Carol Wain

Carol Wain

Creator of the F.O.R.C.E. Formula™ for Business Transformation - People * Power * Profit

British Columbia, Canada
Marketing and Advertising

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Carol Wain's Overview

  • Founder at Carol Wain International
  • Founder / President at Marquee Marketing
  • Founder / President at Marquee Incentives

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Carol Wain's Summary

PEOPLE * POWER * PROFIT™ -- In a nutshell, this is what Carol is all about -- transforming business by tapping into the potential of people who can make or break your business success.

Carol Wain, President of World Incentive Network (WIN) and “2003 Entrepreneur of the Year”, is the Queen of Reinvention. She is a reinvention consultant, trainer and globally renowned performance improvement and marketing specialist who teaches and helps business leaders and entrepreneurs to reinvent their businesses into S.T.A.R.S. ( Sagacious, Transformational, Attractive, Resourceful, Sustainable).

Coupled with her extensive knowledge in the business arena, Carol is also a sought-after Keynote Speaker and best-selling author of Guerrilla Tourism Marketing – Increase Your Profits by Leveraging Marketing, Technology and Relationships; and Leverage Your Relationships, Expertise and Resources.

Carol Wain has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. She has worked with single-person local businesses and multi-national corporations. However, she has found that established, successful entrepreneurs, professional services providers and trailblazing corporate leaders benefit the most as they have the capability, desire and authority to implement her tried and proven recommendations for increasing profit using her using her F.O.R.C.E Formula for Business Transformation (Foundation; Operations; Reach; Customer Experience and Employee Experience).

Having been there done that as an entrepreneur Carol speaks from a wealth of experience – she knows what it’s like to experience failure in business as well as supreme acknowledgment amongst her peers in a competitive marketplace. She has successfully reinvented herself, rebranded, repositioned and relaunched her own businesses multiple times since 1996 and created an education curriculum that is second to none in the area of professional reinvention.

Carol Wain's Experience


Carol Wain International

2013Present (1 year)


If you are an entrepreneur, leader in the corporate world and/or a professional services provider who needs a business transformation due to outside influences such as a disruption in your industry or community or because you are finding it more difficult to earn a decent profit in today’s demanding and volatile market – you will find the F.O.R.C.E. Formula™ for Business Transformation to be a breath of fresh air.

If you are an individual — particularly if you are a mid-life female (but we don’t discriminate based on “plumbing” or age) — and you are tired of your current situation with your career, your relationships or your business — you will be guided out of your uncomfortable comfort zone and stretched to live the life you were meant to live.

In the intersection of these two areas of reinvention / transformation you will discover that true and sustainable business transformation requires that people — business leaders, managers, supervisors, employees, customers, strategic alliance partners, vendors and channel partners — know themselves, their core values, why they do what they do, their vision, their purpose and what they want and don’t want in their lives and they then act in congruence with this insight.

Carol is a consultant, trainer, author, speaker, show host and summit producer who specializes in business transformation and personal reinvention.

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Founder / President

Marquee Marketing

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Marketing and Advertising industry

December 2010Present (3 years 10 months) Courtenay, BC


~ Are you unsure about how to attract potential customers, acquire new customers or retain your customers / clients?
~ Are you looking for ways to expand into new markets?
~ Do you have challenges filling your sales funnel?
~ Is the marketing clutter driving YOU crazy?
~ Have you wondered how to adapt to today’s customer / client who is totally in control over the messages he/she receives and then chooses whether to pay them any attention?
~ Is one of your goals to increase the customer lifetime value (CLV) of your customers?
~ Is another goal to reduce your customer acquisition cost?
~ Do you want to know how to tap into the new media platforms to carve out a little piece of “real estate” for your business?

You know you are not alone if you said YES to at least one — likely two or more of these questions — and it’s okay because that’s our job.

Meet Carol Wain, Queen of Reinvention and founder of Marquee Marketing. Carol is a Guerrilla Marketing Practitioner, Joint Venture Broker, Performance Improvement Specialist and a New-Mediapreneur. She is also a Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Show Host, Producer and Best-Selling Author of Guerrilla Tourism Marketing.

Carol started her first business — an incentive company — in 1996 with nothing more than a dream, Front Page for Dummies in one hand and an Internet Marketing manual in the other. She grew that business so that it provided a very cushy lifestyle for her and her family using 2 primary marketing methods — her website and networking — and she won Entrepreneur of the Year for her efforts in 2003.

