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Karen Michelle Nutt

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Orange County, California Area
Writing and Editing

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Karen Michelle Nutt's Overview

  • Book Cover Artist at Gillian's Book Covers, "Judge Your Book By Its Cover"
  • Author at OtherWorldy Tales
  • Author/ Cover Book Artist at Western Trail Blazers
  • Author at Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing
  • Author at Victory Tales Press
  • Author at The Wild Rose Press
  • Author at Highland Press

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Karen Michelle Nutt's Summary

Karen Michelle Nutt is an award-winning author. Whether your reading fancy is paranormal, historical or time travel, all her stories capture the rich array of emotions that accompany the most fabulous human phenomena—falling in love.

Website: http://www.kmnbooks.com
Blog: http://kmnbooks.blogspot.com
email: info (at) kmn books (dot) com


*Book Cover Artist
*Book Reviewer

Karen Michelle Nutt's Experience

Book Cover Artist

Gillian's Book Covers, "Judge Your Book By Its Cover"

June 2013Present (1 year 4 months) http://judgeyourbookbyitscover.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_3.html

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Public Company; 201-500 employees; AMZN; Publishing industry

August 2011Present (3 years 2 months)

KDP Select and Createspace Tales that were previously published at Tease Publishing.

Author/ Cover Book Artist

Western Trail Blazers

June 2011Present (3 years 4 months)

Distinctive stories of the American West
A division of Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery
Romance, Historical, Suspense, Mystery, Adventure, Action, Horror, and all the varieties of Western reading you could wish for will be presented by our authors. Many have been writing Westerns since the 1970s and grew up during the days of such television series as Lancer, Maverick, The Rifleman, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Cheyenne, and lots more. These are authentic Western storytellers. But others are new, mixing modern ideas with a long enjoyed theme. We sincerely hope you will join us on the trail, whether you choose the tried and true or the greenhorn author. Western Trail Blazer novels always offer an entertaining, affordable experience.

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A large group of multi-talented authors working together, we want to bring you the best romance based anthologies possible.
We look forward to sharing our stories, in all sub-genres of romance, with you.
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Highland Press

June 2006Present (8 years 4 months)

Offering quality novels and anthologies
that capture the heart...
Romance, Historical, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal
Men's and Women's Fiction,
Inspirational, Young Adult, Children's...and more...

Karen Michelle Nutt's Honors and Awards

  • P.E.A.R.L. Finalist for Best Time Travel 2008

    PNR Paranormal Reviews
    • January 2008

    A Twist of Fate was a P.E.A.R.L Finalist for Best Time Travel 2008.

  • P.E.A.R.L ParaNormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature

    PNR Paranormal Reviews
    • January 2009

    Honorable Mention P.E.A.R.L ParaNormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature

  • RomCon Finalist for Sci-fi/Fantasy

    • July 2013

    RomCon Finalist for Sci-fi/Fantasy

Karen Michelle Nutt's Courses

  • Associate of Science (A.S.), Dental Assisting/Assistant

    Cypress College

    • Coronal Polishing, Xrays
  • Independent Coursework

    • Sign Lauguage

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  50. Content Writing

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Karen Michelle Nutt's Publications

  • Eli: Warriors for the Light

    • Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing
    • July 15, 2010

    At a very young age, the Rules of Conduct for the Fallen Angels were drummed into Eli Grigori’s head. Rule number one: Do not befriend a human. Rule number two: Do not interfere in their lives. Rule number three: Do not have relations with a human. Rule number four: Under no circumstances will you ever reveal your true self. He managed to break all of the above.

    Ol’ Hallow’s Eve is the day the veil between worlds is thin. It’s the only day out of the year the preternatural beings are allowed to walk among the humans as their true selves. With Eli’s wings bound and his glamour stripped, the Elders send him back in time before Ryden O’Sullivan knew the truth about him. If she is truly his soul mate, then her heart should recognize him.

    There are those among the Watchers who are afraid Eli might succeed in his quest for love. If he does, everything will change within the brethren. Hashasheen demons, assassins for hire, are sent to take out Eli and Ryden. Eli is a warrior and will fight to keep Ryden safe, but time may be his biggest enemy.

