Joseph Evers

Chief Executive Officer

Greater Los Angeles Area
Investment Management

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Joseph Evers's Overview

  • CEO at Dramatica, Inc
  • Partner at Stochastic Insight Greater Hedged Trust
  • Partner at One Truth Security Partners

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Joseph Evers' Summary

I'm Joseph Evers.

I'm a leader, an engineer, a pastor, a trader, a compliance artist, an investor and one of the best hackers in the world. You've been referred to me because you need a man that can make the impossible possible.

Call me! (479) 363-1488.


Options and bonds. Compliance and liability reduction. FIX protocol. Natural charm. Good looks. Skilled fingers. Tactical shorts. Strategic longs.

Deliverability: PowerMTA, Ironport, Message Systems

Joseph Evers' Experience


Dramatica, Inc

January 2005Present (9 years 9 months)

I am the man behind several top-ranking websites, the most commonly known being web culture meme wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica. Dramatica Inc also operates a private, invite-only lead brokerage and ad lead futures market. We do direct sales and lead generation via email (exclusively on PowerMTA, the choice of smart and beautiful whitelisted inboxers everywhere), SMS, chirp, and PSTN. With our skiptracing department, we do unique levels of research on lead targets normally unheard of in the lead generation industry, including background checks, ID verification, medical and credit histories and family studies. I've juggled varnish, squid, apache, lighttpd, nginx, mysql and memcached to service tens of millions of web requests daily. I've started my own CPM ad network and done extensive ad leads contacts all across the industry, making connections at AdTech, Affiliate Summit and countless CPA, CPM and CPC ad networks. Extensive merchandising and supply chain experience as well as consumer research and category management.


Stochastic Insight Greater Hedged Trust

2003Present (11 years)

I created and ran a privately-held blackbox hedge fund based off of a proprietary, in-house FIX protocol implementation. We cribbed custom algorithms from bioinformatics, were the first to apply autocorrelation attacks to the market, and first to apply wavelets to price stochastics. As part of the management of this fund, we created our own international shipping arm to ease exploitation of petrodollar/petroeuro arbitrage. The chief chunks of our fund are global macro, managed futures and short bias, but you name it-- options, swaps, rate agreements, bonds-- we trade it in the course of a given week.


One Truth Security Partners

May 2002Present (12 years 5 months)

I run a security consulting group that has secured mercantile exchanges internationally. I have extensive experience compromising and securing applications and network infrastructure. I am familiar with the active use of CORE Impact, CANVAS, Nessus, Nmap, Snort, Wireshark, Metasploit, Aircrack, Ettercap, Retina and Rainbow Tables for network intrusion. I've done a little reveng with IDA Pro. I have created and managed cryptographic key presharing and PKI for many applications. I have written fuzzers. I am extremely adept at identifying, exploiting and preventing cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection vulnerabilities and well-versed in the best tools for this job such as Burp Suite.

Quantitative Analyst/Broker/Other

Bear Stearns

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; BSC; Financial Services industry

June 1998March 2008 (9 years 10 months)

I worked multidisciplinary roles across broker, analyst, sales, managerial, engineering, information security, systems, and networking fields. I also served in both quantitative and qualitative analytical consultancies.

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