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Author of 'Build a LinkedIn™ Profile for Business Success'

  1. Daniel Alfon, Unlimited (well..almost)
  1. SEOlogy,
  3. Hewlett-Packard
  1. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III)
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Daniel Alfon, Unlimited (well..almost)

Daniel Alfon, Unlimited (well..almost)

Helping You Generate Business with LinkedIn

– Present

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Well, it must be quite frustrating to be on LinkedIn and not leverage it fully. My guess is that you and your readers don't.

Looking for fresh angles or quotes for your LinkedIn article? Ping me. I reviewed thousands of LinkedIn profiles for my latest eBook. Just pick your time here:

The LinkedIn profile that can transform your business isn't this one. It's yours.

► SMBs and entrepreneurs hire me because I help them generate more business through LinkedIn.

I build conversion machines on LinkedIn for a living. Lead generation starts by treating LinkedIn profiles like landing pages. B2B companies I work with leverage LinkedIn groups a lot better. The result is that we identify opportunities faster. It doesn't end there.

★ Looking for your call to action? LONG-TERM, interesting in-house projects are welcome.

Beyond lead generation, I help my clients achieve thought leadership and brand awareness. .


Helping You Generate Business with LinkedIn

Daniel Alfon, Unlimited (well..almost)
– Present (7 years 5 months)online,and in the real world

► Marketers and companies hire me because I help them generate leads through a hands-on systematic advanced use of Rich media and LinkedIn profiles,Company pages,Groups, saved searches, extensions and add-ons plus other tools you probably haven't heard of.

I help companies use LinkedIn strategically to support their sales cycle and avoid mistakes like these

With 332 million users, sophisticated executives sense there must be more to LinkedIn than accepting random invitations. When they realize their clients (and competitors) are leveraging LinkedIn to reach decision makers, they ask around or search LinkedIn for experts.Some of this profile's readers email ✉ danielalfon (at)

Trilingual (English/French/Hebrew) relationship builder,I am a freak of people and technology (in that order) and bridging gaps between them. My previous LI profile headline was 'Building Killer LinkedIn profiles worldwide'.
I was often called to help companies bringing closer disruptive technologies and people and revamping LinkedIn groups.

As a social media marketing and LinkedIn expert, I worked on fairly long projects (LinkedIn,content,global marketing,Twitter) with Sapiens, Amdocs and Idit Technologies.I created advanced LinkedIn hands-on training helping entrepreneurs and executives leverage LinkedIn (clients include DBM,startups, TheHive startup accelerator...). I created or revamped compelling LinkedIn profiles and groups by providing Ghost LinkedIn help to busy executives.

My specialties:

❶ Increase visibility: Making your ideal prospects realize your solution exists (e.g. content marketing).

❷ Convert: Educating your audience (e.g. Enterprise CIOs) about your unique SaaS startup/Android App benefits.

❸ Boost: Accelerating sales by identifying prospecting opportunities, using a number of sophisticated methodologies

LinkedIn & Social Media marketing specialist [English projects]

(1 year 2 months)

SEOlogy offers social media marketing services to Israeli-based global companies.SEOlogy helps CMOs, Content managers, brand ambassadors and evangelists find their way in the ever-changing social media landcape.

Projects include:

* Social media marketing for an Enterprise software company, focusing on lead generation, product awareness and branding - focusing on LinkedIn and Twitter.

* 1-year consulting for a large,public company [monitoring,analyzing, social media marketing strategy], focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Specifically, using a pay listening and monitoring platform and track trends and changes.

* Google+ set up, ייעוץ לשיווק במדיה חברתית

Competitive Intelligence Specialist
(6 months)

► - contract,2008-2009

Conducted market research identifying promising prospects in key B2B territories.

Competitive Intelligence Specialist

(1 year)

Full-time, pre-Drupa project:

Analyzed, spotted trends and predicted future directions in players (competitor pricing, annual reports, evaluation of competitor sales,GRACoL). Led worldwide HP Indigo Competition Forum.
· Created a pre-Drupa overview of major offset vendors [Heidelberg, MAN Roland, KBA, Komori, Mitsubishi & Ryobi], including financials, breakdowns, portfolio, strategy and recent packaging-related announcements
► Co-authored a competitive 'bible' analyzing label and flexo printing, used by worldwide HP Indigo salesforce (~100 salespeople)

VP Sales

(1 year 3 months)

► Increased annual sales 243%.
► Set a foot in new websites,showrooms & catalogues.
► Negotiated the firm's first stock orders.
► Successfully added new distributors in AZ,CA,CO,FL,MD & HI
► Increased revenues from existing accounts in CA,NY,OH & PA.
► Initiated and nurtured contacts with firms that became Udizine's first international Representatives [in the UK and the Philippines] and added new distributors in the Netherlands and the Far East.
► Located and selected a strategic partner, contributing to a successful exhibition at the GlobalShop trade show.

Business Development

Atmosphere Manufacturers
(2 years 6 months)

► Prepared, exhibited and generated quality leads from key trade shows [Koln's Practical World, Frankfurt's L+B].
► Revamped the business plan and identified major business opportunities.
► Built long-term partnerships with key retailers.
► Increased margins & future revenues manifold by modifying the business model.
► Turned products into an end-to-end solution thanks to a thorough analysis of clients' needs.
► Initiated high-margin,low-cost product customizations during long sales cycles.
► Cut distribution channels & listing set-up time thanks to excellent relationships with business power brokers
► Achieved a significant differentiation - in a commodities market.
► Opened doors to a strategic French department store chain with $700m sales.
►► All this was done before the company manufactured a single product.

