Cherian Abraham

Mobile at Experian. Payments. HCE/NFC. Advisor at SimplyTapp. Ex-Analyst.

Richmond, Virginia Area
Management Consulting
  1. SimplyTapp, Inc.,
  2. ModoPayments,
  3. Experian Decision Analytics
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As the Mobile Commerce & Payments Lead at Experian Global Consulting, Cherian serves Experian's clients in Banking, Retail, Consumer Credit & Payments on strategy, innovation & emerging business models around mobile. At Experian he focuses on driving product strategy around acquisitions, fraud and credit risk, by extending core Experian’s global capabilities in to the mobile channel.

Board of Advisors at SimplyTapp - creators of Host Card Emulation & a LightSpeed Ventures Co, delivering HCE enabled mobile payment distribution & authorization solutions for enterprises.

Member of Client Advisory Board at Mitek Systems - Mobile Imaging & Data Capture.

Advisor at ModoPayments, a mobile payments platform for personalized & instant in-store gifts, offers and purchases.

Ex-Analyst for Yankee Group focused on Mobile Marketing & Commerce Strategies.

Member of Editorial board at E-Finance and Payments Law Policy, a UK journal.

Founded DROP Labs, a mobile payments/commerce strategy & advisory practice focused on banking & retail.

Blog: &

A trusted adviser w/ over 16 years of international tech & strategic consulting experience, to firms seeking clarity & insight in to the myriad business models around emerging payments.

Advisor to Startup & Asset mgmt firms focusing on m-commerce.

A senior adviser to world’s biggest & best known firms: NBC Universal, Fifth Third Bancorp, BBVA, Retail, Asset Mgmt firms & Tech Startups on Mobile Commerce.

• Quoted by Recode, ReadWriteWeb, NFCTimes, DigitalTransactions, MobilePaymentsToday, PaymentsNews, BankingInnovation etc.

.Quoted in "Virtual Banking: A guide to innovation & partnering" authored by Dan Schatt.

• Authored “Emerging Mobile Payments Landscape”, a study of emerging mobile payments ecosystem & its inhabitants, SWOT analysis of mobile wallet initiatives, emerging revenue models, opportunities & challenges to m-wallet adoption. Study linked :


Board of Advisors

SimplyTapp, Inc.
– Present (10 months)

SimplyTapp was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It provides mobile payment distribution and authorization solutions for enterprises including financial institutions, big box retailers, fueling stations, quick service merchants as well as mobile wallet providers and developers. SimplyTapp is a LightSpeed Ventures Portfolio company.

SimplyTapp created Host Card Emulation (HCE) and deployed it into the CyanogenMod operating system in early 2012 to bypass the network operator's SIM card to complete a mobile payment at a point of sale terminal. Google launched HCE with the latest Android 4.4, KitKat and now uses HCE within the Google wallet implementation on the Nexus 5.

SimplyTapp has implemented the first platform that leverages HCE for mobile payments. A main advantage of the platform is the ability to leverage existing POS hardware infrastructure without requiring merchant adaptation.

Advisory Board Member

– Present (1 year 7 months)

ModoPayments provides a mobile payments platform for personalized and instant in-store gifts, offers and purchases. Modo's open approach supports nearly all mobile phones, payment terminals, and cards and is a complete solution for brands and merchants that seek to interact personally with consumers before, during and after their in-store purchase experiences. Founded by seasoned payments experts, rocket scientists, and start-up jockeys, Modo is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

Mobile Commerce & Payments

Experian Decision Analytics
– Present (2 years 3 months)

As the Mobile Commerce and Payments Lead at Experian Global Consulting, Cherian Abraham serves Experian's clients in Banking, Retail, Consumer Credit and Payments on strategy, innovation and emerging business models around mobile. At Experian he focuses on driving product strategy around acquisitions, fraud and credit risk, by extending core Experian’s global capabilities in to the mobile channel.


Emerging Mobile Payments Landscape - Building a business case(Link)

August 2011

A whitepaper on the emerging mobile payments landscape, building a business case for banks evaluating the opportunities and challenges present in mobile payment solutions, including direct and indirect revenue generation. This study paints a roadmap of current mobile payment initiatives undertaken by Financial institutions, Carriers and OTT players, and to highlight the risks of building payment solutions which are not centered around the payment context. This study summarizes the challenges ahead for mobile payments, including a lack of interoperability, consumer apathy and a general lack of understanding of its merits.

MCX - MerChants reduX(Link)

January 2013

A collection of thoughts around MCX, why it deserves respect, and yet how it is indeed mortal and bleeds like all others

GoogleWallet & Citi - Moving on....(Link)

January 2013

An end to how Citi stopped being the lone holdout in Google Wallet’s journey to the cloud and its race to conformity.

Google Wallet - A missed opportunity?(Link)

Drop Labs
October 2011

Google Wallet launched not so long ago, to a mobile payments ecosystem that is already fragmented and fraught with uncertainty. Instead of proving to be a disruptive innovator in the payments space, Google chose to partner with its entrenched incumbents. Instead of eliminating the point of sale experience altogether, it chose to be overly reliant on NFC at the point of sale, with very little progress to show for it. One tends to expect more when a true technology disruptor meets an inefficient oligarchy.

