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Andrew Glover

Manager, Delivery Engineering at Netflix

San Jose, California
Computer Software
  1. Netflix
  1. App47, Inc,
  2. Beacon50,
  3. Stelligent Incorporated
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Engineering Manager, Delivery Engineering

– Present

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I’m an experienced entrepreneur and hands-on technology executive focused on building cohesive development teams who can quickly build great products. I founded Vanward Technologies in 2001 where I served as CTO and then CEO. Vanward was acquired by JNetDirect in 2005 and was re-branded as Stelligent in 2006, where I served as President. In 2008, I founded Beacon50 where I served as Managing Partner. I had the pleasure of serving as the CTO of App47 for close to three years and then I made the move to Silicon Valley to work for Netflix in late 2013.

With a wide breadth of experience in software development processes, techniques, and tools, I’ve spent my career working with companies large and small in various vertical markets such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and ISVs. I love to write code and I’m the founder of multiple open source projects, including 2009‘s Jolt Award winner easyb. I’m the co-author of Addison-Wesley’s 2008 Jolt Award winner “Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk”, Wiley’s “Java Testing Patterns”, and Manning’s “Groovy in Action”, as well as a frequent author for multiple online publications. I’m also a regular speaker at worldwide conferences on topics such as mobile development, Continuous Integration, Behavior Driven Development, software assurance, and Agile engineering practices. I maintain a widely syndicated technology blog found at

Specialties: mobile, cloud, big data, operations, virtualization, software development, agile development, continuous integration, continuous deployment, lean, behavior driven development, open source, software quality, fewer software defects, unit testing, component testing, system testing, agile techniques, agile software engineering, writing, speaking.


Engineering Manager, Delivery Engineering

– Present (1 year)Los Gatos, CA

My team is responsible for the tools and systems used by nearly all engineers at Netflix for continuous delivery and deployment into the AWS cloud.


App47, Inc
(2 years 11 months)Reston, VA

Design & development of Software as a Service platform for Mobile Application Management. Ruby, Rails, Java, MongoDB, Redis, AWS (EC2, SQS, S3, CloudFront), Heroku, Android, JavaScript, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, HTML5, BB. 20M+ app instances, 2000+ events/sec. 1+TB data/month.

Managing Partner

(2 years 5 months)

Beacon50 is a software development firm specializing in helping corporations realize the benefits of embracing open source solutions and borrowed infrastructures. Our expertise and involvement in the open source community, combined with our in depth know-how of virtualization, means we can actualize your business needs with rapid confidence.


Stelligent Incorporated
(2 years 7 months)Reston, VA

As President, I led the business and technology strategy for Stelligent. My primary responsibilities included the strategic development of Stelligent’s services and in accelerating Stelligent's position as a leader in the field of software quality.

My interest in building quality into software with technologies that lower software bug counts, reduce integration and testing times, and improve overall code stability led me to found Vanward Technologies in 2001. Vanward was acquired by JNetDirect in 2005 and was renamed to Stelligent in 2006.

Chief Technology Officer

Vanward Technologies
(4 years 5 months)

Vanward Technologies specializes in empowering organizations engaged in software development with Automated Unit, Component, and System Testing Frameworks which effectively lower bug counts, stabilize code bases, and decrease integration times. Our tool set discovers bugs early in the development process when they are far less expensive to repair; consequently, software can be delivered on time with fewer bugs and more features. In fact, we've found that companies can save up to 1,600% in costs per bug discovered and repaired early in the development process. For one of our clients that yielded a savings of over $3,000 per bug!

Senior Software Engineer
(2 years 7 months)


Philips Consumer Electronics
(1 year 1 month)

Software Developer

IBM Global Services
(1 year 5 months)


  • Open Source
  • Software Development
  • Unit Testing
  • Virtualization
  • System Testing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Technology
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • System Architecture
  • Web Services
  • Git
  • Mobile Devices
  • Enterprise Software
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Software Engineering
  • SOA
  • SaaS
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software Design
  • Integration
  • Design Patterns
  • MongoDB
  • UML
  • Web Applications
  • Test Driven Development
  • REST
  • Subversion
  • HTML 5
  • Android
  • Continuous Integration
  • JavaScript
  • Start-ups
  • Scrum
  • Groovy
  • Distributed Systems
  • Scalability
  • Agile Project Management
  • Spring
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Amazon Web Services...
  • Tomcat
  • Hibernate
  • BDD
  • Ant
  • Objective-C
  • See 35+  See less


Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk(Link)

July 2007

For any software developer who has spent days in “integration hell,” cobbling together myriad software components, Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk illustrates how to transform integration from a necessary evil into an everyday part of the development process. The key, as the authors show, is to integrate regularly and often using continuous integration (CI) practices and techniques.

The authors first examine the concept of CI and its practices from the ground up and then move on to explore other effective processes performed by CI systems, such as database integration, testing, inspection, deployment, and feedback. Through more than forty CI-related practices using application examples in different languages, readers learn that CI leads to more rapid software development, produces deployable software at every step in the development lifecycle, and reduces the time between defect introduction and detection, saving time and lowering costs. With successful implementation of CI, developers reduce risks and repetitive manual processes, and teams receive better project visibility.

The book covers
* How to make integration a “non-event” on your software development projects
* How to reduce the amount of repetitive processes you perform when building your software
* Practices and techniques for using CI effectively with your teams
* Reducing the risks of late defect discovery, low-quality software, lack of visibility, and lack of deployable software
* Assessments of different CI servers and related tools on the market


Groovy in Action (1st Edition)(Link)

Manning Publications
January 2007

Groovy in Action introduces Groovy by example, presenting lots of reusable code while explaining the underlying concepts. Java developers new to Groovy find a smooth transition into the dynamic programming world. Groovy experts gain a solid reference that challenges them to explore Groovy deeply and creatively.


Java Testing Patterns(Link)

October 2004

As an experienced Java developer, you’re probably well aware of how to use software design patterns for building better software. Now, these same lessons can be applied to software testing. With this comprehensive book, you’ll discover how to use testing patterns along with design patterns in order to make the overall development process a lot more efficient and ensure that your code is easier to maintain. Testing experts Thomas, Young, Brown, and Glover present a brief introduction to design patterns and then walk you through each of the essential types of tests that comprise a complete software test plan.

The authors then demonstrate how to use these patterns to build a real-world test suite. Each pattern contains complete Java code and detailed steps for using it to test an application. The authors also explore popular open source testing tools such as Ant and JUnit so you’ll have everything you need to implement a wide range of testing solutions.

With this book, you’ll quickly learn how to apply the patterns approach to software testing. The authors arm you with detailed patterns for each of the test types, including:

* Unit testing patterns
* Database testing patterns
* Integration testing patterns
* Use case testing patterns


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