Business Intelligence & Consulting

Netprox,Vimatix,DBM Israel
(2 years 10 months)

Generated leads for wireless startups by:
► Analyzing trends in players (clients, competitors & partners) and specialized research groups
► Consulting valuable contacts
► Delivering reports (e.g. Competition Analysis) with strategic/tactical recommendations.
Clients included Netprox & Vimatix.
► Various consulting projects (I developed and ran dozens of LinkedIn workshops for DBM's Israel career center.over the years..)

Training Specialist

Telrad Networks
(4 years 10 months)

Training professional responsible for the in-house Language training of over (then) 2200 employees.

► Selected & managed a team of a dozen subcontractors,building a team out of partners working for fiercely competing companies.
► Improved client satisfaction & loyalty by halving time-to-market of training products while doubling product line every 18 months.
► Turned the company into a beta site of cutting-edge technologies enabling product delivery anywhere,anyhow,anytime.


<<Get 'Build Your Linkedin™ Profile for Business Success' by Daniel Alfon! - Coming soon - Don't Miss Out on my LinkedIn™ Profile Book: The Complete How-To Guide for SMBs and Business Owners>>(Link)


10+ years after joining LinkedIn, I've decided to sum up everything I know about building an amazing profile. I'm including real-life examples of witty, bizarre and great profiles,and adding screenshots of several users across the globe. Click to grab your copy!

2014 Posts on LinkedIn(Link)

In March 2014 I started publishing Posts on LinkedIn. Make sure you follow me to view my occasional Posts on the LinkedIn platform!

<<Startups: How to Leverage LinkedIn>>(Link)

MeetUp (Microsoft Ventures Association)

Great fun! Click above to view the event's page

LinkedIn -עשר שאלות:בחירות,קבוצות,מיתוסים,העולם האמיתי ושמירה על איזון(Link)

ירחון משאבי אנוש
June 2013

במאמר שפורסם בירחון משאבי אנוש ביוני 2013 ממפה קלרה ריספלר את סוגי המעורבות ברשתות חברתיות עם דגש על LinkedIn.

מתוך המאמר : "האם יש מצבים בהם עדיף לא לפתוח פרופיל באתר?", "כיצד מתמרנים בין ריבוי קבוצות?", "עד כמה ניתן לסמוך על הקישוריות בכלי?" , "מהם המיתוסים השכיחים לאנשי משאבי אנוש המשתמשים ברשת?"-כדי לקרוא את המאמר יש להקליק עד עמוד 26 בלינק לעיל


<הרצאת מבוא למשרד החוץ>(Link)

חמישה מיתוסים שגויים בשימוש בכלי, ומעט על הפלפטפורמה בעולם ותשע מאות אלף המשתמשים בישראל
ניתן לצפות במצגת ע"י הקלקה על כותרת ההרצאה


What I Do(Link)

♖ I help companies achieve tangible business goals through wise use of social media, specializing in leveraging LinkedIn for Sales support.

You can check out my approach in this quick video series hosted by VisionsLive:

Clients I can name:

1. Long-term projects with Sapiens, Amdocs, AKT, Idit Software,TheHive startup accelerator & Gvahim.
2. Regular projects with Panaya, afimilk.
3. One-time projects with, Incapsula, WalkMe, Methoda, AnyFit, WalkMe, Aeroscout, Paieon Medical, Zim and others.
Lectures - Startup accelerators, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DBM Israel...

LinkedIn is a huge lead generation engine that enables you to find leads, qualify them, map, identify and smartly monitor decision makers in your prospect's organization, leverage event marketing and identify opportunities afterwards. I help companies get past gatekeepers and accelerate sales.

I was into LinkedIn before it was cool. I helped hundreds of high tech professionals leverage LinkedIn through hands-on workshops I have delivered over the years.

❶ Social Business: B2B Social Media Marketing/SMM & LinkedIn marketing; Inbound marketing.

❷ English,French,Hebrew and web

❸ LinkedIn - Optimization of individual profiles | LinkedIn company Pages | Rich media | Lead generation using LinkedIn | Saved Searches | LinkedIn for Thought Leadership & competitive Intelligence

Occasionally I speak and train B2B marketing and salespeople globally - in physical, Skype,G+ hangouts or other online tools.

Reminders I agree with:

What I Don't Do(Link)

♞ I don't deliver LinkedIn endorsements,twitter followers,retweets,lists,fans,connections,+1 or circles - I help companies get better qualified leads,shorten sale cycles, improve conversion and basically generate revenues. Even if you make your business social, it's still a business.
The reason is I worked in marketing.In my book, social media serves marketing - not the other way round.

Read this: If you don't understand what's wrong with Tom's approach, kindly take your business elsewhere.

A quote I like:

Jeffry Pilcher: "My conclusion is it’s better to be strong in one social media channel. Learn to crawl before you walk or run. Don’t say your using LinkedIn or any social media channel if all you’ve done is created the page years ago and never touched it. The perception will be that you’re just a poser who wants to be accepted and that is a brand misfire. In trying to communicate one thing, you’ve actually left the exact opposite impression."



Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III)

M.A., English

Master's Paper: A Journey Into CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning)

Université Paris Dauphine

Pre-CPA Studies

Moshe Sharet High School, Paris France


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. French

    Full professional proficiency
  3. Hebrew

    Native or bilingual proficiency


  • LinkedIn
  • Strategy
  • Start-ups
  • SaaS
  • B2B
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Google+
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Enterprise Software
  • Business Development
  • Training
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Content Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Social Networking
  • Digital Media
  • French
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social CRM
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • SMO
  • See 11+  See less

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