    The Elders gave him until the end of Ol’ Hallow’s Eve. Ryden must fall in love with him by then or his life will be forfeited

  • Moon Shifter

    • The Wild Rose Press
    • December 1, 2009

    It is forbidden for a moon shifter of The Mac Tíre clan to change a human and save them from death. Grayson Quinn, the alpha of the pack ignores the ancient rule when Sydney Carlisle, his fiancée is ravaged by one of his own kind.
    Sydney believes she is a monster, a werewolf. She flees before Grayson can help her adjust, but Grayson must find her. Sydney’s body is still changing and the were-lust will drive her crazy if not sated. He has until the full moon to help her tame the wolf inside and convince her she’s his soul mate. If he fails, he loses her forever.
    Sydney still craves Grayson’s touch, but can her heart forgive him for making her one of the Mac Tíre?

  • Second Time Around

    • Highland Press
    • December 10, 2009
    Authors: Karen Michelle Nutt, Cynthia Breeding, Kimberly Ivey, Gerri Bowen, Erin E.M. Hatton, Kristin Scott

    Winds of Destiny – Katherine was a top-notch negotiator for her law firm. Anderson was eager for the land. This should be as smooth as sailing gentle Gulf waters. Except Anderson sent his top man to broker the deal . . . and Katherine hadn’t planned on having to bargain with Michael Whitfield, the man who had broken her heart fifteen years ago, ever again.
    Lizzie’s Laces – With Lizzie’s father sick, possibly dying, Tony has appeared to bring Lizzie home. As they race against time to get Lizzie home before her father passes away, Tony and Lizzie rediscover the magic they’ve always shared. But when a storm blows up, threatening the ship and all of their lives, Tony will have to confront his greatest fear. Can he love Lizzie and still love the sea? Does being the fastest also have to mean being alone?

    The Spirit of Love – A tragic accident leaves Brynna and Travis devastated. Instead of turning to each other for comfort, they drift apart. However, they must complete one more assignment-set on an old ship, The Queen Mary, during Yule, one of the most haunted times in the Celtic calendar. It is believed souls of the dead prevail and anam cara-soul friends can visit. Will Travis and Brynna confront the spirit of love, allowing them a chance to heal and find their way back to each other?

    The Garden Swing – When Tess tries out an old, unique swing in the garden, she hurtles back in time, and to the arms of the house’s handsome owner, Hugh MacAllister. She faces the hardest choice of her life: to return to her own time, or to stay and become a part of history.

    Only and Always You – Ten years ago, two hearts were broken. Will Viscount Seton and Lady Claire be able to set aside their hurt and betrayal to have a second chance at love with each other?

    Special of the Day – Nick Delatorre’s college sweetheart opened a restaurant next door to his and is stealing all his customers. For Nick, revenge has never tasted sweeter, and now he’s going to dish it back out-a la mode!

  • Creighton Manor

    • Amazon
    • May 15, 2012

    (Previously published by Tease Publishing 2010)
    The last thing that Gillian Metcalf remembers before she passes out is being aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, where she witnessed a dog disappearing as if it were a phantom. Now she's aboard the riverboat, Ida Belle, traveling down the muddy Mississippi. It is 1870, where men carry guns and throw knives. It is a time where reputations mean everything. Before she can determine how she's miraculously stepped from one world into another, she is being forced to marry Zachary Creighton. Trouble follows the man and it looks like she's along for the ride. As she attempts to understand why she was sent back to 1870, she struggles to come to terms with her own desires that tempt her to surrender to a man she barely knows. Zachary Creighton, a gambler with one goal: to win back Creighton Manor. Marriage was not part of this plan. To keep peace with his reluctant bride, he makes a bargain with her. He needs someone to tutor his nephew Tyler, and she needs a roof over her head until they can annul their sham of a marriage. Never did he expect his bride to be embraced into the family fold by his grandmother, Lotti. However, the biggest surprise of all is that he finds himself falling for her charms. When the reason for Gillian's appearance into Zachary's world is finally revealed, their love for each other will be tested. Gillian will have to make a difficult decision before she can find happiness. The stakes are high, but Zachary will risk it all to win Gillian's heart.

