Kenneth Stepp

Kenneth Stepp

President-Project Law Enforcement Officer

Greater Atlanta Area
Nonprofit Organization Management

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Kenneth Stepp's Overview

  • Partner at Main Street Constuction
  • I Write Short Books at Author
  • Founder-CEO-Director of Operations at Project L.E.O. (Project Law Enforcement Officer)
  • Student at Michio Kaku Studies-Quantum Physics, Mechanics, Entanglement.
  • Publisher/Contributor at Google
  • Founder/CEO at American Angel Works Inc
  • Chief Investigator at Ethics Reform Inc
  • Founder/President at American Lighthouse
  • Principle Investigator/Founder at Georgia Ethics Inc
  • Principle Investigator/Founder at Gwinnett Ethics Inc
  • Founder/CEO at Business Rescue Services
  • Bone marrow donor at Be The Match
  • Partner at Special Operations an Investigations Inc
  • Investigator/Contractor at Federal Asset (Investigations)
  • President,CEO at Southeast Financial Services
  • Investigator at Bounty Hunter (not the macho maniac type)
  • Owner at To Protect and Serve Inc
  • Professional Heavyweight Boxer at Heavy Weight Boxer
  • Online
  • BOMA Building Operations & Management Associates
  • Evangel Bible

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Kenneth Stepp's Summary

Author, Publisher, at Google Inc, Business/Political consultant

Memorial page

Founder/CEO Project L.E.O. (Law Enforcement Officer)

Founder/CEO American Angel Works

Founder/CEO Advocate For The Abused

Founder/CEO Ethics Reform

Founder/CEO & principal investigator at Georgia Ethics Inc

Director of operations at Get Great Media (Political Printer)

Father, retired 3 sport pro-athlete, Boxing, Arm Wrestling, & Gladiator.Activist, and concerned citizen.

I am also passionate about the Constitution and believe following it would repair a lot of the damage to our economy. Stay fit, be ready for anything.

I love building my social media audience

My books

"A Random Collection Of Cynical Thoughts"

"Outrageous Dating", And How Old Am I Again

"What Would Jesus Do", Let's Unwrap That

"Churchiness":, The Art Of Being Right

"Churchiness" The Art Of Ignorance\

Are available on Amazon, Nook, Google Books, Itunes, & Kindle.

Or go to

Social Media Reach

1.Top 5% Profile on Linkedin

2.Top Tumblr blog in US twice

3.Top Tumblr blog in the world once

4.Top 3% on Twitter

5.Over 3 million views Youtube

6.I reach about 60k Georgians, 30k in Gwinnett

7.Since the end of February 2013, Google monetized many of my social media venues. I receive about 35k views per day at this point. This number is growing every month.


Kenneth Stepp's Experience


Main Street Constuction

January 2014Present (10 months) Metro Atlanta

Basements, decks, additions, kitchens, windows. All done with excellence and affordable.

I Write Short Books


January 2012Present (2 years 10 months)

I currently have written and published four books. Available on Amazon, Nook, Google Books, Itunes, Barnes & Nobel, & Kindle.

Founder-CEO-Director of Operations

Project L.E.O. (Project Law Enforcement Officer)

April 2006Present (8 years 7 months) Entire US-based in Atlanta Georgia

We began this work in 2006 as To Protect & Serve Inc. The name change was a move forward. We are a national non-profit charitable organization dedicated to law enforcement officers in the United States. We are sponsored by Georgia Ethics,Inc. Most non-union police officers work "side jobs" to support their families. They need this because they earn much less than the average American with 10% of their responsibility, liability and risk. Together we can make a difference.

We are currently retooling so that we can be a conduit for officers that need help and those that wish to help them. They can donate on our website and put the officer they wish to help in the pay message. 100% of these funds will go to that officer.

In the past we have paid house payments, legal fees, Christmas gifts, and more. As the funds are there, so shall we be.


Michio Kaku Studies-Quantum Physics, Mechanics, Entanglement.

December 2012Present (1 year 11 months) Online

I have an online course every morning for an hour, then another in the evening. I study Quantum science and Neuroscience, These fascinate me and I am fortunate to have the time and resources to indulge myself.



January 2013Present (1 year 10 months) Greater Atlanta Area

After five years Google has begun monetizing my social media. This means I'm now paid to publish and contribute. I'm excited about this opportunity on many levels.

*Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Developed brand strategy and statistics systems.

*Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.
Advising new businesses on formation of corporations and business structures,

*Structuring press releases, blogs, videos, and articles for better reach and financial gain.

Nonprofit Organization Management industry

January 2009Present (5 years 10 months) Greater Atlanta Area

Our mission is to help the hurting. We are working on a plan to be a conduit for funding one person at a time. We call it our "100% Plan". The goal is that every penny that is donated for a particular person will go to that person. The only way this is possible is for me to fund all and do all myself. So far, so good.

Chief Investigator

Ethics Reform Inc

August 2012Present (2 years 3 months) United States

Fighting for ethics reform where we can win it. This encompasses Georgia Ethics Inc and Gwinnett Ethics Inc.


