James Schorr

James Schorr

Owner- Enspiren IT Consulting, LLC

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Information Technology and Services

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James Schorr's Overview

  • Owner at Enspiren IT Consulting, LLC
  • IT Security Director at Homefree.com
  • Minister at N/A
  • IT Problem Management Root Cause Analysis Team Lead at Family Dollar
  • 10gen
  • Study/Research
  • ITIL Training
  • Instructor (DBA)- Stephen Hughes
  • Self-study (COMPTIA)
  • Berean School of the Bible
  • Morrison Christian Academy

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James Schorr's Summary

I have 18+ years of IT experience as well as a passion for meeting business needs with technology. I have consistently been recognized as an invaluable leader by top management and as someone who is able to bring various teams together to accomplish a common goal.

By quickly identifying and resolving issues, I have been able to often improve the quality and reliability of IT systems for the needs of the business, often resulting in substantial savings for the business. I have excellent communication skills, both written and oral, which enable me to motivate and manage others effectively. I am able to grasp complex technological issues and quickly identify work-arounds and long-term solutions. I have often been called upon to liaison with business personnel in order to clearly explain complex technical issues. I am reliable, honest, and have an exceptional work-ethic.

I daily serve as a consultant for development teams, IT admins, and small to medium sized businesses. I spend quite a bit of time writing secure, fast Ruby on Rails web apps.

Specialties: Consulting, security audits, cloud technologies (AWS, Google AppEngine), API development & Integration: custom, Google, QuickBase, and MailChimp; web app development: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Ruby, SCSS, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Prototype, GIT, Mercurial, JSON, CoffeeScript, XML, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, some PHP and Python, T-SQL, Bash, TCSH, Perl, C#, DOS; Security, System Administration (Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Windows), domains, Exchange, application support, encryption, backup systems, firewalls, software engineering, Apache, NGINX, some Cisco IOS.

James Schorr's Experience

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Computer Software industry

February 2002Present (12 years 8 months)

I started doing IT related work as a hobby in 1996 and created a business out of it in 2002. I have experience with: consulting, custom Ruby on Rails web application development, e-commerce website development and design, database architecture, domain administration (AD, Exchange, Terminal Services, WSUS, CRM), Linux and Unix server management (including OS compilations, custom distros and development), database architecture and support, system support (servers, networks, desktop, notebook, mobile devices, etc...), data recovery, network installations and configuration, security penetration testing, design and development of automated backup applications, deployment and training.

I have been able to consistently design and develop solutions that have brought real value to our clients, saving them time and money. I have a number of quality web apps in production that are daily relied upon. I specialize in fast, secure, scalable apps.

IT Security Director


March 2012Present (2 years 7 months) California

Homefree is an awesome startup based out of California. My role there is to primarily to help provide direction in regards to security and code quality. At times, I am called on to assist with system administration or code-related issues.



Sole Proprietorship; 1-10 employees; Arts and Crafts industry

March 1999Present (15 years 7 months)

My wife and I minister as a team together, focusing on pastoring, preaching, teaching, discipling and counseling. I have been ministering since the age of 16 and was ordained in 1999. Our biggest joy is to help others walk in freedom and to succeed in every area of their lives.

IT Problem Management Root Cause Analysis Team Lead

Family Dollar

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; FDO; Retail industry

November 2005August 2008 (2 years 10 months)

Led teams to resolve Corporate and store problems, development and improvement of RCA process flow and documents, associate training, interviewing applicants, software and hardware testing, key role in support and architectural projects and consulting. Key role in designing and assisting in the development of a support website of 1300+ pages for the Service Desk that was recognized as “Best of Breed” by ITIL consultants. Developed numerous programs and scripts, including a full database restoration utility that I estimate saves the company approx. $300,000 per year and an innovative restoration solution that will likely save the company at least $1 million per year once implemented. Developed and provided training of 3rd level technical staff, analysis and support, documentation, shell scripting and custom development. Member of quite a few teams and worked on several key projects. I was also regularly called upon as a technical resource for Linux, security, software and complex data-integration issues.