  • A Halloween Collection Anthology-Stimulating

    • Victory Tales Press
    • October 1, 2010
    Authors: Karen Michelle Nutt, Cheryl Pierson, Laura Shinn, Rebecca Vickery

    Four stimulating Halloween stories by four multi-published authors intended to satisfy your romantic cravings. Tastefully presented, highly sensual, novellas designed for those who want to know the more intimate details of a relationship. The Curse of Tempest Gate by Karen Michelle Nutt Clarity Shaw, a reporter for Unbelievable Finds, seeks answers concerning the curse of Tempest Gate Cemetery, but she finds out more than she bargains for when she sits in the devil's chair. Two entities need her for their own personal reasons, but only one will demand her heart. Always and Forever by Cheryl Pierson At a children's Halloween carnival, a Gypsy fortuneteller predicts a new love for both Cindy and Gage. When the two meet over a poorly carved pumpkin, love flickers to life and the stars begin to align. After all, Gage has been burned before and Cindy doesn't believe in fortunes or second chances. Can the star-crossed pair put their faith in the love that was foretold? Conceived in Darkness by Laura Shinn Orekon, a desperate Astovian prince, has three days to find a mate, become mated to her, and return to his world. Kathryn Schaffer is from Earth, a mild woman who plays in the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. The attraction for Orekon is immediate, but Kathryn is kept in the dark, literally. She must trust her instincts and feelings to make the most important decision of her life. Will she trust a complete stranger, even though her heart sings when she's in his arms? A Haunting Love by Rebecca J. Vickery Trudy decides she must have lost her mind by agreeing to house-sit a huge old Victorian during Halloween week. Lights switching on and odd noises lead to her meeting a certain, handsome police officer. The scare is almost worth a chance at love-until the ghost takes over on All Hallow's Eve.

  • Destiny's Prerogative

    • KDP Select/Createsapce
    • August 15, 2010

    (Previously Published by Tease Publishing 2008)
    They were destined to be lovers long before he touched her soul and she saved his life. When Dr. Shay McCormick died, there was no white light, no loved one to comfort her. There was a half-man, half-jaguar there to greet her. He's a descendant of the nagual, a spirit guide. It isn't her time and he leads her to safety. Shay wants proof shapeshifters exist. Her curiosity leads her into a world of danger and to Gabriel Cruzado. Fate threw them together, but despite their differences, they work together, trying to eliminate the threat that will destroy their future.

  • At the Stroke of Midnight

    • OtherWorldly Romances
    • July 1, 2008

    Tricia Lancaster, a reporter for a small time newspaper volunteered to cover the story of Dean McCloud's life. Even though the actor died before she was born, she felt a connection to him. She thought if she wrote the story, her curiosity would be satisfied and she could move on with her life. When she's miraculously transported back in time and she finds out it's a few days before Dean killed himself, she realizes she has a chance to save him. However, after meeting the overconfident movie star, she's convinced he didn't kill himself. Someone else pulled the trigger. Dean McCloud thinks Tricia is trippin' when she tells him she's from the future. However, when Tricia's predictions start coming true, Dean realizes maybe she's not a crazy chick after all. Someone murdered him and they have until the Stroke of Midnight on New Years Eve to find out who wants him dead. (Note: Previous release Amazon Short. Revised and edited by Otherworldly Romances.)

  • A Twist of Fate

    • Amazon
    • March 15, 2012

    (Previously Published by Tease Publishing 2008)
    Has a twist of fate sent her back in time? This is a question which plagues Arianna Ward when she wakes up to find her memory in fragments, like a long forgotten dream.

    Everyone claims her name is Annabelle. The year is 1814 and she’s married to Captain Keldon Buchanan, a man who despises her. The more she learns about her life, the more she realizes why she’s chosen to forget it. She’s a liar and an adulteress. She doesn’t understand why she wanted to destroy her marriage when her heart tells her she belongs with Keldon.

    Keldon harbors his own secrets. He’s the Highland Pirate and secrecy is the difference between life and death. He doesn’t trust his wife, but he finds his heart softening to the woman his wife has become. If he didn’t know better, he’d swear he’s married to another woman and he’s fallen in love with her.

