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SOA, Integration, Enterprise Architecture

Greater Boston Area
Computer Software
  1. OSG
  1. Oracle Corp,
  2. Omgeo,
  3. Sonic Software Corp.
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SOA, Integration, Performance and Scalability Consultant

– Present

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30 years of experience in the software industry covering a broad range of roles in leading edge architecture, and spend much of my time of late working with IT leaders to define and execute on new strategies for building and integrating critical applications that scale reliably and predictably.

As an engineering leader and architect, have lead many successful innovative product efforts, building highly effective teams and delivering quality products under extreme time-to-market conditions.

As a performance and scalability lead engineer, have helped several financial institutions exceed their goals of high throughput and low latency applications.

As author of several books including the O’Reilly Enterprise Service Bus book, have had tremendous impact on defining how the IT industry builds service infrastructure and integrates applications together. Was a primary driver on the creation and evolution of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology category.

Author of several books, including “Enterprise Service Bus” (Oreilly), “Service Oriented Infrastructure:On Premise and In the Cloud” (Prentice-Hall), “SOA Design Patterns” (Prentice-Hall), “Java Message Service” (Oreilly), “Java Web Services” (Oreilly), and “Professional ebXML Foundations” (Wrox).

Specialties: Performance and Scalability, Enterprise Integration and message oriented middleware (MOM), Grid computing, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Process Management (BPM), Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Complex Event Processing (CEP). As a public speaker, have delivered 100s of lectures at over 60 cities worldwide. Well known worldwide for my writings, and have co-authored many advanced Web Services standards.


SOA, Integration, Performance and Scalability Consultant

– Present (4 years 9 months)

Working with companies such as Barclays, Capital One, Rackspace, Emerson Network Power, and Thomson Financial achieve success in their project goals.

Specializing in helping teams deliver their critical projects. Specialties include technology assessment, architectural vision and planning, performance and scalability root cause analysis, and helping project managers with difficult tradeoffs between features, defects, and time-to-market.

My background working for tools and middleware vendors makes me uniquely positioned to help evaluate SOA/middleware vendor tools, associated RFP/RFI processes, and cutting through the vendor hype and hand-waving.

Also specializing in helping clients through performance and scalability efforts for their Mobile, Portal, SOA, and ESB, and integration projects. Technologies used include WebSphere Integration Broker Toolkit, Oracle ESB, Weblogic Portal, Oracle Coherence, Apache Web Server, HP Loadrunner, JMeter, HP Profiler, jRockit Mission Control, VisualVM, jProbe.

VP & Chief Technologist, SOA

Oracle Corp
(3 years)

Created a vision, worked with customers and drove internal product innovation in the area of SOA and Grid computing. Developed architectural patterns that showed how distributed caching and grid computing could be combined with the rest of the SOA, BPM, ESB, BAM, and CEP tools to allow customers to build service oriented applications that scale more predictably. Built customer use cases and used that to drive internal product direction.

Worked with customers at the CIO, CTO, and VP Architecture level to explain the business value and technology value of Oracle's Fusion Middleware products, and mapped them into solutions that solved their technology challenges as they related to their business problems.

Evangelized technology at customer meetings, industry conferences, trade journals, and technology books

Books Authored - SOA Design Patterns (Prentice-Hall), Modern SOA Infrastructure (Prentice-Hall)

Enterprise Architecture Consultant

(5 months)

Worked as a member of the architecture team to define the vision and flesh out the details of Omgeo's SOA initiative. Helped the organization work through their ESB evaluation process. Also created architecture to enable processing of high volume securities trade matching using a combination of service oriented architecture, data caching, and BPEL process management.


Sonic Software Corp.
(6 years 2 months)

- Promoted and advanced awareness of Sonic Software and its product line, which included educating the marketplace on other Progress technologies.

- Worked with developers, architects, and CIOs to understand and provide clarity around the challenges and solutions in the areas of Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus, middleware and integration software field. Well known for writings and public lectures on the subjects of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), SOA Management, Complex Event Processing (CEP), enterprise integration, and interoperability standards.

- A regular contributor to evolving industry standards, and a member of the Apache Web Services PMC.

Books Authored - “Enterprise Service Bus” (OReilly), Java Message Service (O’Reilly), Professional ebXML Foundations (WROX), and Java Web Services (O’Reilly). Published countless articles in Java Developers Journal, JavaPro, Web Services Journal, XML Journal, Network World, and JavaPro Magazine.

