John Hartman

John Hartman

Executive Vice President, ManyOne Internet Laboratories

Portland, Oregon Area
Media Production

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John Hartman's Overview

  • Executive Vice President, ManyOne Internet Laboratories at ManyOne
  • WR510-10 Transmedia Marketing for Publishing - Adjunct Professor at Portland State University
  • Transmedia Producer / Strategist at I Have Robots (A.K.A. Feedia)
  • Partner at 25 Eighty
  • Adjunct Professor - Social Media Marketing at Portland State University
  • Board of Directors at Portland Creative Conference
  • Board of Directors at Social Media Club PDX
  • Transmedia Producer at Robot 22
  • CTO - VP Product Development at neutralSpace
  • Technology Evangelist at Digital Universe Foundation
  • Software Engineer at ManyOne Networks
  • Sr. Network Engineer, Webmaster at Evergreen International Aviation
  • Founder at Sage Magic
  • Webmaster - Corporate and Stores Support Technician at Hollywood Video

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John Hartman's Summary

I lead the ManyOne’s laboratory efforts bring to life next generation immersive interactive environments as well as extending the powerful ManyOne Platform and Office Network.

I was very fortunate to have had family that owned a computer store in 1981 this kindled the technology spark that now burns throughout my life. I have worked the full spectrum of the Information Technology field and have been working with connected networks since the days of 300 baud modems. My career and life have been a mix of the technical and the creative. Inspired by Howard Rheingold and Jaron Lanier, I had a stint as a Virtual Reality consultant in the early 90’s that gave me an insight into the evolution of our interface with technology.

While building 3D models of molecules in pursuit of a Bio-Chemistry degree I felt the pull of entrepreneurialism. I left school to form my first consulting firm. Where I dove head first into the virtual world. Learning the art of the pivot I realized that the maturity of the virtual reality industry was years from commercial viability. I moved into network solutions and technology integration. Working to implement Novell servers and networking technology for my clients. I went on to work on cutting edge web and interactive technologies working with streaming video and interactive development in the 90’s. Developing rich web experiences using Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML) I created early prototypes of 3D web experience and helped build out cyberspace 1.0.

In the late 90’s I was exposed to research into visual recognition technologies at Microsoft labs and immediately saw the future that would occur when this technology and VR matured. Now it was just a matter of time before the computer human interface that I imagined could happen. Now at ManyOne Labs the team is making this vision a reality.

John Hartman's Experience

Executive Vice President, ManyOne Internet Laboratories


Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Internet industry

June 2014Present (4 months) Portland, Oregon Area

At ManyOne Internet Laboratories we are building out the next generation immersive and interactive environments. We are constructing the frameworks and building platforms for the coming revolution in interface. We see the next wave of visual recognition and the maturation of 3D and augmented interfaces converging on the consumer market in the next few years. We stand poised to leverage over 15 years of development and experience to create a truly natural and haptic interface to technology. We also focus on the canonical structures of the internet and are leveraging these structures to simplify development processes and improve how data is resolved through nurolingustic patterning.

I am also the General Manager of ManyOne Offices in Portland and Seattle. ManyOne was founded with the mission to become the leading Internet professional services firm in the world. ManyOne aggregates and integrates a full lifecycle of processes, services, and products to deliver a complete solution that meets each client’s specific needs. This end-to-end solution is comprised of strategy expert consulting, marketing, and technology services to support complete Internet business initiatives.

WR510-10 Transmedia Marketing for Publishing - Adjunct Professor

Portland State University

Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry

August 2013Present (1 year 2 months) Portland, Oregon Area

I am teaching a masters course in Transmedia Marketing for Publishing.

Sept. 30th 2013 – Dec 11th 2013 Every Monday and Wednesday 6:40PM- 8:30PM

Course Overview:

Once story was only spoken then it colored the walls of caves. As story grew it was then bound to a page and then given voice through radio and TV. As it matures even still, along with its media savvy consumer, it now springs forth story worlds across media platforms. Media is ever changing and that evolution only seems to be accelerating. Traditional media, new media, and social media these paradigms are now an amalgam of multi-platform media consumption referred to as transmedia.
"Transmedia (as defined by Henry Jenkins in his 2006 book Convergence Culture) is storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to a viewer/user/player's understanding of the story world. By using different media formats, it attempts to create entry-points through which consumers can become immersed in a story world."
This class looks at how these transmedia methodologies can be applied to market and extend stories for publishers.

