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‎an accomplished designer focused on: experience; design education; public speaking; leadership; humor + cyberSurrealism

Greater Boston Area
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myOwnMind, LLC

myOwnMind, LLC

Director of Human Awareness Research

– Present

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As a lifelong artist and designer I constantly strive to create meaningful, memorable experiences for my target: audiences; participants; and users.

I leverage my own storyFirst approach to human-centered design for my professional design work. And my practice as a both a designer and performance artist similarly leverages a constantly evolving body of research, experimentation and active testing to inform and focus an iterative, living process. I am also extremely motivated to pursue more and more engagement with what's being called 'Design for Good' on an entrepreneurial level.

I feel fortunate and grateful to work with the calibre of organizations that my career history proudly showcases, and although at first glance it might appear like I'm a bit of a deviant 'job hopper,' I feel that my personal work ethic of only contributing the utmost best of my potential talent at the highest levels possible help me focus to be the kind of designer I want to be — the kind of designer I need to be — to quite elegantly manage the quality of my contributions and then move on when that potential is no longer possible within a given context. I expect a lot of myself. And I also expect a lot of the organizations and people I work with.

In my more personal work, I deeply steep myself in humor, parody, satire, Surrealism, social commentary and public speaking. I am also a designer that equally balances out my exploration of the theory and practice of my design processes — with an intense and serious focus on continually optimizing for trust, flow, feeling and appropriate innovation goals.

My specialties include: user-centered design; interaction design; experience design; corporate identity; branding; web design; web development; print design; public speaking; design thinking; innovation; strategy; conceptualization; collaboration; awareness; and energy


Director of Human Awareness Research

myOwnMind, LLC
– Present (4 months)Greater Boston Area

As the founder of myOwnMind and the Director of Human Awareness Research through Design — I am currently focused on:

• Ramping up investigation and design explorations for a long list of personal 'Design for Good' project work;
• Seeking out other independent thought-leading designers interested in building out the consultancy;
• Setting up public speaking engagements to discuss our cyberSurreal, storyFirst approach to facilitating change in the world

Don't just think about it — let's start actively working on making things happen

Experience Designer

Arbor Networks
– Present (9 months)Burlington, Massachusetts

I am currently leveraging the best story-driven, human-centered UX methodologies and practices to drive experience and interaction for Arbor Networks.

My role with Arbor Networks includes:

• Close work with the Product, Marketing and Development Teams to augment and drive requirements;
• Providing guidance to the team through collaborative design activities and workshops;
• Conducting usability testing, research and studies to help inform and guide key design decisions;
• Responsibility to always push innovative new processes and experience-design thought for every part of the experience we touch

Typical daily deliverables include: experience maps; use-case scenarios; site maps; flow diagrams; personas; wireframes; interface specifications; task flows; site inventory; template guidelines; design patterns; and other industry-standard design-related documentation.

interdependent artist and user experience design consultant

lou suSi DESIGN
– Present (1 year 2 months)Boxford, Massachusetts

As an artist and designer — I leverage a personally-developed, storyFirst, human-centered approach to all experience design for myself and for my clients and partners.

I also sometimes crack a joke or 2 just to keep things fun and exciting, but I'm very serious about what I do and I can help you create some pretty amazing, innovative changes for your company, its culture and the brand experiences you provide to customers and the world.

Assistant Professor of Interaction and Visual Design

Massachusetts College of Art
– Present (4 years 2 months)Greater Boston Area

For Fall 2014 — I'm conducting an independent study with a former IxD student to build out previous UX design-work as a fully-working iPhone App. We'll also, of course, work in some informal usability leveraging simple, PDF-prototyped, interactive simulations built in Keynote as a means to garner feedback from the rough target demographic for the application. I'm really excited to be able to work one-on-one on a project that focuses on the technical, coded aspects of implementation and refinement for this semester while still leaving the wiggle room for: further iterative design improvements; richer exploration of the working interaction through the medium of code; and extended exploration of a more holistic flow universe for this fantastic app experience.

From 2011 to 2013, I taught a rather unique Interaction Design course as part of MassArt's Continuing Education Design Certificate program. Introducing current concepts, methods, and technologies employed in the design of interactive media — the course brought the following subjects of study to the table: defining user and site requirements; managing information complexity; and designing interfaces that cater to real, human needs. My approach to teaching Interaction Design deeply integrated my own storyFirst Approach to human-centered design and incorporated in-class, experiential, Active Design activities with the students to truly build deeper first-person, immersive and empathic understanding into our project work.

