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Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at

  1. Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology
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Chief Executive Officer

– Present

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David A. Ciccarelli, Co-Founder, CEO of

David is the Chief Executive Officer of where he oversees finance, operations and technology. David was finalist for the 2013 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

David offers management experience as well as a clear vision for the future. With a strong background in business development, marketing, and finance, he has incorporated his personal and professional ethics, providing clients with a superior project management service and access to professional voice over talents, meeting their needs on a daily basis. Mr. Ciccarelli is an honors graduate the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology.

Based in London, Canada, provides an online marketplace, facilitating transactions between business clients and voice over professionals, employing a comprehensive suite of web-based services. Clients that have worked at Interactive Voices include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader's Digest, Olay, L'Oreal, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Firestone Tires, American Airlines, the US Army, the US Government and thousands more.

* Finance
* Financial Modeling
* E-Commerce
* Business Development
* Web Applications
* Web Technology
* Mobile Applications
* Mobile Technology
* Internet Marketing
* Search Engine Marketing
* Social Media


Chief Executive Officer
– Present (11 years)

· Develops company vision and works towards its realization
· Advocates / promotes organization and stakeholder change related to organization mission
· Supports motivation of employees in organization products/programs and operations

· Ensures staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information
· Looks to the future for change opportunities
· Interfaces between Board, employees and external stakeholders
· Interfaces between organization and community

· Formulates policies and planning recommendations to the Board
· Decides or guides courses of action in operations by staff

· Oversees operations of organization
· Implements plans
· Manages human resources of organization
· Manages financial and physical resources

· Assists in the selection and evaluation of board members
· Makes recommendations, supports Board during orientation and self-evaluation
· Supports Board's evaluation of business


System for managing online transactions involving voice talent(Link)

United States US 2011/0125653 A1
Issued November 20, 2009

Systems and methods for facilitating online interactions between voice talent users and employer users. The online web-based system has an online store module, a voice talent database module, an open job database module, a negotiation module, and a payment module. The online system allows the employer users to search for a suitable voice talent user, preview the specific voice talent user's demonstration voice clip, and contact the voice talent user. The online store module allows the voice talent user to upload generic pre-recorded voice clips and which may be purchased and downloaded by employer users for their own purposes. The open job database allows employer users to upload contracts and jobs for which they need voice talent. The employer user may upload requirements for the contract, a sample of the script, and a payment range for the contract. Voice talent users may search and/or browse the open jobs database and they may respond to the posted open contract with a proposal by way of the negotiation module. The voice talent user may also upload a demonstration voice clip with their proposal to the relevant employer user by way of the negotiation. The payment module allows payment for completed contracts to be exchanged between employer users and voice talent users with the system administrator/operator as a go-between and as an escrow agent.


Voice Acting For Dummies®(Link)

Wiley, 2013
January 2013

Voice acting is like acting, but just using your voice! It's a unique career where the actor's voice can be heard worldwide-in commercials, on audiobooks, in animated movies, documentaries, online videos, telephone systems and much, much more. The point is to bring the written word to life with the human voice.

With step-by-step explanations and an abundance of examples, Voice Acting For Dummies is the ultimate reference for budding voice actors on auditioning, recording, producing voice-overs, and promoting themselves as a voice actor.

• Creating a voice acting demo
• Finding your signature voice
• Interpreting scripts
• Using audio editing software
• Promoting your voice acting talents

If you're an aspiring voice actor or an actor or singer considering a career transition, Voice Acting For Dummies has everything you need to let your voice talents soar.


Need To Hire Quickly? Try Speed Interviews(Link)

Globe and Mail
January 2014

Over the past year, I’ve reviewed more than 1,000 résumés and presided over 100 interviews. While those numbers aren’t staggering by any stretch of the imagination, the experience has given me ample opportunity to refine our hiring process and get even more creative with it.

Study Your Startup’s Efficiency(Link)

Wall Street Journal
December 2013

That sudden, first notable boost in sales can be exciting, especially for an entrepreneur who is finally seeing a venture grow. However, once the thrill has worn off, you have to switch your party hat for your business one and determine how to handle the increased work: do you now outsource the work or do you need to bring on more staff? The first thing you need to do is determine if the boost in sales is from internal or external forces.

Get Involved in the Conversation(Link)

Wall Street Journal
December 2013

We’ve all had those times when something we’ve intended to go well simply doesn’t. It could be a product launch festered with bugs, failure to meet a critical deadline, an event with a poor turnout, and, at the top of the list, particularly for Internet companies, changes to the terms of service. Continue reading...

What Territory Do You Want to Defend?(Link)

Wall Street Journal
October 2013

When thinking about protecting intellectual property, the first question you should ask yourself is “What territory am I trying to defend?” Is it your name, your logo or both? Perhaps you want to protect an invention or a new process that yielded an unexpected, yet remarkable result. Knowing exactly what you want to protect will help you choose the path of registering a trademark or the long process of filing for a patent.

Why the annual performance review doesn’t work(Link)

The Globe and Mail
October 2014

Young staff in particular but all staff want real-time useful feedback, and they don’t want to wait a year.

The Smart Move for Growing Companies Is to Always Be Recruiting Talent(Link)
October 2014

By keeping your list of potential new hires evergreen you are well positioned whether business gets abruptly better or a hole on your team abruptly opens.


  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • SEM
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • E-commerce
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Online Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Web Analytics
  • Entertainment
  • Online Advertising
  • Project Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • New Media
  • Digital Media
  • CRM
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • SEO
  • Voice Over
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • See 16+  See less


Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology

Honors, Audio Engineering

Since day one our objective at OIART has been to provide the audio industry with the steady stream of highly knowledgeable and passionate individuals it needs to evolve and thrive. We do this by providing our students with everything they’ll need to know to fulfill that need. Our alumni – many of whom are actively shaping the contemporary soundscape – are a glowing testament to our success in doing just that.

Honors & Awards


Voices has been selected as a New Voices winner at DigiFest, an award recognizing Interactive Voices as an industry leader who provides digital media products and innovations that contribute to Canada’s economic and cultural future. Interactive Voices, a voice-over marketplace where clients connect with professional voice-over talent online for job opportunities, submitted their flagship web-service for consideration, garnering them the opportunity to present their voice.

Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology

As an annual guest lecturer at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, David shares his passion and the entrepreneurial spirit with soon-to-be graduates. Topics discussed include the importance of creating a business plan, marketing, sales, operations and creating a network of business associates and trusted advisors.


  1. French

Volunteer Experience & Causes

President of the Board

Arts and Culture

The purpose of UnLondon is to make positive change in and around our region from outside the normal confines of change making, using unconventional methods and digital tools. We enable people to do things. The ‘Un’ prefix is used as a method to describe ‘unconventional thinking and practices’. The ‘UnLondon’ name comes from our many experiences both organizing and attending UnConferences.

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