LinkedInKarl-Michael SALA Euro-German Genealogist since 1979!

Karl-Michael SALA Euro-German Genealogist since 1979!

Inbound/Outbound Sales Representative at

Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Ancestry Intelligence Agency
  1. Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community,
  2. Mike Sala, The Singer (lead & harmony vocals; variety of genres),
  1. University of Phoenix
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International German Genealogist

– Present

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Since 1979: THOUSANDS found! 156+ online WRITTEN endearing endorsements! HUNDREDS of affirmative accolades offline!

I accept my multi-faceted mission to serve The Unborn, Those Born & The Dearly, Savagely &/or Unexpectedly Departed.

"Now is not the time for modesty!" --my high school musical coach, David Urness, @ Karl's 1971 vocal, drama & dance performance of "Tony" (West Side Story)

"No, I don't have a problem w/ my ego--YOU do!" Quote me! So much to do; so little time!

Karl is a PROVEN Consultative Sales via Service Expert; Gifted, multi-talented, near-death experienced (NDE), well-rounded, 3-decade internat'l Ancestral Euro-Germanic Genealogist, Family History Mystery Case Solver! Deciphers Old German handwriting better than 99% of German natives!

ex-Google Adwords, SEM/SEO consultative sales/service ( is SEOd!)

Wow! Names called/given: "Angel; The Best--Period!; Coach; Finder; Genie; Genius; Gifted; Guru; Kaiser; King; Legend(ary); Magician; Magic Man; the Michael Jordan of German Genealogy; Miracle Worker; Phenomenon; Renaissance Man;; Saint; Santa Claus; Tactivator; The Man; #1 Top Fund-raiser; Wizard!"

Aren't you weary of just reading articles, attending lectures, buying books & surfing ABOUT genealogy & NOT SOLVING your dilemmas!? Call.

Privately, as a pro', working for the biggest names in genealogy, Karl was able to serve THOUSANDS! Found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images that clients had been seeking for DECADES!

INTERESTING: 1990/2000 Census Bureau 2-time Crew Leader; Enumerator; Quality Control. Awarded Crew Leader ca$h bonus (accuracy/timeliness)! Hand-picked to complete Denver/Las Vegas.

USAFR Intelligence Op's Spec & Officer. As a Ssgt. (E-5), earned a Deserving Airman Commission & completed Officer Training School.

FINANCIAL CONSULTANT: Former Retirement Specialist, Fidelity Investments & Dean Witter. Sales training @ World Trade Center, NYC.

TOP fund-raiser (conservative causes)

Specialties:pro' Germanic ancestry, genealogy & family history research, deutsche Ahnenforschung, Prussia (Preussen), emigration & immigration; Austria (Oesterreich), Alsace-Lorraine (Elsass-Lothringen), Baden, Bavaria (Bayern), Brandenburg, Denmark (Daenemark) France (Frankreich), Han(n)over, Hesse(n), Mecklenburg, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Ostpreussen (East Prussia) Pomerania (Pommern), Posen (Poznan), Saxony (Sachsen), Schleswig-Holstein, Silesia (Schlesien), Switzerland (Schweiz), Wuerttemberg, etc.


International German Genealogist
– Present (6 years 3 months)

NEW MILESTONE & RECORD! Just since Memorial Day 2010: FORTY cases cracked in the records of 30 locations! Thanks to my WebMaster, Paul A. Johnson (;, we have arrived! Karl-Michael Sala is a Proven Entity ! Organically Search Engine Optimized (SEO'd)!
Karl-Michael Sala has served as a highly successful Internat'l German Genealogist since 1979! After only 2 months, this URL became organically (i.e., non-sponsored) Search Engine Optimized (SEO'd). This is due to Karl's webmaster's knowledge & skill along w/ Karl's occasional weblog. Karl Sala is now the top-ranked individual "German Genealogist" on & most Search Engines: Google, MSN &, al. Hire Karl Sala & his internat'l staff to do your German-American or Euro-Germanic or Poland family history research.

Karl-Michael Recommends
Tim Russ, Student & private musician at Izmir American High School
I've known Tim Russ (aka Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager) for over 30 years. We attended the same Izmir (Mid-East country, Turkey) American high school in 1971-72; initially played in competing music genre bands, Peaceful Revolution (rock-n-roll & easy listening) & Peace Unlimited (soul & jazz). We later joined talents, where I played bass & he played lead guitar in a soul band. We both also played on the high school football & soccer teams. Later in life, Tim hired me as an ancestral genealogist. Indeed I successfully located most all online data, documents & images on the ancestral Russ families clear back to his pre-Emancipation ancestor, Itasca "Tasker" Russ. I've enjoyed Tim's voice & instrumental music after 1994, both live & on his CDs. He is versatile & enlightening as an actor, entertainer, musician & public speaker.

As a fellow soul music band member, Karl Sala worked directly with Tim while students at Izmir American High School.