American Lighthouse

September 2012Present (2 years 2 months)

Raising funds for the homeless. Working with nonprofits that help the homeless. I moved to Atlanta to help the homeless years ago. I am finally making a difference.

Principle Investigator/Founder

Georgia Ethics Inc

September 2012Present (2 years 2 months)

Georgia Ethics, is a nonprofit that will tackle the ethics laws in Georgia. Restoring the Ethics Commission, funding them, removing them from under the thumb of the very people they should be investigating is our mission. Every political structure needs checks and balances. Georgia does not have them. YET!

Principle Investigator/Founder

Gwinnett Ethics Inc

August 2012Present (2 years 3 months) Lawrenceville Georgia

Gwinnett Ethics Inc is committed to changing existing ethics laws to include an "Under Oath" amendment. As Principle Investigator I investigate ethics complaints and those that file them to determine if they are frivolous and politically motivated. This type of abuse of the system costs millions each year, corrupts the election process, and wastes precious resources. Currently writing the bill and speaking with state reps about sponsoring it.


Business Rescue Services

February 2011Present (3 years 9 months) Greater Atlanta Area

A small business owner needs help from someone that is not inside their company, that has experienced the press of a cash supply problems, employee problems, and someone that knows the difference between winning and losing. I founded a business that was rated number one in Georgia by D&B five years in a row until a 1.3 million dollar theft shut me down. Through this I have learned so much about the signs to watch for and how to prevent problems ahead of time.
I have successfully rescued many business in Georgia through mentoring, creating new profit streams, and teaching tough decision making.
One thing that makes me unique is that if a business has been in decline to long and needs to be closed I teach my clients how to do this. Pre bankruptcy counseling can save my clients and their family so much hurt. Don't allow a business failure to define you. Contact me at

Bone marrow donor

Be The Match

January 2009Present (5 years 10 months) USA

Please consider signing up to be a bone marrow donor. You can save a life and still go on.


Special Operations an Investigations Inc

January 1990Present (24 years 10 months)

Ex Professional boxer ,trained in high profile body guard work ,investigations, and surveillance. We are a three man team with the best credentials around.


Federal Asset (Investigations)

January 1990May 2008 (18 years 5 months) Georgia

Worked with federal law enforcement agencies building cases on suspects of all types. Chose your "alphabet soup" agency, I worked for most of them. Over 100 cases from drug dealers, money launderers to people that threatened our leaders. My last official case was from the DEA for the Secret Service. I worked with some local law enforcement agencies in Georgia as well.


Southeast Financial Services

February 1999January 2008 (9 years)

Rated number one in the state of Georgia by DnB for 5 plus years. Maintained steady growth every year, had several commercial and residential properties, had 17 employees, over $15,000,000.00 in revenue. In 2007 we had a theft of over $1,000,000.00. I now use what I learned during this time to help other business owners that may find themselves in what seems like impossible situations. I can help rescue or grow your business.


Bounty Hunter (not the macho maniac type)

January 1990January 2008 (18 years 1 month) Metro Atlanta Area

For the most part this was connected to being an asset for federal law enforcement agencies and a few local agencies. Finding people and information about a particular target, building cases, and yes occasionally making the arrest myself, or at least holding someone until the law enforcement agent arrived. I truly enjoyed the adrenaline that came with this. I guess its why I did it so long. That, and I was gifted at it. What I have found is that being out of the game for a few years has made me rusty. Not sure I would be an asset anymore. But because I saw the worst in people for so long I became cynical, aware of my surroundings, and a security freak. Good things, bad things? Not sure.


To Protect and Serve Inc

January 2003January 2007 (4 years 1 month)

I founded, funded, and raised funds for this company. We helped police officers that found themselves in a tough spot.

Professional Heavyweight Boxer

Heavy Weight Boxer

January 1975January 1985 (10 years 1 month)

About 4 1/2 years total. 70's & 80's. Never made much money boxing. I just enjoyed the sport, hit very hard, and never quit. I studied martial arts just to learn how to block. During and after boxing I went into a celebrity bodyguard career, then to bounty hunting. Not the kick in the door stuff on TV. Mostly investigations & case building for government agencies.

Kenneth Stepp's Courses

  • Student

    Michio Kaku Studies-Quantum Physics, Mechanics, Entanglement.

    • Neuroscience

Kenneth Stepp's Test Scores

  • Quantum Physics/Entanglement-Harvard University Online

    • August 2013
    • Score: 683 of 700

    After four months of studying, I finally took the Quantum Entanglement part of the test. Took several days. Very satisfied with my score.

Kenneth Stepp's Projects

  • Federal Asset

    • January 1990 to May 2007
    Team Members: Kenneth Stepp

    Worked with federal agencies building cases on criminals of all types. Chose your "alphabet soup" agency, I worked for most of them. The about 100 cases from drug dealers to people that threatened our leaders. I was also an expert witness in several federal cases. I worked with some local law enforcement agencies in Georgia.

