Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock

Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer ♦ Social Media/Content Marketing Strategy ♦ Business Development Consultant

Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas, Nevada Area)
Marketing and Advertising

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Warren Whitlock's Overview

  • Best Seller Book Expert | Blogger, Publisher at Xeno Press
  • Headspinner at Landmark Printer

500+ connections


Warren Whitlock's Summary

I consult with corporations and entrepreneurs on strategies needed to take advantage of digital media tools and online opportunities that drive growth and profits.

Perhaps best known for writing the first book about Twitter “Twitter Revolution,” I explained how mobile technologies and social media would revolutionize marketing and business. Nearly everything predicted came true and yet this remains a clear roadmap for the future of business.

Digital business IS business today, but business is still all about connections and collaboration between human beings. Modern tools allow us to be more connected than ever before and still provide an individualized experience to each prospect and customer.

"Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games" follows my no-nonsense, business process approach that reaps quick and continuous results from investments.

The latest book is “Billions Rising: Empowering Self-Reliance”, stemming from the non-profit foundation I founded of the same name. The clear message is that it is always better to give a hand up than a hand out. We highlight the success of entrepreneurs and passionate people who have a heart to change the world by doing just that.

► If you’re interested in working with me or discussing your plans to make a positive change in the world, please contact me via free LinkedIn message above or email me at W@MBSBC.com. I look forward to learning more together through our conversations.

Warren Whitlock's Experience

Media Publishing & Content Marketing Strategy | Social Media Marketing Speaker

Carbon Digits

2003Present (11 years)

Media used to be making a good TV show, a good radio program, a great print publication. It used to be creating a campaign that ran as ads or commercials. That old world of “push marketing” still exists, it has just been joined by the “new media” of the internet, mobile devices, social media, and other places people spend their time. It has been enhanced. Today, media can be a real two-way conversation with the marketplace: your prospects and customers.

At Carbon Digits, we mix the new media of marketing on the internet “digital marketing” by publishing websites, blogs, podcasts, hangouts, webinars, seminars, conferences, story-telling… you telling yours or your customer telling yours, is paramount in today’s world.

Everything is content. Content is everything. For a brand to stand out as having an added value to the commodity which they sell, it has to show experience and content. What is your value-add? If you don’t know, we can help.

► Please contact us via free LinkedIn message above or email at W@MBSBC.com.

Business Development Consultant | Social Media Strategic Adviser | Content Marketing Analyst

Integrated Alliances is a world leader in LinkedIn Training & Social Media Consulting

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Professional Training & Coaching industry

2013Present (1 year)

Integrated Alliances caters to businesses seeking to embrace the new paradigms of Social Selling and Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation by providing LinkedIn & Social Media speaking, training, and strategic executive consulting packages.

Integrated Alliances has trained over 100 OTHER LinkedIn trainers and social media experts around the world which allows us to maintain a global presence so we can serve you no matter where you are.

The face of the company is The LinkedIn Rockstars, Mike O’Neil & Lori Ruff, each is a social media expert and on the LinkedIn Top 50 Most Connected and the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer list.

One of Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers, I join the team as a social media content adviser and business development consultant using new media platform and content marketing strategies.

I bring years of traditional and new media marketing strategic experience to our consulting clients and speak on stage at conferences about How to bring attention to what you do. I help you become the expert in your industry. I help you build buzz that achieve measureable goals helping you address the age old question: what’s the ROI?

We help KEY individuals craft their LinkedIn and Social Media presence, build their network and determine the most effective engagement strategies to keep you where you belong: in the game!

We help you:

♦ create strategies
♦ develop a connective network
♦ increase your visibility
♦ align strategies with measureable business objectives
♦ train best practices and customer relationship management
♦ lead generation and revenue production

Our live Corporate LinkedIn Sales Training Programs are optimized for both mid-market and large, distributed sales forces. These programs include on-site Workshops or Webinars.

► Call 702-965-4332 or E-Mail w@mbsbc.com


Billions Rising Foundation

November 2012Present (1 year 11 months) BillionsRising.com

We know that great change is possible when people collaborate to help others. Our mission is to discover those individuals and organization around the world who are empowering self-reliance, especially for those who are most in need.

The Foundation produces SelfReliance Radio, the BillionsRising Blog and News site, Books, Events and Documentaries that feature the stories of those who give a hand up rather than a handout.

Best Seller Book Expert | Blogger, Publisher

Xeno Press

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Publishing industry

September 2003Present (11 years 1 month)

Book marketing strategies and promotions, create and develop mailing lists, partner with thousands of authors, speakers and experts to promote books to best seller status online and build partners mailing lists.

I help authors take their idea to a published best seller book, get online recognition and create new revenues. Book Marketing for Authors looking to attract readers, sell books and make your book a best seller using proven marketing systems, online promotions and innovative social marketing.