  • Autumn Moon

    • OtherWorldly Romances
    • June 15, 2010

    (Previously published by Tease Publishing (2008)
    Jairec's holiday in San Francisco turned into a living
    nightmare when he's attacked by a chiang-shih, a Chinese vampire. He has until the end of the Moon Festival to convince Autumn, an herbalist, to hand over the elixir of life. Without it he will become the white-haired demon for all eternity. Only Autumn believes he's delusional. The elixir of life is a legend.

    When a mysterious attack leaves the victim drained of blood,
    Autumn is forced to believe monsters really do exist. The master
    chiang-shih is raising an army with the intent of taking over Chinatown and he is determined to have Jairec and Autumn at his side.

  • Lost in the Mist of Time

    • Amazon
    • August 5, 2013

    Note from the Author:
    August 2013

    Lost in the Mist of Time is available again! I received my rights back and have released the 2nd edition through KDP Select and Createspace. Enjoy Dougray and Aislinn's story again or if you're reading Lost in the Mist of Time for the first time, enjoy the magic!

    Aislinn Hennessy pens tales of courage, loyalty, and true love, but her heroes of old are pure fantasy--figments of her imagination. She long ago gave up thinking a knight in shining armor would sweep her off her feet, but then she never expected to run him off the road either.

    Sir Dougray Fitzpatrick has buried one wife and vows to never love again--but destiny has other plans for this 16th century Irish Lord. During a battle, a mist separates Dougray from his men and casts him into the future. Dougray must return to Dunhaven and to his century, but Aislinn follows him into the mist, leaving him no choice, but to take her home with him.

    Conspiracies, feuds and unexpected violence are commonplace threats, but along the way, Aislinn and Dougray discover a surprise neither one expects: a chance for love even when they're Lost in the Mist of Time.

  • Heart of a Warrior

    • Amazon
    • November 11, 2011

    (Previously published by Tease Publishing 2010)
    Scathach is the Warrior Goddess from the Isle of Skye. When a young boy pleads for the goddess to guide his Uncle Trey, his prayers do not go unheard. However, she is surprised to find, Trey Brennan, not on a battlefield but in a hospital room, hooked to monitors, his body rejecting a bone marrow transplant. She would accept the challenge and educate Trey in the art of warfare. A war was a war no matter where the battle was held. Be it on the fields of heather with an army or an illness attacking the body. Both held the enemy that needed to be defeated.

    Trey Brennan knew he was dying, but he awakes in another realm where the goddess Scathach wants to teach him to be a warrior. He is sure he's dreaming, but what did he have to lose? He would train and he would fight. Perhaps his destiny on the Isle of Skye would also change his path in his world.

  • Black Donald's Coin

    • Amazon
    • April 9, 2009

    (Previously Published with Tease Publishing 2009)
    When George Fraser walks into the office, Dr. Eddie Kantor never thought his soul would be put on the line. George possesses a coin with words embedded within the metal.

    Words are powerful, like an incantation used for good or for evil. Could the coin be an instrument to put forth a spell? Eddie is about to find out that some wishes come with a hefty price.

  • A Western Saga

    • Victory Tales Press
    • May 1, 2011
    Authors: Karen Michelle Nutt, Cheryl Pierson, , Cindy Carrier

    Western Saga Anthology

    Storm Riders (steam punk/western/time travel) “Storm Riders is a tale of how the wild west would look if the future came for a visit.”

    Three destinies, three paths for each decision a person makes, but if one of the roads becomes tangled, a Storm Rider must step in and repair the rift before the dimensions collide.

    Samantha Skelley and Denny Randeli are sent to 1879 Bodie, California, one of the wildest towns of the west. It should have been an easy snatch and rescue, but Ace McTavish is determined to put himself in harms way. Samantha and Denny are forced to help him with his plans before they take the next storm ride home.

    Samantha and Ace’s attraction for each other sparks into forbidden territory, both knowing their relationship can never be. However, fate may surprise the star-crossed lovers and rewrite the passage of time.

    The other stories:
    Every Girl's Dream by Cheryl Pierson Forced to leave home in shame, Sheena McTavish is surprised by the kindness of a stranger. Callen Chandler, a U.S. Army scout, is stricken with compassion for the young woman.

