Lanette Creamer

Director of Quality at Silicon Publishing, Inc.

Greater Seattle Area
Computer Software
  1. Spark Quality LLC,
  2. Silicon Publishing, Inc.,
  3. Sogeti
  1. Agile Alliance
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Lanette loves test methodology and has been enthusiastically and intentionally dedicated to software quality since 2000. As the Quality Director at Silicon Publishing, Inc., Lanette performs software tests & interacts with clients & developers every day. When she isn't testing, she's planning for it, talking about it, and trying to insert quality into every possible discussion. Her strategy is to use proven test methodologies that help teams implement the balanced whole team approach. By working with the team to make testing priorities more visible, decisions can be made in synch with development changes and customer needs. Lanette is comfortable working in software testing in any context. From leading quality strategy in the enterprise to performing thoughtful exploratory testing at a small business, if it adds value for end users, let's get started! Some people have called me a catalyst for action. The Clifton Strengths Finder says repeatedly that I'm an "Activator".

Because I believe testing is a verb, the only mortal sin in software testing is doing nothing. "Unblock" is my mantra. I admire colleagues who apply continuous improvement to themselves before all else.

As a speaker and blogger, Lanette provides ideas for making quality more collaborative through pairing between testers, business stakeholders and developers. Lanette is a frequent industry speaker in the software testing community, and also enjoys agile and lean peer conferences. She has presented at StarEast, CAST, STPCon, AgileDevelopmentPractices/BetterSoftware, and Agile & Beyond.

As a practitioner, Lanette is currently using a combination of cloud testing technologies, free tools, Python to speed up thoughtful human testing. For automation to add value, the test data returned must have value and be sustainable. One script with validation you can trust is better than ten thousand passing tests that give false confidence. If testing isn't improving the end user experience, it isn't working.

Specialties:Agile Testing, Test Automation, Test Planning, Testing Strategy, Test Thought Leadership, Test Case Design, Scripting in Python, Collaborative Testing, Integration Testing, Exploratory Testing, Managing Virtual Test Environments, Pairing, Performance Testing, Training Testers, Training Non-Programmers, Presenting, Speaking, Writing, Editing, Blogging, Quality Events, Customer Workflows, Design, Digital Photography.


Director of Quality

Silicon Publishing, Inc.
– Present (2 years)

Plan, run, and continuously improve quality both of Silicon Publishing products, and of the integrated client websites that use our technologies.

Pair with developers to speed up delivery of Action Script, InDesign Extensions written in C++, Soap and Restful services.

Provide accurate and transparent status for the team that reduces engineering time used for non-coding purposes.

Research and test automation frameworks as they become available. Determine suitability for project, and use as needed for testing core code.

Plan to store testfiles for team and client collaboration has expanded to include builds, plug-ins, and cloud storage, saving expense, space, and ensures backup without any manual set-up. The team continues to improve our storage plans and permissions to balance the need for access while still respecting both internal and client privacy.

Work with engineering to support clean coding practices in the core product and for test code.


Spark Quality LLC
(1 year 8 months)Maple Valley, QA

Software quality advocate, practicing tester, consultant on overall software quality, exploratory testing evangelist, context driven agilist, dedicated to improving the profession of software testing.

This company provides training for collaborative software testing, writing about technology, and custom courses on software quality.

Quality Lead, Product Owner, Agile Team Member

Silicon Publishing, Inc.
(1 year 6 months)Greater Seattle Area

Worked with clients to assess quality needs.

Tested multiple products from concept through final delivery, using client suggestions to prioritize tests based on business priorities.

Introduced Pivotal Tracker, trained team and clients in usage resulting in direct communication between the agile team and clients.

Worked with developers to configure Jenkins bringing faster feedback to the team, direct control over deployment to staging, and customer control of deployment to production.

Wrote, refined, and maintained user stories for multiple projects.

Worked with the team to set up project specific estimation sizing, and to point stories appropriately, taking changes as recommended by the team and the client.

Provided documentation and guidance on troubleshooting integrated websites improving the speed and accuracy of dispatching customer requests to the right developer.
Occasionally contributed fixes and workarounds using actions, Python, ActionScript, and sometimes psuedocode to solve testing and production issues.

Planned, wrote, and maintained automated tests for Soap based services using SoapUI.

Senior Consultant-Engagement at Enterprise Coffee Company(CPG)

(9 months)

QE Lead for a Trade Funds Management Project
Sogeti Testing Services Division

Led testing for delivering two phases of implementation along with sustainment changes.

Tested a transition to a new version of .net with no related unreported bugs found in the field after upgrade.

Planned, led and performed end to end testing of data integration between Oracle and the SaaS Trade Funds Management application using both custom loading scripts, and middleware applications.

