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Jasper Schelling

Lecturer at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences / M.Sc. Student at Leiden University

Rotterdam Area, Netherlands
  1. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences / Hogeschool Rotterdam
  1. Creating 010,
  2. Kolabo Foundation,
  3. Hogeschool Rotterdam
  1. Leiden University

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Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences / Hogeschool Rotterdam

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences / Hogeschool Rotterdam


– Present

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Relevant Skills

Concept Development & Interactive Design
Skilled in translating insights in digital media and technological developments into coherent creative concepts for digital products and services. Able to align concepts with long term strategic goals and balance these with end-user needs. Extensive experience in Interaction Design and visualising and modelling the behaviour of complex interactive systems using scenario’s, flow diagrams, wireframes and other methods.

Interactive Design & Realisation
Able to translate user research and product / service concepts to user interface designs. Skilled in developing user interfaces in iterations using prototyping and guerrilla testing methods. Various prototyping skills include extensive usage of HTML, JavaScript and CSS for web and mobile prototypes as well the ability to realise prototypes, data-visualisations and small scale interactive installations using Processing, Arduino, and VVVV.

User Experience Design
Extensive knowledge of, and experience in the user experience design process, which emphasises user research for insights into the behaviour and everyday usage of digital products and services. Familiar with multiple methods of inquiry such as interviewing, and other elicitation techniques, as well as decision and selection methods, to conceptualise and create products that correspond with user needs and values.

Design Education
Experienced in developing a full scale curriculum of an undergraduate course, from final qualifications and competency profiles, to lessons and tests. Able to coach both individual students in their design ability as well as design- teams. Skilled in facilitating both small and large scale design education programs, teaching design concepts, theories, skills, methods and ideas. Primary topics include user experience design, interaction design, visual design, information design and data-visualisation.



Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences / Hogeschool Rotterdam
– Present (4 years 1 month)Rotterdam

As Lecturer at the Communication & Multimedia Design (C&MD) course of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I am responsible for multiple courses and working on multi-year projects. Other responsibilities include the accompaniment of new colleagues and attracting (guest) lecturers from industry.

Over the years I’ve developed multiple (design) courses in first and second year, focusing on various aspects of user centred design and digital media.

Furthermore, I coordinate, organise and develop the fourth year minor program ‘Interface & User Experience Design’ a full time semester course specialising in user experience design. I co-operate with both digital design agencies as well as digital design departments of various organisations, to provide design problems and opportunities for our students to work on. The theoretical part of the program is focused on the grasp of user centred design methodologies, the formulation of design guidelines based on insights into recent scientific developments and HCI research, and the emerging development of smart objects.

Each course year I’ve been part of the assessment committee of multiple graduating students, supervising their theses as well as their design projects.

I am part of the following committees:

Chair, Testing committee.
The Testing committee oversees the quality assurance of the tests that are being held as part of the course. With the committee being founded in 2011, most of my work focused on defining its working methods and developing a transparent evaluation procedure.

Member, Curriculum committee.
The Curriculum committee steers the general development of the course. As a member I contributed to the direction set for the course over the past years. This includes revising the course based on changing policy, changes in the professional field and the general developments within the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.


Creating 010
(3 years)Rotterdam Area, Netherlands

As a researcher at Creating 010, the knowledge center of the Rotterdam University of Applied sciences that focuses on the creative industry, I was part of several projects. As part of the research line Human Centered ICT I worked on the assessment of our undergraduate’s ‘human centered’ mind set during their final design project. Furthermore I experimented with different forms of studio-based education, and worked with junior researchers and students in the Meaningful Design in the Networked City program, focusing on interaction design and data-visualization and mapping.


Kolabo Foundation
(1 year 7 months)Rotterdam

Together with Bruno Setola I founded the KOLABO foundation in 2009. Our goal was to initiate research and discourse regarding new possibilities of communication technologies and innovative applications that contribute to sustaining human values in an age of technological change. The main focus for the KOLABO Foundation was the annual Summer Lab, in which we invited recently graduated undergraduate and graduate students from social, technological and design studies to become part of an interdisciplinary research group for two weeks. Each Summer Lab was organized around a central theme (2010’s ‘Omnipresent Social Technology’, and ‘Tribes and Values’ in 2009), with challengers such as Koert van Mensvoort and Rob van Kranenburg to inspire and challenge our participants to come up with innovative solutions to present-day issues.