    Along Came Will by Celia Yeary: Kathryn McTavish leads a full life. But recently, something is missing. Will seeks her company, yet proclaims he'll soon be off to look for adventure. Confusing to Kathryn, but is Will the most confused of all?

    Safe Hands by Cindy Carrier: Elisabeth Franklin widowed and aging, is terrified of strangers. Despite her neighbor's advice, she helps an injured Lane McBride, who fits a bank robber's description. Then the outlaws come calling.

  • Lucca: Warriors for the Light (Fallen Angels, Book 2)

    • Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing
    • May 15, 2011

    Lucca Marlowe is half human, half angel, one of the Nephilim. Banished for crimes against one of his fellow brethren, the elders bind his glamour and wings, casting him to the human's realm. He'll either learn to respect his human side of existence or live out eternity trying.

    Lucca does not live a mundane life. Angels and demons demand he do their bidding. His estrange father resurfaces after centuries of being absent and he's brought a friend from Hell.

    To make his life more complicated, he fears he found his soul mate in a human female. Only Juliet Romeo has a secret that will bring the wrath of Heaven down upon their heads.

    It's a race against time to find out who will end up with his soul.

  • Wanted

    • Western Trail Blazers
    • June 1, 2011

    Sheriff Jace Kelly’s wife died giving birth to his remarkable daughter, Emma. She inherited the families’ seer abilities, but being only six-years old, she has the tendency not to know the difference between a vision and just an ordinary dream. So Jace doesn’t put too much faith in Emma’s recent premonition: marriage for him and a new mother for her, all because she wished upon a Christmas star.

    When JoBeth Riley arrives in town, Emma is convinced this is the woman she dreamed about: dark hair, green eyes and shamrocks in her pocket. Only there’s one problem, she’s the notorious outlaw, Baby Face Jo.

    JoBeth’s stay in the lumber town is meant to keep Shane Maverick, the leader of the outlaw gang from finding her and breaking her out of jail before the authorities have time to devise a plan to capture him.

    JoBeth finds the Kellys a strange lot. A little girl, who believes her dreams are tales of the future and the rugged sheriff whose kindness proves a distraction. She’s an outlaw for heaven’s sake, but Jace is bound and determined to steal her heart.

  • A Historical Collection

    • Victory Tales Press
    • May 1, 2011
    Authors: Karen Michelle Nutt, Cheryl Pierson, Miriam Newman, kate kindle

    The Devil's Wolf by Karen Michelle Nutt
    Lady Catrione Johnstone knows of the Devil’s Wolf and his ruthless exploits. However, the myth is nothing like the man. In his arms, she forgets he is her enemy. Will the magic of love bring peace to the feuding clans or will it only inflame the hostilities?

    A Tale from the Red Chest by Kate Kindle
    The coal mines of the late nineteenth century were dark death traps run by relentless owners. Jack Barrett is a miner. He begins to disappear at odd times, leaving his wife, Maddy, to wonder what he could be up to. Can the love of a steadfast woman keep her mystery man coming home?

    Deirdre by Miriam Newman
    Testimony to the living power of legend, “Deirdre” is the retelling of a time-honored Irish tale, “Deirdre and the Sons of Usna.” Her bewitching beauty spells doom for those she loves best, yet Deirdre of the Sorrows is also born with the most blessed gift of all—that of a true heart.

    Jason's Angel by Cheryl Pierson
    Sabrina Patrick does the unthinkable and brings two wounded Union soldiers into her Confederate home. Jason McCain is grateful, but what possible reason could an angel have for bringing him and his brother here?

  • Love's Eternal Embrace

    • Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing
    • October 1, 2011

    A knight...

    A lady...

    And a deadly dark secret...

    A fiend dwells in the forest and Sir Liam Cantwell sets out to slay it. Only the fiend is a fair maiden named Glamis Drui. Will Liam fall prey to her deadly embrace or will his knightly charms be her undoing?

  • Mr. O'Grady's Magic Box

    • Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing
    • October 15, 2011

    Blurb: Aubrey Jules, a reporter from Unbelievable Finds is sent to investigate a box, which is reputably older than time and crafted by the wee folks. Mr. O’Grady, owner of the bed and breakfast in Dana Point, California, convinces Aubrey to wish for a soul mate. When Ian Quinn, who abandoned Aubrey ten years ago, walks in she’s convinced the fairies have a wicked sense of humor.

