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Jon Anscher

Instructional Designer at the University of Washington

Greater Seattle Area
  1. University of Washington,
  2. Jon Anscher Consulting,
  3. Jon Anscher Photography
  1. Northwest Regional Primary Care Association,
  2. Northwest Teambuilding,
  3. Washington Virtual Academy
  1. University of Washington
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University of Washington

University of Washington

Instructional Designer

– Present

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I have worked in the field of education since I was in high school. I began as a ropes course facilitator and outdoor educator and continued to add camp counsellor and eventually classroom and online teacher to my list of jobs. I am an online teacher, a curriculum specialist, a web developer, a writer, a challenge course facilitator, and an aspiring project manager.

I am seeking to break into the creative / technology sector towards the path of becoming a project manager and eventually working with innovative teams to help increase productivity and develop unique, creative solutions.

Specialties:Challenge Course Facilitation, Online Education, Web and Print Design, Technical Writing, Photography


University of Washington

Master of Science (MS), Human Centered Design and Engineering

University of Puget Sound

Master of Arts (MA), Teaching, 3.83

Activities and Societies: Passages, Backpacking TA

University of Puget Sound

BA, Philosophy, 3.2

10 credits in English, particularly focused in creative writing, 3 courses in geology, a year of intermediate (200 level) college spanish

Activities and Societies: Residence Hall Association, Resident Student Association, Leadership is Action Council, Casino Night, Puget Sound Outdoors, Passages, Backpacking TA, Geology TA


Instructional Designer

University of Washington
– Present (11 months)Seattle, WA

• Developed an online course for the Office of Research Information Services (ORIS)
• Administer and teach classes on how to use SAGE, FIDS, SPAERC, and other ORIS software tools.
• Collaborate with project leads to determine current and future training needs.


Jon Anscher Consulting
– Present (2 years 6 months)Greater Seattle Area

Work as a freelance technical writer, web designer, and photographer.


Jon Anscher Photography
– Present (3 years 8 months)Greater Seattle Area

Sell photography through local markets and on occasion work as a professional or event photographer.

Challenge Course Facilitator, Trainer, and Contractor

Northwest Teambuilding
– Present (7 years 1 month)Seattle, WA

• Role changed as my responsibilities as a lead instructional designer at the University of Washington increased.
• Help groups maximize productivity, develop problem-solving skills, and learn the innovative process
• Continue to assist certain clients with developing a program for their goals.
• Train staff both internally and externally.
• Assist as Zip Tour Guide.

Distance Learning Coordinator

Northwest Regional Primary Care Association
(2 years)greater seattle area

• Develop and implement online trainings using ReadyTalk and Moodle
• Plan, seek funding, and implement improved AV strategy for conferences
• Dramatically increase the quantity and quality of video and audio content capture from conferences and trainings
• Edit and deploy multimedia content for asynchronous courses.
• Research, strategize, and implement educational technology
• Develop interactive courses using best practices in online learning
• Doubled the revenue of the Distance Learning program in the first year
• Support clients and staff with technology issues related to online learning technology

Program Director

Northwest Teambuilding
(6 years 7 months)Greater Seattle Area

• Increasing roles and responsibility from freelance facilitator to program director
• Organize and lead static, low, vertical playpen and portable challenge course experiences for a variety of groups
• Coordinated logistics and paperwork to create a smooth client experience
• Supervised 25–35 staff to ensure safe operation and meet client goals
• Help groups maximize productivity, develop problem-solving skills, and learn the innovative process
• Create marketing materials and seek new clients and staff
• Create and maintain social networking presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+
• Develop forms and systems to help channel information as the company grows
• Work with clients to identify needs and provide quality programming


Washington Virtual Academy
(10 months)Virtual

• Teach career and technical education courses including web design and digital photography
• Monitor and follow through with performance and ALE compliance expectations in homeroom
• Analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data on student success to plan appropriate intervention strategies
• Delivered synchronous instruction through web conferencing and instant messaging tools
• Used reflective practices to improve instruction and maximize student learning

Online Teacher, Webmaster, and Program Support

Bethel School District
(6 years 10 months)Spanaway, WA

Project Management:
• Coordinated and organized efforts of staff with admin and district resources
• Managed projects from idea generation to completion
• Managed multiple duties and areas of responsibility to maximize efficiency

Technical Writer:
• Designed and maintained the academy webpage (
• Created newsletters, business cards, letterhead, and forms
• Developed communication systems internally and with our clientele

Tech Support:
• Trained and supported staff with systems and technology
• Supported technology issues with students
• Worked with system and curriculum providers to integrate with our school
• Helped SynapticMash and Advanced Academics with quality control

Curriculum Design:
• Aligned language arts curriculum with state standards and state testing
• Led training sessions on best practices of developing purposefully structured curriculum

• Academically advised and monitored students towards meeting graduation requirements
• Assistant Coach of the Debate Team and advised the Rock and Roll Club and Outdoor Club