Inbound/Outbound Sales Representative
– Present (11 months)Tempe, Arizona

Karl is consistently one of the top business developers/salesmen for North American infomercials (Beauty, Energy, Exercise & Health, Skin Maintenance/Treatment; Home & Garden Devices; Male Sexual Health (Book, Data, Newsletter & Tablets), Performance & Stamina; State of the Art Cookware (#2 for sales volume in April 2014); discount clubs (#1 on my very busy overnight shift Team in April 2014) & magazines). Want to hire me away? Many entities want me, for I am a proven entity who was selected & intensively trained by Fidelity Investments for Customer Service & Sales & for consultative financial & retirement investment sales in the former World Trade Center by Dean, Witter, Reynolds. Also formerly licensed in Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, Investment Securities (NASD Series 6, 7 & 63). Show me the advance & residual money, for everyone claims they have a great opportunity. Know what I mean? I will travel intermittently, but not transfer away from Phoenix, Arizona area. I repeat: Show me the money.

Owner, Chief Ancestry Intelligence Officer @ Ancestry Intelligence Agency

Ancestry Intelligence Agency
– Present (35 years 10 months)Phoenix, Arizona Area

"Karl & Lynell! Quick! Help me find my ancestors--before I become one!" --a young client

The Intelligence notion is derived from Karl's indefinite commission as a USAF Reserve Intelligence Officer.

Karl is the highest-ranked genealogist listed as a vendor on He is the ONLY German Genealogist on

Recent Recommendation

Wayne Hood·Adjunct Faculty at Maricopa County Community College District

To: Karl-Michael SALA, German Genealogist since 1979!, Wayne Hood June 2, 2012

It is a pleasure to endorse Karl-Michael Sala as a Professional Genealogist, particularly on German heritage research. Recently, I was delighted to meet Karl unexpectedly at the Family History Library in Mesa, AZ while conducting research into my family tree. Karl and I were both reviewing films and I was impressed with Karl's expertise in using the equipment. He graciously helped me adjust my film viewer [ScanPro2000] for optimal operation since I was obviously a novice. Once I found out Karl was an expert in researching German ancestry, I mentioned a particular problem I had in locating the arrival of my wife's grandfather in New York early in the 20th century from Germany. Karl was most helpful and showed me his approach to quickly finding the passenger list that has evaded me for over a year, as well as pulling in some interesting family history. Karl is both a master at his craft and a gentleman, patiently explaining his methods on researching my stubborn issue. I am most thankful that he willingly shared his considerable expertise and heartily recommend him to anyone requiring family history research.

Wayne Hood
Mesa, AZ


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
– Present (40 years)USA & Europe

Blessed, Loved, Served & Taught The Unborn, The Living & The Dearly Departed.

1976-77: Served a 2-year honorable & successful mission to the Germany-Düsseldorf Mission.

Helped people with emotional, spiritual & temporal life challenges.

Administrator & Expert Researcher (Ancestry, Genealogy & Family History)

Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community
(2 years 10 months)online & in Phoenix, Arizona (Facebook, et al.)

In the 1st Q 2012, and every year since, I have cracked more Europe genealogy research cases than in any previous quarter, clear back to 1979, when I began my research mission for family, friends, patrons & yes, even clients!
1st Q of 2013? Beat the 1st Q of 2012! 2nd Q & every Q since? Same! Are you next? If you have a budget for European research, call 480-507-3316 & be prepared to send your retainer, i.e. $100 & up, to the acct: MFHM1979@HOTMAIL.COM

Vocalist (1st Tenor, Lead or Harmony Expert) & Musician (bass, rhythm guitar, some keyboards)

Mike Sala, The Singer (lead & harmony vocals; variety of genres)
(40 years)Phoenix, Arizona

Have recorded personally &/or professionally at Arctic Studios of John Bass:
Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival);
Gimme Some Lovin' (Stevie Winwood, et al.);
Takin' Care of Business (Bachman-Turner Overdrive);
Tales of Brave Ulysses (Cream);
I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home (Grand Funk Railroad)
Wipe Out (Surfaris)
Hear any one of these at:

Owner, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Research Assistant
(6 months)Phoenix, Arizona Area

Although I am the Owner, the Italy Genealogist through Nov 2012 was a man whom I coached, mentored, trained & assisted with his overall execution of the Italian ancestry, genealogy & family history research business process.

Genealogy Research Business Intelligence Agent

Mystery Companies who do due diligence research on
(1 year 3 months)Phoenix, Arizona Area

On occasion, I am paid $200/hr to consult with various investment research firms. Subject:, & the future of global & international ancestry, genealogy & family history research. This is NOT my going rate for client genealogy research{;>). We grant a whopping 50% discount on anyone's initial research retainer. Most folks have THOUSANDS of $ worth of research to be done. The discount applies to your initial research retainer for online & microfilm research. Any offline or on-site research will get you a 10% discount. Refer us someone & even if we seal the deal, you get a residual 10% reward. Yes, ongoing. NObody else is giving that! Call me. 1-480-507-3316 = 1-888-456-7252

Owner; USA & Euro-Germanic Ancestral Genealogist
(1 year 5 months)Phoenix, Arizona Area & Kassel, Hessen, Germany

"Expensive? No, Ma'am. Expensive is when you spend 30 years & thousands of $ just TRYING to find what we usually DO FIND in 1 day! At least two clients have retained us for an average of $20,000--each!" Karl Sala

Karl has grown weary of people NOT finding what they seek! So, he launched!

