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Springfield, Missouri Area
Staffing and Recruiting

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Gene Price ('s Overview

  • Owner at Gene Price Recruiting

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Gene Price ('s Summary

Gene Price has worked as a human resources professional for more than 20 years in both industry and in federal government. His clients for technical and managerial searches have included national and regional companies from a wide range of industries. He has continued to place the client’s needs at the forefront of the recruiting effort.

After graduating from Baylor University with a degree in business administration, Gene worked in government and industry in training, development, recruiting and manufacturing. The Human Resources Certification Instituteawarded Gene lifetime certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). This was awarded as a result of successful completion of the rigorous HRCI exam, its requirement human resources experience and its requirements for human resources continued training. Additionally, by successfully completing the American Production and Inventory Control Society’s (APICS) tests, he earned the designation of Certified in Inventory and Production Management (CPIM).

A Recruiting Firm with the Ability to Understand the Needs of the Applicant
As an instructor in the subjects of human resources, administration and statistics at both the undergraduate and graduate college level, he has worked with career professionals and gained an understanding of their needs. He has also served as a leader in workplace training in team building and continuous improvement.

A Recruiting Firm with Ties to the Community
Gene has consistently contributed to the community through volunteer activities. He served as president of the Springfield Area Human Resources Association in Springfield, Missouri for two years and also served for two years as president of the Ozarks Quality Council. Gene has served as a member of the workplace training advisory boards for both Southwest Missouri State University and Ozarks Technical Community College. Gene is President of SOMO, a recruiting organization in SW Missouri.


Manufacturing, Engineering, Materials, Purchasing, Buying, Technical Positions

Gene Price ('s Experience

2002Present (12 years)

Gene Price ('s Skills & Expertise

  1. Technical Recruiting
  2. Full-cycle Recruiting
  3. Internet Recruiting
  4. Personnel Recruiting
  5. Contract Recruitment
  6. Direct Recruiting

Gene Price ('s Education

Baylor University


San Augustine High School, San Augustine, Texas


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