She now has multiple brands, spanning 2 companies which work together to provide a one-stop-shop for business transformation.

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Founder / President

Marquee Incentives

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Management Consulting industry

June 1996Present (18 years 4 months) Courtenay, BC

Carol is the founder and President of Marquee Incentives and the creator of the F.O.R.C.E. Formula for Business Transformation used by Marquee Incentives and its sister brands.


Marquee Incentives' role is to assist you to

~ Create a customer experience plan designed to increase your profit
~ Create an employee experience plan designed to increase your profit
~ Leverage your relationships with your partners -- channel, strategic, joint venture to increase your profit
~ Create and manage programs and campaigns that increase your profit while also strengthening your relationships with your key people
~ Provide technology and rewards for your campaigns, programs and plans

All of the divisions of the World Incentive Network Inc. (WIN), the parent company of Marquee Incentives, use the F.O.R.C.E. Formula™ created by Carol as their guide to business transformation.

The F.O.R.C.E. Formula™ looks at 5 primary areas within a business that are ripe for transformation.

F = Foundation (where are you now and how did you get here?)
O = Operations (how are you operating your business and does it take into consideration that People Power Profit?)
R = Reach (how wide and deep is it?)
C = Customer Experience (what is it like to be your customer?)
E = Employee Experience (what is it like to be your employee?)

Customer Experience and Employee Experience are the primary focus for the Marquee Incentives team, although Operations, Reach and Foundation are also included in all the plans.

More info at

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Management Consulting industry

January 2006Present (8 years 9 months) Courtenay, BC


Are you a business leader who is struggling with disruption in your industry, new or increased competition, customer churn or employees who aren’t “buying” what you are selling?

Have you tried to create customer engagement programs on your own? Perhaps you’ve also tried to increase your customer experience and you just aren’t getting the results you expect.

Are you having numerous discussions about how to get your employees to do more with less — with a smile on their faces while they deliver your brand promise consistently?

Are you finding that your sales funnel has shrunk and your leads are inconsistent?

… and do you keep asking yourself, “What’s going on with mobile marketing, social networking, online reviews, email marketing, video marketing, podcasting and so on…?”

You know you are not alone if you said YES to at least one — likely two or more of these questions — and it’s okay because that’s our job.

Times have most certainly changed since Marquee Incentives (previously Incentive Depot), a division of World Incentive Network Inc. (WIN), which was founded in 1996.

Small business has always had a high failure rate but the number of mid to large to “too big to fail” corporations that have failed or are destined to fail given their current direction is unsettling.

In addition to the obvious political changes throughout the world, the economic “situation”, taxation changes, reduction of capital, increased regulations and technological disruption, there is also a much more challenging movement occurring — there is a growing unease caused by a lack of trust.

The divisions of World Incentive Network assist you to increase your profit by tapping into the potential of the people who bring your vision to life. For more info visit

World Incentive Network website:
Marquee Incentives -
Marquee Marketing -
Marquee Events --

Carol Wain's Honors and Awards

  • STAR Award as Best Selling Author

    Author Expert Marketing Machines
    • February 2013

Carol Wain's Skills & Expertise

  1. Customer Engagement
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Social Media Monitoring
  5. Social Media Relations
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Incentive Programs
  8. Incentive Travel
  9. Recognition Programs
  10. Sales Incentives
  11. Profit Improvement
  12. Customer Experience Improvement
  13. Incentives
  14. Entrepreneurship
  15. Digital Marketing
  16. Social Media Measurement
  17. Profit Maximization
  18. Strategic Partnerships
  19. Online Marketing
  20. Customer Experience
  21. Joint Ventures
  22. Community Engagement
  23. Social Media
  24. Marketing
  25. Business Planning
  26. Small Business
  27. Multi-channel Marketing
  28. Leadership
  29. Training
  30. Management Consulting
  31. Sales Management
  32. Management
  33. Executive Management
  34. CRM
  35. Program Management
  36. Product Development
  37. Coaching
  38. Sales
  39. Mobile Devices
  40. Recruiting
  41. Business Process Improvement
  42. Business Development
  43. E-commerce
  44. Business Strategy
  45. Strategy
  46. Consulting
  47. Start-ups
  48. Event Planning
  49. Online Advertising
  50. Market Planning

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Carol Wain's Additional Information

Honors and Awards:

Entrepreneur of the Year, Vancouver Island, 2003

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