David Pidsley

David Pidsley

Executive Director of Strategy at Cause Analytics

London, United Kingdom
Information Services

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David Pidsley's Overview

  • Systems Analyst at Verseca
  • Business Systems Analyst at Chainworks
  • European Managing Director at Sound Choice
  • Canford School

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David Pidsley's Summary

11 years leadership excellence in delivering multi-channel, digital transformation strategies.

As Executive Director of Strategy at Cause Analytics his recent business intelligence accounts included UK Cabinet Office and Charity Commission. As senior analyst heading strategic marketing and social analytics at UNIT4 Business Software, he was responsible for thought-leadership for NHS, DfID and Intellect UK and consulting as their subject-matter expert on cloud innovation, simplifying big data and embracing change. His Media team developed and sold the UK's 1st premium mobile MP3 ringtone and low cost multiformat DVD player. As a ‘Millennial’ manager he champions individual clients' goals to rapidly scale ecommerce and B2B revenues, reaping dividends from data-driven analytics insights.

• Roles: Executive Director of Strategy, Strategic Analyst and European Managing Director.
• Industries: IT, Media, Manufacturing, Education and Not-for-Profits. UK (EU) & US.
• Organisations: Cause Analytics, UNIT4 Business Software and Sound Choice.
• Responsibilities: ROI for global clients. Business transformation through cloud analytics.
• Specialism: Executive strategy, financial transformation, business intelligence, digital innovation.
• Personality: Analytical, focused, entrepreneurial, persuasive, open, supportive and thoughtful.

David Pidsley's Skills & Expertise

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Strategy
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Business Intelligence
  5. E-commerce
  6. Analysis
  7. Social Media
  8. Open Innovation
  9. Big Data
  10. Start-ups
  11. Data Analysis
  12. Business Analysis
  13. Social Entrepreneurship
  14. SaaS
  15. Management Consulting
  16. Data Mining
  17. New Business Development
  18. Strategic Planning
  19. Marketing Strategy
  20. Program Management
  21. Requirements Analysis
  22. Problem Solving
  23. Data Warehousing
  24. Social Media Measurement
  25. Social Analytics
  26. Social Innovation
  27. Business Intelligence Projects
  28. Data Wrangling
  29. Business Innovation
  30. Transparency
  31. Data Warehouse Architecture
  32. Data Integration
  33. Data Analytics
  34. Foresight
  35. Growth Strategies
  36. Cloud Security
  37. Social Collaboration

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David Pidsley's Test Scores

  • Strategy

    • Score: Leader

    David brings eleven years experience in digital strategy excellence, most recently to Cause Analytics - the international business intelligence service dedicated to midsized organisations that want to anticipate change.

    In 2011, he was head of strategic marketing and social analytics at UNIT4 Business Software, the world’s sixth largest enterprise resource planning company, which he helped prepare for a $1.6bn strategic investment.

    He project managed client and partner engagements as advisor to the UK Department for International Development and the UK National Health Service, writing white-papers for the UK Cabinet Office and Intellect UK as senior data governance practitioner, to ensure both business and engineering needs were understood and delivered upon.

    David is a no-nonsense opener, delegator and deal closer - capitalising on global outsourcing and strategic business alliances as a go-to-market strategy to rapidly enhance opportunity. His leadership delivered two of the UK's media and mobile sector breakthroughs: manufacturing the 1st 'low cost' multiformat DVD player and selling the 1st premium MP3 realtone mobile download, as European Managing Director, Sound Choice, the world’s largest specialist music catalogue in 2004.

    He is a champion of each individual client’s objectives, leading entrepreneurial projects that rapidly scale to reap dividends from anticipated changes in digital technologies and emerging markets trends. His responsibilities have included leading consulting teams to optimise digital services and business transformation projects for enterprise clients. Foremost, David is an experienced interim leader of aggressive business simplification programmes. He has a track-record of executive investment in a network that creates smarter, more efficient and better equipped businesses. His pragmatic approach combines data-driven operational improvements in trading, analytics and digital marketing to deliver a sustainable return on investment.

  • Linguistic

    • Score: Excellent

    ★★★★★ Research and application of strategic marketing, content analysis and competitive intelligence. Starting with content analysis and qualitative research, he applied these skills to strategic communications. His written and verbal outputs included business development plans, market intelligence, books, whitepapers, websites, proposals, negotiation, blog and social posts, storytelling, data-derived multimedia: infographics, branding, adverts, slideshows, videos, voice-overs and broadcasts.

  • Interpersonal

    • Score: Highly Competent

    ★★★★☆ David's interpersonal skills are strongest in inter-business collaboration: sales, procurement, partnerships, offshoring and nearshoring, both face-to-face, as well as via social media and project management tools in the cloud. He is especially good at explaining technologies to business people and explaining business requirements to technologists. He is valued for his executive support, training and proficiency at sales. His interpersonal aptitude is focused on sales and the skill of team building and recruitment. He delivers business development and project management involving training, explaining and selling as well as team building and social media excellence.