In Autumn 2010 I worked as a Teaching Assistant to Colin Owens for the Continuing Education course 'Fundamentals of Grapic Design'. The course refreshingly touches upon key concepts related to all areas of design, focusing on a unique, tactile, analog approach ( drawing, physically cropping, critique and discussion ) that makes each design student more keenly aware of the critical use of 'the senses' throughout the design process.

co-curator and principal investigator

Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation
– Present (4 years 10 months)

I design, develop and curate interdisciplinary, collaborative exhibits and events that explore all aspects of 'the box' as a means to blur the lines and push the boundaries of our thought and expression as artists, designers, musicians and performers.

Shows to date include:

• American Cheese { Thursday, January 28th 2010 | The Doran Gallery at MassArt }
• Provocative Objects: the extradition { Friday, November 12th 2010 | The Doran Gallery at MassArt }
• mediaLuscious Design + Art Review { Saturday, March 5th 2011 | The Pozen Center at MassArt }
• fauxShow { Saturday, April 23rd 2011 | The Doran Gallery at MassArt }
• Love Child { future time and space to be determined }

founder & laugh practitioner

Laugh Institute
– Present (5 years 4 months)Boston, Massachusetts

I conduct critical research and analysis into the human phenomena of laughter

Board Member

Outloud Open Mike at The Beebe Estate
– Present (5 years)

After several years of involvement with Outloud as a music performer, featured performer, poet and web and social media designer for the group ... I am now involved in Outloud in a deeper way.

As a member of the board I plan to take the website presence and any social web extensions to the next level. I also hope to coordinate a book or CD publication to celebrate Outloud and the amazingly talented musicians, writers and performers that grace the stage there. I will also be involved in more of the event coordination and backend responsiblities.

Owner | UX Design Consultant

BXOS !nteractive!
– Present (15 years 4 months)

My wife Carol and I own and operate the design consultancy BXOS !nteractive! Over 10 years of innovative and fun work in design, user experience and dynamic media. Project work includes collaboration with amazing teams and clients, including: A&M Kitchens, Banta, Creative Racing Solutions { RaceQuest }, Dimdim, EMI, Ipswitch, Mobius, Nowspeed Marketing, PreVision Marketing { IKEA | Stop & Shop | CareerBuilder }, Putnam Investments, Raytheon, Security Innovation, Stoneridge Children's Montessori School, Trilogy Law, Vericours, VirtualFactory, and WebEx Communications

UX Manager, Web Architecture

Sallie Mae
(4 months)Newton, Massachusetts

As part of the Web Strategy Team, I leveraged all the latest UX methodologies and practices to optimize flows and interactions for Sallie Mae's responsive Mobile and Desktop web experience as an architecture and design lead for this world-class financial services organization focused on private and federal student loan application processes and repayment management.

Lead User Experience and Innovation Architect

Schneider Electric
(5 months)North Billerica, Massachusetts

As a vital part of Schneider's ITB Software team, I drove a human-centered, omni-channel approach to all experience design for Schneider's brand new cutting-edge modular data center power management experience for IT, power and cooling mobile modules.


most wanted consultants
(3 years 8 months)

a more confident incarnation + more collaborative extension of my design persona originally established through my work as BXOS !nteractive!

most wanted consultants focuses more on community, the social web, design thought, innovation, fun + public speaking ... concerned with user experience, mwc pushes our partners to reach for a more strategic approach to design + presence

we push for Total eXperience Design that's steeped in a storyFirst Design Methodology

if you're up for it, we're totally willing to listen to your pitch, research your target audience + sit with you to seriously figure out how to get you or your organization to the next level

warning: big vision stuff included ... critical thinking + potential confrontational discourse could be involved ... this is NOT your typical color by numbers approach to design ... no frosting jobs, if you know what I mean ;]

Senior User Experience and Innovation Architect

Mobiquity, Inc.
(1 year 5 months)Waltham, Massachusetts

Leveraged human-centered design methodologies for all phases of web, mobile and ubiquitous technology application design to develop elegant, functional and engaging experiences that inspire 'delight'.

Some of my Mobiquity client engagements at Mobiquity included mobile, tablet, web and responsive designs for: Alliant, Comcast, FanShots { Sun Life and The Celtics }, Fidelity Investments, ITT, Lockheed Martin, Sallie Mae, SAP, Velocity { Vertical Performance Partners }, Vistaprint and Weight Watchers.

