Alex Salkever

Head of Product Marketing and BD at

San Francisco Bay Area
Information Technology and Services
  2. Inkwire, Inc.
  1. Telefónica Digital,
  2. Joyent,
  3. Picarro, Inc.
  1. Baltimore Friends School
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I help companies grow by leveraging content, teams and communities to create marketing strategies that resonate with customers. I also enjoy building and developing products. I lead teams and develop strategy, but always am a "doer" and never just a "manager".

At I lead efforts to grow user base and platform partnerships. is a powerful tool for digital storytelling, data visualization, online portfolios, and rapid PDF-to-interactive report conversion.

Specialties: Product Marketing, Product Development, Growth

Other Things I Have Done: Ecosystem Development, Technical Marketing, Community Management, Partner Marketing & BD, Inbound Marketing, Messaging, Go-to-Market Strategy, Website Project Management, Content Creation, LeadGen, PR / MarComm, Social Media Marketing


Head of Growth / Product Marketing / BD
– Present (9 months)San Francisco

My job is to make Silk grow faster, identify partners that can accelerate that growth, and make sure that the world understands the power of our product. I highly recommend you build a Silk Site to understand. You can use it to build a curated travel guide / itinerary, a PR dashboard, a simplified CRM system - any mix of content that you want to easily publish online and share with others. Here's my Silk Site of all the recently funded Kickstarter technology projects -

Angel Investor / Advisor

Inkwire, Inc.
– Present (2 years 9 months)

Invested money. Provide advice.

Global Product Manager - Cloud Computing / IaaS

Telefónica Digital
(1 year 9 months)Mountain View, California

I am the Global PM for Cloud / IaaS at Telefónica Digital, a unit of Telefónica. My duties include: product definition and technology / partner due diligence, product management for integration efforts, P&L and KPI responsibility with my team, and identification of new opportunities for customers via enhanced product feature sets and functionalities.

Director of Product Marketing

(10 months)San Francisco, CA

I oversaw all product marketing at the Joyent Cloud, Joyent's public cloud offering. I was charged with growing our business and lead funnel through technical product marketing that spoke directly to the developer community. My responsibilities included general and strategic messaging, market positioning, event selection and marketing, community creation, partner marketing, SEO/SEM, advertising, social media marketing, partner marketing, and general marketing strategy for the Joyent Cloud. Under my tenure we doubled funnel size and grew revenue by approximately 50%.

Director of Marketing

Picarro, Inc.
(1 year 8 months)

I ran outbound marketing, lead generation, Website development, community development, and PR for this innovative maker of gas measurement tools serving scientists, the carbon trading markets, the food industry and other markets. I managed multiple projects and worked closely with our CEO, executives, and product managers.

Projects / results: 2x increase in Web traffic, outbound campaigns that drove 2x increase in total leads entering the top of the sales funnel, complete overhaul of back-end of Website and CMS, integration of sophisticated SaaS automation tools for leadgen and outbound marketing, development and deployment of branded Picarro customer community with 50% participation rate in the first year, multiple news article placements in major national and regional publications (NYT, AP, USA Today, WaPo, Scientific American, San Jose Mercury News, and many more), multiple placements of co-authored by-lined thought leadership articles for company execs.

Senior Programmer / Writer

AOL Daily Finance
(7 months)

I was a senior writer / programmer working at, a new Website that is part of AOL's MediaGlow division. I covered clean tech, green tech, and technology out of the Bay Area. I still blog regularly for DailyFinance, primarily on Internet technology topics.

Visiting Researcher

Duke University
(1 year 5 months)

I worked with Vivek Wadhwa at the Duke Masters in Engineering Management program on research into immigration patterns and entrepreneurship metrics for tech startups and tech entrepreneurs. I assisted him in conducting his research and writing up his findings. I managed small teams of researchers and oversaw initial article drafting, trend identification, and final copy proofing.

Director of Research / Marketing

(6 months)

I was the Director of Research and Marketing at Piqqem, an innovative financial information site that taps the wisdom of crowds to help individuals and groups execute better stock picking and improve investing performance. My role included writing regular research generated from stock sentiments and predictions collected from Piqqem users, pursuing syndication and business development deals, performing media outreach and communications, and any other hat that I could jam on my head. During my tenure Web traffic to Piqquem roughly tripled on average and we secured regular posting positions with and other large investment blogs. I also initiated several business development deals and oversaw business development research and partner identification.

Senior Researcher - Director of TMT Research

DeMatteo Monness
(3 years 9 months)

I managed all company research in the technology, media and telecom (TMT) verticals. I oversaw a small team of analysts who performed initial ground-level, bottoms up due diligence for hedge fund analysts and portfolio managers and provided them with useful information in key TMT segments including hardware, software, Internet, telecom, video games, networking, and SaaS. I also spent a significant portion of my time identifying and researching technology trends to ensure that the enterprise research efforts our firm undertook to stay ahead of the trend curve were on track.

