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Andres Gottlieb

Co-Founder, Lead Developer & CTO at NoiseGrasp

Information Technology and Services
  1. NoiseGrasp,
  2. Metro International,
  3. Rescon
  1. Cuponatic,
  2. Vendly,
  3. BBVA
  1. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
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Co-Founder, Lead Developer & CTO

– Present

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Computer Engineer with experience in Technology and Team Management. Interested in projects that create value for the people, and not only for their owners. Spiritual but not religious. Humanist. Knowledge lover.

- IT strategy
- Software engineering
- Business intelligence
- E-Commerce
- Project & Team management
- Collaborative technology
- Back-end, Web & Mobile development
- Growth hacking


Co-Founder, Lead Developer & CTO

– Present (8 months)Chile

NoiseGrasp is a marketing mix optimization platform allowing advertisers to decide, plan and control their marketing efforts. We are bringing marketing science to medium and large businesses, developing complex predictive and attribution models that measure marketing performance and suggest optimal budget allocation across mediums. Ciao gutt marketing, welcome marketing science.

Digital Media Consultant

Metro International
– Present (6 months)Chile

Working with Grupo Publimetro, Metro's Chile subsidiary. Helping them plan and execute a successful digital transition strategy.

Co-founder & Director of Technology

– Present (3 years 1 month)Santiago, Chile

Business Intelligence consulting company. Our main area of expertise is Management Control, we create automated dashboards and reporting from scratch or based on pre-existing tools. We can take any set of sources of information as input, understand and apply the specific business logic to it and create an automatic process to generate anything as output: excel spreadsheets, pdf reports, web reports, mobile dashboards or any specific format our clients request.

Visit us at

Technology Advisor

(1 year 10 months)Chile

Chief Growth Officer

(10 months)Chile

Helped Cuponatic transform into a data-driven company. I was in charge of a multidisciplinary and geographically distributed team, working hard to support growth through better information and automation of business processes. We built a data-warehouse, automating reports, real-time dashboards, automated marketing segmentation, implemented new marketing and remarketing technologies, streamlined a/b testing, improved data collection and analytics, improved and extended customer service systems, automated social network activity, helped design the transition to mobile, helped the dev team research and implement new technologies.

Co-founder, Lead Developer & CTO

(1 year 9 months)Chile

I led the team in charge of creating the app. This includes everything from graphic design, customer service and online marketing, to Postgres Database design and implementation, Heroku and Amazon Web Services administration, NodeJS server-side logic, JSON API development, Single-Page Javascript intensive front-web and Objective-C iOS native development.

We got more than 15.000 downloads and more than 1,000 daily web visits. It was my first startup as a co-founder.

Read more about the project in this great article TechCrunch wrote about us:

Business Intelligence Consultant

(4 months)Chile

1) Developed an ad-hoc ETL tool to communicate their Chile-based and Spain-based budgeting systems. (Oracle Essbase, .NET)

2) Developed an upgrade to their cost allocation system to make it work at account-level and extend it to Profit Before Tax (PBT) allocations.

Lead Developer & CTO

(6 months)Chile

Intelligenxia is a retail-store-intelligence company. A Google Analytics platform for brick and mortar stores. It uses different types of hardware sensors to measure customer behaviour.

I led the team in charge of the development from scratch of the system (called OptimEyes), we created the Microsoft SQL DB, hardware interfaces, control panel, reporting system and automated algorithms that process and react to customer behaviour patterns.

The system was a big success and is being used by a growing group of large and medium retailers in Chile and Latam.


(9 months)

Business description: Fashion retail chain with 60-70 stores in Chile.


Reported to: CFO

Main tasks: Managed team in charge of,

1) Development of new systems
2) Business Intelligence Systems
3) Warehouse Management System
4) Merchandise Management System
5) Point of Sale (POS) System
6) Internal Credit Card Processing System
7) Financial Systems
8) Data Networks
9) Voice Networks
10) Datacenter
11) User Support

- Technologies:

2) Oracle JD Edwards
3) SAP Business Objects
4) Oracle Essbase
5) Google Apps

COO at Centro de Informática Educativa

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
(11 months)

Business description: One of the oldest, largest and best ranked universities in Chile.


Reported to: CEO

Main tasks: Managed the the project managers' team.

Main projects:

1) Enlaces (State run program for the insertion of ICTs in public and mixed schools' curricula)
2) B-Learning English courses for Engineering Students at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
3) B-Learning Negotiation Diploma
4) B-Learning Cognitive Tutoring Pilot
5) B-Learning Diploma (Latin American Network for Education, RELATED)
6) IWB Courses

Business Intelligence Consultant

KR Consulting
(7 months)

Business description: Business Intelligence & Performance Management consulting firm based in Chile.


Reported to: CEO

Main tasks: Analysis, design, construction and implementation of business intelligence solutions.

Main projects:

-At BBVA: Main designer and developer of their now in-use cost allocation system (a.k.a. Cubo de derramas), using Oracle Essbase and Microsoft SQL Server.

-At D&S (now Walmart): Participated in the design, construction and presentation of a sales BI proposal, using Oracle Essbase and Microsoft SQL Server.

-At Banco Falabella: Participated in the analysis and design of an account and service management BI proposal.