Web Design Instructor

Brookline Adult and Community Education
(3 months)Brookline, Massachusetts

I taught the course Introduction to Web Design to a small group of students at Brookline Adult and Community Education. I designed the syllabus and coursework based on my previous experience teaching and learning the visual and technical sides of web design in both professional and academic settings.

Senior UX Visual Designer

Avid Technology
(8 months)Burlington, Massachusetts

Collaboratively established Avid's first-ever user-centered driven design deliverables and processes as part of the brand new Customer Experience team. Redesigned and refined flows for Unified Licensing at Avid, leveraging the resulting data from several usability testing sessions. Also produced wireframes, visual comprehensives, prototypes and other UX deliverables to drive design and production initiatives on numerous projects at Avid.

Part Time Visiting Faculty Continuing Education

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
(1 month)

I taught a 1-week, immersive Web Design Intensive Workshop at the SMFA this Summer in mid-July. This course steeped each student in all the standard design and code involved in designing an online experience by actively digging into a weeklong personal website project. Lot's of fun. And tons of progress from each student.

Board Member

(1 year 7 months)Cambridge, Massachusetts

Strategized and assisted with the unique business challenges of Mobius. Still peripherally involved in promoting the cause of experimental work in all media — through Mobius and other means. Feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas or potential partnership inquiries with one of Boston's most innovative and unique arts organizations ( I can put you in touch with the right people ).

Adjunct Faculty at The Center for Visual and Performing Arts

Endicott College
(5 months)

In Spring of 2011 I taught the courses Web Design and Advanced Computer Projects at Endicott College. I collaboratively developed the syllabus for both courses in conjunction with Endicott faculty and will teach industry standard and more advanced methods of user-centered design methodologies and include both theory and practice in an energetic and engaging academic setting that leverages my professional insight and experience.

Graphic Design Instructor

The Cloud Foundation
(5 months)

This Spring I landed the amazing opportunity to teach design to Boston-area high school students at The Cloud Foundation. I directly worked with teams of students to harness the power of clear and effective design principles and to collaboratively develop branding, presentations, and other design artifacts throughout the entire ArtScience Idea Translation process. I also coached students with performance tips that brought their presentation skills to the next level for each key review.

Technical Instructor | Digital Media Workshop

Massachusetts College of Art
(2 months)

As an integral part of Studio Foundations' 'Visual Language 1' curriculum for all incoming MassArt Freshmen, I led 4 sections of Digital Media Workshop to introduce students to the basics of the digital workflow. Each session included both a conversational overview of the material as well as an active 'hands on' approach to experiencing the hardware, software and design principles involved with each process. My improvisational approach nicely complimented each professor and their varied approaches to teaching the core concepts of 'Visual Language 1'.


TechBoston Academy
(3 months)

As part of TechBoston and BATEC's Summer Institutes Series, I taught all the latest visual and technical tips, tricks and techniques behind the creation interactive experiences to teachers from Boston Public Schools and area community colleges. In the course 'Teaching Interactive Multimedia with Adobe CS5', we explored Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver as tools in the creative process. Discussion included cutting edge processes, industry insight and the myriad considerations that go into creation of media.

In this professional development coursework series, I specifically aimed to not only impart in-depth knowledge of the interface for future student certification testing, but also delved into potential strategies for using these digital tools as a means to powerfully engage students with relevant, exciting project work ... work that will tie together research, learning, presentation, design and collaboration.

Lead Designer

(6 months)

As an integral part of Dimdim’s marketing team, pushed all the latest Web 2.0 site, app, and portal design as well as a variety of marketing and sales deliverables. Collaboratively contributed to driving an optimized and intuitive, world-class user experience for the Freemium Dimdim product. Pushed to increase the rate of adoption through user-centered design methodologies and practices. I also created banner ad campaigns and landing pages, focused on increasing Dimdim's user adoption rate.

User Experience Lead

(1 year 9 months)

Managed a cross-functional team to entirely recreate the user experience design for Account Create, Apply and Dashboard functionality for the new Monster Seeker redesign. Guided consistent vision and concept generation for the group. Pushed high-level thinking toward more concrete tasks, activities, goals and requirements { business, functional and user requirements } to drive our segments of the larger project. Coordinated with Product Managers and other UX Leads to develop broader, consistent connections throughout the Monster Seeker site redesign. Pushed creativity within the group to bridge the gaps between marketing, product and technology - optimizing the site experience to meet Monster's strategic business goals while simultaneously providing extreme value to the end-user. Strived to involve the greater organization to work with more Agile methodologies and to collaborate with more humanistic and friendly processes.

