Evo Terra

Evo Terra

Chief Disruption Officer at Big Bounce

Tempe, Arizona (Phoenix, Arizona Area)
Think Tanks

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Evo Terra's Overview

  • Chief Disruption Officer at Big Bounce
  • Founder at Podiobooks.com
  • Professional Public Speaker at Digital & social media events
  • VP of Innovation at Sitewire
  • Digital Business Strategist at ASW Consulting Services
  • Co-founder at ePublish Unum
  • Author of Making Killer Google+ Profiles at A Modern Indie Author's Guide
  • Author of Writing Awesome Book Blurbs at A Modern Indie Author's Guide
  • Author of Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies at John Wiley and Sons
  • Co-founder & show host at FarPoint Media
  • Author of Podcasting for Dummies at John Wiley and Sons
  • Show host - Dragon Page Live Fire at 550 AM KFYI Radio

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Evo Terra's Summary

Evo Terra has led innovative and disruptive strategies for 20 years. In business, he's launched and managed enterprise-level commerce platforms and directed international agency teams. As an educator, he's hosted nationally syndicated radio programs, authored many instructional books, and is a nationally known speaker. As an entrepreneur, he’s launched many viable companies, such as Podiobooks.com, ePublish Unum, and Scribl.com. Through it all, Evo stays focused on emerging trends, the impact of science on on society, and the importance of critical thinking.

Evo Terra's Experience

Chief Disruption Officer

Big Bounce

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Think Tanks industry

April 2014Present (6 months) Tempe, AZ

Predicting the future is hard. And for most fledgling companies hell-bent on disrupting the status quo, their vision of the future often flies in the face of conventional wisdom. But with the right environment, methods, and attention, the unconventional future is ripe for the taking.

As the CDO, I provide executive-level support to all of our disruptive cohabs, helping them refine their business models to achieve stability and sustainability as quickly as possible.



Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Publishing industry

June 2004Present (10 years 4 months)

Podiobooks.com provides serialized audio books in podcast form. We work with many writers to help them create their own recordings and then provide the technologies necessary to get their works in front of a brand new audience.

Putting this company together allowed me to fully test my ability to aggregate teams of skilled people and to solicit incredibly generous concessions from leading technology providers in the space. This is truly a "new" new media playground.

Professional Public Speaker

Digital & social media events

November 2005Present (8 years 11 months)

I'm hired to speak to groups large and small about our changing world as we become more and more digital. Social media is a popular topic, as is the pervasiveness of mobile devices. I offer strategic insights based on 15+ years of doing business online.

I bring a different perspective that you -- or your attendees -- may not have heard before. That is why organizations hire me to speak to their members. As you can see by this profile, my experience spans business, communications, social media, and new media. Flighty? Sure. But often with a purpose. And always with an anecdote.

If you need someone to cut through the clutter, present fresh ideas and engage with the audience, I'm here to help. I abhor classic presentations, with charts and graphs and so much data-puke that heads are left spinning. No one wants to hear that. My mantra is 'I solve problems'. And I can't very well do that unless my audience walks away better for the experience.

Prior events include:
* Google's Automotive Aftermarket Summit
* Cochise County Travel & Tourism Social Media Workshop
* Elixir Interactive's Travel & Tourism Symposium
* National Association of Realtors 2008 & 2009 National Convention
* Ignite Phoenix
* Arizona Association of Realtors 2010 Winter Conference
* Maricopa Community College
* New Media Expo
* Podcamp AZ

VP of Innovation


Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Marketing and Advertising industry

August 2009April 2014 (4 years 9 months) Tempe, AZ

Traditionally I've spent a lot of energy shielding my fun-jobs from my day-jobs. Now, for perhaps the first time in my career, I have a day-job that actually makes use of what I've learned on the fun-side, and I find myself proud to talk about it.

Briefly, I'm now responsible for creating a disruptive space. Even shorter -- I get to be the asshole. And best of all, I get to teach my associates this skill and build a team dedicated to the practice. I now lead the Voice of the Future, and spend a significant portion of my time analyzing emerging trends, exploring changes in our clients' industries, and making smart bets -- big and small -- on where our entire company should be focused.

Sound vague? Well yeah... the future tends to be a little murky. But I'm sure it'll clear up as it migrates toward the present.

Digital Business Strategist

ASW Consulting Services

February 2004April 2014 (10 years 3 months)

I started ASW Consulting as an umbrella organization for the many side projects I had either started or for which I had become involved. Along the way, I've picked up a smattering of clients who use me on an ad hoc basis to either help understand the digital media space or to find better and more efficient ways to do business in an ever-changing marketplace.

Over the years, I've connected with other professionals I can draw on as necessary. Ah, the power of ubiquitous connectivity!


ePublish Unum

July 2011March 2014 (2 years 9 months) Phoenix, AZ

ePublish Unum provided educational services to authors. Publishing is changing rapidly, and we teach savvy authors how to fully explore all aspects of digital publishing.

Author of Making Killer Google+ Profiles

A Modern Indie Author's Guide

June 2013June 2013 (1 month) http://epublishunum.com/making-killer-google-plus-profiles/

In 16,000 words, I show indie authors not just how to make a killer Google+ profile, but how they can fill it with remarkable content people actually want to read. It's certainly not a marketing book, but indie authors who embrace the concepts within should have an easier time of finding an audience for their books.


Author of Writing Awesome Book Blurbs

A Modern Indie Author's Guide

January 2013January 2013 (1 month) http://epublishunum.com/writing-awesome-sales-copy/

In 8,000 words, I show indie authors how to successfully craft "sales copy". Most authors suck at writing sales and marketing copy for their own books. Not because they’re terrible writers, but because writing copy is completely different from writing a book.