Developer Specialist

(6 months)


Reported to: Product Marketing Manager Dev Tools LatAm

Main tasks: My job was to show to mid-size enterprises the different systems and solutions provided by Microsoft for Developers, .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio Team System 2005.

Student Consultant at Microsoft Research Lab

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
(3 years 9 months)

Business description: One of the oldest, largest and best ranked universities in Chile.


Reported to: DCC Professor in charge of the lab
Main tasks:

- Research in different Microsoft technologies (.NET, Networking, Operating Systems, Project Management tools and servers, etc)

- Lab technical and general management.

- Student technical advisor.


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

  • Introduction to programming (IIC1102)
  • Geometry (MAT1102)
  • Calculus I (MAT1502)
  • Concurrent Programming (IIC3372)
  • Business Intelligence (IIC3752)
  • Classical Physics (FIS1512)
  • Linear Algebra (MAT1202)
  • Calculus II (MAT1512)
  • Chemistry (QUG1002)
  • Waves & Heat (FIS1522)
  • Calculus III (MAT1522)
  • Electricity & Magnetism (FIS1532)
  • Optimization (ICS1102)
  • Digital Systems (IEE2712)
  • Differential Equations (MAT1532)
  • Science and Technology Development (QFG2001)
  • Introduction to Economy (ICS1502)
  • Advanced Programming (IIC1222)
  • Discrete Mathematics (IIC2252)
  • Microeconomy (ICS2512)
  • Software Engineering (IIC2142)
  • Logic for Computer Science (IIC2212)
  • Christian Anthropology (TEU101C)
  • Introduction to Faith (TEU122A)
  • Structure & Representation of Data (IIC2132)
  • Automata Theory & Formal Languages (IIC2222)
  • Computer Architecture (IIC2342)
  • Probability (EYP1112)
  • Operating Systems (IIC2332)
  • Mobile App Development Workshop (IIC3380)
  • Databases (IIC2412)
  • Computer Networks (IIC2512)
  • Artificial Intelligence (IIC2612)
  • Detective Narrative (ILG1129)
  • Accounting (ICS2522)
  • Advanced Programming Workshop (IIC2552)
  • Web Technology & Applications (IIC3582)
  • Health Self Care (ENF425)
  • Statistics (EYP2113)
  • Computer Vision (IIC3682)
  • Object Oriented Methodologies (IIC3882)
  • Computer Security Workshop (IIC2522)
  • Advances Topics on Databases (IIC3432)
  • Robotics (IIC3682)
  • Videogame Development (IIC3686)
  • Thermodynamics (IIQ1002)
  • Ecology & Enviroment (BIO143M)
  • Regional & Geopolitic Geography of Europe and the Mediterranean (GEO2919)
  • Circuit Analysis (IEE1122)
  • Software Factory Management (IIC3154)


  • Business Intelligence
  • Software Engineering
  • E-commerce
  • Software Development
  • Start-ups
  • .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Databases
  • SQL
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Programming
  • IT Strategy
  • JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Mobile Product...
  • Project Planning
  • Hacking
  • MVC
  • MongoDB
  • Objective-C
  • Mobile Devices
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Team Management
  • Engineering
  • Node.js
  • Essbase
  • Technology
  • iOS development
  • Web Services API
  • API
  • Visual Studio
  • Xcode
  • HTML 5
  • C#
  • JSON
  • XML
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Angular.js
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Data Analysis
  • Business Analytics
  • Growth Strategies
  • User Experience
  • Mobile Applications
  • Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • See 35+  See less


Multiple Mouse Based Collaborative One-to-One Learning(Link)

Computers and Education
September 2009

Exchange is a collaborative learning application, originally developed for wirelessly interconnected Pocket PCs, that provides support for students and a teacher performing a face-to-face computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) activity in a Single Input/Single Display (SISD) mode. We extend the application to support a single display groupware (SDG) mode. In this new version, named Exchange-MM, three users each with their own mouse (Multiple Mice) interact on a single display with mediation by a technological network. The original collaborative interaction is maintained. We describe a collaborative learning activity and the software architecture that supports both interaction modes, and also present a usability analysis of the activity conducted with second-grade schoolchildren. The results show that as in SISD mode, in SDG with Multiple Mice (MM) the technological network improves communication, negotiation, interactivity, coordination and appropriability between members of collaborative learning groups.


Collaborative 1:1 With Emerging Markets Available ICTs(Link)

ICCE Proceedings, October 27-31 2008, Taipei, Taiwan.
October 2008


MCP - Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional



  1. English

    Full professional proficiency
  2. Spanish

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  3. Hebrew

    Limited working proficiency


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Engineer, Computer Science

I was auxiliar professor at the course "Logic for computer science"

Activities and Societies: Microsoft Research Laboratory

David Shapell College of Jewish Studies


Instituto Hebreo


Activities and Societies: Tzeirei Ami (Youth group), School's BBS admin

Honors & Awards

- Imagine Cup 2004 (Software Design Invitational). 1st place in Chile (Participated in the World Final in Sao Paulo, Brazil)

- Imagine Cup 2005 (IT Invitational). Top Finisher.

- CITEI UC 2004. 3rd place.

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