Design + UX Consultant

Adesso Systems -- TubesNow
(7 months)

Provided user experience design and direction to internal Development Team to continually improve each aspect of the Tubes Release Client 2. Worked with the Product Management Team to design and develop custom pages for all Tubes content distribution partners. Collaborated with Marketing to refine the corporate website and develop and visualize direction for the new Easy Tubes experience. Pushed optimal user experience and best user-centered principles across all Tubes projects.

Visual UX Designer

(8 months)

Acted as primary UX Project Manager liaison between internal development groups and Media Alliance partners. Partners included Freedom Newspapers, NYTimes Company and BostonWorks. Pushed best user-centered design principles with all partner cobrand website implementations. Created clear and compelling visual designs, with excellent attention to design details. Worked with colleagues to ensure that an explicit customer focus is maintained throughout project execution. Maintained consistency of site appearance via use of style guides, style sheets and enforcement of established standards and best practices. Also worked on updating brand and look of the MonsterHouse to Monster Reporting internal systems application.

Senior Graphic Designer | WebEx WebOffice

(1 year 1 month)

Provided art direction and design for all Marcom-related initiatives. Refined and enhanced the WebOffice corporate website to enhance the overall user experience as well as promote best possible search engine optimization practices. Storyboardded and developed Flash Billboard animations to continually refresh the splash page and point users to the latest advances with WebOffice. Collaborated with outside an firm to provide direction and deliverables for the Flash WebOffice online tour; managed the tour design and development during the final phase. Properly managed the brand throughout all ePaper, event poster and print collateral production. Designed, developed and produced numerous Flash banner campaigns for WebEx WebOffice, MeetMeNow and PCNow products. Worked with the Marketing and PR teams to continually innovate and improve the WebEx WebOffice online presence.

Interactive Art Director

PreVision Marketing
(4 months)

Concepted, designed, developed and enhanced data-driven, onscreen media campaigns including html email, banner ads, landing pages and microsites as part of the eMarketing group at PreVision. Each direct marketing campaign aimed to extend branding and promote: the acquisition of new customers, the return and upgrade of the existing client-base, and the development of retention strategies on customer segments. Clients included: IKEA, Cold Stone Creamery, CareerBuilder, Stop & Shop and Polaroid2go.

Design Consultant

(2 years)

Affiliate Member

Art Interactive
(3 years)


University of Massachusetts at Lowell
(1 year)

Taught the lecture course Aesthetics and Critical Studies of New Media ( Art History - Modern | 20th Century Art ) and the studio course Web Design II.

Senior Graphic Designer | Web Designer

GoldK, Inc.
(4 years 5 months)

Developed, maintained and continually improved corporate branding. Visually communicated the platform in a manner that appeals to target audiences. Directed and coordinated the work of internal and external staff for all materials. Designed and produced corporate web site redesign. Worked with web developers on original company web applications. Designed and created collateral for numerous tradeshows and meetings. Designed and developed UI for 'Plan Sponsor' flash tutorial.


the management
(less than a year)

Web Designer

World Wide Web Works
(4 months)

Designed and developed websites with emphasis on 'simple yet effective' look & feel
Created animated gif web advertisement campaigns
Updated and maintained several client websites
Created iContact flash web demo

Layout Editor

Community Newspaper Company
(2 years 6 months)

Worked with writers, photographers, designers and newspaper editors to flow and design pages for The Cambridge Chronical, The Needham Tab, The Newton Tab, The Watertown Tab, and several other local community Tab newspapers. Converted color photography to press-ready greyscales. Delivered high-quality layouts for multiple papers under tight deadlines.

Photo Lab Technician

Ritz Camera Centers
(2 years 4 months)

Developed and processed film. Printed photographs, enlargements and reprints from negatives — correcting prints for color, density and contrast. Maintained photoprocessing machines and chemicals. Provided professional suggestions to customers to help improve photography skills when requested. Continually learned about camera and accessory brands for sales and service purposes. Trained lab and sales associates.


Lockheed Martin

Developed a stand alone web-based sales tool for use on iPads that utilizes a Cache Manifest file for off-line use.

