Sergiy Lavryk

Sergiy Lavryk

HTML5/CSS3/JS coding, PSD to HTML conversion, WordPress & CMS theming, Web design

Greater Philadelphia Area
Information Technology and Services

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Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Internet industry

August 2008Present (6 years 2 months) is a PSD to HTML conversion company that converts digital images (files in Adobe Photoshop *.psd, *.ai, or *.png formats) into xHTML / HTML5 / CSS3 markups, Email templates, WordPress themes, or templates for open source CMS (Drupal, Joomla!, etc) and shopping carts.

Resulting xHTML / HTML5 / CSS templates are
--- Hand coded
--- W3C standards compliant
--- Cross-browser compatible
--- SEO semantic
--- Easy-to-maintain and modify

Complementary services:
--- AJAX, JavaScript coding
--- Responsive web design
--- Website redesign
--- Back-end web development
--- Mobile programming

If you have never dealt with PSD to HTML conversion services, you can read more on our blog

Sergiy Lavryk's Summary

I'm CEO at, a PSD to HTML slicing service: we convert designs into xHTML / HTML5 / CSS3 markups or WordPress / Drupal / Joomla! themes. Our other services are JavaScript / AJAX coding, back-end programming, and web design.

- IT project management
- Web design and front-end coding
- Web development and server-side programming
- PSD to HTML conversion
- HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, MooTools, Mobile, PHP, .NET, MySQL, MongoDB

Sergiy Lavryk's Skills & Expertise

  1. Web Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Joomla
  4. HTML5
  5. Drupal
  6. XHTML
  7. Wordpress
  8. CSS
  9. HTML
  10. HTML + CSS
  11. Front-end Development
  12. jQuery
  13. CMS
  14. Website Development
  15. W3C
  16. Web Standards
  17. PHP
  18. Mobile Applications
  19. Cross-browser Compatibility
  20. Web Applications
  21. AJAX
  22. iPhone
  23. JavaScript
  24. Wordpress Design
  25. DHTML
  26. E-commerce
  27. Google Analytics
  28. Magento
  29. Front-end
  30. HTML 5
  31. CSS3
  32. Photoshop
  33. WordPress
  34. User Experience
  35. SEO
  36. Node.js
  37. MongoDB
  38. .NET
  39. Facebook API
  40. Mootools
  41. User Interface
  42. LAMP
  43. XML

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Sergiy Lavryk's Publications

  • 10 Fresh Lists for Web Designers and Developers

    • October 28, 2013
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Collection of fresh lists from web design blogs useful for designers and developers: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP scripts, frameworks and tools.

  • Trends, Expectations, and Truth About Web Design 2013

    • January 3, 2013
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    HTML5 and CSS3, vendor prefixes, frameworks and pre-processors, responsive design (RWD), touchscreens, retina displays and HD design, SVG, custom fonts, large typography, full-screen (or large) and blurred photo backgrounds, parallax and infinite scrolling, color blocking, retro interfaces, centered headers, fixed header bars, skeuomorphism, minimalism, gamification, user experience, open source – these and many other words are names and signs of web design 2012. But what about 2013? What will be important next year?

    Below you’ll find a collection of summarizing and predictive articles and posts. Some predictions are repeated many times, some are unique. Which are true and to what extent? We’ll find out the answer only in 2014.

  • How to Improve Your Website - A Checklist to Answer Before You Start Redesigning

    • January 22, 2013
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    The life cycle of every website includes a lot of phases and operations: design, PSD to HTML/CSS conversion, back-end development, testing, beta stage, official launch, regular operation, gathering of feedbacks and comments, analysis of website and marketing statistics, improvements and updates, and so forth.

    Of these one of the most important actions are the “improvements and updates.” It is clear why: to a large extent the operations before them are based on assumptions and suppositions. But after the website launching, its owner can collect information on how the assumptions correspond to the real user experience and owner’s expectations. Moreover, life doesn’t stand still, and new technologies and trends are continuously becoming actual and used as a must.

    Below you’ll find a checklist for those who have decided to optimize their website and those who are developing the website from scratch and want to know things that may be essential for the further site improvement.


  • Professional PSD to HTML Conversion and Other Questions to Sergiy Lavryk

    • December 20, 2010
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    This is Part One of the interview with Sergiy Lavryk, CEO at Sergiy has shared his thoughts on an ideal HTML/CSS markup, professionalism and business responsibility, where additional fees could be hidden in PSD to HTML conversion services, and some other questions.