ReadWriteWeb referenced this article (link:

Trouble brewing for Google Wallet(Link)

November 2011

The lack of progress Google Wallet has made in the past few months and the lack of enthusiasm on the issuer's part in joining hands with Google are reflected in this analysis.

Retailers, Wake up and smell the napalm(Link)

December 2011

Amazon, the online juggernaut is poised to grab additional market share from local retailers this holiday season. It continues to eat away at the retail commerce market share steadily, led by behemoths like Amazon which are whittling away at anything that differentiates today between the online and offline retail experience.

Apple's disruption of the Point of Sale(Link)

October 2011

Apple understands that centering any payment initiative merely around the checkout misses the point. At its retail stores, Apple continues to remove existing blocks and streamline the buying experience and that includes if necessary, eliminating the point-of-sale altogether.

On the road with Google Wallet(Link)

December 2011

An overview of my experiences with Google Wallet, summarizing my perspective on current mobile wallet initiatives while outlining a roadmap of features that will make mobile wallets a compelling value proposition to both merchants and consumers.

The article was published on MobilePaymentsToday (link:

ReadWriteWeb published an article around my GoogleWallet perspective (link:

iPhone 5, NFC or iWallet - Pick Any Two(Link)

February 2012

A comprehensive take on Apple's wallet strategy and whether it will find its roots in NFC or Cloud.

Carriers: We are here to help(Link)

February 2012

Analysis of the proposed AT&T service to let app developers pay the cost of the data traffic associated with its usage instead of passing on the burden to subscribers, and its impact on Isis and other mobile wallet initiatives.

Return of NFC: Curse of the Secure Element (Host Card Emulation)(Link)

March 2013

This post refers to Host Card Emulation (or Software Card Emulation) and how it's likely to be used by mobile wallet providers to leverage NFC while bypassing the control structures established by Carriers around secure element provisioning and distribution. This post discusses advantages of the approach, as well as reasons why it is not a silver bullet unless blessed by the ecosystem owners (Apple, Google et al).

Smoke is rising from Apple's conclave(Link)

September 2013

Read how Touch ID is made possible via ARM’s TrustZone/TEE, and why this matters in the context of the coming Apple’s identity and payment framework. I wrote this before it was discovered that the M7 chip was based on the Cortex-M architecture.

Square Cash is a Head Fake(Link)

October 2013

My thoughts on Square Cash - including why I believe its a head fake. And being part of Square’s push to move up-market to bigger merchants.

Host Card Emulation (HCE) : NFC's tale of redemption(Link)

November 2013

Some perspective from a number of conversations I had in the last week with Networks, Issuers, TSMs, Merchants, Platform Owners and EMV practitioners and provide some insight in to perceptions, impacts and the road ahead for NFC. Follow-up to my original HCE post from March 2013.

HCE: We are not in Kansas anymore(Link)

February 2014

In light of the network certification announcements, this post is an attempt to provide some perspective on what the V/MA moves mean, how do their approaches differ in certifying payments using cloud hosted credentials, what should issuers expect from a device and terminal support perspective, why retailers should take note of the debate around HCE and ultimately – the role I expect Google to continue to play around HCE.

MCX Part II - Waiting to Exhale(Link)

February 2014

Part II on MCX - discussing it's relationship with FIS, and positing that a partnership with Paydiant or mFoundry is likely. Written before MCX - Paydiant announcement. Also comparing MCX's charter with emerging competitors like Amazon in the offline retail space.

Lessons from a Breach(Link)

January 2014

In the days following the Target breach, both clarity and objectivity are in short supply. Everything that didn’t already exist became suddenly the cure-all – EMV being one. Retailers bristle, albeit in private – due to the asymmetry in blame they have come to share compared to banks – despite having equal ownership of the mess they have come to call payments. Issuers and Schemes scramble to find an empty deck chair on the Titanic, just to get a better view of the first of the lifeboats capsizing...Why wouldn't you want to read on?

Apple in Payments: A disruptor's dilemma(Link)

June 2014

An attempt to look beyond what the presence or absence of any specific radio in iPhone6 may mean to Apple’s intent in Payments and instead – provide some color around three things that are part of this debate: a) Bring 800M credit cards on file in perspective b) Address the question of radios on the device – a topic that has a disproportionate share of the debate and finally c) Consideration of steps made by Apple to secure both iOS and its devices as waypoints in its payments journey.

Apple in Payments (Part II) - Bluetooth Edition(Link)

June 2014

This is the Part II of my Apple in Payments take – and it’s early because of the leak last week around Apple’s MFi program. In the first half of my take, I had touched upon Apple’s program for 3rd party hardware attachment market as being significant and likely to be a key aspect of its payments approach. So below, I will cover more on the approach, how Bluetooth will be the standard of choice – not NFC, and how Apple plans to secure Bluetooth enough to be able to handle payments.

Tokens and Traditionalists(Link)

April 2014

As traditional view on NFC is challenged, the question becomes – Are we able to reconcile these views that may have necessitated a tight coupling of the radio and the credential, with needs of commerce today? Can we start using any and all available radios and capabilities on the device to reduce fraud risk and payments friction, and meanwhile..can we stop hating on a radio?


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