Planned and facilitated user acceptance testing for both internal clients as well as 3rd party brokers, resulting in enhancements, fixes, and data appearance changes to increase usability.

Phased releases shipped on the planned dates without notable support call increase, including the first launch of the project, transitioning from a fully manual to application based business process.

Partnered with Functional Analysts, Business Analysts, and Project Managers to test for overall viability of the application with existing and new business procedures.

Partnered with Senior Functional Analyst to reduce the manual effort of data testing from five working days to half a day, which allowed the team to bring all data for the biggest group of products months earlier than expected while exceeding all quality goals without adding any cost to the project.

Created a training video to share the data validation technique used with other testing teams facing similar challenges.

Quality Lead-Internal Media Automation System

(11 months)Greater Seattle Area

Planned and executed tests on a software media processing java application distributed across multiple machines which interacts with an Oracle database and a flex dashboard which resulted in a 45% performance improvement in processing all CS5 media with much higher quality.

Worked with other teams on a coordinated effort to improve the delivery process, reducing the time between build to shipment by 41% in the first cycle alone.

Effectively shared tasks on an agile team distributed across locations and time zones resulting in a solid on time release of the project.

Identified the need for a sanity and smoke process for stage and production. Created, maintained, and deployed Python scripts used for acceptance testing of new builds, reducing failed deployments significantly, successfully detecting multiple critical bugs before pushing to production.

Designed and co-wrote scalable Python scripts to test the performance of the end to end system, identifying bugs early enough that the team met and surpassed our quality goal.

Paired with developers to identify bugs before checkin and participated in code reviews on important fixes, reducing code churn.

Used Code Collaborator and Perforce to maintain transparency into the quality of automated tests created.

Used log files and command line tools to isolate and triage bugs to the correct team in a complex integrated system.

Provided accurate estimates for testing tasks which helped defined which tasks would go into each sprint.

Quality Lead-Creative Suites

Adobe Systems
(3 years 7 months)

Committed to leading quality improvements throughout the entire development cycle.

Dramatically increased team status preparation efficiency.

Planned and executed final media testing for the Master Collection CS3, the largest release in Adobe's history.

Conducted close communication with cross-product testing group.

Consistently met deadlines consistently despite unexpected delivery delays.

Resolved emergencies with professionalism and pragmatic problem solving.

Orchestrated dot release testing for CS 2.3 and Leopard by collaborating successfully with cross-product teams.

Improved the flow of information and its accessibility to the quality teams by coordinating creation of a new QE website and Quality Wiki.

Planned and generated investment and involvement in quality events.

Passion for driving and sharing innovative collaborative testing techniques.


Adobe Systems
(2 years)

Triaged bugs to ensure on-time quality feature delivery with the XML Engineering Manager.

Mentored new QE team members located in multiple GEOs and met with team members in three locations, including India.

Worked with Core team to broaden test coverage of shared feature area and move testing upstream by suggesting automated coverage of all supported characters for the a core component and coordinated with the team to implement it.

Created and evangelized new testing method for directed ad-hoc testing, which was used team-wide for new features.

Wrote and maintained team test plans for automated and manual tests while testing multiple products and up to three functional areas.

Isolated, verified, and regressed critical customer bugs for dot releases including meeting with developers and providing time estimates for change based testing.

Delegate for the selection and adoption of test case database. Aided migration progress.


  • Test Planning
  • Writing
  • Technical Presentations
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Performance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Public Speaking
  • Blogging
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Testing
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Test Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Documentation
  • Test Cases
  • Manual Testing
  • Web Applications
  • XML
  • Agile Project Management
  • Scrum
  • Test Strategy
  • Enterprise Software
  • SaaS
  • Java
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Agile Alliance

Certified Scrum Master, Agile Development

Women Unlimited

TEAM, Leadership

Additional Info

  1. Interests

    • Professional Development,
    • Coaching,
    • Flash,
    • Dreamweaver,
    • InDesign,
    • Photoshop,
    • Illustrator,
    • Flex,
    • Quality,
    • Test Methodology,
    • Technical Writing,
    • Communication,
    • Collaborative Testing,
    • Travel,
    • Knitting,
    • Karaoke,
    • Scented Candles,
    • Fantasy Series Books,
    • Shoes,
    • Lip Gloss.
  2. Personal Details

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Adobe Systems Suite Quality

Honors & Awards

Voted "Best Technical Paper" by conference attendees for "Testing for the User Experience" at PNSQC 2008. Available at, Voted "Most Unique" in her Senior Yearbook. National School Choral Director's Award 1992. Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign. If there was an award for "most likely to yammer on about Collaborative Testing" I'd be a top candidate.

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