Eric Standlee

Eric Standlee

Principal Owner at Stealth Holding Companies

Houston, Texas Area
Financial Services

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Eric Standlee's Overview

  • Principal Owner at Stealth Holding Companies
  • Latin American Expansion Leader at Stealth
  • Emergency Retirement Coach at Stealth
  • Principal, Founder, Talk Show Host, Radio Personality at Everything Talk Radio, LLC
  • Director of Private Funding and Bank Relations at American Prudential Capital, Inc.
  • Founder at InHouston
  • Director of Independent Broker Program at American Prudential Capital, Inc.
  • Marketplace Minister at Self-employed
  • Chairman of the Board at Izumi Christian Fellowship -- A Missionary Support Group to Japan and Japanese Everywhere
  • Small/Medium Business Funding Independent Broker at American Prudential Capital, Inc.
  • CEO / Founding Partner at Crusaderx International
  • CIO at Crusaderx International, LLC
  • Principal, Board Member at Shale Placement
  • Director of Search Engine Optimization at Crusaderx International, LLC
  • Director of Client Podcast Management and Moderating at Crusaderx International, LLC
  • Online Presence Coach at
  • Internet Marketing Trainer at Crusaderx International, LLC
  • Micro and Small Business Advocacy Evangelist at CrusaderX Blog:
  • Small Business Automation Evangelist at Crusaderx International, LLC
  • SEO, SEM, CRM, SFA and website business development specialist at Crusaderx International, LLC
  • Moderator at InSanAntonio
  • Moderator at Texas A&M Alumni Group
  • CIO at My House Ministries
  • Moderator at EnVision Conference
  • CTO at Christian Business Leaders International
  • Pro Rep Mentor at The Fundraising Advantage
  • EDI Systems Manager/Programmer at Access-EC, Inc.
  • Account Representative at American Prudential Capital, Inc.
  • Cryptologic Linguist Journeyman at USAF

500+ connections


Eric Standlee's Publications

  • Alternative Funding: Bootstrap Your Company; The Self-Sustaining Business Model [Kindle Edition]

    • Self
    • October 29, 2009
    Authors: Eric Standlee

    Since September, 2008, startups, small and medium sized business-to-business companies have struggled to get the funding they need from traditional funding sources like banks.
    For some that struggle means eventual failure. For those who know about alternative funding, the flexibility to grow despite the down economy looms large on the horizon. Land Ho!

  • Social Networking Drives Real Revenue

    • Houston Performance Magazine
    • December 5, 2009
    Authors: Eric Standlee

    I was published with a boat load of other famous people in this magazine.

Eric Standlee's Summary

-- Invite me Open Is the Only Way to Be a Value to your Network

My LinkedIn Network 17,805+ Connections, 30,599,154+ Professionals

I accept all invites and don't report invites as spam, BUT real people only please. I am an open networker.

I am out of invites (you only get 3000). So if you can invite me please do.

Funding YOUR B2B Business Future Today
Emergency Retirment Coach
InHouston Network founder
Oil and Gas Services Holding Company Principal
IT Services Holding Company Principal
Staffing Holding Company Principal
Funding Company Executive
Talk Show Host Everything Networking Talk Show
Founder, Principal Everything Talk Radio, LLC

· Owner, Buyer of companies in Oilfield Services, IT Services, and Staffing
· Servant Leadership Networking:
· Speaking about Unleashing Social Networking to Drive Revenue
· Providing companies funds on an as needed basis without loss of equity.
· Specialize in helping banks and bankers rehabilitate or greenhouse problems loans or lines while keeping the associated demand accounts from walking.
· Connector who loves to get to know new people via 1on1 and connect them to people that need to meet them and whom they need to meet.
· Talk Show Host/Network
· Emergency Retirment Coach - Social Security will Bankrupt, You NEED a plan B.

Eric Standlee's Experience

Principal Owner

Stealth Holding Companies

June 2012Present (2 years 4 months) Houston, Texas Area

Who do you know reaching retirement wanting to get a fair market price but not wanting to sell their assets and fire their best friends?
I am buying in:
· Oilfield Services
  · manufacturing
  · welding
  · machine shop, job shop, CnC, bit shop, and metal fab
  · engineering services
  · supply, soap dope and rope
  · pipeline maintenance, inspection
· IT services
  · Break Fix
  · Managed services provider
  · NOT application development
· Staffing in just about any vertical

Latin American Expansion Leader


May 2012Present (2 years 5 months) Latin America

Leading the expansion development team for a large multi-national energy and telecommunications and high tech giant.
Recruiting, training and mentoring massively large teams around the globe.
Seeking Latin American Leadership to help build out the expansion of our company into initially 7 and eventually 20 Latin American countries.
Grown a HUGE team of over 350 on a global scale making a HUGE impact financially.
Find out more about how to join our team:

Emergency Retirement Coach


May 2012Present (2 years 5 months) United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada and Korea

Social Security Will Bankrupt
Stock Markets Waffle
Currencies Devalue
You NEED a Plan B
I develop Emergency Retirement Plans for every walk of life.
I've Helped over 1000 so far.

