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James Hatton

Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area
Information Services
  1. First Advantage,
  2. National Background Data, LLC
  1. Georgia College and State University
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Lead Software Engineer

– Present

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Full stack software engineer for A proponent of agile development. Striving to build the simplest solution that could possibly work.


Lead Software Engineer
– Present (6 years 7 months)

Working out of the Tampa Bay office helping build a productivity dev tools team. Tools center around company's use of agile development to bring the Social Enterprise to life.

Manager Of Web Development

First Advantage
(2 years 8 months)

Led a team of 6 developers. Created scaleable solutions to meet the growing needs of global criminal, residential and credit background screenings.

Software Developer

National Background Data, LLC
(1 year 5 months)

Lead developer in the creation of a new Java based web application and heading the conversion of existing Cold Fusion application to Java. Hands-on development of all parts of the application; GUI, business logic and database persistence. The application featured MVC design patterns implemented through Jakarta Struts and open standards technologies including JSP, Java, Java Script, XML, XSL and SQL


Methods and Systems for Providing an About Me User Interface for an Enterprise Social Network(Link)

United States US 2012-0215705
Filed September 30, 2011

A method for providing an about me user interface for an enterprise social network including users associated with an entity. The method can include receiving a request for user information. The request can include a name of a user of the enterprise social network. In response to receiving a request, user information can be obtained from one or more databases associated with the enterprise social network. The obtained user information can comprise information previously obtained from the named user and information obtained from one or more external software systems that the named user is currently assigned. The obtained information can be transmitted to a user system associated with a user who requested the user information for display.


Changing records associated with a software application(Link)

United States 8566283
Issued October 22, 2013

An apparatus for changing records associated with a software application implemented on a cloud platform of a database system, the apparatus being configured to: enter information associated with code submitted for integration into the software application into a record, wherein the code is for a fix to a bug; receive a change command to change a record type for the record that is associated with the code; receive a selection of a new record type; populate a new record format corresponding to the new record type with the information associated with the code that is common to the new record format to change from an old record type associating the code with a user story to the new record type associating the code with a bug fix; and receive a save command to save the record.


System, Method and Computer Program Product for Cloning a Child Object with a Parent Object(Link)

United States
Filed June 7, 2012

In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for cloning a child object with a parent object. These mechanisms and methods for cloning a child object with a parent object can provide improved functionality of the cloning process. Namely, the cloning of the child record with the cloning of the parent record may prevent the requirement that parent and child records be cloned via separate cloning processes.



United States 20130055233
Issued March 25, 2014

A computer-based system to integrate code changes for a software application is provided. The system detects when a requested code change for a branch of the software application conflicts with another code change, and generates a blocked change notification corresponding to the detected conflict. The blocked change notification includes a blocked change identifier corresponding to the requested code change. The notification is delivered to a user device, which responds with a conflict resolution response that includes at least one code change file associated with the requested code change, along with an integration annotation that conveys the blocked change identifier and a branch name identifier that identifies the branch of the software application. The system acts upon the integration annotation to integrate the at least one code change file into the branch of the software application.



United States 20130124268

Disclosed herein are systems and computer readable storages for identifying experts with particular talents among participants in an online social network. Identification of experts with particular talents identified by talent-labels can take into account multiple factors. One factor that can be applied is self-nomination. Individuals who offer to help others can be expected to offer assistance in areas where they have strong talents. Another factor that can be applied is endorsements by others. A co-worker making an endorsement can be encouraged or required to supply narrative that describes experience with the nominee's actual work. Another factor that can be applied is data mining by semantic analysis or other techniques, taking advantage of access to fielded databases that describe a nominee's work activities. One or more proficiency scores can be derived from these and other factors and used when responding to queries or generally when compiling expertise inventories or talent banks



United States 20120041886
Filed August 10, 2010

A system and method for receiving code that is submitted for integrating code into a software application. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving information associated with the code; displaying the information associated with the code; verifying the information associated with the code; and if the information associated with the code successfully verifies, generating a stamp associated with the code and with the software application.



United States 20120011406
Issued August 26, 2014

The present invention is directed to methods and systems of distributing information in a computer network related to a report a software anomaly that includes receiving information concerning the reported software anomaly (RSA); identifying a problematic functional characteristic included in the RSA; ascertaining from a plurality of computer-readable addresses a sub-group of the computer-readable addresses that correspond to parties with information corresponding to the problematic functional characteristic; storing on the computer network an investigation record having associated therewith data corresponding to the RSA; and transmitting to the sub-group a message perceivable by the parties indicating a location on the computer network of the investigation record.


Methods and systems for tracking work in a multi-tenant database environment(Link)

United States US8694558
Issued April 8, 2004

A system and method for tracking work in a database environment. In one embodiment, a method includes generating a plurality of work records, where each work record is associated with code that is submitted for integration into a software application. The method further includes receiving a first indication that designates a first work record of the plurality of work records as a parent work record, and receiving a second indication that designates a second work record of the plurality of work records as a child work record, where the second work record is a child of the first work record.



  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Grails
  • Groovy
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Agile Methodologies


De Montfort University

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

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