  • Hand Coded PSD to HTML - Interview with Sergiy Lavryk, Part 2

    • January 20, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Here is Part Two of the interview with Sergiy Lavryk, CEO at Sergiy explains why designers use markup coding services, how providers reduce overhead costs, when hand coding is really better, and what he thinks about the future of this market.

  • HTML5 - The end of PSD to HTML services or just the beginning of PSD to HTML5?

    • September 28, 2010
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    HTML4, XHTML, and now HTML5. How can it change the Internet and design-to-markup conversion? Is HTML5 the end of PSD-to-HTML companies? Or new HTML standards only strengthen the role of professional conversion services? Some answers are given in the article.

  • Professional PSD to HTML Conversion and Other Questions

    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Thoughts on one of the fastest growing segments of the Web design and development industry - PSD to HTML conversion services:
    * Why web designers use these services
    * How to correctly evaluate the service price
    * How a customer can test the markup quality
    * How PSD to HTML companies reduce overhead costs
    * When hand coded xHTML/CSS markups are really better
    *What the future of the PSD to HTML conversion market could be
    and some others.

  • PSD to HTML – Jobs for Freelancers or Companies?

    • HTMLcut
    • May 15, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    PSD to HTML conversion jobs - Are freelancers and companies implacable rivals in the competition for them or there is an opportunity for mutually beneficial cooperation? How do clients benefit ordering PSD to HTML conversion?

  • What Is the Best PSD to HTML Conversion Tool? The 6 Standpoints

    • HTMLcut
    • May 26, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    The best PSD to HTML conversion tools - 6 points of view: Forums, Practical, Lyrical, Comparative, Humorous, Future. Who is right and which PSD to HTML option is better?

  • Mobile Opportunities of PSD to HTML5 CSS3 Conversion

    • HTMLcut
    • April 28, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Can modern mobile and Web technologies amaze us ever more? The new HTML5 and CSS3 standards imply the answer ‘Yes’ and promise to make our web and mobile experience much more stunning.

  • Before Converting PSD to WordPress or Joomla – Is Your Choice of CMS Right?

    • HTMLcut
    • June 7, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Converting PSD to WordPress or PSD to Joomla! is one of the mainstreams in the design-to-HTML/CSS slicing market now. But sometimes customers of these services don’t exactly understand which of the content management systems (CMS) is the most appropriate for their website and business goals.

    There is a great variety of CMSs on the Web now, though some of them have already gained general acceptance. WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento are definitely among the leaders today, at least amid the free open-source CMSs. Each of them has its own specialty and suits some particular objectives. Knowing that difference as well as their strengths and weaknesses can be very helpful when choosing a CMS for your own website.

  • PSD to HTML Tutorials - What Is Wrong With Them?

    • HTMLcut
    • July 12, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    PSD to HTML conversion companies receive a lot of resumes from job applicants. But only some of them have good chances to be hired. One of the important reasons to be rejected is a candidate’s insufficient education level and practical experience.

    In this article we have gathered recommendations on how to improve your chances to be hired by the PSD to HTML companies.

  • Beyond PSD to HTML Conversion - Simple SEO for Web Designers

    • August 4, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Design and PSD to HTML conversion are important but only the first phase in the website life-cycle. So no wonder that customers ask to help or consult them not only on PSD to HTML slicing but also on SEO of their blogs or business websites. At the same time, observations testify that about 90% of the revealed problems are the same.

    Some typical SEO bottlenecks of the websites developed by web designers for themselves, as well as explanations how to avoid them in the light of SEO trends 2011 are collected in the article.

  • Simple Website Promotion for Web Designers

    • August 16, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Tips for web designers how to promote their websites in the light of SEO trends 2011.

  • Cross-Browser PSD to HTML Conversion - How Compatible Should It Be With the Advent of Mobile Web?

    • HTMLcut
    • November 4, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Cross-browser compatibility is among the key requirements to modern websites. But there are 50+ browsers now. The new Web standards and trends such as HTML5, CSS3, the mobile Web, and responsive web design add new facets to the problem of cross-browser compatibility. So how to stay within reasonable budget and wisely concentrate efforts when converting designs into cross-browser HTML/CSS code?

  • 9 Tips on Choosing a PSD to HTML Services Provider

    • November 15, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Many web designers use PSD to HTML conversion services now. Still it doesn’t mean all PSD to HTML services providers follow the best business and coding practices. So, how to make sure you choose the right provider? Here are some tips.

