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Ben Alman

Ben Alman

Director of Pluginization at Bocoup

Greater Boston Area
  2. Peopleclick Authoria,
  3. Pangea Media
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Ben Alman works at Bocoup, where he is responsible for the development of intermediate and advanced JavaScript and jQuery training curricula, as well as the creation and maintenance of JavaScript-based tools and utilities. In addition to his training and client work at Bocoup, Ben writes articles and gives presentations advocating JavaScript and jQuery best practices.

Ben has created and maintains Grunt, along with a number of other popular open source JavaScript projects and jQuery plugins and is a frequent contributor to the open source jQuery, jQuery Mobile and Modernizr projects. As an avid photographer and funk bass player, Ben loves spending time taking photos and jamming in the greater Boston area.

Specialties: JavaScript, jQuery, Pedagogy, Schrecklichwissen



Director of Pluginization

– Present (4 years 3 months)

I currently work at Bocoup, where I am responsible for the development of intermediate and advanced JavaScript and jQuery training curricula, as well as the creation and maintenance of JavaScript-based tools and utilities. In addition to my training and client work at Bocoup, I write articles and give presentations advocating JavaScript and jQuery best practices.

Senior Web Developer
(5 months)

I was hired to work on web performance optimization, but instead they had me working on widgets for the sports page. And I don't even like sports.

Senior UI Developer

Peopleclick Authoria
(5 months)

Authoria (then PeopleClick Authoria, now something else entirely) needed a little help with code organization in their flagship "Authoria Talent Management Suite" human resources management and planning web application.

Unfortunately, at the time, I was unaware that the code to be organized consisted of tens of thousands of lines of global JavaScript, with no unit tests, where every change, no matter how small, caused a regression somewhere else. And instead of fixing these issues, they had me working on new features.

I've since offered to train their team on JavaScript best practices. They weren't interested.

Senior Front End Developer

Pangea Media
(2 years)

While I was initially hired at Pangea Media to redesign and create the flash quiz widget, I ended up taking on more of a leadership role in the design and development of many of our products.

Shortly after being hired, I led the redesign of the and websites, created a JavaScript MySpace application framework that (at the time) supported over 100 apps and 1.5 million users, and co-designed a highly generalized template-driven content management system that handled nearly all their primary products.

Senior Web Developer

Evoke Interaction (formerly Broadstreet)
(5 years)

My primary function at Evoke Interaction / Broadstreet was as a web developer, and my time was generally split equally between Flash and "everything else."

For the Flash projects, I created both fluid animations synced to custom-edited streamed audio and rich web applications that dynamically loaded XML data, fonts and media. For everything else, I created accessible, SEO-friendly websites that were dynamically rendered from XML data using the latest cross-browser CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

In addition to my programming duties, I documented technical requirements and processes. For larger clients, I served as a Project Lead, consulting with project managers, stakeholders, creative directors, and designers to facilitate communication regarding technical issues, and ensuring that delivered technologies were consistent across multiple projects.

Senior Web Developer

Broad Street
(less than a year)

After a branding change, the name "Broad Street" became "Broadstreet" .. While I typically refer to it using the latter spelling, I've added the former to facilitate searches and connections.

Senior Web Developer

Cosmic Blender
(3 years)

Cosmic Blender's interactive department grew to two people the day they hired me. My roles in that job were to create HTML websites, catchy Flash animations, and do IT support for our Mac OS X and Windows desktop workstations and servers.

As time progressed, working on more and more varied projects, I found ways to streamline our development process, which made us more efficient. I also experimented with new technologies like XML, which allowed us to dynamically load content, simplifying our workflow.

Web developer / Music Producer

RJ3 Productions
(4 years)

RJ3 Productions was an independent collaborative effort between me and two good friends and business partners. Before I joined Cosmic Blender, I used RJ3 Productions as an umbrella under which I did all my web work and music production. Since then, the music part has been spun off into the Broken Buddha Records record label, and RJ3 Productions is simply the place where we host our personal web pages.


Partial Application in JavaScript(Link)
September 2012


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Un poco spanisho

    Elementary proficiency


  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Open Source
  • Grunt
  • Node.js
  • Internet
  • Problem Solving
  • Funk
  • Photography
  • Random Vibration
  • Personality Assessment
  • Value Propositions
  • Time Travel
  • Explosions
  • Radiator
  • HTML 5
  • Subversion
  • User Experience
  • CSS
  • Web Development
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