* Decades-proven 98% success ratio in finding new digital data, documents & images of what others were seeking
* 80% success ratio! Even when the client claims they cannot find something on

Place your order for a low-cost international online census search: USA, Canada, UK & Germany. Provide details of your target ancestral family history mystery.

Warning: Because of our high success ratio, be prepared to want to order more & refer your friends! If they mention your name, you get a 10% research credit or cash!; 602-865-9695 or 1-888-456-7252 (24-hr toll-free; lv msg)

SEO/SEM & Google SE Adwords & Clear[wire] Consultative Sales via Service

SEO Internet (North & South America)
(7 months)

June 2010, Karl-Michael Sala began training & consultative-selling for Google Adwords. August 2010, Karl passed (88%) the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam 2010, which has recently replaced the old Google Advertising Professionals Exam (GAP). Karl helped numerous companies with SEM & SEO.

Karl was often the #1 consultative salesman on his team. He repeated this feat many times. Per capita, i.e., per phone calls made, Karl was usually able to quickly warm up an otherwise cold phone call to serve the customer with knowledge, humor & skill.

Call today. He & his Search Engine Optimization Specialist will help you set up to be SEO'd.

Fund-Raiser (#1 for Non-Donors RPH & # of Validated & Fulfilled Gifts & #1 for several months RPH!)

Political Call Center LLC
(11 months)

Lived out a blessing given me? " better conditions of the world..."
22 April 2010: #1: 9,734 Pledges received since 15 June 2009!
$221,310 pledged
31 March 2010 : #1 Top Fund-raiser: $27,818 (3x the floor avg.)
17 Mar 2010: Personal Best: #1 in Non-Donor: $175/hr;
Spec Donor: $211/hr; Donor: $247/hr = $2015
WAY ABOVE AVERAGE check-by-phone, debit & credit card, validation & fulfillment rates!

#1 for Sept-Nov 2009 & Jan & March 2010 Revenue!

Karl has accepted his multi-faceted mission to serve The Unborn, Those Born & The Dearly (or Savagely) Departed !

For Sept 2009: #1 volume Fund-Raiser ($23,215)! Sept - Nov'09; #1 RPH Non-Donor Fund-Raiser (Pro-Life & Conservative Causes). The ProLife Campaign; The Republican Majority Campaign; The Gun Rights Campaign; The Campaign to Stop Illegal Immigration (all Political Action Committees, i.e. PACs) & Call-Back (collections) Campaigns. Karl: was promoted ASAP; was NEVER sent home--as were several other top fundraisers.

#2 for Total Funds Raised, July, Aug, Dec'09! $23,222! & Jan '10! $19,315!

Karl privately mentored 2 friends @ PCC, 1 recently--while only a PART-TIMER--cracked into the Top 10! Several attribute their success to Karl's coaching! John Traynor wrote: "…[I] ask[ed] Karl to ‘Coach me to success.’ As a direct result of Karl’s outstanding [after-hours, privately paid] coaching, I have become one of our company’s TOP TEN sales agents. I have more confidence, and appreciation for the challenges of what it takes to succeed because of his effective approach. His ability in sharing his proven recipe for outstanding achievement has been a significant help for me. I will ever be thankful for, as well as indebted to Mr. Karl Sala for all of his help at getting me to make my continued success a reality.” SIGNED, John Traynor; 1366 W Garden Cir; Mesa, AZ 85201; 480-718-9785

Doug Schofield; 1253 W Straford Dr; Chandler, AZ 85224; 480-786-4370 (moved to MDS)

1st & 2nd Tenor (auditioned & selected professional musician)

Arizona Deseret Choir formerly a/k/a Arizona Mormon Choir
(1 year 1 month)
Vocal range: Baritone to 1st tenor. I am solo-, duet-, quartet-, choir- & stage-capable. Was assigned to help the less-members of the 2nd tenor section. So far, for this specific group, I've sung for a missionary conference; Payson (2) & Goodyear (1), Mesa Temple, Arizona community performances. In addition to some stunning spiritual & religious standards, we have also performed some rousing patriotic & military branch pieces at senior citizen communities! Not many dry eyes in the house. Just one--my bad eye!

Recent performance that I missed: Chattanooga Choo-Choo; It's a Big Wide Wonderful World; Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'; Over The Rainbow; People Will Say We're In Love; Sentimental Journey, You Are My Sunshine; et al.; Les Miserables Medley & much more entertaining tunes that appeal to the seniors, who are still interested in our style.

It certainly is more satisfying than a typical ward choir, but not quite as satisfying as the larger Utah Symphony Chorus. There, I sang classical music that lifted my spirit higher than ever. It was Dr. Edgar J. Thompson--now a Mormon Tabernacle Choir conductor--who auditioned &, in the same hour, accepted me for the Utah Symphony Chorus. I auditioned with a song he asked me to sing: "Silent Night." He said that he loved my natural tenor voice. I also can play the guitar & piano "by ear" sufficient to accompany myself or others in singing.