Principal, Founder, Talk Show Host, Radio Personality

Everything Talk Radio, LLC

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Entertainment industry

January 2012Present (2 years 9 months) Houston, Texas Area

The Everything Talk Radio Network brings together dozens of shows on topics such as Everything Networking, Everything Marketing, and commercial real estate to name a few. Hosts are experts who one hour every week interview guests around the subject of their show. We've had famous authors, very successful business persons and business people from all walks of life on our shows. We're always looking for guests who'd like a chance to be on hour hour long shows, sponsors who are interested in getting in front of a vast network of business people and hosts to broaden our network of shows and experts.

Director of Private Funding and Bank Relations

American Prudential Capital, Inc.

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Financial Services industry

October 2006Present (8 years)

-- 16,500+ Open Is the Only Way to Be a Value to your Network

In today's economy, Business Bankers are having to turn down their best clients for many reasons:

o their growth is too fast for a bank to understand
o or they're too new
o or they're in the wrong industry.

We help Business Bankers maintain a positive relationship with these clients.
And we help that company get the funding they need.
And we fund that into their account at that bank.

For over 25 years we've helped 1000's of companies with billions of dollars in capital to grow and prosper.

I am Eric Standlee with American Prudential Capital.

Please refer me to your Business Banker.
Please refer me to Business-to-Business companies needing capital.
Please refer me to B2B companies which might be for sale.

· Do you ever need money to meet payroll or to make tax deposits?
· If you had more cash today could you grow your business?
· Does your business ever have growth spikes that your bank is not willing to finance?
· Has your bank refused to increase your line of credit?

American Prudential Capital can accellerate your cash flow by funding on your accounts receivable and giving you immediate cash to meet your needs. Is this something you would like to know more about?

Can you refer any companies? You need to ask how you can collect a fee like an annuity for the life of all accounts you refer.



July 2006Present (8 years 3 months)

Join our Houston network of LinkedIn Open Networkers at:
1. join
2. join

Founded in 2007, our first mixer was February 2008. 6 showed up. Now we have multiple mixers around the city, one of which regularly has 350 to over 400 showing up in Uptown Park, Houston, Texas.

This was the start of the InCity Networks now with groups in InAustin, InDallas, InAtlanta, and InWashingtonDC.

Now we are also growing the Everything Podcast Network with the Everything Super Show, the Everything Networking Show and the Everything Marketing Show.

Join the Group.

Director of Independent Broker Program

American Prudential Capital, Inc.

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Financial Services industry

January 2006Present (8 years 9 months)

Seeking professionals who can introduce APC into banks for an on-going annuity-like commission on the business generated for the life-time of the business generated.

Marketplace Minister


September 2005Present (9 years 1 month)

I am excited about this marketplace ministry God has dropped into my lap.

Chairman of the Board

Izumi Christian Fellowship -- A Missionary Support Group to Japan and Japanese Everywhere

June 2003Present (11 years 4 months)

Izumi Christian Fellowship looks for and supports ministries to Japan and Japanese everywhere. We list a number of missionaries we support in money and in prayer at . We are listed among the organizations of .

Small/Medium Business Funding Independent Broker

American Prudential Capital, Inc.

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Financial Services industry

January 2002Present (12 years 9 months)

Do you know any companies with accounts receivables which you might be able to refer? Might your bank be interested in a strategic alliance where deals they cannot fund can be turned into something like a 27% or more return profit center?

Want to know more? Put this into your browser now:

CEO / Founding Partner

Crusaderx International

January 2000Present (14 years 9 months)

· Manage IT and technology implementation
· Manage IT staffing requirements and placements
· Focus on overdelivering with on the technology front
· Discovering and implementing new technologies
· Business Development
· Building strategic partnerships
· Developing new product lines


Crusaderx International, LLC

February 20012013 (12 years)

I have taken a process of creating an eQuote for a financial company which took 2 hours or more and only the Chairman and President of Sales was able to complete and reduced it to a 5 minute or less process, password protected the client's financial data, and made it so the company could put the creation into the hands of as many sales persons as they could pull on. It reduced time to present 3000% and took a $100K a month in sales company to a $3-4million a month in sales company in less than a year.
Then we integrated this piece with their corporate site, then an enterprise CRM solution for tracking customer issues and the entire sales pipeline with a overview for the executives to see their pipeline all the way through the cycle and as granular as each and every sales person's performance.