  • Twilight's Eternal Embrace

    • Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing (PbRJV)
    • October 1, 2012

    The Oiche Sith, the blood drinkers, forged an alliance with the Lathe Sith, a neighboring daywalker clan. The Oiche Sith would protect them from invaders in exchange that one female a year wed one of their warriors for the blooding ritual. Unfortunately, the female Lathe Sith never survives for very long.

    Adryanna, a Lathe Sith, mourns the death of her recently mated sister, but she finds solace in the most unlikely place—in the arms of Bram, an Oiche Sith. She should fear him, loathe his existence, but instead she longs for their twilight embraces. Bram admires Adryanna’s strength and wishes only to protect her, even if it’s from him.

    If Bram cannot find a way for Adryanna to survive the blooding ritual the romance is doomed. They seek help from Sheerin, Bram’s cousin, who believes he’s found a way for the Lathe Sith to survive, but others in the Oiche Sith clan do not wish for them to succeed.

  • 2012 Fall/Paranormal Collection

    • Victory Tales Press
    • October 1, 2012
    Authors: Karen Michelle Nutt, Cate Abbott, Stephanie Burkhart, Gerald Costlow, Sarah McNeal

    Five stories to stir the heart... ~Love is Eternal by Cate Abbott~ Falling in love with a man from work is dangerous enough. What could Angelique possibly be thinking when she goes on a weekend trip – over Halloween, no less – with this dark haired, mysterious male? ~Shattered Illusions by Karen Michelle Nutt~ Blood stained floors appear and disappear, low whispering voices greet her as a storm causes the lights to flicker. Brona must put her fears behind her and unravel the mystery that haunts the house. ~Night of Magic by Stephanie Burkhart~ It's 800 A.D. on the Emerald Isle. Samhain. Dark. Dangerous. Powerful. Dare Finn brave the bonfires to bring Aithne home? ~Magic Words by Gerald Costlow~ Hundreds of years ago, Felipe was cursed to be an immortal frog. Now only the lovely Evelyn can break his curse – if he can convince her that the handsome man she met just this morning is not crazy. ~The Curse of the Amber Tomb by Sarah J. McNeal~ A handsome photographer who is afraid of heights and a lady archeologist afraid to love must face their fears when they discover a terrible and deadly secret in an ancient tomb.

  • Storm Riders

    • Western Trail Blazers
    • August 28, 2010

    The day before his scheduled hanging, Ace McTavish is visited by an unusual, captivating woman who points a knife at his throat and then kisses him breathless. With a promise of rescue before the big event, Samantha Skelley reluctantly leaves her latest assignment in his jail cell.

    With her partner, Denny Randeli, she's been sent to 1879 in the boomtown of Bodie, California, not only to keep this man from hanging, but to make sure he stays alive afterward.

    However, Ace has an agenda of his own, and Sammy and Denny soon learn keeping him alive might not be as easy as it sounds.

  • The Devil's Wolf

    • Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing (PbRJV)
    • April 1, 2012

    Romance Historical Novella ~ Sensual ~
    When Archie Maxwell is accused falsely of killing a Johnstone, his brother, Waylon, known as the Devil's Wolf, sets out to save him. His bargaining tool is the Johnstone's daughter, Catrione. He plans to ransom her for his brother's release, but once he lays eyes on her, his plans take another turn.

    Lady Catrione Johnstone knows of the Devil’s Wolf and his ruthless exploits. Catrione vows she will fight him to the end. However, the myth is nothing like the man. In his arms, she forgets he is her enemy.
    Will the magic of love finally bring peace to these two feuding clans or will it only inflame the hostility to a bloody end?

  • Love's Eternal Embrace

    • Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing (PbRJV)
    • September 1, 2011

    Paranormal Romance novella - sensual

    A knight...
    A lady...
    And a deadly dark secret...

    A fiend dwells in the forest and Sir Liam Cantwell sets out to slay it. Only the fiend is a fair maiden named Glamis Drui. Will Liam fall prey to her deadly embrace or will his knightly charms be her undoing?