Team members:

embedded storySystem for MassArt Made(Link)

The MassArt Made embedded storySystem installation as implemented for the store’s Grand Opening on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 uses a variety of cutting-edge technologies and systems to magically correlate an artist’s voice with merchandise sold in the store. A visitor to MassArt Made can pick up an ‘Artist Card’ next to certain, select sale items in the store and scan in a QR Code { QR = ‘quick response’ } on the card into the storyScanner at the front of the store to trigger and play a corresponding 30 second MP3 audio clip posted out on the MassArt Made website through the store's internal sound system. The artist tells a story about their artwork, thus providing new context to the piece through an aural and temporal trace back to the artist. The stories engage the entire captive audience of shoppers in the MassArt Made store location in a unique, new way that connects story to object, voice to product, and ultimately visitors to the store more directly and to the collective vocal history of MassArt’s amazingly rich students, alumni and faculty.

Team members:


mediaLuscious Design + Art Review: exhibition catalog(Link)

Dynamic Media Institute
March 2013

mediaLuscious Design + Art Review showcased the work of MassArt's Dynamic Media Institute on Saturday, March 5, 2011 in the Pozen Center.

DYNAMIC MEDIA INSTITUTE is the future-forward thinking graduate design program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Students at DMI leverage the latest new media technologies to transform seemingly ordinary objects and traditional artworks into innovative, experimental interfaces exploring the future of communication and designed participatory experience. Graduates of DYNAMIC MEDIA INSTITUTE earn an MFA in DESIGN by: conducting critical design and academic research; prototyping and actively designing physical and virtual work; and writing, designing and producing a design thesis book that contributes to the future of art, design, technology and society.

American Cheese: an introspection(Link)

The Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation
February 2013

‘American Cheese: an introspection’ — the very first official exhibition for the new movement in cyberSurrealist art and design — reached out to each participating artist with a call to explore object-based pieces expressing a certain sense of kitschy humor. The rather subversive goal of the original founding curators and investigative agent provocateurs centered around creating something unusually bad in the name of art— to perhaps bring out what might be considered the worst in us all.

Like André Breton’s original literary research and criticism of ‘Black Humor’ as conducted within the context of the Surrealiste Internationale nearly a century ago — the cyberSurrealists seem bent on inspiring what they refer to as future fetish objects in attempt to perform some sort of subconscious self-analysis of our social dynamics. With ‘American Cheese,’ we take a closer look into strange facets often colluded with the very notion of ‘what’s funny.’ At the heart of it all is an ultimate curatorial strategy that created a playful, fun and engaging experience for the gallerygoing audience that came out to Doran Gallery for ‘American Cheese’.

provocative.objects: debriefed and declassified(Link)

The Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation
September 2012

The official investigative design research documentation from 'provocative.objects: the extradition' — the cyberSurreal, interdisciplinary and immersive exhibit-event & experience co-curated by lou suSi and David Tamés at Doran Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art and Design for Dynamic Media Institute and The Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation on Friday, November 12, 2010. 10 extremely rare, limited-edition books of 'provocative objects: debriefed and declassified' were printed exclusively for those artist-participants that provided critical research, essays or other written reflection to include in the exhibition catalog. Some eBook or online version of 'debriefed' will appear online for general public reading and consumption in approximately 3 years { 2015 }, at approximately the 5 year anniversary of the original exhibit-event gallery experience.

Provocative Objects included the eclectic works of Alison Kotin, Courtney Lockemer, sara june { Mobius }, Scott Murray, Joshua Dolby { caughtYOUpicking | }, Andrew Ellis, Phillippe Lejeune, David Tamés, lou suSi, Laugh Foundation, Christopher Field, Daniel DeLuca { Mobius }, Daniel Buckley, Elizabeth Mead, Joseph 'Puppy' White, Dwayne Butcher, Laura Amador, Stacy Scibelli, XY, Ellen Lake, Mauri Lehtonen, Mary Fanning, Leigh Wells, Lauren McCarthy, Albert Negredo and Larry Caveney. Featured musical act for the evening: Stereo Soul Future { including Christopher Field }.


confounded: future fetish design performance for human advocacy(Link)

BijaXOuS suPpleMeNte in coordination with The Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation
December 2011

