★ Debbie Saviano ★

★ Debbie Saviano ★

SPEAKER • Let me Teach You "How to use Social Media" • To Increase PROFITS • Grow BUSINESS & Build On Line INFLUENCE ★

Dallas/Fort Worth Area

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★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Overview

  • ★ LinkedIn & SOCIAL MEDIA Strategist • SPEAKER • Trainer ★ at Debbie Saviano LLC
  • ★ Debbie Saviano ★ LinkedIn & Social Media Strategist ★ at Debbie Saviano LLC
  • Participant • LEADERSHIP AMERICA #LA2014 at Leadership Women
  • Participant of Leadership International at Leadership International • 2013 • India
  • ♦ Career as a School Principal at Plano ISD

500+ connections


★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Summary



➜ How do You define ROI? • Return on Investment and / or Return on Influence?


1. Build Relationships • Interact • Connect • Network with other Professionals
2. Establish Your Professional Brand and Image across all Social Media platforms
3. Create a LinkedIn Profile that will Highlight Your Talents, Expertise and Abilities
4. Position Your LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters and potential Employers
5. Take Action and Establish Yourself as an Influencer in Your area of Expertise and Industry.

♦ LINKEDIN & SOCIAL MEDIA are How to Connect • Develop • Build Relationships ♦

✫ Use Proven Strategies & Techniques and Design a LinkedIn Profile to Engage the Visitor (Client, Employer, Colleague)
✫ Enhance Your Presence on LinkedIn and SM with Content • Knowledge • Expertise • Solutions
✫ Identify Your Niche • Passion • Ideal Profession • Target Market on LinkedIn
✫ Importance of a Consistent Image and Message across all Social Media platforms
✫ Your Business Card Enters a Virtual Rolodex on LinkedIn
✫ Social Media IS YOUR Marketing Tool


• Cathy Alessandra (http://todaysinnovativewoman.com)
• Kathryn Bonner (http://womenofpassionatepurpose.com)
• Shelia Butler ( http://successfulwomentalk.com/)
• Diane Cunningham of NACWE (http://nacwe.org/)
• Caterina Rando (http://caterinarando.com)
• Kate Sanner (http://www.vivacitynow.com)

• SOCIAL MEDIA Strategist
• LinkedIn
• Confidentiality
• Networking to Attract Ideal Client
• Social Media Platforms
• Social Media Hub Development
• Social Media Training for Newbies and Beginners
• Leadership Building
• Team Building
• Relationship Communication
• Life Skills Development

★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Experience

★ LinkedIn & SOCIAL MEDIA Strategist • SPEAKER • Trainer ★

Debbie Saviano LLC

Sole Proprietorship; Myself Only; Public Relations and Communications industry

2010Present (4 years)

★ Speaker • Motivator • Trainer with a Passion for LinkedIn and all things SOCIAL ★

✩ Social Media enables individuals to Connect • Network • Support • Encourage!
No longer bound by geographical boundaries Social Media indeed is the avenue to Creating • Developing and Maintaining RELATIONSHIPS!
✩ SPEAKING Nationally and Internationally to interested Audiences who understand the value of utilizing Social Media as a tool for reaching out and connecting with Clients • Potential Customers • Colleagues • Thought Leaders and Business Influencers.


• Social Media the KEY to Connecting
• The BIG 5 in Social Media
• LinkedIn Decoded • Secrets to Utilizing LinkedIn
• Use Social Media and LinkedIn as a Strategic Business Driver
• Moving LinkedIn out of Default and into Creative Mode
• Doing Business Tomorrow! The Future is SOCIAL
• LinkedIn requires a MindShift and Action
• Use LinkedIn Applications and Rise above the Chaotic Conversations
• Convert Social Media Presence into Social INFLUENCE

✩ Specialized & Unique Topics designed for Conferences • Workshops • Seminars ✩
Debbie Saviano • Debbie@DebbieSaviano.com • 214-707-2195

★ Debbie Saviano ★ LinkedIn & Social Media Strategist ★

Debbie Saviano LLC

Sole Proprietorship; Myself Only; Public Relations and Communications industry

2010Present (4 years) Dallas/Fort Worth Area

• LINKEDIN • SOCIAL MEDIA are Integral Components of a MARKETING PLAN •

☆ 2012 Recipient of The Innovative Women in Business Award ☆

• Utilize LinkedIn and Social Media as Your own personal On Line Resources
• Build Your LinkedIn & Social Media Network AND strengthen Relationships.
• Design LinkedIn Profiles to Attract & Engage
• Strategies & Techniques for fully employing LinkedIn Groups
• Connections + Networking = Professional SUCCESS

Through my experience in Education:
Love of Learning
Interest in Social Media And My Gift of CONNECTING
On a continued pathway of providing information through Educational resources that are Simple, Easy and Effective.