Director of Engineering, SonicMQ

Progress Software Corp
(3 years)

Lead the development effort for SonicMQ®, which has grown to become synonymous with highly scalable enterprise Message Oriented Middleware and the Java Message Service (JMS), and has successfully competed with the likes of Websphere MQ and TIBCO EMS in enterprise integration scenarios

Director of Engineering, Apptivity Application Server

Progress Software Corp
(1 year 1 month)

Lead the team that built a highly scalable application server, which included EJB support, a distributed CORBA based backbone, and a (pre-JSP) tag-based HTML page generation engine. This was tied together with an integrated IDE that provided wizards for data mapping and generation of remote interface stubs. This appserver beat all of the other Java – based appservers in the July 1999 ZDNet/Doculabs appserver performance and scalability bake-off.

Development Manager/Lead Architect, WebSpeed Application Server

Progress Software Corp.
(1 year 5 months)

Led a product team to design, develop, and deliver Progress Software’s first offering into the Internet marketplace - WebSpeed, a Web-based application server which allows serious business applications to be developed and deployed over the Internet/Intranet. In addition to formulating product vision and managing people and schedules, also played a lead role in overall architecture and implementation.

Development Manager, Client-Server Group

Progress Software Corp
(3 years)

Built and led a team that successfully accomplished complete re-architecture and re-implementation of the Progress “updateable data browser” control, an advanced grid control which has direct implicit mappings to query result sets. Built a VBX/OCX container into the Progress 4GL bytecode interpreter with mappings into the 4GL language.

- Architect of the cross-platform event manager subsystem, which integrated the native windowing systems’ event handling within the 4GL runtime UI triggers. This event-driven processor was based on a Finite State Automaton based state machine.

Senior Software Engineer, Client-Server Group

Progress Software Corp.
(2 years)

- Co-developed the revamping of the Progress 4gl bytecode interpreter to allow Progress procedures to be treated as objects. This provided the basis for a patented object model and programming methodology called ‘SmartObjects’.

- Key member of the GUI development team responsible for design and implementation of all of the UI capabilities of the Progress runtime client across MSWindows, OSF/Motif, and character mode. Also responsible for creating the higher level abstraction language representation of GUI controls and event management in the Progress 4GL.

- Responsible for design and implementation in areas related to event management, and all interaction between the native window managers and the runtime interpreter.

Product Manager, Support Manager, IT Manager, Software Engineer, etc

(6 years)

In this startup developer tools company, held a variety of positions including Sales, Product Marketing, Tech Support, Product Management, and Product Development. Products included developer tools for the nascent PC market, including the BRIEF Programmer’s Editor, a version control product (Sourcerer’s Apprentice), a DOS Windowing library and screen designer (C-Worthy), a LISP interpreter, a Prolog interpreter, and a MKS-like toolkit.

Technical Sales Manager, Software Engineer, etc.

The Programmer's Shop
(3 years)

While sales manager, increased sales volume by 150 percent. Redirected sales focus to high-margin, hard-sell products, and increased average gross margin from 20 to 30 percent. Responsibilities included:

- Maintained and updated sales-related, detailed technical information on over 1200 products for programmers.
- Researched and prepared detailed competitive analysis for all categories of products sold.

- Created a remote access bulletin board system that allowed customers to communicate with each other via modem.
- Wrote mailing list management software including creating complex duplication elimination algorithms.


Barclaycard Merchant Onboarding

An iPad based application for setting up and registering merchant services for Barclaycard.

Team members:


  • Public Speaking
  • Middleware
  • ETL
  • Cloud Computing
  • SOA
  • Process Improvement
  • Testing
  • OpenEdge
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • SaaS
  • Progress 4GL
  • Java
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • JMS
  • WebSphere Message Broker
  • WebSphere ESB
  • ESB
  • XML
  • Web Services
  • Scalability
  • Scalable Web...
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Scalability Testing
  • Weblogic
  • Sonic
  • Software Development
  • Software Project...
  • Software Quality...
  • Software Engineering
  • Integration
  • EAI
  • Bug Tracking
  • iPad
  • Technical Leadership
  • Thought Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Start-ups
  • Databases
  • Enterprise Software
  • Distributed Systems
  • Design Patterns
  • Oracle
  • Big Data
  • EJB
  • Application Servers
  • Architecture
  • REST
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SOA Patterns book

Honors & Awards

Industry awards -

“Top 10 IT Innovators” award for “casting a larger than life shadow over the industry” – CRN Magazine (2005)

“Most Outstanding Contribution to the Java Community by an Individual.” award from JavaPro Magazine (2002).

Book awards -
“Java Message Service” - 1st place “Best Book” award in 2002 Java Developer’s Journal Reader’s Choice poll, and 2nd runner up “Best Book” award in 2001 Java Developer’s Journal Reader’s Choice poll.

“Java Web Services” - 1st place “Best Web Services Book” award in the 2002 Web Services Journal Reader’s Choice poll, and 1st runner up “Best Web Services Book” award in the 2002 Web Services Journal Editor’s Choice awards.

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