Here's my theory — the central premise of my thesis, right up front and center:
I am a user-centered design research practitioner. The world is filled to the brim, perhaps even overflowing, with systems. We can think of ‘The System’, if you will. But I like to simply refer to a world of ‘found systems’. These ‘found systems’ set certain limitations on our behaviors. We are expected to behave in certain ways, to play along with the rules. Some of these rules are explicitly stated in trifold brochures, in legal terms of privacy and other documents or footnotes. And then some of these rules are simply implied. For the most part, we tend to color within the lines, salute the flag as it goes by, and do what we’re told to do.
But there are certain amazing opportunities available to all of us that only appear to be just outside our reach. We sometimes live blind, deaf and dumb to the myriad ripe chances to instigate joy and change in the world. All we need to do is actively test the systems.
As a living ‘user’ of the ‘found systems’ of the world, my ultimate goal is to assume certain personas and ‘test’ the systems, looking for areas of unintended usage and improvement to report back to The Bureau of cyberSurreal Investigation.
The information I glean produces controversial discourse. My personal interest in the build up and release of psychoSocial tensions drives my first-person commentary based on qualitative data collection — hopefully resulting in humorous insight into our supposed ‘progress’ as a society dealing with The Information Age.

The Experience of Dynamic Media(Link)

Dynamic Media Institute / Massachusetts College of Art and Design
January 2011

The Experience of Dynamic Media — edited by Jan Kubasiewicz, with contributions by Joe Quackenbush, Brian Lucid, Gunta Kaza, Evan Karatzas, Toby Bottorf, Ronald Bruce Smith, Colin Owens, Heather Shaw, Dennis Ludvino, and Lou Susi — is organized in several sections. “Faculty Perspectives” includes short essays by DMI professors and visiting faculty, each sharing their individual philosophy and various approaches to dynamic media design education. “Featured Projects” presents student work through articles excerpted from the larger thesis documents — the required component for the MFA degree. “Collaborations” presents examples of extracurricular projects which were developed between DMI and outside partners, as well as a series of DMI student-curated exhibitions.“Student essays” includes a selection written by current DMI student in their seminar classes. “Alumni Stories” presents short accounts of six DMI alumni sharing their thoughts on the DMI experience. “Thesis Abstracts” presents all MFA degree thesis abstracts from 2006 to 2010, organized by year and alphabetically within each year. The last section, “About DMI,” describes who we are and what we do — from course descriptions to a list of faculty, visiting lecturers, and all DMI alumni since 2000.


17 poeMs(Link)

BijaXOuS suPpleMeNte
July 2008

a short volume of poetry written by artist, musician, poet and performance artist lou suSi published circa 1997 ... now republished for your viewing & reading pleasure

collected poetics(Link)

BijaXOuS suPpleMeNte
July 2008


  • Archery
  • Fun
  • Laughing
  • Experience Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Art
  • New Media Art
  • Interaction Design
  • Web Design
  • User-centered Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Public Speaking
  • User Experience
  • New Media
  • Creative Direction
  • User Interface Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Presentation Development
  • Design Strategy
  • Curation
  • Collaboration
  • Concept Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Strategy
  • User Interface
  • Wireframes
  • Wire Framing
  • Mobile Design
  • Concept Development
  • User Research
  • Mobile Applications
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Persona
  • User Scenarios
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Devices
  • Human Computer...
  • Website Development
  • Physical Theatre
  • Physical Comedy
  • Dark Comedy
  • Parody
  • Satire
  • Humorist
  • Performance Art
  • Live Art
  • Sound Art
  • Contemporary Art
  • Curating
  • See 35+  See less


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Italian

    Professional working proficiency
  3. Swedish

    Professional working proficiency


Massachusetts College of Art and Design

MFA, Dynamic Media | Design

The Dynamic Media Institute offers a creative and intellectually stimulating environment wherein graduate students focus on the role and possible new uses of dynamic media in communication design. Each student's unique vision and passion for design develops into an original body of ideas and fresh practice.

Bentley University

mini-MBA, Creative Continuum: Business and the Creative Process

Designed for working artists and designers, this unique collaborative effort between MassArt and Bentley College offers participants insight into the issues and workings of business through both lecture and working sessions. Lively lecture sessions, fashioned as a "mini-MBA," quickly review the fundamental principles of business. Then, in working sessions, participants put their creative skills and experience to use collaborating with representatives of select businesses on a real world business strategic problem or challenge.

Creative Continuum may be taken for three Graduate credits from Bentley College.

University of Massachusetts Lowell

BA, Studio Art { Painting, Installation }

Activities and Societies: Graduated Magna Cum Laude, DJ at WJUL

Boston University

Mathematics, Music, Italian

Activities and Societies: Golden Key Honor Society

Passim School of Music

Watertown High School

Honors & Awards

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mathematics and Science Award; Boston Globe Golden Key Award; Golden Key National Honor Society; The Proximity Lab Fund Award; The WV Award

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