  • Numerical

    • Score: Competent

    ★★★★☆ David delivers best-in-industry enterprise architecture to his clients. He specialises in web services which turn big data into business intelligence, through analytics. Significant experience with Tableau, Qlikview, Roambi, Microsoft Power BI, Pivot Tables & Excel 2013. His strength is in leading automation of data transformation processes. His numerical skills started with Web 2.0, Web Services & APIs disruptive technologies including Salesforce, Radian6, Wordpress, Adobe Business Catalyst, Google Analytics, HubSpot and moved on to enterprise architecture and enterprise search, including ecommerce and ebusiness system integration and then cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), information security and cybersecurity. He developed skills in data warehousing and master data management evolved into self-service business intelligence and analytics. His numerical outputs have included financial and accountancy reports, requirements specifications, dashboards, data visualisation, maps, cloud configuration and benchmarking KPIs.

David Pidsley's Experience

Executive Director of Strategy

Cause Analytics

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

June 2012Present (2 years 5 months) Regent House 316, Beulah Hill, London, UK.

Aware of the limitations of the ERP software used by countless midsized organisations, David invested a significant amount of his accrued net worth to build an independent team of Business Intelligence specialists to unleash the massive potential of fully automated, big data crunching on the midmarket. As Executive Director, he led Cause Analytics’ partner relationships and client services through today's complex and disruptive environment. Recent business intelligence accounts included UK Cabinet Office and Charity Commission. During two years in 'stealth mode', the Data Fusion Centre was beta-tested to deliver simpler, faster, lower risk and far more affordable custom dashboards via the cloud. David focused the company on whitelabel channel sales and value-added professional services enabling better decision-making so that its clients could achieve growth, savings and a positive local impact. His cross-sector experience, recruitment and leadership of its exceptional team has delivered what is known as "the essential Business Intelligence service".

Strategic Analyst

UNIT4 Business Software

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; UNIT4; Computer Software industry

June 2011May 2012 (1 year) Bristol, United Kingdom

David's work in linking communities through data drew the attention of the Managing Director of UNIT4, a global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider. She asked him to help their customers in embracing social and technology change. David led a team of twelve in the design and delivery of a year-long social marketing and global employee adoption programme that involved deployment of Salesforce, the market-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud platform for social-selling, along with a bespoke social analytics platform for measuring brand impact, competitive intelligence and market research.

He autonomously proposed and then brought together a team to launch the UNIT4 Data Services strategy, consulted local government authorities on financial transparency and achieved cost savings through data-driven decision making. His experience in running a ‘Social Enterprise’ put him in the lead on advising the National Health Service (NHS) and educational academies on formation of spin-outs and Mutuals for procurement and finance shared services. His insights and relationships within the Open Data community helped the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) improve its data quality and effectiveness. As the primary author of the company's UK Cabinet Office's white-paper consultation submission on Open Government and Intellect UK's government consultation on Open Data in the public sector, he fulfilled his mission of having a positive impact on UK Government policy, which changed in many respects thereafter.

Open Data Analyst

Freelance consultant

April 2010May 2011 (1 year 2 months) London, United Kingdom

As a social entrepreneur and seasoned data analyst, David built upon his charity management experience to get small 'p' political by advancing the case for Open Government. He led a drive for Open Data about Charities. Discovering this was no small feat, he linked up communities through social media and collaborated with some of the 'superheroes' of civil society on projects for a 'post-bureaucratic' UK. He publicly advocated for national change across Europe as Ambassador for Civil Society at Open Knowledge and was recognised as an effective leader bringing the Free Software and Government Transparency activism communities to the attention of business leaders. He delivered unprecedented cost savings to adopters and set in motion their data strategies for building citizen empowerment apps using best-practices.

Charity Strategist

Lymington Foundation

Nonprofit; Myself Only; Nonprofit Organization Management industry

April 2009March 2010 (1 year) Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Having accrued capital and wanting to apply business practices in a social enterprise, David built a Charity Foundation and brought together an experienced team of community organisers around the concept of ‘free-market localism’. He ran the one year social entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy programme to establish voluntary sector support for local start-ups in a time of significant economic instability, informing government strategy on the Big Society initiative, STEM shortage and Third sector digital innovation.

Systems Analyst


April 2008March 2009 (1 year) Oxford, United Kingdom

Post-merger with Chainworks, David resurrected his strategy to capitalise on the emerging digital music services market as Systems Analyst & Developer for Verseca. He led the development of the UK’s first digital file-tracking and auditing system that embeds covert watermarks in audio files which can be detected over the air, without requiring Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems. It was white-labelled and sold to a public-private consortium, along with its simple colour-coded monitoring dashboard. He played an important role in educating diverse stakeholders through whitepapers, documentation and reports about complex Internet-scale dynamics. His work helped them discern real world problems from anecdote, trivia and noise, which was rife in the decision-making of the industry-giants. When it came down to needing robust project management experience, David helped European universities systematically evaluate digital projects in terms of maturity, capability and risk, with a view to commercialisation and technology transfer. He was responsible for innovation and ethics policies, and his work led to a 35% increase in investment and a spin-out company with a sound business case.