During school years almost Every Teacher wrote on my Report Card "She Talks too Much".

Have taken the Gift and converted to • My Ability to Network and Meet New Friends!

Participant • LEADERSHIP AMERICA #LA2014

Leadership Women

Nonprofit; 1-10 employees; Program Development industry

January 2014Present (9 months)

LEADERSHIP WOMEN • Leadership America • #LA2014 • Texas • California • Washington D.C.

➺ Transforming Leadership in a Globally Networked Society • "Considering Issues • Confronting Challenges • Creating Solutions"

• Develop Programs and Projects to Advance and Improve the Personal • Economic and Professional status of Women.

• Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
• Texas Instruments
• Southwest Airlines

Leadership America • http://leadership-women.org/programs/leadership-america

Participant of Leadership International

Leadership International • 2013 • India

2013October 2013 (less than a year)

Expanding Women's Understanding • Business Acumen • Leadership and Awareness on an International Level.

• Develop Programs and Projects to Advance and Improve the Personal • Economic and Professional status of Women.

• Doctors and Staff of St. Stephens Hospital and Community Clinic
• Dell Computer Facility Staff in Gurgaon
• Rita Soni • NASSCOM Foundation
• Panel Discussion with Mr. Deepak Bharswaj Director, Strategy a& Corporate Affairs for Texas Instruments • Ms. Nandini Sethuraman • Chief Marketing Officer for Wal-Mart India and Ms. Archana Sasan Legal Executive Director for Dell.
• Mr. D. K. Burman Retired Director of Tourism and Joint Managing Director, U.P. Tourism
• Abby Gerdts and Kelcie Miles of ASTEP (Artists Striving to End Poverty)
• Ms. Dealeela Goeekrishna and Rev. Thomas John
• Ms. Sonal Mattoo, Advocate Director, Founding Director of "Helping Hands" a NGO

• GM Foundation
• Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
• Texas Instruments
• Southwest Airlines

1. Interactive Learning opportunities engaging with Innovators and Subject -Matter Leaders across a spectrum of Industries within India coupled with Women participants from across the U.S. who also represent a variety of Business Fields.
2. In-Depth discussions on Leadership theory in India and the U.S. Role of Women in Society and the advancements of Women through multinational companies such as Dell • TI • Walmart
3. Open and transparent Dialogue with Community Leaders on the Challenges • Growth and Development of Women • Children and the Family unit within India.
4. In Depth Discussions • Panel Presentations and Speakers on the Advancement of Education and Health initiatives within New Delhi.
5. Explored emerging Topics of Women • Health • Education

APPLICATION for 2014 • South Africa • http://leadership-women.org/programs/leadership-international

♦ Career as a School Principal

Plano ISD

Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Primary/Secondary Education industry

19742000 (26 years) Plano, Texas

• Began Career as a School Bus Driver in Plano ISD
• Taught History • Psychology • English and Foreign Policy
• Campus Principal of 5 schools Pre-K thru High School
• Advocate for Enlightenment • Self Responsibility • Change • Education • PURPOSE!
• Worked alongside the most creative, talented Educators!
• Have had the opportunity to still be in contact with many of these students all who have gone on to be Productive and Contributing members of Society; the greatest Gift for a Parent • Teacher • School District • Administrator
• Experience in Education gave me the Opportunity to be a Life Long Learner in a School District that honored Change and the Pursuit of Excellence!