Kenneth Stepp's Skills & Expertise

  1. Business Closing Professional
  2. Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling
  3. Small Business Mentoring
  4. Small Business Building
  5. Small Business Internet Presence Builder
  6. Small Business Profit
  7. Small Business
  8. Enforcement
  9. Public Speaking
  10. Non-profits
  11. Profit
  12. Business
  13. Leadership Development
  14. Strategic Planning
  15. Police
  16. Private Investigations
  17. Fundraising
  18. Team Building
  19. Criminal Justice
  20. Firearms
  21. Public Safety
  22. Investigation
  23. Nonprofits
  24. Leadership
  25. Conflict Resolution
  26. Intelligence
  27. Social Media
  28. Community Outreach
  29. Security
  30. Training
  31. Blogging
  32. Background Checks
  33. Computer Forensics
  34. Surveillance
  35. Emergency Management
  36. Fraud
  37. Security Operations
  38. Protection
  39. Crisis Management
  40. Security Management
  41. Policy
  42. Physical Security
  43. Interviews
  44. Criminal Law
  45. Government
  46. Risk Assessment
  47. Press Releases
  48. Counterterrorism
  49. Homeland Security
  50. Marketing

View All (50) Skills View Fewer Skills

Kenneth Stepp's Honors and Awards

  • Rated In Top 1 % Of Small Businesses In America

    Dunn & Bradstreet
    • May 2007

    I was able to maintain this rating for five years. The rating is for how I ran my business, paid by bills, and stayed out of court, not the size, or profitability. To receive this rating my tax records had to be reviewed by D&B every year.

  • Number One Blog Worldwide (Tumblr)

    • August 2010

    Tumblr, a publicly traded company, stopped rating this way, but I was able to snap a picture of my number one rating in the world. Its posted on my blog at . I was by default number one in the US as well. I've had that title twice including this time.

  • Social Media Reach Over 3 Million

    • February 2013

    Just hit 3 million views on Youtube. Adding more tools in my social media kit.

  • Top 2% Twitter

    • January 2013

    Three accounts, top 2% in followers and reach. As part of my social media I am constantly looking for ways to improve while keeping it as simple as possible. I find that "numbers" is the key to this.

  • Published Author

    • August 2013

    I just completed my book "A Random Collection Of Cynical Thoughts" By Kenneth Stepp. Available on Amazon & Kindle.

    Look for my next book "Churchiness" on Amazon & Kindle. Subtitle is "The Art Of Being Right" Manuscript is done and at my editors desk now. The goal is to be available for purchase by the end of August 2013.

    What is amazing about this, or at least funny, is that I finished the first book, 14 small chapters in two hours and sent it off. Just to see if I could get published. The second book is my serious work.

Kenneth Stepp's Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Experience

    • Founder, director

      Project L.E.O
      • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
      June 2011 present (3 years 5 months)

      Helping law enforcement officers that have been injured or having a hard financial time. We just launched and are under funded but do what we can for those that stand on the front line for us. Under appreciated and deserving of our support.

  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Children
      • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
      • Economic Empowerment
      • Human Rights
      • Politics
      • Science and Technology
      • Social Services
      • PTSD, Returning combat vets
      • Law Enforcement
      • Georgia Carry
    • Organizations I support:

      • National Constitution Center
      • National Rifle Association
      • Constitutional Rights Foundation

Kenneth Stepp's Organizations

  • National Association Of Investigative Specialists


Kenneth Stepp's Languages

  • Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

    (Limited working proficiency)

Kenneth Stepp's Certifications

  • Georgia Certified Power Engineer

    • State of Georgia
    • January 1987

Kenneth Stepp's Publications

  • Kenneth Stepp's Blog

    • Tumblr, Wordpress,Digg,Etc
    • January 1, 2008
    Authors: Kenneth Stepp

    I have at any given time between 45,000 to 60,000 people in Georgia through my various social media outlets. My blog on Tumblr has been #1 in the US 2 times, and #1 worldwide once. I write on whatever is on my mind. I write a about economics, US and world monetary policy, global issues, and nonprofit news. I also predict with a good measure of accuracy economic and social events heading our way. I began in early 2008 and continue growing my audience to the present.

  • Social Media & Nonprofit

    • Self
    • January 1, 2013
    Authors: Kenneth Stepp

    Social Media


Kenneth Stepp's Education


BS, Criminal Science



Activities and Societies: None

BOMA Building Operations & Management Associates

Power Engineer, Power engineering


High rise building management and systems control.

Evangel Bible

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Bible, business


Kenneth Stepp's Additional Information


Security. Investigative work, Blogger, raising money for nonprofits, political activist. I have volunteered my time and talents in some missing child cases. Lately I have been studying Quantum physics, mechanics, entanglement, etc.Dr Michio Kaku is my online teacher. Mathematics rock.

Groups and Associations:

Gwinnett Ethics Inc, Georgia Ethics Inc, Project Law Enforcement Officer

Honors and Awards:

Top 5% viewed profiles on Linkedin (out of 200 million) for 2012.

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