Part-time Lecturer

Hogeschool Rotterdam
(2 years 3 months)Rotterdam Area, Netherlands

Taught part-time at the Communication & Multimedia Design course of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Courses included ‘Media & Creativity’ a multi-year program to develop creative abilities and critical thinking, as well as ‘DesignThis!’ a course focused on self-initiated, individual projects of C&MD students. Also taught part-time at the Advertising and CrossLab departments of the Willem de Kooning Academy. Subjects included cross-media concept development, data visualization, and transmedia storytelling.

Experience Architect

Media Catalyst
(1 year 2 months)Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

As part of the Experience Architecture team I worked on several projects and pitches for multiple clients. Major projects included the conception and interaction design of a product tour for Canon’s G10 compact camera and maintenance and feature design of the mobile version of Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow music store, as well as PlayNow Arena, a chart based front-end for the store. Internal projects included developing automation solutions for the creation and maintenance of multilingual translations as part of the information architecture of a project.

Junior Interaction Designer

Scholz & Volkmer
(7 months)Wiesbaden Area, Germany

After completing my graduation internship at Scholz & Volkmer, I joined their team as a Junior Interaction Designer. My responsibilities included the development of ideas and concepts, as well as conceptual application design (user experience design). During this time I worked on projects for Loewe (interface concepts & prototypes for their 2009 range of HDTV’s), and Swarovski (IPTV Platform Swarovski.TV) and pitches for ThyssenKrup and the Tirol Tourism Board.

Graduate Intern

Scholz & Volkmer
(5 months)Wiesbaden Area, Germany

As part of my graduation of Communication & Multimedia Design, I completed an internship at Scholz & Volkmer in Wiesbaden, Germany. During this internship I designed and developed a social network visualisation module as part of (part of, a German social network which was under development at the time. The goal was to provide users with powerful ways to explore their interconnectedness and to find new means of interacting with each other in an online social network.

Junior Digital Designer

Studio Dumbar
(1 year 1 month)Rotterdam Area, Netherlands

After completing my work-placement internship at Studio Dumbar, I joined their team as a part-time Junior Digital Designer. My responsibility consisted mainly of assisting in the design and realisation of digital projects. Clients included KPN, Essent and the Han Nefkens Collection. Internal projects included the realisation of a back-end solution for Studio Dumbar’s flash website.

Freelance Designer
(2 years 7 months)

Freelance Interaction Design and Motion Graphic Design for clients including: Bright Magazine, Vrumona, Studio Dumbar, Media Business Press and Rendement Uitgeverij

Internship Interaction Design

Studio Dumbar
(5 months)

At Studio Dumbar, I completed my work-placement internship as part of the Communication & Multimedia Design course. This internship was a continuation of my freelance work for Studio Dumbar. As such, most of my work consisted of the design and development of a suite of product-advice wizards for KPN, which matched KPN’s telecom products with the needs of small businesses.

Multimedia Designer

Arco Iris
(1 year 7 months)Dordrecht, The Netherlands

As a part-time multimedia / audiovisual designer responsible for the design and realization of various projects for Eneco, ING Trifleet leasing, ELUX / ABB, Van Beek & Partners and AMC Emma Children’s Hospital.


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences / Hogeschool Rotterdam

  • Minor Interface & User Experience Design (4th year)
  • Designing The User Experience (4th year)
  • Design for Digital Experiences (4th year)
  • Humanizing Technology (4th year)
  • Smart Things (4th year)
  • Video Visualization (4th year)
  • DesignThis! (3rd year)
  • Dare to Design (2nd year)
  • Screen Design (2nd year)
  • Privacy, Reputation & Control (2nd year)
  • Virtual Democracy (2nd year)
  • Organising without Organisations (2nd year)
  • History of Media (1st year)


2013 Accreditation of Communication & Multimedia Design

One of my major projects I worked on from November 2010 until September 2013 was the 2013 accreditation of C&MD Rotterdam at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Based on the judgement of the accreditation committee and the NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders), the course is granted an accredited status. The preparation for this accreditation required the development and revising of multiple documents, standards and practices.