• Taught two years in the classroom, four years online, and two months as a substitute
• Assessed students for comprehension of specific skills as determined by state standards
• As a classroom teacher, led after-school tutorials and study sessions
• As an online teacher, held weekly web class classes through Elluminate

Adjunct Instructor

University of Puget Sound
(3 years 9 months)Tacoma, WA

• Instructed, assessed, and mentored students in Beginning and Advanced Backpacking
• Taught material from basic backpacking to advanced winter skills
• Organized logistics for three trips a semester
• Mentored students in planning and organizing trips

Passages Co-Coordinator

University of Puget Sound
(10 months)Tacoma, WA

• 7 months of preparation, a week of leader training, and two 3-day sessions (350 students each)
• Organized food, equipment, logistics, staff hiring and training, manuals, and leader meetings

Day Camp Counselor and Adventure Camp Supervisor

Hemlock Farms Community Association
(3 years 2 months)Lords Valley, PA

• Camp counselor for 2 years, and supervisor for Adventure Camp for 1 year
• Led outdoor trips including: biking, canoeing, hiking, and rockclimbing
• Helped with staff training, camp photos, and whole camp activities

Challenge Course Facilitator and Hikemaster

YMCA of the Rockies
(2 months)Granby, CO

• Led challenge course activities, zip line sessions, and hiking trips
• Organized backpacking trip for middle school students and a 4 day camp for kids with Epilepsy

Test Scores

GRE Verbal

Score: 600

GRE Quantitative

Score: 760

GRE Analytical Writing

Score: 5.5

Praxis English Language, Literature, and Composition Content Knowledge

Score: 173

West-B Reading

Score: 288

West-B Mathematics

Score: 294

West-B Writing

Score: 284

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Marketing and Communications Co-Chair

YNPN Greater Seattle

I have helped YNPN of Greater Seattle develop a marketing strategy and push their cause on social networks.

Opportunities Jon is looking for:

  • Joining a nonprofit board
  • Skills-based volunteering (pro bono consulting)

Causes Jon cares about:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts and Culture
  • Children
  • Civil Rights and Social Action
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Services

Organizations Jon supports:

  • Children International
  • Thirst Relief International
  • Red Cross
  • The Humane Society of the United States

Honors & Awards

Staff Award

Northwest Regional Primary Care Association


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Spanish

    Limited working proficiency


Bethel Online Academy Marketing Scheme(Link)

My goal in this project was to create a uniform set of materials for Bethel Online Academy's use. I developed the new Bethel Online Academy using HTML and CSS in BBEdit. I began with a district template, and then coded and designed the entire site from the ground up. I also developed new letterhead, business cards, application, and brochures.

Professional Portfolio Development(Link)

– Present

This is my online professional portfolio of all my work. I first developed it at college with HTML and CSS using BBEdit to work with the code. As I entered into the working world, I had less and less time to maintain it, so since have transitioned it into Rapid Weaver, allowing me to purchase a general theme for the site and then customize it with a high degree of flexibility. I continue to maintain it both with the theme functions and adding my own code.

Bethel Online Academy Website Redesign(Link)

We redesigned the Bethel Online Academy website within the confines of the current district's web criteria. We focused on simplifying and modernizing the site. We reduced the number of menus and the repetition within them, opting for a simpler navigation with resource pages linking to useful, but often un-utilized pages.

Team members:

Book Proposal(Link)

I worked with Jon Anscher on content for a book. The purpose and proposed publisher are restricted to those willing to sign a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement.

Team members:


University of Puget Sound

  • Intermediate Spanish (SPAN 201/202)
  • Group Decision Making Process (COMM 202)
  • Multivariate Calculus (MATH 221)
  • Formal Logic (PHIL 273)
  • Epistemology (PHIL 330)
  • Social Psychology (PSYC 281)
  • Rationality and Risk (PHIL 435)

University of Puget Sound

  • Literacy in Secondary Schools (EDUC 619)
  • Adolescent Development (EDUC 620)

University of Washington

  • Style in Technical Communication (HCDE 422)
  • Visual Design in Technical Communication (HCDE 427)
  • Software User Assistance (HCDE 426)

University of Washington

  • Computer Assisted Communication (HCDE 505)
  • User Centered Design (HCDE 518)


  • Technical Writing
  • E-Learning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Curriculum Design
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Microsoft Office
  • Blogging
  • Educational Technology
  • Newsletters
  • Learning Management...
  • Dreamweaver
  • Moodle
  • Training
  • Classroom
  • Teaching
  • Instructional Technology
  • Leadership
  • Creative Writing
  • Research
  • Higher Education
  • InDesign
  • OS X
  • Program Development
  • Program Management
  • Distance Learning
  • Microsoft Windows
  • CSS
  • Photoshop
  • Grant Writing
  • HTML5
  • Google Docs
  • Learning Managemnt...
  • Differentiated...
  • Captivate
  • Screencasting
  • Common Core State...
  • Content Management...
  • Standards-Based...
  • Webinars
  • See 25+  See less