I seek others to start a popular drama, entertainment & instrumental music band/group/troupe that performs with 2-4 part harmony vocals. If you play an instrument, can sing & live in the Mesa, Arizona area, please email or call 480-507-3316. Have become too busy with my website.

Communications Specialist III (Highest-level Fund-Raiser for numerous non-profit corp's)

MDS Communications Corporation
(11 months)

Karl Sala, consistently one of the top of 100+ MDS fund-raisers, raised thousand$ each & every week for adoption, charitable, childrens', conservative, family, medical, non-profit, political, pro-Life, relief, religious & watchdog causes, to wit: American Bible Society; American Leprosy Mission; CARE; Catholic Medical Mission Board; Chosen People Ministries; CityTeam Ministries; Concerned Women for America; Holt Internat'l Children's Adoption; Judicial Watch; McCain/Palin; Mercy Corps; Navigators; Nat'l Right to LIfe (& state affiliates); Republican Nat'l Committee; Sacred Heart; St. Jude, Salvation Army (& other nationwide foodbanks); Students for Life of America; Veterans of Foreign Wars, Worship Network, Wycliffe, Yes for Marriage...

Usually a top producer earning either a high bonus, response rate &/or funds raised! 5 Feb 2009: First-ever Best Team Member, Patti Wood's Team. 4 Dec 2008: promoted to Communications Specialist III, top non-management position. Karl passed with flying colors (100%) a quality filter of his gifts received from donors. Thanks also to past coaches, Claudia Klevos & Crys Phillips. Karl's hearing loss & a computer glitch caused him to inadvertently offend his floor boss. No forgiveness was granted. Departing from sour grapes, Karl has now moved on to other parts of the vineyard.

Founder & Finder

Izmir, Turkey Alumni Association
(27 years)

Bittersweet Interest: With the aid, criticism (both constructive & destructive) & (mis-)judgments of a handful of others, I researched, found, cataloged, documented, contacted, 3-way conferenced-called; subsequently & repeatedly then RE-found, re-contacted, re-united & re-unionized hundreds of Izmir, Turkey former residents, 1950-2009! I had an extensive MSN Group for the site, but MSN killed that. Due to the "blood, sweat & tears" invested into this living persons research group--vis-a-vis the lack of sufficient funds raised--my wife appropriately deemed this a FOR-LOSS organization{;>) The Izmir Association will now be pursued only on an as-needed basis, i.e. when we deem it necessary or someone actually pays to have us find someone for them.

TimeShare Appointment Setter for Marriott's Grand Chateau

Marriott Vacation Club International
(2 months)

To schedule a Las Vegas vacation with Marriott Rewards members, without the aid of an auto-dialer, Karl rapidly made 150-200 phone calls in a 5-hr shift. Within 3 weeks & prior to having migrated to Queen Creek, Arizona, Karl developed an above-average number of leads for the Closers. These ultimately became 4 closed "sales." Because of Karl's natural people-skills & excellent phone demeanor, his two great managers, Brian Shehan & Darryl T Roberts, were sad to hear of Karl's departure, but were pleased that he was leaving to assist his daughter with her two very young sons, one a newborn on 5 July 2008! Unfortunately, the compensation there was insufficient for the efforts & time. You may email or call Darryl at 702-730-4035 or Blair at 800-487-4812 ext 4525

Manager in-Training for

Commercial & Residential Security, Ltd
(3 months)

Steve B., the owner, reneged on his verbal contract to compensate a set weekly salary for 18 months. In the future, I will only accept written contracts. In spite of this stunning traumatic situation, from this position, I learned a lot abt myself, my health & stamina to withstand very hot outdoor conditions, along w/ my naturally great sales & service abilities. Jim H. (in Utah) recruited me to Steve B.'s office in Las Vegas. Training was mostly good, except for the manager part. At least 2 of Steve's managers claimed that Steve "...overpromises & under-delivers. He did not get where he is w/o having stepped on a few toes." I loyally served as a "door-knocker" who then called up a Team Leader to close deals. I averaged 3 sales/wk, but only 1/week actually held (failed credit, buyer's remorse); Great Team Leader, Brandon Dorsey would give me a great endorsement. Call him 702-376-4210 or email

Project Implementation Manager, EVPN, AT&T Project

(1 year)

Via email & telephone, I tactfully encouraged & helped drive the project tasks to completion.

International Research Consultant ( &

The Generations Network
(1 year)

* Numerous letters of commendation from & online subscribers, colleagues, managers; Able to find ancestral family members' data & images for global ancestry seekers; Effectively became chief online Germanic Research Consultant for; superbly handled majority of calls & emails FROM Germany!