This included:
▪ Definition of the final qualifications
▪ Revising the Course Profile
▪ Creating a Body of Knowledge and Skills (BoKS)
▪ Ensuring test standards and quality

Team members:

2011 Revision of the assessment of design competencies at C&MD Rotterdam

Another major project at the Rotterdam University Applied Sciences, was the revision of the grading and assessment procedures of the final graduation project of the course Communication & Multimedia Design. New guidelines and policies of the Dutch Higher Education System demanded a more transparent procedure, ensuring that all students are graded in a fair and consistent manner. I developed a methodology that ensures the assessment board makes their reasoning behind their judgements explicit, while ensuring that every student is graded on the same criteria, making the determination of the final grade consistent and transparent.

The results of this improved assessment procedure was documented in the paper
‘From Gut Feeling to a Structured Summative Assessment of Design Competencies’, which I presented at the 14th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE2012), in Antwerp, where it was awarded a ‘Best Paper Award’ for the paper with the highest review score.

Team members:


From gut feeling to a structured, summative assessment of design competencies(Link)

14th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education
September 2012

In the current work, we introduce a summative method for assessing the whole set of students’ design competencies demonstrated in their final design project when graduating an interactive media design course, and reflect on the use of this assessment method. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis methods are used; the deployment of the instruments is analyzed in a qualitative manner, and the scores underlying the final grade are analyzed in a quantitative manner using a custom-made visualization tool. Evaluations show that during the deliberation phase, the supervisory team concentrated on the discussion and assessment of the competencies rather than agreeing on a final grade. The visualizations of the scores enabled us to discern major patterns in the grading of our assessment, which in turn fed into adjustments of the assessment procedures as well as the curriculum in general.


From gut feeling to a structured, summative assessment of design competencies(Link)

14th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE2012)
September 2012

This presentation goes with the paper 'From gut feeling to a structured, summative assessment of design competencies', presented at the 14th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE2012).

bibliographic reference:
Schelling, J.A., Leurs, B.L.F., Best, S.E. and Mulder, I., From Gut Feeling to a Structured, Summative Assessment of Design Competencies. In the 14th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE2012), Antwerp, 2012.


Make Space, Make Place, Make Sense(Link)

15th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE2013)
September 2013

The current work investigates the role of a physical space in multimedia design education. Born out of a problem due to a lack of space, a group of 50 design students had to move to another building.
Having a dedicated space in an historical building turned the initial setback into an opportunity.
Design students usually do not have the luxury of having their own design studio. By observing and
interviewing the students over a period of 5 months, it was found that students transformed their space into a place in order to enhance their sensemaking process. A three-stage model referring to ‘make space, make place, and make sense’ is motivated and elaborated upon. It can be concluded that a space, or better to say a place, is an invaluable tool in facilitating meaningful design education. The physical environment seems to affect students’ development as well. At the final presentations teams not only surpassed expectations of their clients and tutors, but also their own expectations. They clearly act more confident in their interaction with the external world (clients, users, participants) as a designer.



  1. Dutch

  2. English

  3. German (spoken word only)


  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Interactive Media
  • User Experience
  • User-centered Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Web Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Multimedia
  • Graphic Design


Leiden University

Master's Degree, Media Technology

Utrecht University

Didactics Course, Higher Education, passed

Didactics course by Utrecht University, for teachers at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The certificate that is received after the completion of this course, certifies the student as capable of teaching in Dutch Higher Education. As part of this course I developed a course for second year C&MD students on bottom-up organisation, a frequently encountered organisation principle within a digital media society.

Hogeschool Rotterdam

Bachelor, Communication & Multimedia Design, cum laude

Bachelor study focused on the conception and design of digital products and services.
Trained in User Centred Design, Product Development and Web Development technologies. I opted to follow the international track within the programme, which meant following the course in English, as part of an international class with multiple nationalities. All coursework was completed in English.

Minored in Interaction & Visual Interface Design.

Activities included tutoring first year students on digital design tools and JavaScript development.

Graduated cum laude with the thesis ‘Social Network Visualisation’.

Selected as one of the 2007 HOT100 new media talents of Virtueel Platform the Dutch
Institute for E-Culture.

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Multimedia Design & Animation

An accelerated vocational course in multimedia design for HAVO/VWO students.
Specialised in 3D Animation and Motion Graphics design.

Activities and Societies: Student member of the representative advisory board.

Haagse Hogeschool/TH Rijswijk

Information Services & Management

Bachelor course that trains students in the design and development of structured information systems. Concluding that the course mostly focused on the systemic aspects of digital information systems, instead of its creative potential, I aborted this course.

Honors & Awards

Available on request.


Tentacle, Schovo's

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