This eleven-week course we will cover:
· An overview of transmedia and it’s implications in marketing
· The strategic value of cross channel promotion
· An introduction to the fundamentals of social media marketing, including strategies and tactics
· Understanding the media landscape
· An overview of content strategy
· How to measure the effectiveness of your marketing
· Understanding Story Wolds
· An overview of the story bible
· The shift from soapbox to conversational marketing and how that effects strategy
· How to maintain canon and yet be flexible enough for user generated content UGC
· How to audit potential or existing media channels

Transmedia Producer / Strategist

I Have Robots (A.K.A. Feedia)

August 2006Present (8 years 2 months) Portland, Or

I founded I Have Robots (formerly Feedia) in 2006 with a desire to create innovative and engaging transmedia content. "Transmedia (as defined by Henry Jenkins in his 2006 book Convergence Culture) is storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to a viewer/user/player's understanding of the story world. By using different media formats, it attempts to create "entrypoints" through which consumers can become immersed in a story world." I have been crafting strategies, envisioning stories and producing media content across these "entrypoints" for clients that range from fortune 500 companies to non-profits. I have used social media, video, animation, apps, interactive, virtual environments and more to extend my clients stories. I have a passion for technology and use it to help extend my clients understand the shifting media landscape. Experimentation and research are engrained in my DNA. This mindset helps me to discover the next wave or understand what doesn't work.

I developed I Have Robots under a flex agency model allowing me to be nimble and to scale as needed for projects. I often work in conjunction with other agencies on large projects and I thrive on collaboration. In my opinion the best work comes out of collaborative creative sessions. Isn't it time that we worked together?


25 Eighty

November 2009Present (4 years 11 months)

a Transmedia Creative agency based in Portland Oregon. 25 Eighty helps innovative brands integrate and activate their messaging strategy into quality content and then we distribute that content across multiple consumer touch-points.

The Process
We create layers of additional content that originates from the core story line, and distribute it across multiple consumer touch-points. The objective of this Transmedia approach is to encourage viewers to experience the content in different ways through dynamic interaction (commenting, remixing, becoming a fan of, etc…). The result is measurable analytics for you, The Brand, live, evolve, and sell online through consumer engagement.We analyze your brand communication brief and integrate the messaging strategy into the structural / narrative dimensions of a digital series storyline or format (Fiction / Reality)

Adjunct Professor - Social Media Marketing

Portland State University

Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry

May 2008Present (6 years 5 months)

Whether it's called "social media," "new media," or "Internet media," it all comes back to the interactive and collaborative nature of the Web application platform referred to as Web 2.0. Social and viral, this iteration of the Internet has changed the way we interact on and with the Web, as well as the way we do business. Understanding these changes and the new models is crucial to our understanding of social media marketing. Did you know that social media drives as much traffic to websites as all the major search engines combined? Social Media Marketing brings up a host of new marketing practices such as community and relationship management, active customer engagement, product development and co-creation, thought leadership, and lead generation. The first day establishes a baseline in social media tools. We then look at a series of tools and analytical instruments to understand what measured engagement means in social media and how digital ethnography and our social sphere have shaped the meaning of "face" value in the world of Facebook. Participants should be prepared to actively engage in some social media sites in the labs and class assignments.

Board of Directors

Portland Creative Conference

March 2008Present (6 years 7 months) Portland, Oregon

The Portland Creative Conference (Cre8Con) is an interdisciplinary exploration of the creative process within various creative industries. The conference features keynote presentations from leading creatives across a variety of fields (from companies such as LAIKA, Nike, Wieden+Kennedy, Dark Horse Comics, Michael Curry Design, White Horse, CROW Clothing and more) who reveal their work and talk about their process, influences, inspirations and motivations.

It is an opportunity for attendees to get inside the head of visionaries who are generating original and effective ideas and to be inspired in entirely new ways, viewing their own world with a fresh perspective as a result.

The 2011 Portland Creative Conference takes place on September 17th on the magnificent stage of the Newmark Theater. Some of Oregon’s most original and creative thinkers will let loose with a blast of bold new ideas and let us in on the secrets that inspire and motivate their work.

The nonprofit fiscal agent of the Conference is Keeping the Beat, a public charity that raises money to support arts education in Oregon.

Board of Directors

Social Media Club PDX

May 2006Present (8 years 5 months) Portland, OR

Social Media Club (SMC) was started in 2006 by Chris Heuer, co-founder and partner at The Conversation Group, and Kristie Wells, Co-Founder and President of Social Media Club, with the core mission to:

Expand Media Literacy
Share Lessons Learned Among Practitioners
Encourage Adoption of Industry Standards
Promote Ethical Practices through Discussion and Actions
Social Media Club Portland is one of a growing number of SMC chapters across the globe.


