Joe Scott Seyoum

CEO - Inventor at PhantomALERT Inc.

Washington D.C. Metro Area
Consumer Electronics
  1. PhantomALERT Inc.
  1. Penn State University
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PhantomALERT Inc.
– Present (17 years 9 months)Washington D.C. Metro Area

PhantomALERT Inc. is a location based content aggregator & application developer specializing in traffic enforcement & safety alerts such as: speed trap, red light camera, speed camera, school zone, dangerous road, severe weather, tornado warnings & more. Our goal is driver safety & traffic law compliance. Our technology, apps & datasets, help drivers avoid costly traffic tickets & accidents by helping them use GPS & smart phone technology to drive safe, alert & ticket free. In short we help drivers pay attention to road conditions as they approach enforcement & unsafe locations. Forewarned is forearmed.

Benefits to Drivers: Avoid costly traffic tickets & accidents. Receive audible & visual alerts via your GPS & smartphone apps. Helps drives slow down & drive alert.


Benefits to retailers:
Easy upsell as an accessory. Increase GPS & smartphone sales/margin by offering a very valuable service drivers want. Apps for smartphones & map content for GPS units.

Success story:
PND & smartphone retailer increases unit sales & margins by simply bundling PA with Garmin PNDs.
Result: Generating extra $,$$$/day.

Benefits to manufacturers:
Increase PND & smartphone sales by OEMing basic PA data sets & charging for premium content. Immediate product differentiation helps gain market share.

Success story:, world’s third largest PND manufacture, bundles PA with every app & PND sold.
Result: Increased app & PND sales. Generate additional revenue from upsells of PA subscriptions to premium content & real time updates.

Benefits to society:
Safer roads & alert drivers. Additionally, every ticket avoided from speed traps & traffic cameras is money that will be spent locally supporting local business.

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PhantomALERT Inc.
– Present (5 years 11 months)


Inventor of

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St. Joseph High

Bachelor of Science (BS), Finance, General

Additional Info

  1. Interests

    • Drivers use smart phone & GPS apps to avoid speed trap,
    • redlight & speed camera tickets LEGALY. Drivers love it. Police approve: THE WASHINGTON TIMES Joe Scott,
    • has invented a GPS application that alerts motorists to speed traps & red-light cameras. He is marketing his PhantomALERT app as a way to help motorists avoid becoming entangled in the rapidly expanding web of traffic-enforcement cameras. Mr. Scott's program has 1MM + subscribers who together have logged 4,
    • 110,
    • 000 speed traps & red-light cameras across the country. The drivers who purchase the software help maintain and improve its accuracy by adding new speed traps they spot. Police departments across the country are not opposed to GPS systems like Mr. Scott's because they provide public information available on police Web sites. Mr. Scott said his product is designed to raise awareness & to "help GPS and smart phone owners to legally avoid unjust traffic tickets."
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Honors & Awards

Website helps drivers avoid tickets.
Surprisingly Police approve. Sales explode!

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