Law Firm Administration
  • Google Adwords...
  • Message Development
  • Bankruptcy
  • Trust Fund Recovery...
  • Tax Law
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Blogging
  • Critical Chain Project...
  • Student Loans
  • Chapter 7
  • Debt Settlement
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Appeals
  • Small Business
  • Restructuring
  • Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Consumer Law
  • Hearings
  • Finance
  • Legal Writing
  • Courts
  • Legal Research
  • Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Construction Law
  • Business Litigation
  • Legal Advice
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Brigham Young University—J. Reuben Clark Law School

Juris Doctor, Law

Recipient: Bullock Academic Scholarship, 1999-2002

Ohio Wesleyan University

BA, Philosophy and Economics

-Graduated Summa Cum Laude
-Winner, Daniel E Anderson Memorial Award for Philosophy Research.

Activities and Societies: Phi Beta Kappa

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  1. Interests

    • cycling (road bike),
    • running,
    • triathlons,
    • endurance sports,
    • my son
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