  • Effective Website Design - 160+ Articles of Autumn 2011

    • December 1, 2011
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    The continuation of season roundup series on effective web design: Web design principles, usability and UX, cross-cultural design, HTML5 semantics, content, typography, navigation, landing page, forms, ecommerce, mobile web, trends, inpiration, etc.

  • Roundup of Web Design Trends 2011 and Predictions 2012

    • January 5, 2012
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    The end of the year always brings a lot of predictions for the future and attempts to reveal the trends from the past year. Web design is no exception. In the article you’ll find a roundup of such summarizing and predictive posts recently retweeted at @htmlcut.

  • PSD to HTML Conversion at the Crossroads: Challenges 2011 and Outlook 2012

    • January 10, 2012
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    HTML5 adoption, reconsideration of best practices and, on the other hand, decrease in the growth rate, segmentation, and price wars - this is the market of PSD to HTML conversion services today.

    Last years PSD to HTML companies have sprung up all over. They translated a website design (as an image created in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or other graphics packages) into xHTML/CSS markup, WordPress themes or CMS templates. Due to the rapid Internet expansion these services turned out to be a good help for web designers (especially in the periods of work overflow) and non-techie customers.

    But now the PSD to HTML market is at the crossroads. The consequences of this can be both positive and negative.

  • PSD to HTML Coding Company HTMLcut: 2011 Was Very Rich in Exciting Events

    • January 26, 2012
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    HTMLcut, a leading PSD to HTML coding company, has summed up the results of 2011.

    Sergiy Lavryk, HTMLcut’s CEO: “2011 was a really exciting year. Web design industry experienced quite a revolutionary period. Changes, which were accumulated over the past 10 years or so, at last transformed into standards and techniques that are supported by browsers and can be used in a day-to-day practice.”

  • HTML5/CSS3 Websites: To Code or Not To Code?

    • March 20, 2012
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    You have decided to develop a new website or redesign an existing one. Today such a decision is accompanied with a new question though: To use or not to use HTML5 / CSS3 when converting your PSD design into the markup?

  • Hot Topics of Spring - Responsive Web Design, HTML5 and CSS3

    • April 26, 2012
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Responsive web design, HTML5 and CSS3 are all the rage now. New articles and posts about them appear almost every single day. It is important that new articles are not just rearrangement of words about one and the same things. There are a lot of really useful and inspiring materials: techniques, tools, experiments, tips, as well as ideas and opinions. Some of them which have been published this spring are collected in the post.

  • Retina Display -- The Future of Web Design. Internet Overview

    • HTMLcut
    • October 4, 2012
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Round-up of recent articles on designing for Retina display: Techniques, tips, responsive design; Images for Retina display; Opinions; MacBook Pro.

  • #RWD - Mastering Best Practices: Round-Up of Recent Results

    • October 19, 2012
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Responsive web design (RWD) has clearly indicated that time of the one-dimensional Web is over once and for all and all variations of the modern Web are of equal worth for web designers and developers. Nowadays the web design community is actively mastering RWD. In this post we’ve collected some recent results.

  • 20+ Thoughts on CSS/HTML Preprocessors and Frameworks

    • December 16, 2012
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    We provide HTML/CSS coding as a service for lots of designers on a daily basis. Clients always expect to get the best result, so we strive to keep abreast of the best practices of front end development. In other words, it’s not just a curiosity, to understand the future of HTML/CSS coding and the most efficient ways to convert designs into high quality markups is a practical need for us. IMO, it’s important for any webdev services and freelancers, especially in today’s competitive business environment.

    Below you’ll find a collection of opinions, thoughts, and case studies twittered recently which may help to clarify the role of CSS/HTML preprocessors, frameworks and libraries in the modern web design. Of course, these tools are too “young” to say exactly what they mean for the future of webdev and whether they are here to stay, at least in their present form. So all opinions and experience are important. If you have your own thoughts, feel free to share them in comments.

  • PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion Market - A Year Later

    • HTMLcut
    • July 21, 2010
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    A year ago we wrote a number of articles devoted to the PSD-to-HTML/CSS conversion market (afterwards they were collected in the e-book "Introduction to PSD to XHTML Services: Consumer Guide"). It's a good time now to analyze changes in the Design-to-HTML field: what's new, what tendencies have a positive or negative impact on customers.

  • Web Design Trends 2014 - The Top Predictions

    • January 17, 2014
    Authors: Sergiy Lavryk

    Web design and development are changing dramatically now. What new will 2014 bring? We've collected the most interesting web design trends and predictions for 2014.

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web design, web development, IT management, sport, traveling

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  • English

    (Full professional proficiency)
  • Russian

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)

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