Joe Everett, Germanic Content Manager, wrote 7/10/08: "Karl worked in member services assisting subscribers ... to be successful in their research. With his Germanic research expertise, Karl provided helpful feedback on quality & production of some of's Germanic databases... also contributed to the improvement of some ... index data quality, particularly for Germanic locality data. Karl is focused not only on the immediate task, but on the larger picture, & aims to not only solve the immediate need, but also contribute to a better overall experience. Karl is thorough, communicates promptly & effectively & is pleasant to work with.” Inc. (Nasdaq: ACOM) is the world's largest online family history resource, with over 1 million paying subscribers. The company has digitized and put online over 4 billion records over the past 13 years. Ancestry has local Web sites directed at nine countries, including its flagship Web site at

Paid Expert Ancestry Genealogist, Researcher
(2 years)

Having served in various call center capacities (Renewal Subscription Sales; Welcome Team) Karl Sala was THE very 1st person hand-picked & selected for the Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line (PEARL, a term Karl coined & won the in-house team-name competition, but it was never formally accepted)

Due to what Karl was able to find for subscribers, he encouraged them to go further; they indeed spent thousands of research dollars! Karl had to be restrained from the volume of research he sold, for did not want to get into deep genealogical research cases that required going to the Family History Library or doing onsite research. This Research Team was deemed "not scalable." Indeed: The call-center HR Director, Mike Moran, exclaimed, "Karl, we're going to have to clone you!"

Try Karl's present independent stunning research service!; 1-888-456-7252 (24-hr toll-free)

22 Jan 2009, Colleague Austin Davis wrote: "We used to both work at You taught me so much about family history and genealogy; I owe you so much. You were the best researcher I knew..."

1st Tenor

Santa Rosa Honor Choir
(1 year)

Accompanying the Santa Rosa Symphony, this choir sang, among other reasons, as a balm for the 9/11 tragedy. "Ode to Joy" comes to mind.

Crew Leader, Advance Lister, Enumerator, Quality Controller

US Census Bureau
(10 years)

actually pre-1990 & pre-2000! Leader of the largest team in Utah, pre-1990. Awarded a monetary bonus for quality & timely completion of projects in Utah. Therefore, Karl was selected to assist in the completion of Denver, pre-1990 & Las Vegas, pre-2000!

1st Tenor

Utah Symphony Chorus
(4 years)

It was very challenging, but quite satisfying to perform with the Utah Symphony Chorus. I sang classical music that lifted my spirit higher than ever. Dr. Edgar J. Thompson, a 2008-2009 interim conductor, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, auditioned & accepted me. Along with the usual challenging vocal testings, I auditioned with an a capella "Silent Night." Ed accepted me immediately & said that he loved my natural tenor voice.

From their website: "...The Utah Symphony Chorus. ...The chorus has sung under the baton of Utah Symphony Music Directors Maurice Abravanel, Varujan Kojian, Joseph Silverstein, and Keith Lockhart, as well as guest conductors such as Robert Shaw, Carmen Dragon, Norman Leyden, Margaret Hillis, Roger Wagner, Peter Eros, and many others. Fifty-eight years and a wealth of the world's greatest choral music later, we embrace the future and our great associations with Maestro Keith Lockhart, Pavel Kogan, Scott O'Neil, and the orchestra. The Utah Symphony Chorus is comprised of 160 volunteers from the community who meet once a week to prepare the choral masterworks and pops concerts needed by the Utah Symphony. The Utah Symphony Chorus performs 8 to 10 separate concerts per year with the Utah Symphony. Members are auditioned by the Symphony's Chorus Conductor. There is no limited time of service. We're proud to continue to provide outstanding music to the communities of Utah and beyond, and as always, to be the voice of the Utah Symphony!"

GERMAN GENEALOGIST (Ancestry & Family History Research for Germany & Prussia)

Accredited Genealogist (German)
(11 years 8 months)

In 1984, after having much more than the pre-requisite 1,000 hours of research & having passed a rigorous verbal & written exam admin'd by Roy Spjut, AG (retired Family History Library), Karl-Michael Sala found THOUSANDS of Ancestral Family Members for HUNDREDS of clients, patrons & himself! Because he was getting behind in client case closure, to protect the name of his church, this accreditation was involuntarily withdrawn after Karl's 1995 Near-Death Experience. However, to this day, Karl fervently disputes the withdrawal, for he has done nothing but improve his Germanic research skills & find more personal & client ancestral family members than ever! Here is an endorsement of a client with whom I worked & coached both before & after my Traumatic Brain Injury: Larry Flatau, client from the 1980s endorsed Karl in Aug' 2013 "... this gentleman showed me several time saving methods to conduct my research. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he had been the researcher, Karl-Michael Sala, I had hired in 1988 to conduct research on my East Prussian family tree. Wow, talk about a small world. I had never met Karl twenty four years later, I’m still actively pursuing that same family tree that Karl helped me initiate. Looking back at my records I realized that it was Karl that had identified my 3 times great paternal-grandfather, established the Kreis (County/Region) my paternal family came from, and even the towns and villages where various family members had resided. Karl provided detailed maps of those areas, even though East Prussia no longer exists. That was very exciting, actually identifying the homeland of my family. ...He then determined when my family arrived in the USA, despite some significant misspellings of the family name, &... pinpointed their exact location in Detroit.. greatly expand my family tree... I mimicked many of the research techniques to which he introduced me, and have had a wonderful time pursuing my genealogy avocation."