  • 2012 Christmas Collection

    • Victory Tales Press
    • November 2012
    Authors: Karen Michelle Nutt, Cheryl Pierson, Chuck Tyrell, John Duncklee, Gerald Costlow, Joshua R. Shinn, Stephanie Burkhart

    ~ Seven short stories by seven multi-talented authors in settings to make any season extra special ~ The Wishing Tree by Cheryl Pierson ~ A war veteran with visible and invisible scars, mostly a loner, meets a special woman and her son. Will he provide their tree for Christmas and change his own life forever? Holiday Surprise by John Duncklee ~ Joe and Marge, once high school sweethearts, travel different paths when Joe decides to become a cowboy. Years later, on a special Christmas Eve, Santa Claus brings Joe a surprise. Snowy Cocoon by Joshua R. Shinn ~ Ryan Yamada meets his former childhood email pal, Yuki Stanton, during high school. Will their friendship and blossoming love for each other persist despite her domineering father? Gifts by Stephanie Burkhart ~ Will Christian and Famke's attraction interfere with them earning a spot on the Netherlands Olympic pairs skating team? Must they push aside their feelings to succeed? Kimberly's Christmas Cake by Chuck Tyrell ~ The year Kimberly turned eighteen, she made an extra effort to learn lots of woman things. Would baking a special Christmas cake for Russ Taklin help prove she had grown up? Family Heirloom by Gerald Costlow ~ Alone at Christmas, Marian discovers an antique angel in ornaments from the attic. When she places it atop the tree, she begins a journey through time and her life will never be the same. Mistletoe, Stakes, and Yuletide Cheer by Karen Michelle Nutt ~ Cassandra Hayes has been dating Tremayne Graystone. What’s a hunter to do when she’s fallen for the vampire she’s been sent to stake?

  • Soul Taker

    • Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing
    • March 13, 2013

    ~ An exciting, contemporary paranormal story of good versus evil from award-winning, bestselling author Karen Michelle Nutt ~

    No soul is safe...
    A vampire from the Grim Sith sept is sucking the souls out of young women from the Boston area, but this sinister crime is far worse than a vampire seeking substance. He's selling the souls to the highest bidder and it seems business is booming.

    A vampire, a werewolf, and a Necromancer are a most unlikely team, but Garran, Harrison, and Isabella plan on putting a kink in the dubbed Soul Taker's plans. It's personal now. One of their friends has fallen victim to the Soul Taker's charms, but to stop him from hurting anyone else, their efforts may involve raising the dead.

  • Mistletoe, Stakes, and Yuletide Cheer

    • Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing
    • August 1, 2013

    ~ A paranormal short from Karen Michelle Nutt, award winning author and cover designer. This story of romance, with a Christmas setting, is exciting reading year round. ~

    What’s a hunter to do when she’s fallen for the vampire she’s been sent to stake? Cassandra Hayes has been dating Tremayne Graystone, the vampire she’s been sent to eliminate.

    To stake or not to stake is the least of their problems when masked men kidnap them and hold them hostage. They realize all they want for Christmas is a chance to make their relationship work. Kisses under the mistletoe may not make this holiday merry, but they’re willing to give it a shot.

Karen Michelle Nutt's Education

Cypress College

Associate of Science (A.S.), Dental Assisting/Assistant


Golden West College

Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.), RDA, Cornal Polishing, Xrays


Karen Michelle Nutt's Additional Information


Time Travels have been a passion of mine. I have always been intrigued with the possibility of being able to reach back in time and change the past. Common sense says influencing the past is impossible, but I can’t help but wonder: What if I can? Vampires and shape shifters embrace my darker side where their worlds intertwine with ours with a wee bit of magic. In my spare time, I review for Paranormal Reviews, a great place to find paranormal books and other genres. I love to travel and have enjoyed the rolling green hills of Ireland; the Italian renaissance of Florence, Italy; the wild west of Tombstone, Arizona; the historical essence of Salem and Boston, Massachusetts as well as the intrigue of St Augustine, Florida.

Groups and Associations:
Honors and Awards:

Lost in the Mist of Time won Best Fantasy Award
A Twist of Fate was a finalist in the P.E.A.R.L Awards for Best Time Travel and The Object of Romance was selected for Top Ten Best Read at P&E.

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