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Aaron Marks

Marketing manager specializing in high ROI through inbound marketing, digital marketing, and marketing communications

Greater Pittsburgh Area
Marketing and Advertising
  1. Aquion Energy
  1. RJ Lee Group,
  2. Three Group, LLC
  1. Carnegie Mellon University
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Aquion Energy

Aquion Energy

Marketing Manager

– Present

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Over the past decade, I have developed experience working in both agency and corporate environments while sharpening my teeth on unique marketing challenges, working with organizations ranging from businesses with 300, 30, or 3 employees to U.S. Presidential campaigns and everything in between. As a marketing professional and formerly as the CEO of a startup digital marketing agency, I have constructed, managed, and implemented strategies that DELIVER VALUE to both customers and the company/client.

For me, it all starts with "knowing thy customer." What are your buyer personas? If you don't know, you're potentially wasting time and money.

I strongly advocate inbound marketing - EARNING people's interest in your products or services, rather than pushing them on your customers. When properly executed, inbound marketing elements - content marketing, social media, SEO, strong calls to action (CTAs), marketing automation, etc. - result in marketing that your customers LOVE and ultimately improve the bottom line by having a higher ROI.

My passion is fostering growth through high ROI campaigns that reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC), and I have years of proven results.

I have developed key skills and expertise for achieving highly successful campaigns:

✓ Proven expertise in IMPROVING LEAD GENERATION by 2X or better through marketing campaigns that I devised or helped devise

✓ 8+ years of experience managing & expanding the reach of and engagement on SOCIAL MEDIA presences by 200% or more in 12 months for organizations with anywhere from 200,000 followers to 20 followers

✓ Recognized INTERPERSONAL AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS for managing projects & people

✓ Powerful WRITING that I can tune to any audience, greatly amplifying content marketing

✓ Strong credentials in SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), writing copy and building links to drive targeted key phrases to Page 1 from unranked

✓ TEACHING digital marketing and social media workshops


Marketing Manager

Aquion Energy
– Present (1 year 2 months)Greater Pittsburgh Area

Aquion Energy is an early state company, recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the world’s 50 Disruptive Companies, that manufactures batteries built with a proprietary chemistry known as Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI). The batteries are designed for use in stationary energy storage applications, such as storing solar power for use at night and helping reduce energy costs on the grid.

Since Aquion is a relatively new entrant to an emerging market, I help tackle unique marketing challenges, including:

• Contribute to development of marketing strategies to commercialize Aquion's products using inbound marketing, which improved lead generation by nearly 300% in 12 months
• Engage in and support PR efforts, leading to recognition in MIT Technology Review, Popular Science, and other renowned publications as well as winning prestigious global awards
• Manage the company's trade show presence and allocate its budget, which includes exhibiting at and attending dozens of shows around the globe annually
• Oversee a number of contractors, consultants, and individuals that support our marketing strategy
• Manage the company's digital presence, including the website, blog, and social media, improving social media reach by 200%-300% and website visits by over 150% year-over-year
• Produce, write, and maintain key collateral, such as brochures, white papers, case studies, and specification sheets

Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist

RJ Lee Group
(1 year 9 months)Monroeville,PA

RJ Lee Group is a B2B scientific consulting firm that services customers in a number of spaces, primarily in the areas of industrial forensics, laboratory services, litigation services, and laboratory informatics.

As an extremely diverse company with a small marketing team, I helped market and grow key areas of the business, including:


A comprehensive marketing strategy was needed for RJ Lee Group’s software for targeting the $1.6 billion criminal forensics laboratory market.

• Researched, developed, and helped implement marketing and lead generation strategy that led to in 500% increase in new leads in the first quarter of implementation
• Led exercises to develop brand statements, positioning, and a value proposition
• Saved thousands of dollars by managing the digital presence launch in-house
• Provided support for 5-10 trade shows and conferences per year


In 2012 our department launched one of the largest marketing campaigns in the company’s history, focused on generating new litigation consulting opportunities.

• Helped devise inbound marketing strategy that included launching a microsite with blog, landing pages, and calls to action
• Managed in-house SEO efforts, raising targeted key phrase to #2 on Page 1 from unranked
• Collaborated to write copy for blog content, emails, direct mail, social media, etc.
• Continued on day-to-day basis to manage online elements of the campaign


• Supported the company’s social media efforts, resulting in a 10% monthly increase in followers
• Assisted with newly-implemented CRM program and business development efforts, including those related to post-disaster assessment and remediation
• Developed marketing strategies and provide copywriting to promote the company’s various services areas through both inbound and outbound marketing
• Prepared monthly report to executive leadership on key marketing KPIs

Chief Executive Officer

Three Group, LLC
(5 years)

Three Group was a marketing agency startup that I co-founded and led from 2007 through 2012. We provided consulting services, particularly focusing on digital marketing, and we also offered a social activism platform called Mission Control. Our client base was diverse but primarily consisted of small to medium businesses and political campaigns and organizations.

As CEO, I grew Three Group from a bootstrapped startup to a company with more than 50 clients and 10 employees and contractors.

Three Group was acquired upon my leaving the company in early 2012.


• Directly managed the accounts of all of the company’s largest clients
• Devised innovative campaigns and helped clients implement them, with elements of these various campaigns including:
◦ Website design, development, and launch
◦ Social media management resulting in an increase in reach and/or engagement by 200% or more in 12 months
◦ Online fundraising support and advocacy resulting in over $5,000,000 total raised
◦ SEO campaigns that drove targeted key phrases to Page 1 from unlisted
◦ Email marketing management for lists both large (500,000+) and small (100-1,000), doubling or better email marketing ROI
◦ Content copywriting and marketing


• Served as a single man marketing team for the company’s Mission Control software, increasing number of customers by 200% and Mission Control revenue by over 300% from launch year to year 2
• Increased Mission Control Twitter followers and Facebook fans from 0 to 3,000 and 1,000 respectively in 6 months
• Built a corporate culture that fostered high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 74


• Managed the company’s 10+ partners, employees, and contractors
• Reported weekly to other stakeholders on key metrics and performance indicators to earn their support
• Oversaw marketing and sales for both divisions of the company


Robert Morris University

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Marketing/Marketing Management

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