Landmark Printer

March 1987August 2007 (20 years 6 months)

Computer reseller with emphasis in imaging and imaging supplies. Computer printer related web sites, online and offline support and service for thousands of clients around the world.

Warren Whitlock's Honors and Awards

  • FORBES Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer #8

    • 2013
  • Best Selling Author

Warren Whitlock's Projects

  • Best Selling Author | Author Marketing Coach

    • 2003 to Present
    Team Members: Warren Whitlock

    Author of the best sellers "ProfitableSocial Media: Business Results WIthout Playing Games" and the first book about Twitter. "Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing are Changing the Way We Do Business"

  • The Warren Whitlock Radio Show | Executive Producer and Host

    • 2008 to Present
    Team Members: Warren Whitlock

    The Warren Whitlock Radio Show is a collaboration of the best minds we meet in business. Each show has at least one featured guest who has been successful in business, marketing, connecting and collaboration. Many have best-selling books, keynote speaking and have their own media outlets.

    Most of all, the show is a conversation. We invite listeners to comment in chat, through social media and email and get to know Warren and the guests while learning about actionable ideas that can have an immediate outlet on our careers and businesses.

  • 9/21 Peace On Celebration

    • September 2012 to Present
    Team Members: Warren Whitlock, Ben Mack, Ronda Del Boccio, Shila Fisher, Mark Jamnik, Jay Scott Berry

    Peace Day celebration in Asheville, NC on September 21st seeks to make social media history as the first time #PeaceDay is a trending topic on Twitter.

    Asheville, NC Join us at 11:30 am (EST) on Peace Day 9.21 we will have a live streaming event online via www.PeaceOn.Us covering events in Asheville happening simultaneously at the Asheville Art Museuem, Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center, and Firestorm Café. Home participation is woven throughout the live online streaming event hosted by Mark Jamnik live from the Asheville Art Museum.

    September 21, 2013, will be the 31st anniversary of The U.N.'s Peace Day. The 193 member nations of the U.N. has dedicated 9/21 of each year to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence. However, the U.N. has yet to actualize a temporary global ceasefire on 9/21 of any year. Maybe 2013 will be the year we have peace one day.

    Why #PeaceDay? Getting folks to post with a unifying hashtag is key if we want to trend on 9/21/13. Trending is an important tactic for raising awareness 9/21 = Peace Day. Twitter trending topics can be seen around the world. Trends appear in the column on the left side of the page. Trends are immediately popular, rather than topics that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis, and help more people discover the hottest emerging topics of discussion on Twitter. Trends often have pound - # - sign before the word or phrase. This is called a hashtag and is included specifically in Tweets to mark them as relating to a topic, so that people can follow the conversation in search.

    "Making #PeaceDay a trending topic on 9/21 is all about collaboration. If we make this happen, it's like saying the people of the world have voted for peace on 9/21," said Warren Whitlock, a Top 10 Forbes Social Media Influencer who Tweets via @WarrenWhitlock.

    Free admission for folks who come to Asheville Art Museum or Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center to celebrate peace day with us.

  • Billions Rising: Empowering Self-Reliance Around the Globe | Author

    • November 2013 to Present

    Billions Rising is a real-world documentation of the old proverb which tells us if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Across the globe, there are well-meaning organizations giving handouts to people in need. But the more sustainable solution comes from the projects, non-profits and companies who strive to give people a hand up rather than a handout. While mainstream media buries these inspiring stories, Billions Rising shines the spotlight into the darkness and boldly proclaims what the world tries to ignore: a foundation for self-reliance is the best gift that anybody can receive.

    This book is a project of The Billions Rising Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that documents and highlights efforts of people and organizations around the world that are empowering others to become self-reliant.

    Our mission at the Billions Rising Foundation is to explore anything that is helping to empower self-reliance. We’ve talked to charities that go beyond handouts, focusing on education revolution and new potential in the technologies that connect us. We are finding that collaboration is always at the heart of the best programs. Self-reliant does not mean “living alone” but today is part of the connection to our fellows that allows individuals to take responsibility, collaborate, and make a difference.

    The Billions Rising Foundation is dedicated to the idea that this abundant world has everything we need for each person on the planet to live in prosperity. We believe that poverty will be eliminated through education, action, innovation and collaboration. Each of us can make choices to become self-reliant ourselves and then reach out to help others do the same.

Warren Whitlock's Publications

  • Best Seller: Profitable Social Media

    • Xeno Press
    • November 11, 2011

    Learn how to add social media to your business and gets measurable results.

