Justin Bongard

Justin Bongard

Enjoying now working at Thorlo for a Year!

Statesville, North Carolina (Charlotte, North Carolina Area)

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Justin Bongard's Overview

  • Software Developer at Thorlo
  • Owner at Justin's IT Support
  • University of Virginia's College at Wise
  • Dominion High School

183 connections

Justin Bongard's Summary

Specialties: IT Support, computer programming, interface design, computer building, virtualization.
Home improvement handyman (floorer, electrician, plumber, etc)

Justin Bongard's Experience

Software Developer


Public Company; 501-1000 employees; Textiles industry

July 2013Present (1 year 3 months) Statesville, NC



Justin's IT Support

January 2007Present (7 years 9 months) https://www.facebook.com/JustinsItConsulting

Need help with any sort of electronic device? I'm just a message away for a vast array of solutions for you. If you have any needs not listed on my page, just ask. I am sure I can help.

+ Diagnosing is free
+ $20/hr is my rate. You will not believe how much I can get done in that amount of time
+ $10 fee if I meet you. I can come to your house or a place like a library
+ $50 is usually what wiping a computer costs. This includes: reloading Windows, restoring your documents and programs, removing unneeded preinstalled software, updating, configuring for you, speeding it up, etc. This process usually takes 4 or more hours.

By "devices" I mean basically anything that uses electricity: computers, smartphones, tablets, programs, TVs, stereos, consoles, WiFi routers, etc.

Just a few of our commonly used services:
+ Recommend hardware to purchase to improve experience
+ Speed up any slow device by cleaning it up or installing hardware
+ Fix any desktop computer issues, period
+ Build or upgrade a computer to perfectly fit your needs and budget
+ Tutor how to do use devices, websites, programs, etc
+ If needed, refer you to my friend who does anything I do not like replace broken screens and hinges
+ Try to recover important files you have lost
+ Any advice about anything
+ Answer any questions about digital privacy you have concerns about
+ Securely wipe or protect files
+ Reset passwords to devices or websites
+ Set up devices to be ready for use, like WiFi routers

I also will do many other things too like wiring a home for speakers, Ethernet, cable, intercom, etc, as long as it is fairly straightforward. I can recommend the perfect technological solution to anything you want. From choosing the right mouse to choosing the right $3,000 computer or TV to buy. I can help you make a very informed, confident decision on your next big investment.

Justin Bongard's Projects

  • USGS Museum Website

    • December 2010 to Present
    Team Members: Justin Bongard, Bethany Girardi, Jennifer Stafford

    I taught myself to code in the required language, ASP. Website I made from virtually scratch in less than a month. Website now shows up very often in Google searches and page views are many times higher. I also took virtually all photos, Photoshopped, uploaded to database, used in website.

Justin Bongard's Test Scores

  • Typing Speed Test

    • April 2013
    • Score: Good


    Average Standard Gross WPM: 52
    Average Standard Net WPM: 50
    Average KPH: 15,627
    Average KPM: 260
    Average Accuracy: 96%
    Average Actual Gross WPM: 44
    Average Actual Net WPM: 42

  • HTML 4.01

    • April 2013
    • Score: Strong, 73%


  • Linux

    • April 2013
    • Score: Moderate, 60%


  • Microsoft Windows XP

    • April 2013
    • Score: Very Strong, 87%


  • PC Hardware

    • April 2013
    • Score: Strong, 80%


  • Networking Essentials

    • April 2013
    • Score: Very Strong, 90%


  • TCP/IP

    • April 2013
    • Score: Strong, 80%


Justin Bongard's Organizations


    • July 2010 to Present


    This site keeps track and manages my BOINC account. Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is an open source middleware system for volunteer and grid computing. It was originally developed to support the SETI@home project before it became useful as a platform for other distributed applications in areas as diverse as mathematics, medicine, molecular biology, climatology, and astrophysics. The intent of BOINC is to make it possible for researchers to tap into the enormous processing power of personal computers around the world.