Dojo Agency

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Marketing and Advertising industry

July 2013June 2014 (1 year) Portland, Oregon Area

John Anthony Hartman works with Dojo Agency to help transform organizations into media companies. John is an industry leader when it comes to architecting transmedia strategies and campaigns that scale across channels. He helps Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations define core narrative and craft story worlds for use in brand, marketing and sales. Clients learn to innovate content, to consistently engage and educate consumers, optimizing marketing stories and platforms.

John draws from two decades of technology experience as Director of IT and as agency Creative Director, helping businesses employ innovation and cohesive, digital strategy. John is a prolific public speaker and is also an Adjunct Professor at Portland State University where he teaches a number of classes including a masters course in Transmedia marketing for the publishing industry.

Business Development / Account Management

Metal Toad Media

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Internet industry

November 2012February 2013 (4 months) Portland, Oregon Area

I help our clients envision solutions, create campaigns and develop the plan that is then executed by our world class development team. We work to create high-quality standards based digital solutions for our clients utilizing highly scalable platforms. At Metal Toad Media we strive to build once and launch everywhere. Contact me to find out more about how we create success for our clients like The Emmys®, ABC, Cisco, Verizon Wireless, PBS, Sony,, DC Comics, Phillips-Van Heusen and many others.


The Dojo Agency

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Marketing and Advertising industry

August 2011September 2012 (1 year 2 months) Portland, Oregon Area

John has made a career developing digital experiences with Fortune 500s, marketing agencies and non-profit organizations. He was at the original webmasters round table in 1995, working with Intel on some of the first Web servers. He helped architect a repository for all human knowledge called the Digital Universe with the co-founder of Wikipedia. John's 20 years of innovation experience and creative team management generates magic for our clients.

Transmedia Producer

Robot 22

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Media Production industry

May 2011August 2012 (1 year 4 months)

Robot 22 is an intellectual property incubator dedicated to bringing stories to life. We work with creatives and industry insiders to nurture and facilitate the genesis and growth of IP with the goal of producing engaging and enriching story worlds.

CTO - VP Product Development


Public Company; 1-10 employees; Internet industry

August 2008February 2009 (7 months)

I transitioned from an advisory role into a full time position helping to build out the development team and implement the core technology for the product. Developed architectural strategy while also wearing many hats in a fast paced start up with an ambitious large scale plan. Helped to evolve the product strategy based on the changing market conditions.

Technology Evangelist

Digital Universe Foundation

February 2006August 2006 (7 months)

“The Digital Universe aims to be the definitive repository of human knowledge online.” At the DUF I worked with major scientific organizations and universities to create next generation vetted internet content. As the liaison between universities, institutions and the DUF, I evangelized the concepts and solutions we developed through public speaking at conferences and events. We developed Semantic Web strategies and helped design and evolve the Digital Universe from a customized Mozilla browser to a browser independent platform using Dojo Ajax framework and a customized Media Wiki implementation called the Encyclopedia of Earth. I participated in the development of 3D data visualization of information data sets overlaid onto the earth and other planets displayed within the Mozilla browser. I was responsible for researching, designing and implementing a creative asset management strategy using open source solution.

Software Engineer

ManyOne Networks

Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Internet industry

October 2004February 2006 (1 year 5 months)

Worked with software group to bring data sets into PostgreSQL as well as designing and implementing a creative asset management strategy using open source solutions. Worked with Sr. Architects to devise portal development structures for integrating stewarding tools in XUL, Java Script, PHP and other web languages. Worked on meta data strategies for the Digital Universe with our partner organizations using ISO and Dublin Core as frameworks layout RDF and OWL Semantic Web meta data structures.

Sr. Network Engineer, Webmaster

Evergreen International Aviation

December 2000February 2004 (3 years 3 months)

I was the Sr. Network Engineer for an international company with 30 subsidiaries where my team modernized the network. I managed people on projects with large budgets in extremely high stress environments. I was responsible for entire corporate network including LAN, WAN, and Internet presence. I researched, proposed, and implemented new technologies as well as maintained legacy systems. On my recommendation we crafted solutions working with major vendors to implement large scale infrastructure overhaul for an antiquated network. During my tenure I worked with government agencies and major corporations on a litany of projects in the IT space. Through my experience in the military I developed a good understanding of the use of proper channels and the process of dealing with red tape.


Sage Magic

July 1998December 2000 (2 years 6 months)

I operated my own consulting firm performing network and computer systems support. Acted as webmaster for various clients including the Washington State Convention Center, Washington Farm Bureau, and OTSUSA.