This was the first in the Modern Indie Author's Guide collection. More coming!


Author of Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies

John Wiley and Sons

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; Publishing industry

May 2007December 2007 (8 months)

After the success of Pocasting for Dummies, I was asked to collaborate on another "for Dummies" title. This was to be a follow-on to the first book, Podcasting for Dummies.

The "Expert" series is marketed at the more advanced user, which sounds rather odd for a book ostensibly focused on "dummies". But I think we made it work.

Expert Podcasting for Dummies is a sort of "recipe book" with tips and techniques designed to take a podcast to the next level. It was a very different experience than the first book.

Co-founder & show host

FarPoint Media

August 2005June 2007 (1 year 11 months)

FarPoint Media produces several podcasts on a variety of topics. I co-hosted some of these podcasts, produced others and generally provided consulting services on all of them. We were early adopters in the podcasting space, having our first podcast (The Dragon Page Cover to Cover) available via RSS on October 14, 2004.

Author of Podcasting for Dummies

John Wiley and Sons

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; Publishing industry

April 2005November 2005 (8 months)

I was fortunate enough to be asked to co-author Podcasting for Dummies with my friend and colleague Tee Morris.

Writing for the "for Dummies" team was an amazing experience. I had written business communications for years, but this was by far the most ambitious project I'd ever embarked upon. I can't tell you how rewarding it was.

Podcasting for Dummies remains the #1 selling podcasting how-to book on the market. It's now in it's second edition. I'm still listed as co-author even though I handed the reigns for my chapters on to another. I did serve to consult on the project and re-wrote part of a section in the new book, too.

Show host - Dragon Page Live Fire

550 AM KFYI Radio

September 2003February 2005 (1 year 6 months)

For a year and a half, I co-hosted a weekly talk show on the #1 talk radio show in the southwestern U.S..

And if you think that's impressive, consider that it was a science-fiction focused show on a right-wing conservative talk radio show. And we constantly pulled in great numbers. Content, it turns out, is king after all.

I learned a lot on this show. Sure, I had a history of internet radio -- that eventually became podcasting -- prior to that, but doing live radio to a large audience is... different.

Say what you will about traditional media, but I enjoyed every on-mic moment I was there.

Evo Terra's Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Education
      • Environment
      • Science and Technology

Evo Terra's Languages

  • English

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Jive

Evo Terra's Publications

  • Podcasting for Dummies

    • For Dummies
    • November 2005
    Authors: Evo Terra, Tee Morris

    The first edition of the most popular how-to book on podcasting.

  • Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies

    • John Wiley and Sons
    • December 2007

    Written for existing podcasters who want to take their show to the next level!

  • Podcasting For Dummies, 2nd Edition

    • For Dummies
    • July 28, 2008

    Things change. So we updated the book!

Evo Terra's Projects

  • Podiobooks.com

    • June 2004 to Present
    Team Members: Evo Terra, Christopher Miller, Tim White

    Free serialized audio books.

  • The Beer Diet (A Brew Story)

    • October 2011 to Present

    My diet can beat up your diet. I’m not kidding. After one month of nothing but beer and sausage, I lost 14 pounds and cut my cholesterol in half. I did it without powders or pills, without blending food into sludge, and without getting divorced.

    I did it by drinking carb-loaded, gluten-filled, and alcohol-containing quality craft beer. I did it by eating fat-filled, chemically-injected, and highly-processed meat tubes of glorious sausage. And all under a doctor’s supervision.

    Why did something that should be bad turn out to be so good?

    Here’s the nasty truth about fad diets: The science behind them is questionable, if not pure crap. But that doesn’t stop popular opinion, the news media, or quasi-celebrities from climbing on board the latest trend. As a result, an entire generation has been conditioned to think this food is good for you and that food is bad for you. It may make for an interesting talk show, but your stomach and a few billion years of evolution aren’t watching. Like all living creatures, our bodies are designed to break down food into proteins, amino acids, and trace minerals — and use them. We get into trouble when we overload that system, shoving more food down the pipe than the system can handle.

    My doctor and I started with the proposition that, in moderation, you could eat just about anything and lose weight. We were right, but we made some unexpected discoveries along the way. Follow along as patient and physician walk you through this tasty — and a little buzzy — month-long journey to better health.

Evo Terra's Skills & Expertise

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Digital Strategy
  3. Business Strategy
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Start-ups
  6. Craft Beer
  7. Coaching
  8. Digital Media
  9. New Media
  10. Social Media
  11. Social Media Marketing
  12. Online Publishing
  13. Blogging
  14. Publishing
  15. Social Networking
  16. Podcasting
  17. Entertainment
  18. Content Strategy
  19. Copywriting
  20. Content Development
  21. Books
  22. Digital Marketing
  23. Marketing Strategy
  24. Advertising
  25. Content Marketing
  26. Online Marketing
  27. Online Advertising
  28. Writing
  29. Marketing
  30. Radio
  31. Storytelling
  32. Published Author
  33. Strategy
  34. Web Content
  35. Web Development
  36. Mobile Devices
  37. Connectors
  38. Multimedia
  39. Education
  40. Connector of People
  41. Ice Hockey
  42. Hockey
  43. Friendly Personality

View All (43) Skills View Fewer Skills

Evo Terra's Education

University of Phoenix

B. Sc., Computer Information Systems


Since I was already managing groups of application developers, programmers, QA specialists and the like, I thought I might actually want to have some paper that said I was qualified to do so. U of P validated what I already knew and showed me some areas where I needed to improve.

University of Oklahoma



After three years of working full time and going to school full time, I chose the former. Smart. Three years in, with only about 30 hours to go, and I opt to work full time. Hey, I was 21 and not so smart.

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