Principal, Board Member

Shale Placement

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Oil & Energy industry

August 2011May 2012 (10 months) Houston, Texas Area

Shale Oil and Gas Placement is an staffing and recruitment agency focused on serving the recruitment needs of the oil and gas industry with a focus on project management, engineering.

Click on the ‘Jobs’ link on our site in order to have instant access to our current job offerings.

Director of Search Engine Optimization

Crusaderx International, LLC

September 2006January 2011 (4 years 5 months)

Have helped client's be found when their prospects and candidates are searching for their names or company names.
One client's site shows up on the first page of Google for "Motivational Speaker" above Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins.
Helping small to medium sized companies develop a new or change and old web presence using the latest technologies and buzz word tools automatically without thinking about it.
When your potential clients search for your name or your company's name, what do they find? Wouldn't you rather they found you?

Director of Client Podcast Management and Moderating

Crusaderx International, LLC

July 2006January 2011 (4 years 7 months)

Business development - find companies looking to add professional moderated podcasting to their website to increase stickiness and increase return visitors.
Moderation - advise clients in area of content which they could share with the general public as a service that would generate subscriptions to the podcast, referrals to the company, and increase visitors to the website.

Podcasting is very much in the public eye, and video podcasts and audio podcasts add stickiness and interest to an otherwise stale website. We manage it and moderate it for you so that it is a minor interruption.

Do you have something valuable to share that will be a service to the public and draw visitors to your site and increase sales?

Online Presence Coach

February 20062011 (5 years)

Helping business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and sales reps dominate the online information for their namesake.

Internet Marketing Trainer

Crusaderx International, LLC

September 20052011 (6 years)

Online Marketing training for sales, direct sales, PR, and marketing professionals.

o Add the most effective latest technologies
o Optimize results
o Reach a broad markets
o Personal training

Request a subscription to our newsletter and get our latest book free when it comes out in the very near future:

Micro and Small Business Advocacy Evangelist

CrusaderX Blog:

January 2003December 2010 (8 years)

Responsible for being an Open Source Advocate, writing Online Marketing Howtos, and being a Linux biggot.

Small Business Automation Evangelist

Crusaderx International, LLC

January 2000December 2010 (11 years)

Introduce Large Enterprise automation into Small and even Micro sized businesses at a tiny fraction for the same mega-bang impact. Automate business processes to free up owners and executives to be out of the office more and yet manage all areas of business. Fill Process holes in pipeline visibility with large enterprise hardened solutions. Allow small enterprises to do more with fewer people and even entertain lowering business costs via telecommuniting options. Give management a never before seen top down view into their pipeline from sales to customer service end-to-end.

SEO, SEM, CRM, SFA and website business development specialist

Crusaderx International, LLC

February 2008October 2008 (9 months)

Growing IT firm helping micro, small, and medium sized businesses get affordable Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Customer Relations Management, Sales Force Automation and websites.
Helping business owners position their company for triple digit growth and professional presentation for exit.



December 2007October 2008 (11 months)

InSanAntonio strives to unite the entrepreneurial element in San Antonio which is also on LinkedIn. We are all about open networking to enhance the business environment in San Antonio.

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Texas A&M Alumni Group

November 2007October 2008 (1 year)

Help the Texas A&M CNVE (Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship) with their efforts and promote the conference coming up.

Join the group or pass this on to your Aggie friends.

1. join
2. join

The Conference:


My House Ministries

September 2007September 2008 (1 year 1 month)

Direct Web Development and Search Engine Optimization for and a unique ministry helping orphans and widows in Kenya, and India and expanding to a total of over 500 orphanages in the near future.


EnVision Conference

December 2007August 2008 (9 months)

EnVision: Expanding Minds, Expanding Networks Conference by the Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M has established this group on LinkedIn. The purpose of this group includes but is not limited to establishing a gathering of those interested in and attending the conference in April 2008 and to continue the ongoing networking that develops because of it.


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Christian Business Leaders International

January 2008July 2008 (7 months)

Chief Technology Officer
o Define and scope out technology needs
o Source and implement technology solutions
o Support Other Executive Board Members and their departments

Pro Rep Mentor

The Fundraising Advantage

September 2005June 2006 (10 months)

TFA Mentor - TFA, particularly in Phase II is the ability to raise substantial monies without asking for donations from members – at all. This is a remarkable point of departure and indeed a welcome ‘change of pace’ for both organization leaders and organization members. Imagine raising hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for your church or Christian charity without having to ask loyal, yet somewhat beleaguered members to dig into their pockets for yet another ‘fund drive.’