Technology Editor
(3 years 9 months)

I oversaw technology coverage for, the online arm of the national business weekly. I managed a reporting team of 2-3 staffers to create a daily flow of 3-5 technology stories to be published on the Website. My team also researched and generated all material for Special Reports, one of the largest revenue generators for the site. More broadly, I guided overall sitewide coverage on technology topics including: hardware, software, Internet, networking, telecom, and video games. While there, I authored the most popular weekly column on the site, "Byte of the Apple" (I also received a few emails from Apple CEO Steve Jobs telling me I was wrong). During that tenure I also regularly published articles in BusinessWeek print magazine and interviewed hundreds of CEOs and innovators.

Honors & Awards

The Economist - Books of the Year, 2012, Politics and Current Affairs

The Economist

The Immigrant Exodus: Why America is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent.
By Vivek Wadhwa with Alex Salkever
Wharton Digital Press; 106 pages

A nation that can attract the cleverest people in the world can innovate and prosper indefinitely. An Indian-American technology entrepreneur and academic explains how America is forgetting this crucial lesson—to its cost


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Spanish

    Professional working proficiency
  3. Russian

    Limited working proficiency


Telefonica Digital Instant Servers(Link)

– Present

Instant Servers provides on-demand virtual servers that allow users to deploy a wide variety of operating systems and pre-configured compute appliances over the Internet using advanced virtualization technology. The customer can add, subtract or change the size of their server deployment at any moment, paying only for the used ones.

Team members:


Anatomy of an Entrepreneur: Family Background and Motivation(Link)

Kauffman Foundation
June 2009

Entrepreneurs are among the most celebrated people in our culture. Celebrity entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, often grace the covers of prominent publications. These company founders and innovators fuel economic growth and give the nation its competitive edge.

However, very little is known today about the backgrounds, life histories, motivations and beliefs of these entrepreneurs. So myths and stereotypes prevail. The commonly held belief is that entrepreneurs are young, lightly-educated, childless unmarried workaholics. They are perceived to come from rich families and graduate from elite colleges.

But is this true?

This research answers some of these questions. This is based on a survey of 549 company founders in 12 high-growth industries.

It finds that most founders came from middle-class or upper-lower-class backgrounds, are well-educated and married with children. The strongest motivation for starting a company was to "build wealth". Other popular motivators included capitalizing on a business idea; the appeal of a startup culture; a desire to own a company; and a lack of interest in working for someone else.


The American Brain Drain and Asia(Link)

The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus
April 2009

The United States has long served as a magnet for talented scientists, engineers and mathematicians from China and India. This attraction has proven controversial, both in Asia and in the United States. Economic nationalists in China and India have long complained that the "brain drain" damaged their countries’ ability to compete and slowed economic development by skimming off the best talent. For their part, critics in the United States claimed that foreign workers arriving on H-1B visas displaced U.S. knowledge workers and pushed down wages for this class of employment.

In the past five years, however, the pull of the United States has clearly lessened as the entry barriers for immigrants have become more formidable and as rapid economic development in India and China now provides enhanced professional and entrepreneurial opportunities plus a better quality of life than was previously possible in those countries. More recently, long waits for permanent or extended work visas have discouraged hundreds of thousands of immigrants. And the ongoing financial crisis in the United States has caused a xenophobic backlash, including legal steps taken by the U.S. Congress to limit the award of temporary H-1B visas by U.S. financial corporations receiving bailout funds.


The Immigrant Exodus: Why America Is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent(Link)

Wharton Digital Press
October 2012

New research shows that the United States is in the midst of an unprecedented slowdown in high-growth, immigrant-founded start-ups. He argues that increased competition from countries like China and India and US immigration policies are leaving some of the most educated and talented entrepreneurial immigrants with no choice but to take their innovation elsewhere. The consequences to our economy are dire; our loss will be the gain of our global competitors.



  • Marketing Communications
  • Product Marketing
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Start-ups
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketo
  • Content Marketing
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Writing
  • Business Journalism
  • Content Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Strategy
  • Enterprise Software
  • SEM
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • CRM
  • SaaS
  • Creative Writer
  • Online Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
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Baltimore Friends School

The Johns Hopkins University

2 Years of Coursework - Transferred to UCSB, International Relations

Activities and Societies: Varsity Soccer and Wrestling Teams

University of California, Santa Barbara

B.A. with High Honors, PoliSci, Russian Language & Lit.

Activities and Societies: Semester abroad in St. Petersburg. Editor/Writer for UCSB Daily Nexus (student newspaper). Completed Honors Thesis in Department of Political Science.

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