James Schorr's Skills & Expertise

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Ruby
  3. Apache
  4. MySQL
  5. Linux
  6. Git
  7. Unix
  8. CSS
  9. JavaScript
  10. jQuery
  11. AJAX
  12. PHP
  13. PostgreSQL
  14. Windows
  15. Web Development
  16. JSON
  17. XML
  18. Python
  19. Databases
  20. HTML
  21. SQL
  22. Nginx
  23. System Administration
  24. Shell Scripting
  25. API
  26. Sinatra
  27. mongodb
  28. Mac OS X
  29. Perl
  30. Mercurial
  31. Application Development
  32. Software Engineering
  33. Security
  34. DOS
  35. Firewalls
  36. Google App Engine
  37. Cisco IOS
  38. Encryption
  39. Bash
  40. FreeBSD
  41. S3
  42. SQL Server
  43. EC2
  44. HTML5
  45. Administration
  46. Operating Systems
  47. REST
  48. Cloud Security
  49. slim
  50. CoffeeScript

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James Schorr's Publications

  • From Lousy to Beautiful

    • Ruby Learning Blog
    • January 23, 2014
    Authors: James Schorr

    In this article, I walk the reader through improving the quality of some code. The objective is to show how to make code more readable and easier to maintain.

  • The Ongoing Vigil of Software Security

    • RubyLearning.com Blog
    • July 22, 2012
    Authors: James Schorr

    In this article, I give some examples of how we can improve the security of our software projects. By increasing our awareness to the threats that our projects face, we can proactively work towards producing quality, stable software.

  • How Can We Develop for Tomorrow's Needs?

    • Ruby Learning Blog
    • July 27, 2011
    Authors: James Schorr

    Written to provide real-world tips for those involved in producing software designed to have lasting value.

  • Do You Enjoy the Quality of Your Code?

    • Ruby Learning Blog
    • October 18, 2010
    Authors: James Schorr

    Provides a number of real-world tips for those interested in producing quality software.

  • Previous and Next Buttons

    • Rails Magazine
    • June 28, 2010
    Authors: James Schorr

    Development article to show how to write code for reliable previous and next buttons in a Rails application.

  • Clothed With Christ

    • Torch Ministries
    • July 27, 2007
    Authors: James Schorr

    There is incredible freedom, rest and joy in having a relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. By "putting on" His righteousness, we are able to walk joyous, effective lives, knowing that God is satisfied and even thrilled with us. This book examines the righteousness of Christ and what it means for the believer.

    As a missionary kid in Taiwan, I grew up knowing God but struggling to please Him in my own strength. As a result, my life was filled with anger, self-hatred and resentment. Since then, I have discovered incredible freedom by understanding the righteousness of Christ. I wrote this book to pass this freedom on and to inspire a deep love of God in the reader.

James Schorr's Languages

  • English

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

    (Professional working proficiency)
  • Chinese

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Spanish

    (Elementary proficiency)
  • Korean

    (Elementary proficiency)

James Schorr's Projects

  • GCI (Alaska cable company) web app projects

    • October 2012 to Present

    Status: live

    Several web apps, some are backend, one is customer-facing, one is for their IT support team. Extremely complicated data parsing with Corporate backend systems, speed, security, nice UI, API calls, and data safety layers.

  • HomeFree.com

    • February 2012 to Present
    Team Members: James Schorr, authman apatira, austin white, phil shipman, brandon thresher, seth ryder, andrew soltan

    IT Security Director: audits of code base, procedures, and QA. Assistance with system administration and issue resolution.

  • S3Uploader

    • March 2010 to Present
    Team Members: James Schorr

    Status: live with features being added periodically

    Architecture: Ruby on Rails, Amazon S3, MySQL, Google App Engine, Prototype, Javascript, BASH.
    Purpose: allows for fast multiple uploads to S3 with automated email alerts, secure API for external authenticated sites, has customized plugins that provide PayPal-backed feed subscriptions and real estate property offer submissions, encryption, automated backups to S3, automated security alerts and lock-outs, admin area

  • Sapere.com II

    • November 2011 to February 2012
    Team Members: James Schorr, wade grimes

    Status: Live
    Purpose: to upgrade their original Flash-based site to an HTML5, Rails-powered self-managed content site.