    “Warren is the reason I am involved in the social media space. When we met, I was beginning to utilize new media to grow my business and he said 'you MUST be in the social networks.' I took his advice and I can attribute my business book deal, my influence increase and at least half a million dollars in business to my effective use of social media per Warren's examples. His advice is valuable, listen closely.”
    ~~Carrie Wilkerson, Author, The Barefoot Executive
    Excerpts from Declan Dunn’s foreword:
    "As someone who has been asked to review many social media books, Profitable Social Media is the first book I've read that spells out in detail that Social media is rapidly growing up from the early years to a new world driven by many smaller, higher quality markets.

    It is also finally the time that social media must prove ROI, which makes the release of this book, Profitable Social Media, timely and more than relevant.
    Beyond the changing tools like Facebook, G+, and Twitter, people are creating new ways of using media and sharing it with friends while unknowingly creating the emerging social world of word of mouth marketing.

    Since at least 33% of all Internet traffic is from Facebook alone and a considerable amount from the other two leaders of social media traffic, YouTube, and Twitter, ignoring your social media strategy will likely doom your business online in the next few years.
    “MINDSHIFT a business owner must make if you want to successfully use social media to grow your business.
    The chapter on Serendipity Selling shares key distinctions and insider information on exactly how to communicate and connect in a way that online master communicators understand, but until now has never been defined and shared in such a step by step manner. The book definitely lives up to its name!"
    ~~Michelle Price, Social Media Capitalistless

  • Best Seller: Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing are Changing the Way We Do Business

    • Xeno Press
    • September 9, 2008


    The revolution is underway. The power of social media lies with the people who use tools like Twitter.com. You decide how to use your power.

    Our goal is not to create rules to follow on Twitter. We simply want to give you the best tips, resources and strategies to guide your success on Twitter at an accelerated pace.

    Our mission is to help you avoid trial and error as early adopters were forced to endure, and help you participate in one of the greatest communication revolution of our time.

    This book was designed to help show everyone from the small business owner to the CEO of a large corporation; from work at home moms to politicians in Washington, DC how they can participate in the fastest growing social network and micro-blogging revolution taking place right now.

    Join us on Twitter!

  • Billions Rising, Empowering Self-Reliance

    • November 12, 2013

    Billions Rising is a real-world documentation of the old proverb which tells us if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Across the globe, there are well-meaning organizations giving handouts to people in need. But the more sustainable solution comes from the projects, non-profits, and companies who strive to give people a hand up rather than a handout. While mainstream media buries these inspiring stories, Billions Rising shines the spotlight into the darkness and boldly proclaims what the world tries to ignore: a foundation for self-reliance is the best gift that anybody can receive.

Warren Whitlock's Skills & Expertise

  1. Public Relations
  2. Publishing
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Blogging
  7. Social Media
  8. Social Networking
  9. Online Advertising
  10. Facebook
  11. Copywriting
  12. New Media
  13. Email Marketing
  14. Book Sales
  15. SEO
  16. Digital Marketing
  17. Web Marketing
  18. Podcasting
  19. Digital Media
  20. Personal Branding
  21. Press Releases
  22. Online Marketing
  23. Entrepreneurship
  24. Storytelling
  25. Advertising
  26. Creative Writing
  27. Brand Development
  28. Marketing Communications
  29. Marketing Management
  30. Coaching
  31. Blogger
  32. Direct Marketing
  33. Motivational Speaking
  34. E-commerce
  35. Writing
  36. Books
  37. Web Design
  38. Publicity
  39. Strategy
  40. Published Author
  41. Integrated Marketing
  42. Twitter
  43. Marketing Strategy
  44. Lead Generation
  45. Mobile Marketing
  46. Social Marketing
  47. WordPress
  48. SEM
  49. Content Strategy
  50. SEO copywriting

View All (50) Skills View Fewer Skills

Warren Whitlock's Languages

  • Thai

    (Professional working proficiency)
  • English

    (Professional working proficiency)

Warren Whitlock's Organizations

  • Association of California Cartridge Remanufacturers (ACCR)

    Founder | President | Director
    • 1997 to 2001

    Founded Industry trade association and served as its first President, recruited member companies, planned trade show and educational events, proposed and lobbied successfully for state legislation, created and merged into national association with ties to many international groups representing the industry.

Warren Whitlock's Education

Brigham Young University


Warren Whitlock's Courses

  • Brigham Young University

    • Marketing Research

Warren Whitlock's Additional Information

Groups and Associations:

mylink500, LION, Facebook, freeIQ and Stomper, Plaxo Pulse, PPC Classroom & Authority Site Summit, DCA, Affliliate Summit, Twitter, BestSellerAuthors.com, Lattitude U, Marketing Madness, SWOM, PMBcom, Social News Central, My Linking Power Forum

Warren Whitlock's Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Economic Empowerment
      • Science and Technology

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