★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Skills & Expertise

  1. Strategies for Attracting Clients
  2. Convert Network into Business Relationships
  3. Networking through the Social Media Maze
  4. Social Media for Beginners and Newbies
  5. Scrabble / Strategy Games
  6. Step by Step Guides
  7. Mixed Media Art
  8. Education
  9. Leadership Mentoring
  10. Leadership Management
  11. Empowerment of Women
  12. Team Building
  13. Relationship Development
  14. Social Networking
  15. Supporting Like Minded Individuals
  16. LinkedIn = Monetization for Business
  17. Relationship Communication
  18. Decorating
  19. Ghost Writer for LinkedIn
  20. Communication
  21. Business
  22. Inter-personal
  23. LinkedIn
  24. Empowerment
  25. Ghostwriting
  26. Social Media
  27. Public Speaking
  28. Networking
  29. Monetization
  30. Photography
  31. Online Advertising
  32. Strategy
  33. Personal Finance
  34. Business Networking
  35. Marketing
  36. Online Marketing
  37. Mixed Media
  38. Entrepreneurship
  39. Leadership
  40. Interior Design
  41. Recruiting
  42. Executive Management
  43. Management
  44. Advertising
  45. Interviews
  46. Start-ups
  47. Social Media Marketing
  48. WordPress
  49. Teaching
  50. Customer Satisfaction

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★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Publications

  • ★ Navigating Entrepreneurship ★

    • Alessandra Media Group
    • July 2014

    ★ Navigating Entrepreneurship ★

    This Book is All about the Journey of being a Business Owner.
    • There is No Straight Path and it is bumpy and unpredictable.
    • Learn from these Authors who are Sharing their Personal Journey.
    • This Book is to help You avoid the pitfalls • curves • twists and bumps of being an Entrepreneur.

    ★ If You are an Entrepreneur this Book is FOR YOU!

  • ★ Today's Innovative Woman Magazine ★

    • Cathy Alessandra

    ★ Today's Innovative Woman Magazine ★
    All about Business • All about Success • All about You!
    Quarterly Print Magazine and Online Magazine targeting areas of need and interest for Women.
    • Success & Inspiration
    • Work + Life Balance
    • Fashion & Beauty
    • Food & Fitness

  • ★ Soar 2 Success on LinkedIn ★

    • Soar 2 Success Publishing
    • 2014

    ★ Soar 2 Success on LinkedIn • 50 Tips ★

    • This handy Reference allows You to use LinkedIn as a Strategic Business Tool.
    • Step by Step Tips enable You to best utilize LinkedIn for Business.
    • Join the 300M+ Professionals who use LinkedIn as a VIRTUAL Rolodex

  • ★ Business Success with Ease ★

    • THRIVE Publishing
    • 2013

    ★ Business Success with Ease ★

    • Are You an Entrepreneur • Business Owner • Consultant • Sales Professional?
    • This book is a collection of Chapters to Help You!
    • This Book is meant to provide You with Information so You can take ACTION!

★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Arts and Culture
      • Children
      • Education
      • Human Rights
      • Poverty Alleviation
      • Science and Technology
    • Organizations I support:

      • Educating Children
      • Empowering Women
      • Insuring Healthy Living for All
      • Bringing the World Together in +++Ways!
      • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
      • The Salvation Army
      • Heifer International
      • North Texas Food Bank
      • American Indian College Fund

★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Organizations

  • ★ Junior League of Plano ★


    Being part of the Junior League of Plano was one of the greatest achievements of my career.
    To be part of a group of such Strong • Committed • Involved • Talented WOMEN goes beyond words.
    I participated in
    • Trainings
    • Leadership Development
    • Presentations
    • Workshops
    • Strategic Planning • Visionary Development
    • Mentoring
    Currently, I am considered a "Sustainer" and it is a joy to observe the WOMEN who actively SUPPORT the COMMUNITY.

  • ★ Leadership America 2012 - Women's Resources Organization ★

    • Proud and Honored to be part of Leadership America 2012 •

    • One of the 50 Leaders from across the Nation is indeed an Honor • Responsibility • Gift of which I am Most Humble and Respectful.
    According to 2012 Leadership America Group Press Release...
    "they feature some of our nation's most thought-provoking women and men - decision-makers, leaders and future-forward thinkers.
    Creative and Innovative Leadership is needed to Strengthen and sustain today's Global society."
    Leadership America 2012 program sessions provide the most Relevant Insights, Newest Ideas, and most Substantive Information focusing on the Envisioning the Future of some of the most pressing issues of our turbulent times.

  • ★ Leadership Women • Leadership Texas ★

    Graduate and Social Media Strategist
    • January 2013 to November 2013

    LEADERSHIP TEXAS • "The Future of Texas is Now: From Local to Global"

    ➺ MISSION • Develop Programs and Projects to Advance and Improve the Personal • Economic and Professional status of Women.