If you run across anyone who would be open to receiving hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for their ministry or faith-based non-profit without asking anyone for any money whatsoever? If we could take most of the fundraising responsibilities off their shoulders and help them accomplish their monetary goals in approximately 6-12 months, would you know anyone who might be willing to spend a few minutes to meet with our director? Hidden Treasures

EDI Systems Manager/Programmer

Access-EC, Inc.

January 2001February 2003 (2 years 2 months)

Managed over 400 EDI services clients and their 100's of thousands of transactions a day via a proprietary EDI translation database and website utilizing enterprise class VANs and covering the entire broad spectrum of EDI transactions. Trading Partners included Walmart, Target, Kmart, all of PIDEX, and mid-level and larger corporations.

Account Representative

American Prudential Capital, Inc.

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Financial Services industry

May 2000January 2001 (9 months)

Managed collections and fundings of millions of dollars of transactions per month.

Cryptologic Linguist Journeyman


Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Defense & Space industry

September 1991August 1997 (6 years)

324th IS
Operates and manages operation of communications equipment. Operates radio receivers, recording equipment, typewriters, keyboards, computer consoles, and related equipment. Tunes receivers to prescribed frequencies or performs frequency search missions, or both, over specified portions of radio spectrums to locate and monitor stations and frequency use. Monitors and records communications, adding appropriate comments to assist in transcription and analysis. Performs preventive maintenance on mission equipment.

Transcribes and processes communications. Transcribes, translates, analyzes, and reports on assigned communications. Translates spoken or written material from one language to another. Uses wording aids, and references. Recognizes essential elements of information for reporting activity. Assists analysts in identifying, analyzing, and reporting activities.

Eric Standlee's Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Experience

    • Pit Guard

      Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
      August 1991 May 1992 (10 months)

      USAF volunteer pit guard for the safety of pedestrians crossing the pit entrance race traffic.

  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Children
      • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
      • Economic Empowerment
      • Education
      • Health
      • Human Rights
      • Poverty Alleviation
    • Organizations I support:

      • Living Water International
      • My House Ministries

Eric Standlee's Languages

  • English

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Spanish

    (Elementary proficiency)
  • Chinese Mandarin

    (Professional working proficiency)
  • Japanese

    (Professional working proficiency)

Eric Standlee's Skills & Expertise

  1. Funding
  2. Startup
  3. Board Leadership
  4. New Business Development
  5. Principals
  6. Business Strategy
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Strategy Development
  9. Strategic Partnerships
  10. Mergers
  11. Entrepreneur
  12. Management Consulting
  13. Venture Capital
  14. International Business
  15. Strategic Consulting
  16. Executive Management
  17. Thought Leadership
  18. Team Building
  19. Marketing Strategy
  20. Business Management
  21. Mentoring
  22. Organizational Leadership
  23. Private Equity
  24. Sales Process
  25. Public Speaking
  26. P&L
  27. Temporary Staffing
  28. Recruitment/Retention
  29. Social Networking
  30. Business Networking
  31. Professional Networking
  32. Social Networking Sites
  33. Networking Events
  34. Strategic Planning
  35. Business Planning
  36. Leadership Development
  37. Sales Management
  38. Due Diligence
  39. Talent Acquisition
  40. Team Leadership
  41. P&L Management
  42. Strategic Thinking
  43. Start-ups
  44. Strategy
  45. Management
  46. Leadership
  47. Income Statement
  48. Business Development
  49. Online Marketing
  50. SEO

View All (50) Skills View Fewer Skills

Eric Standlee's Education


General Education, Chinese Mandarin


Served as a USAF Chinese Mandarin Cryptologic Linguist

Texas A&M University



Studied Business

Activities and Societies: Corps of Cadets Singing Cadets Campus Crusade for Christ

Defense Language Institute

Cryptologic Linguist, Chinese Mandarin


Student Leader Yellow Rope had administrative responsibilities helping the training squadron NCOs.

Activities and Societies: USAF

Eric Standlee's Additional Information


Providing potentially 100% funding to buyers to fund acquisitions of commercial b2b businesses, Business Mentoring, teaching entrepreneurs how to add another digit to their monthly income, Technology, Japan, open source, Linux, my kids, Hawaii, Tae Kwon Do

Groups and Associations:

Cruising with Christ, In Houston, LIONS, Linkedin Veterans, MLPF, LinkedIn Ohio, Open Networker Forum on, American TaeKwonDo Federation International (ITF) Eagle TaeKwonDo

Honors and Awards:

Joint Service Commendation Medal, USAF, 1997
Blue Belt, Eagle TaeKwonDo

Eric Standlee's Courses

  • Cryptologic Linguist, Chinese Mandarin

    Defense Language Institute

    • Basic Chinese Mandarin

Eric Standlee's Projects

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