Residency Teaching Certificate(Link)

Washington State Office of the Superintendant of Public Instruction, License 427316E

Challenge Course Certification to ACCT Level II Standards(Link)

Northwest Teambuilding, License

Level I Avalanche Safety Training

Gary Brill
– Present

Wilderness First Responder(Link)

Wilderness Medical Training Center

Adult, Child, Infant CPR and AED(Link)

American EHS

Challenge Course Manager Certification to the ACCT Standards(Link)

Northwest Teambuilding


A Transformative Journey(Link)

University of Puget Sound
July 2005

Understanding ourselves as educators is essential to understanding our interaction with students. The author begins exploring the problem of an essay motivated by structure rather than ideas, only to find that the problems lie much deeper. Looking to his unit’s original concept, the author begins to realize that the goals he had set forth with, were not the goals he valued. Seeking out a student-centered development, the author begins to see how his teaching had not setup the self-sustaining learning environment he desired. Underlying this, the author finds the central dilemma stemming from his own identity. Turning inward to seek the teacher within, the author finds harmony between his teaching practice and core beliefs.

How to Receive Free SMS Messages(Link)

October 2010

Text messaging can get expensive. You have already paid for the phone, you are paying a monthly fee for voice, and with smart phones taking over many cellular stores, you are likely already paying for a data plan. There's no need to pay up to $20 a month more just for text messaging when you can send and receive free SMS messages using Google Voice.

How to Make a Colored Calendar on an iPhone(Link)

October 2010

Color calendars can be an effective way to organize your life. Whether you use them to separate work, personal, family and hobbies or to separate tasks from appointments from follow-ups, color coding can help you take a quick survey of your week. Creating a color calendar for the iPhone is quick and easy and can have great benefit to your organization system. Using your computer, you can create a color calendar that will sync to your iPhone.

How to Write DIV Tags(Link)

June 2011

DIV tags are the primary method of bringing cascading style sheets (CSS) into your HTML code. Prior to CSS, Web developers used clunky frames and complex tables to organize the layout of their site. Not only was this cumbersome, but it left confusing and hard-to-edit code in its wake. DIV tags essentially create a block of code (like text boxes in a page layout). The rise of CSS has allowed developers to more easily organize information within their site. DIV tags are the bridge between CSS and HTML, bringing that CSS code into the actual pages.

Five Ways to Maximize your LinkedIn Profile(Link)

Content Equals Money
October 2011

There are two primary ways that companies might use LinkedIn, the first of which is as a recruiting resource. Here, they are using LinkedIn to learn more about potential future employees. The second is as a networking resource. Companies often look to partner with other companies to accomplish goals, and even virtual assistants have become a very popular way for small businesses to get help in areas they don’t have expertise. In learning your company might use LinkedIn as a way to build and learn about these connections, there are five, distinct ways to use your LinkedIn profile more effectively.

Will Google+ Have the Same Impact as Facebook?(Link)

Content Equals Money
November 2011

Social networks have become the new reality TV. One social network after another has cropped up all over the internet, attempting to replicate the success of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, to a lesser extent, MySpace. There has been much debate over whether Google+ will have that same impact as these popular social networks or whether it’s just another in a slew of failed copycats. I’m leaning towards the former for three reasons: privacy, simplicity, integration, and functionality.

The Importance of RSS for Content Writing Management(Link)

Content Equals Money
December 2011

If you read Wikipedia, you will learn that RSS is a type of web aggregator that sends content in the form of a feed to whatever tool you use to read this content. RSS is a convenient tool for those of us who consume a lot of content from the web, but the question is, what benefit does it have for companies involved in content writing management? RSS can help a website develop backlinks, provide an easy access point to your content for clients, and help your content get indexed quickly by major search engines.

Boosting Your Social Media Based Conversions(Link)

Content Equals Money
December 2011

As an online high school teacher, I am pristinely aware of how active students are within the social media world. Many of my students will not email me a question, but when I give them my cell phone number, have no problem texting me questions whenever they have them. We live in a generation of tweeters and any company wanting to further their own brand would be wise to have a presence in the social media world.

How to Use Content Writing to Get Conversions on My Website(Link)

Content Equals Money
December 2011

Last week, I talked about using social media to promote conversions on your website. This week, I want to talk about how I use relevant content writing to get conversions on my website.

Research Tools for Content Strategy(Link)

Content Equals Money
January 2012

A strong content strategy is supported by strong research. In early December, Kate explained why research is important in her article about increasing conversion rates through research. Later in December, Laura introduced us to research methods for social media based conversions in her article about data through social media. Now that 2012 is officially underway, I wanted to take a moment to talk about some strategies and tools to further your SEO content strategy with research in the coming year.

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