    1. Explores some of the most powerful forces and trends shaping Texas and its evolving role in 21st century business and social environments.
    2. Offers interactive learning opportunities, one-of-a-kind experiences and unique introductions to outstanding communities and individuals across Texas
    3. Delivers opportunities to engage with leading innovators and subject-matter leaders across a board spectrum of industry, endeavor, geography and personal background

    Session 1 • Dallas • A Tale of Two Cities
    Session 2 • Bryan / College Station
    Session 3 • Galveston Island
    Session 4 • Austin

    • GM Foundation
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
    • Texas Instruments
    • Southwest Airlines


★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Honors and Awards

  • Innovative Women in Business Award

    Today's Innovative Woman Magazine
    • October 2012

    • Selected as Start Up Entrepreneur of the Year for Success in Business for 2 years or less
    • Selection based on Social Media Influence and determination by Advisory Panel
    • Award presented at the Success Summit Conference in Los Angeles, CA

  • Best Elementary Principal Award

    Collin County Reader's Choice
    • May 2000
  • Educator Award

    Volunteer Center of Plano
    • May 1989

    Women's Resources
    • January 2012

    • Washington D.C Conference
    • San Francisco, CA Conference
    • Houston, TX Conference

  • MEMBER of Leadership Texas

    Leadership Women
    • 2013

    Leadership Texas is a Program designed by Leadership Women. As a year long program it focuses on Educational and Development opportunities for Texas Women.
    • Expand knowledge of diverse Dynamics • Issues • Challenges • Opportunities which impact Professional and Personal
    • A Network of Enduring and Influential Women Leaders among the Founders • Participants • Graduates • Supporters and Presenters!
    • The Class of 2013 consists of a group of Women from across the Lone Star State who convene in 4 cities throughout the year.
    • Explores forces and trends shaping Texas into the 21st Century.

  • Platinum Member of eWomen

    eWomen Network

    eWomen Network is recognized as one of the premier Networking groups for Professional Women.

    Founded by Sandra Yancey and headquartered in Dallas, TX the focus is to Support • Encourage • Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs • Business Owners and Corporate Professionals.

    The Southlake and Plano Chapters of eWomen meet on a regular basis and the emphasis is
    1. Helping members acquire more Clients and Customers.
    2. Supporting Members as they Market and Promote themselves and their Business.
    3. Continually providing access to crucial Resources • Influential Leaders and a wealth of Ideas • Expertise and Experiences.

★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Education

University of North Texas




• Interviewed • Trained • Advised
• PERSONNEL Development
• Talent Acquisition & Management
• Resumes • Applications • Interviews • Hiring Strategies
• Educational Theory and Practice on Higher Level Learning
• Effective • Meaningful • Purposeful LEADERSHIP

The University of Texas at Dallas

Bachelor of Arts, ENGLISH and PSYCHOLOGY


★ Gift of WORDS and Understanding BEHAVIOR ★

• Utilizing Knowledge of English and Psychology for Engagement
• Understanding WHY People do What They DO
• Awareness of How People LEARN
• Interacting and Communicating to ANSWER Questions

★ Debbie Saviano ★'s Additional Information


★ RELATIONSHIPS • Public Speaking • Connecting through SOCIAL MEDIA • Empowering Women • Networking • FAMILY & FRIENDS ★ SOCIAL MEDIA • Geography no longer Matters ➛ SM Opens the Doors to Conversations • Creating • Developing • Maintaining Relationships • BRAND Awareness • Discovery • Support & Encouragement ★ TRAVEL • Meeting New People • Expanding Awareness • Local • National & International ★ LIFE LONG LEARNER • Education comes in all Forms • Reading • Conversations • Discussions • Curiosity ★ LEADERSHIP • Workshops • Seminars • Retreats • Events • Strategic Planning • Team Building ★ Support of Others Who Without it would have Continued Challenges in Life ★ Many of which the Majority of us cannot even Comprehend ★

Groups and Associations:

★ MEMBERSHIP & ASSOCIATIONS ★ • Leadership International 2013 (India) • Leadership Texas 2013 • Leadership America 2012 - Leadership Women Organization • SOAR MASTERMIND with Joy Chudacoff • eWomen Platinum Membership & Leadership Team (Southlake and Plano) • NACWE • National Association Christian Women Entrepreneurs with Diane Cunningham • WRS • Worthwhile Referral Services • Junior League of Plano, Sustainer (JLP) • Plano Retired Teachers Association (PRTA) • Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA)

Honors and Awards:

Part of a Global Community
Openness to Make a Difference
Business with Soul

Recognizing the Value / Importance
AND Responsibility of Helping Others

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