  • Wesley Foundation

    Board Member, Student Leader
    • August 2010 to August 2013

    Methodist Organization on UVa-Wise's campus

Justin Bongard's Publications

Justin Bongard's Courses

  • BS, Computer Science

    University of Virginia's College at Wise

    • Programming in C# (CSC 2230)
    • Computer Graphics (CSC 4400)
    • Foundations of Economics (ECO 1050)
    • Marriage and Family (SOC 15501)
    • Advance Database Systems (CSC 4110)
    • Programming Languages (CSC 4200)
    • Introduction to Linear Algebra (MTH 3130)
    • General Physics Lab II (PHY 2020)
    • College Physics II (Cal-based) (PHY 3020)
    • Discrete Structures (CSC 3710)
    • Computer Architecture (CSC 4300)
    • Computer Networks (CSC 4350)
    • Web Technology (CSC 3750)
    • Operating Systems: Theory/Practice (CSC 4001)
    • Western Literature (ENG 3060)
    • College Chemistry 1 & Lab (CHM 1010 &1011)
    • Introduction to Algorithms (CSC 3180)
    • Calculus II (MTH 2050)
    • Intro to Human Computer Interaction (CSC 3260)
    • Software Construction Technology (SWE 2130)
    • Testing Verification and Validation (SWE 2210)
    • Digital Photography (ART 3950)
    • Software Engineering (CSC 2300)
    • Unix Systems (CSC 3250)
    • Conditioning (PED 2430)
    • Data Structures (CSC 2180)
    • Composition (Eng 1010 & 1020)
    • Western Civilization 1 & 2 (HIS 1010 & 1020)
    • Elementary Probability and Statistics (MTH 1180)
    • Foundations of Programming C/C++ (CSC 1180)
    • Highland Chorale (MUS 1154)
    • Logic 1 (PHI 1030)
    • Accelerated Elementary Spanish (SPA 1030)
    • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 1100)

Justin Bongard's Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Experience

    • Donor

      Marsh Regional Blood Center
      • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
      August 2007 present (7 years 2 months)

      I go out of my way to find someplace I can donate as soon as I am allowed again.

  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Animal Welfare
      • Children
      • Civil Rights and Social Action
      • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
      • Economic Empowerment
      • Education
      • Environment
      • Health
      • Human Rights
      • Politics
      • Poverty Alleviation
      • Science and Technology
      • Social Services
    • Organizations I support:

      • American Red Cross
      • World Food Programme
      • Be The Match operated by National Marrow Donor Program
      • Operation Christmas Child
      • Marsh Blood Donation
      • BONIC

Justin Bongard's Skills & Expertise

  1. Virtualization
  2. Programming
  3. Web Development
  4. Windows
  5. PHP
  6. Linux
  7. C++
  8. Microsoft Office
  9. Android
  10. Hardware
  11. SQL
  12. HTML
  13. Python
  14. Ubuntu
  15. Photoshop
  16. Troubleshooting
  17. Customer Service
  18. Software Development
  19. Leadership
  20. Building Computers
  21. Teaching
  22. Social Networking
  23. System Administration
  24. Windows XP
  25. VMware Workstation
  26. User Interface Design
  27. C
  28. Wordpress
  29. Servers
  30. Software Documentation
  31. Software Engineering
  32. Documentation
  33. Mac OS
  34. iOS
  35. Technical Support
  36. Data Recovery
  37. Secure Data Erasing
  38. Encryption
  39. Java
  40. Visual Studio
  41. .NET

View All (41) Skills View Fewer Skills

Justin Bongard's Education

University of Virginia's College at Wise

BS, Computer Science


Notable classes: Advanced Database, Linear Algebra, Physics (Electronics), Computer Architecture, Networking, Web Tech, Algorithms, Digital Photography

Activities and Societies: Leader of the Wesley Foundation 08-11, Wesley Singers 08-11, Founder, President, Vice-President and now member of ACM student chapter 08-10

Dominion High School

Advanced Diploma, Biology, Computer Science


+ Loved taking AP Biology and after, that Independent Science Research, which we learned but also worked on a science fair project. Mine placed 4th in category in state science fair for my "Cooling with Thermoacoustics" project. It used sound waves to extract heat from a tube, like a compressor would.

Activities and Societies: Highly involved in Band and Choir

Justin Bongard's Additional Information


Biking, hiking, photography, computers, handyman stuff, music, and technology.

Groups and Associations:
Honors and Awards:

Received three total STAR award (cash bonus) while working for the USGS. Twice in my first two years working there; one my last year. One was for several money-saving ideas which included a plan to install software on all of the thousands of computers to turn off on the weekends. Even with the expensive cost of software and installation, it payed for itself in less than 5 months.

1st place in catagory at Loudoun Regional Science Fair 2007.
Honorable mention in category at State Science Fair 2007.

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