Managed team of contractors to complete various projects on time and under budget.

Worked with Novell 3, 4, Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000, helped client design, implement, and administer corporate networks.

Developed data protection and back up strategies for clients on Novell and Windows server platforms.

Created, organized, maintained, provided enhancements, and modifications to client’s web sites, as well as designed dynamic and static graphics, video, and animation.

Traveled extensively performing hardware and software upgrades to meet Y2K compliance for U.S. Customs and other government regulated software.

Worked with point-of-sale implementation for restaurant and 12 strike computer systems to implement location based advertising on 24 monitors throughout facility.

Provided level three helpdesk support for software and hardware issues on HP, Micron, Apple, Dell, and Intel clone computers.

Set up and configured network infrastructure and topology with Nortel hardware for clients.

Webmaster - Corporate and Stores Support Technician

Hollywood Video

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; MOVI; Retail industry

May 1995July 1998 (3 years 3 months)

Performed store and corporate network support for the second largest video store chain in America. Was at the first round table meeting of the webmasters guild. Involved in some of the very first web server beta testing with Intel and web site implementation for Hollywood.

Implemented Intranet using NT and IIS designed with Front Page 97.

Worked with Intel, beta testing one of the first web servers and its management software.

Handled nightly communications for 500+ stores and assured data integrity and nightly closeout information and verified five to 20 million dollars a week in sales data.

Worked with team to manage and maintain all Novell servers at every store in the entire chain.

Debugged software and implemented POS software updates running on in store networks.

Designed animation and graphics using 3D Studio, PhotoShop, Power Point, Ray Dream, and Corel Draw.

Worked to integrate large mixed mode corporate network Novell, NT, UNIX, HP, and Citrix.

Tested Kiosk for stores assuring hardware (Touch Screen, Intel PC, Scanner, and Printer) and software (Windows 95 shell programmed by Hollywood) were functional and secure.

John Hartman's Courses

  • Adjunct Professor - Social Media Marketing

    Portland State University

    • Social Media Marketing (WM403)

John Hartman's Projects

  • The Story Guardians from Dojo Agency

    • August 2013 to Present
    Team Members: John Hartman, Erin Koehler, Jeffrey Selin, Daniel Kawamoto, Kelly Schummer, Christopher Purdin

    A new adaptive storytelling sales tool being created for Dojo Agency. Stay tuned for a release date and a link to a new site feature the whole project!

John Hartman's Skills & Expertise

  1. Digital Strategy
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Social Media
  5. New Media
  6. Digital Media
  7. Social Networking
  8. Television
  9. Analytics
  10. Video Production
  11. Management
  12. Facebook
  13. Marketing Strategy
  14. Wordpress
  15. Online Advertising
  16. Public Speaking
  17. Video
  18. SEM
  19. SEO
  20. Blogging
  21. Start-ups
  22. Multimedia
  23. Storytelling
  24. Interactive Advertising
  25. Marketing
  26. Leadership
  27. Adobe Creative Suite
  28. Online Marketing
  29. User Experience
  30. Strategy
  31. Content Development
  32. Transmedia
  33. Copywriting
  34. Lead Generation
  35. Web Analytics
  36. Production
  37. Presentations
  38. Public Speaker
  39. Education
  40. Video Editing
  41. Brand Development
  42. Content Management
  43. Interactive
  44. Design
  45. Digital Ethnography
  46. WordPress
  47. Creative Direction

View All (47) Skills View Fewer Skills

John Hartman's Education

Art Institute of Seattle

Multi-Media and Video Production


University of Oregon






College of Santa Fe

Theater Arts


Portland State University

Social Media Marketing


I am an adjunct professor teaching Social Media Marketing as part of the Digital Marketing Strategies certificate.

John Hartman's Additional Information


Transmedia,Augmented Reality, Interactive Experiences, Social Media Marketing, 3D Cameras, Storytelling

Groups and Associations:

Board of Directors Portland Creative Conference Board of Directors SEMPDX Board of Advisors SoMe Awards Member CHIFOO OMPA, IEEE Computer Society, SDNI (Founder), MSDN, NUI, PACUG, Noise Squad, POSSE, SEMPDX, Inverge, PixelCorps 2004 Board of Directors The Michael King Smith Kid’s Fund - Business Manager

Honors and Awards:

2003 National Leadership Award
2004 ISEF Computer Science Judge, Honorary Chairman for the Business Advisory Council
2009 Feedia - Best of Business Award (SBCA)
2010 Stanfords Who's Who

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