    Architecture: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SASS, S3, JQuery, BASH.

    Purpose: Internet site with the ability to self-manage content (including expiration and start dates), automated security alerts and lock-outs, admin area with client-managed backups, record duplication for easy editing, etc...

  • Reading Tree

    • 2009 to Present
    Team Members: James Schorr

    Purpose: Intranet application for the sharing of PDF files for research

    Architecture: Ruby on Rails, Amazon S3, MongoDB, MySQL, SASS, JQuery, BASH.

    Features: realtime tracking of read documents, encryption, automated backups to S3, automated security alerts and lock-outs, admin area, real-time Ajax search, audit trail and charts, speed increases, numerous security features.

  • Spellbug

    • February 2011 to April 2011
    Team Members: James Schorr

    2011: Spellbug (live: https://www.spellbug.net)
    Architecture: Rails 3, MySQL, JQuery, HTML5, Bing text-to-speech API
    Purpose: signup, self-administered spelling words and quizzes, advertisements, store, admin area, automated backups to S3, encryption, automated security alerts and lock-outs

  • EFH S3Uploader

    • November 2010 to Present
    Team Members: James Schorr

    Status: live, with features to be added as client requests them

    Architecture: Ruby on Rails, Amazon S3, MySQL, Google App Engine, Prototype, Javascript, BASH, Python.

    Purpose: allows for fast multiple uploads to S3 with automated renaming and email alerts, secure API for external sites, encryption, automated backups to S3, automated security alerts and lock-outs, admin area.

  • Membership Directory

    • January 2007 to Present
    Team Members: James Schorr, Scott Davenport

    Status: live with features being added periodically

    Architecture: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Prototype, BASH, Google Calendar API, Ruby scripts, Linux VPS
    Purpose: easy membership management, event calendar with signup and event management, member information, email subscriptions, announcements, user levels, automated off-site backups to S3, automated security alerts and lock-outs, admin area

  • Enspiren IT Consulting

    • December 2011 to January 2012
    Team Members: James Schorr

    Purpose: rebranding our company's site with a new site.

    Architecture: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and more.

    Features: fast real-time search, editable content, security

  • Childlight USA

    • January 2006 to Present
    Team Members: James Schorr

    Status: live for quite awhile

    Architecture: PHP, MySQL

James Schorr's Education


MongoDB for Developers


Took this class to gain more depth in my knowledge of MongoDB. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


Development, OS architecture, system administration, CISCO, security, quantum physics.


In depth study (books and hands-on) of numerous disciplines, including: Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Google App Engine (GAE), EC2, S3, Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows, C#, C++, C, Objective C, Java, CSS, Javascript, HTML & XHTML, Ruby on Rails, Perl, PHP, Ajax, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Cisco, firewalls, security, encryption, VM technology, network architecture, domain management, computer science, quantum physics, and business.

Activities and Societies: Volunteering as a Physical Science middle-school teacher at a small Christian school (taught for two years: Church History and Physical Science).

ITIL Training

IT Service Management Foundation Certification, ITIL IT Service Management


Scored highest in our class, one of the two highest scores so far (according to the instructor).

Instructor (DBA)- Stephen Hughes

Oracle SQL Plus Course, Oracle SQL Plus Advanced Course


Self-study (COMPTIA)

A+ Certification, Hardware, software


Berean School of the Bible

Certified Minister, Certified Minister Training


Licensed and Ordained as a minister in 1999

Fullerton College

14 units, Communications, Asian History


Morrison Christian Academy

Diploma, Physics, Chemistry, HIstory, Mandarin Chinese


Including College level Chinese courses.

Activities and Societies: Started and led a city-wide weekly outreach team as well as a prayer group, soccer, band

James Schorr's Additional Information


ministry, public speaking, writing, Ruby on Rails, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Ruby on Rails, fishing, hiking, target shooting, family time, reading, investing, small business & entrepreneur topics

Groups and Associations:


Honors and Awards:

Awards at Family Dollar: “Dedication to Excellence”, “Top Performer”, “Team Player” and “Team Award” (twice). Articles published in Ruby Learning Blog (http://rubylearning.com/blog/) and in Rails Magazine.

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