Business Systems Analyst


December 2005March 2008 (2 years 4 months) Southampton, United Kingdom

After picking-through research about the half of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies that survived the Dot-com bubble, David poured his energy into the consumerisation of ecommerce solutions around open source software and Amazon Web Services, at Chainworks. Diligently applying and communicating engineering best-practices, his self-funding development of a second generation of Internet-based business software (later known as Web 2.0) led to more effective ecommerce and customer relationship management in the small-medium business (SMB) marketplace. David led the acquisition of Intellectual Property (IP), cloud computing infrastructure and subsequent penetration of high growth SMB markets, including: fitness & health, food & lifestyle, independent record labels, tourism and accommodation. Through broad and deep experience with SMBs, he learned how a corporate focus on financial outcomes, rather than technology products (which he prudently outsourced), often lead to greater success. David led the company's merger with Verseca, a predictive algorithm spin-out of De Montfort University.

European Managing Director

Sound Choice

April 2004January 2006 (1 year 10 months) London, United Kingdom

The first and largest karaoke company in the USA (2004), the Slep-Tone Entertainment Corporation, known for their Sound Choice brand, invested in David's proposal, initially made in passing conversation, to establish a bridgehead for them into the unsaturated European marketplace. He delivered dividends in twelve months: (i) leading the globalisation of its manufacturing to Shenzhen, China; (ii) aggressive expansion of EU sales distribution networks through high street music stores; and the (iii) voracious adoption of many disruptive innovations abound in the broadcasting, music and film sectors at the time. His pocket-sized team stormed onto the market with the UK's first 'low cost' multiformat DVD player and sold the UK's first MP3 realtone ringtone for mobile phones through partnerships with premium-billing providers and national entertainment magazines. Consequently, Sound Choice became the forerunner in the digitisation of the backing-track industry as the World largest recording label in terms of number of artists, singles and albums in its catalogue; which are now available by the tens of thousand on popular digital music services like Spotify. As a lifelong guitarist and drummer, David liked running industry exhibitions at music and mobile technology trade-shows to develop distribution relationships whilst having fun among Europe’s media industry, before selling-up in anticipation of the double decline of the DVD and the mass digitisation of free music and videos.

David Pidsley's Education

Canford School

Computer Science, Business Management, Biology and Physics


Grade: A-Level

Born in Southampton, England, David Pidsley was educated at Canford, Dorset – a scholar of Biology, Physics, Computer Science and Business Management at A-Level. His interest in commercialising Bioinformatics led to studying Biology, self-financed through the sales of the facilities management software he'd built in between classes. He imported and sold wireless network infrastructure widgets and ran two 'alternative media' advertising publications.

David Pidsley's Courses

  • Computer Science, Business Management, Biology and Physics

    Canford School

    • Computer Science (A-Level)
    • Physics (A-Level)
    • Biology (A-Level)
    • Business Management (A-Level)
    • Royal Yachting Association’s International Certificate Competence Sail / Motor Cruising (RYA ICC)

David Pidsley's Languages

  • English

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • French

    (Elementary proficiency)
  • German

    (Elementary proficiency)

David Pidsley's Publications

  • Blair

    • Amazon Media EU S.Ă  r.l.
    • July 30, 2011

    Collins and Pidsley’s verse on the British New Labour government of 1997-2010 explores the many aspects of Tony Blair’s record including his belief in the centralisation of power, his excommunication of those in the Labour Party who were “off-message”, his overt attempt to control the “national narrative”, his neutralisation of Parliament and the UK Cabinet as institutions for scrutiny of government policy, his consistent bias in favour of state power and committing British troops to four overseas invasions of other countries.

    Whatever one may think of Blair, it is difficult to deny that he was the dominant politician of his era. Before George W Bush was elected in 2000, Blair had already established a reputation as the leading ideologue of Western military intervention. He brought a reluctant Clinton to commit force to Kosovo, intervened in Sierra Leone on his own authority, supported Bush on Afghanistan and played a leading ideological role in Iraq.

    BLAIR -- explores Blair the individual and the various larger-than-life characters who made up the Labour era, from Gordon Brown to Peter Mandelson, Alistair Campbell and Cherie Blair. After the array of New Labour autobiographies, biographies and apologias which followed thirteen years of New Labour rule, Warwick Collins (1948-2013) and David Pidsley’s humorous and thoughtful account provides a vivid and timely antidote. The managing director of John Murray publishers described BLAIR as having “real moments of great style, wit, satire and rage”.

David Pidsley's Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Civil Rights and Social Action
      • Economic Empowerment
      • Science and Technology
    • Organizations I support:

      • Cause Analytics
      • Open Rights Group
      • Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe
      • Intellect
      • Ayn Rand Institute
      • The Open Data Institute
      • UK Government
      • NCVO

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