Consultative Sales & Service Consultant

Utah Taxpayers Association
(less than a year)

Consultative sales via service consultant

Missionary, District Leader

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
(2 years)

I highly appreciate having served the people of the Germany-Duesseldorf Mission in Nordrhein-Westfalen in: Velbert (near Essen), Minden, Luedenscheid, Siegen, Dortmund & Soest. It was my greatest honor to have been privileged to have taught & baptized several individuals & one Rosenberg family. 1976: Was granted permission to temporarily depart mission boundaries with my companion, G. Timothy Kelly (now a Las Vegas doctor), to visit & bless my younger brother, who had just become a quadriplegic in Kassel, Hessen, Germany.

Bass Guitarist

USAF: TDY as a soul musician
(1 year)

I thumped, plucked & picked the bass while singing the high harmony back-up vocals for jazz, pop, rock & soul music.


Cracking German & European Genealogy Research Cases(Link)

Germany none

Karl-Michael Sala
For decades, as various affiliations, professional & pro bono DBAs, such as The German Genealogist,, Karl-Michael Sala, Owner, Chief German Genealogist,, Germanic Genealogy Research, Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research, et al. we have rocked the Deutschland - Germany GermanGenealogy Research World! 160+ WRITTEN endearing endorsements on (hundreds more were just "clicked on"; HUNDREDS more offline. Since 1979, we have found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for THOUSANDS of clients (paying) & patrons (pro bono), descendants & family members! — with Lynell Sala.

Test Scores

Google Adwords Fundamentals

Score: Pass

Won a coveted Google T-shirt!

Germany Genealogist

Score: Passed

All day verbal & written exam. Grilled by Roy Spjut, now retired, but volunteers at the FamilySearch Library. I had to have 1,000 hours of professional research before the test could even be administered.


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Family History Consultant; Missionary, Elder, Home Teacher, Sunday School Presidency Counselor, Instructor & Primary Music Leader; Singles Activities Leader;
– Present

When ye are in the service of your fellow man, ye are in the service of your God.
If ye love me, then feed my sheep.
Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
This is my work & my glory: to bring to pass the immortality & eternal life of man.
And he shall turn the hearts of the children to their [fore]fathers...


Effective Genealogy Research Project(Link)

– Present

2012: Marks our best two years ever in the genealogy research industry. Due diligence research companies pay us $200/hr just to discuss the genealogy research industry. Clients pay us anywhere from zero to $50/hr for effective international genealogy research! One client has paid us $33,000 for his numerous German genealogy research cases. Another from South Africa has paid $20,000. Yes, both of these clients had several difficult lineage research cases cracked, solved, documented, digitized & distributed! These included Baden, Bayern (Bavaria), & Württemberg, all now in "Germany," Lithuania, Poland (both once a part of Preussen (Prussia).

Team members:

Commendations, Endorsements, Graditudinals, Recommendations, Wow letters,(Link)

– Present

156+ WRITTEN endearing endorsements that date back to my high school junior class English & Typing teacher at Izmir American High School in Izmir, Turkey.

Team members:


SEO Internet (North & South America)

  • Google Advertising Fundamentals

Brigham Young University

  • German Genealogy Research (Larry O. Jensen, PhD & AG)
  • Genealogy Field On-site Research (Czech Republic & Germany)
  • Genealogy Research Fundamentals
  • USA Genealogy Research
  • Paleography (handscript, handwriting, handschrift)
  • Germany History, Independent Studies (Douglas Tobler)
  • Germany & Prussia Genealogy Research
  • UK, British Genealogy Research
  • USA Genealogy Research
  • Germany & Prussia History
  • Field, On-site Research in East Germany & Czech Republic
  • On-site Research in West Germany
  • German Genealogy Research by Larry O. Jensen, PhD.

Independent Coursework

  • Microsoft Office computer programs
  • Computers & Internet Research
  • Effective Sales
  • Effective Service
  • Effective Business
  • Effective E-marketing
  • various internet & MS-Office applications
  • Grandparenting (have now 6 of them in 2 states)
  • Hard Knocks (some physical; some emotional)
  • How to Withstand Misjudgments by Naysayers
  • Internet Genealogy
  • Germany & Prussia (Preussen) Genealogy
  • Europe Genealogy
  • Sales via Excellent Customer Service
  • Various & sundry computer-oriented classes (MS Office, Internet, etc.)

University of Phoenix

  • Management
  • enough managment courses to realize I was NOT going to be someone else's pawn (no less than a knight or I'm not coming)
  • Management classes

US Air Force Officer Training School

  • Military International Leadership
  • Interrogation
  • Counter-insurgency
  • Intelligence Acquisition
  • Military History
  • Intelligence Applications
  • Counter-Insurgency
  • Intelligence Operations
  • International Counter-insurgency
  • Interrogation Techniques
  • German Military Vocabulary Training
  • German Technical Wordbook Translation

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Family History Research Consultant at-large

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
– Present (35 years 10 months)Social Services

I have voluntarily, pro bono, i.e. totally without pay, helped hundreds of patrons either find what they were seeking or got them on the right path. I did this in addition to my profession as a USA, immigration & Europe, German & Prussia Genealogist. I consistently grant much research consultancy with my time.

Online, in just the 1st 2 weeks of September 2011 alone, I helped 4 people find data,documents & images on their ancestry. OK, so some hired me after that, but it was difficult for them to not hire me, for my counsel was stellar.

For example, I found data that Matt Yancey had been seeking since 1996! I helped him to find it within 4 hours time. We used the internet & Facebook's Instant Messenger to find each other & communicate. He now calls me King Genealogist{:>)

Santa Rosa, California patron: "Karl, [with your knowledge of German research], thank you for having prevented me from ordering microfilms that would have been a waste of my time."

There are many more of these.... "Karl! Help me find my ancestors--before I become one!"

Opportunities Karl-Michael is looking for:

  • Skills-based volunteering (pro bono consulting)

Causes Karl-Michael cares about:

  • Children
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Politics

Organizations Karl-Michael supports:

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Honors & Awards

Hundreds of Endearing Endorsements on, Hand-written & Type-written letters from people who were not online or not on!

Clients, Coaches, Colleagues

This actually pertains to Karl-Michael Sala as a Character, Human, Mensch, Person, Servant to Mankind that were given even before 1972--the year of his high school graduation. Karl has received hundreds of excellent awards, commendations, endorsements, gratitudes, kudos, recommendations, reports, testimonials, thank-yous, trophies, wow-letters, etc.

The Phoenix Award in the Genealogist Category 2013

Phoenix Award Program;;
Press Release
German Genealogist Receives 2013 Phoenix Award
Phoenix Award Program Honors the Achievement
PHOENIX December 14, 2013 -- German Genealogist has been selected for the 2013 Phoenix Award in the Genealogist category by the Phoenix Award Program.

Each year, the Phoenix Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Phoenix area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2013 Phoenix Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Phoenix Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Phoenix Award Program

The Phoenix Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Phoenix area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Phoenix Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Phoenix Award Program
CONTACT: Phoenix Award Program

The Phoenix Award in the Genealogist Category 2014

Phoenix Award Program

See similar data from the 2013 same award.

Additional Honors & Awards

Gifted & Talented! As a youth, Karl received many honors:

* Elem. School Champion Speller (victored over 5th graders while only in 3rd grade)
* All-Star 2nd baseman @ age 11 (.525 batting avg. 11-13 yr old league)

* Sophomore: Most Improved Gymnast: Best Man on Trampoline! The only Stebbins High student who could perform a double-twisting back-flip, then a front flip w/ 1 & 1/2 twist & 8 more moves!

* Junior: Lead-Singer/Guitarist, rock-n-roll band; "Tony" in West Side Story @ Izmir, Turkey (Turkish-American Assn Theater);

Senior: Voted by other teams' coaches & peers: "All-Conference Punter," Best All-Around, Friendliest & Most Athletic

HUNDREDS of endorsements from associates, colleagues, clients, coaches & managers. Thousands of $ of client advance retainers received. Hundreds of European microfilm parish records researched! Years of productive, records-exhausting, on-site digital photography & research in Germany, Denmark & behind the former Iron Curtain in E. Germany!


  • Research project...
  • Negotiation
  • Sales
  • Google Adwords
  • Research
  • Online Research
  • German (old handwriting)
  • German (Gothic script)
  • German (Sütterlin)
  • Onsite Management
  • Customer Service
  • Outstanding Customer...
  • Outstanding Sales
  • Research Design
  • Research Methodology
  • Social Networking
  • Report Writing
  • conversational German
  • Poland Genealogy
  • German Genealogy...
  • German emigration
  • Hamburg Passenger Lists
  • Digitization
  • Tenor vocals
  • Guitarist
  • Bassist
  • Delivering Workshops
  • Public Speaking
  • On-site Services
  • Genealogy
  • Team Building
  • Blogging
  • Management
  • German
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Nonprofits
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public Relations
  • Coaching
  • Fundraising
  • Service Quality
  • Leadership Development
  • Teaching
  • Project Planning
  • Time Management
  • Writers
  • See 35+  See less


Too Numerous To List: My research has gone without proper credit into numerous published ancestral & lineage research projects & genealogies!(Link)


Since 1979: The numerous data, documents & images of my tedious & tenacious research have gone both with & without proper credit into numerous published celebrity & average citizens' ancestral & lineage research projects & genealogies!


Volunteer European research consultation on FamilySearch's Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research (Page) on Facebook(Link)

on Facebook

On this page, along with a few others online, I cracked more European genealogy cases in the 1st Quarter 2012, than in any previous 3 months, all the way back to 1979! This includes having corrected the mis-translations by native Germans! Update: This holds now true for the entire year of 2012! And, now, for 2013!


Research for numerous publications for which I never received credit. Gretchen Warda, former DAR sister (now deceased) & leader merely just published my behind-the-Iron-Curtain research as her own.(Link)

The Wernecke Family Johann Andreas Ernst Wernike (1788-1867) and Friederike Maria Regina Sachse (1792-1857) Their... by Gretchen Ann Wernecke, Compiled And Written By (Certified American Lineage Specialist) Warda (Jan 1, 1984) $85.00 used (1 offer) (1)

99th of 156+ endearing endorsements on begins to clear up a 25-year German Genealogy research accomplishment for which I never received literary credit. Indeed, it became a thorn in my side! The client passed away several years ago.
Rose M. Mitcham (client) hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2012 and hired you more than once
Top qualities for Karl-Michael Sala: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
"Karl-Michael has serviced the Chapter of PORT WASHINGTON National society of the Daughters of the American Revolution by having extensively researched the East Germany lineage of Gretchen Wernecke Warda, a DAR leader. She put Karl's on-site, behind the former Iron Curtain research results in her published book, but failed to give him credit for the documentation provided by Karl-Michael Sala.
Washington State Lineage Chairman of DAR; Past Regent of Peter Puget Chapter; Past Regent of Marcus Whitman Chapter;
Rose M. Harmia-Mitcham C. G." June 10, 2012



  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. German

    Professional working proficiency
  3. German, Middle High (ca.1050-1500)

    Professional working proficiency


Accredited Genealogist (Germany & Prussia)(Link)

Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, License none


University of Phoenix

none, Business Administration

Business Management classes taken

Activities and Societies: Team Projects

US Air Force Officer Training School

commissioned as a Lieutenant, (Leadership & Military)

Although it was properly disclosed to my HQ, my on-site, pro-active travels for professional German genealogy research behind the Iron Curtain ultimately gave a Major Lawrence Earle & a Captain Kevin Klahr some "heartburn." I was "pencil-whipped" & my Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentized Clearance was non-renewed. No clearance? No commission. I forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Activities and Societies: Intelligence Officer (Human Applications & Operations)

Brigham Young University

BA, International Relations & Professional Genealogy, International Affairs; USA & German, Germanic Ancestry, Family History, Genealogy

Karl loved Brigham Young University & graduated within 3 1/2 years. As a Vietnam-era Veteran & later a USAFR Intelligence Officer, was financed by Uncle Sam's GI Bill. Blessed by his wife with 2 wonderful daughters while @ BYU: Maria Helena & Celestia Angelika! Later had 2 great sons: Benjamin Karl & Nathanael Clyde. Those 4 taught Karl more than any BYU class! While a student: worked as a BYU custodian; delivered coal to customers while @ Utah Timber & Coal); as a Psychiatric Aide at the Utah State (Psychiatric) Hospital, which housed & treated criminals & non-criminals. Served & received training in the Utah Army National Guard Linguist Batallion) & USAF Reserve Intelligence Agency: Linguist, Interrogator, Debriefer, Officer Training & in Intelligence Operations. Former NCO (Staff Sergeant) earned a Deserving Airman Commission & attended Officer Training School @ Lackland AFB, TX.

Activities and Societies: German Chorus; looking for the eventual mother of my four children, Volunteer work, student ward social activities leader, ancestry, family history & genealogy research in England, USA, Germany & numerous European countries & other continents that had Germans living in them at some point in time.

Izmir, Turkey American High School

diploma, Humanities, Internat'l Relations, Girls, Drama, Rock & Soul Music & Sports (not in that order)

1972: Head Life Guard

Tim Rake Floor technician at First Choice Cleaning and Restorations, Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area

Tim Rake Though we've only reconnected in recent years, I know Mike from our 1971-1972 Izmir days as military dependents. Now, as then, Mike Sala's personal and professional reputation as gifted, creative, and resourceful individual is well-deserved. He has earned the respect of friends and clients around the world through a genuine responsiveness to the needs of others and top-drawer service in the field of genealogy. I am glad to give my recommendation to Mike and lend my name to endorse his research and business. Sincerely,Tim Rake [former Protestant minister]

Activities and Societies: All-star Conference Punter; 6th man on basketball team; chorus, Thespian Society (drama), stage plays (West Side Story lead role: "Tony", after-school rock-n-roll band lead singer & rhythm guitarist, girls

Stebbins High School (Dayton, Ohio)

diploma, Choir, Gymnastics, Girls & oh yeah, general ed

When Karl Sala's father was transferred by the USAF to Izmir, Turkey, Karl debated whether or not to stay with his gymnastics friend Byron Nash (chosen as Most Valuable in 1971 & 1972). Karl ultimately opted to support his family, which consisted also of a younger brother & sister. With hindsight, it was a wise decision.

Activities and Societies: While only a sophomore, Karl Sala was selected as the Top Man, Trampoline, Varsity Gymnastics Team; Placed 9th at Regionals; Voted by coach & peers as Most Improved, for Karl was the only gymnast who could competitively perform a double-twisting back flip, followed immediately by a front flip with 1 & 1/2 twist, followed by 8 consecutive lesser moves. This was all learned w/i a few months' practice. Choir Tenor: sang "O Shenandoah" for a class solo Drama: Pirate in "Peter Pan"

Roosevelt Lincoln Jr High

Got swats for chewing gum in school (never again chewed gum in school), by the Shop Teacher

studied English.

Activities and Societies: Got swats for having chewed gum in shop class. Ouch. Never since.


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